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The conversation between Tang Xiu and Chu Guoxiong as well as Tian Xiaomeng’s remark were quickly reproduced by many people and presented on many major medias. The number of impressions, clicks, and shares increased at astonishing speed.
Tang Xiu became hot news, and so did Chu Guoxiong.
Even Tian Xiaomeng, who was but only a small player broadcaster, was also caught in the limelight. The degree of sensation and fame was far bigger than those famous internet celebrities.
Numerous coverages and reports spread out, praises of countless people, filling comment boxes, and appearing in all sorts of social media platforms and chat applications. Numerous patients and their family members began preparing their baggage, despite half-believing and half-doubting the news, yet bringing hope and expectation as they went to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital to see them.
At the same time, a large number of benevolent people and institutions throughout the country also contacted Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, ready to donate money to the relief fund set up by the hospital.
_At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital…_
Inside his spacious and brightly lit President’s Office, Li Hongji held a cup of hot tea in a relaxed manner, while savoring the scent brought by the curling steam from the tea. In just these two days, the reputation of the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital has been constantly improving; which made him very excited. Although he would soon retire, it could be considered as giving himself a respectable face for being the President for so many years in the hospital.
The door of the office was forced open, and Vice President Chen Xinlin strode inside, speaking with a smiling face, “President, something major has just happened.”
Li Hongji slightly creased his brows. Had it been before, he’d have scolded Chen Xinlin for daring to rush in without knocking first, but he was now in a good mood, hence he didn’t do so. Hearing this, he straightened his waist and asked in a relaxed manner, “What major event?”
“I received dozens of calls in the last half an hour. There are many benevolent people and public figures who want to donate money to the relief fund set up by our hospital. Do you know how much money we received after I announced our hospital’s relief fund account to the public?” Said Chen Xinlin.
Stunned, Li Hongji asked in disbelief, “Donations? Why do they want to donate? And what did you say again… How much have we received, exactly?”
“President, we have received almost 300,000 yuan to our public relief fund, which is the data I got before I came here. There are a total of 407 remittances from all corners of the country and the globe. Additionally, among those who called me, there were six company groups and two charity organizations that are preparing to donate as well. As for why they’re doing that, please have a look at the headlines of the major medias on the Internet. You will understand after you see it,” Said Chen Xinlin.

Although he was quite shocked that 407 donations came within just half an hour, Li Hongji was still able to react quickly. He turned on his mobile and, after browsing and reading some websites’ homepages, disbelief painted his old face.
“This video…”
Looking excited and nodding repeatedly, Chen Xinlin said, “Yeah, that’s right. It’s because of this video. It is said that a live broadcaster secretly came to our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital and secretly took footage at the door of Dr. Tang’s consultation room. Inside were Divine Doctor Tang and Dr. Chu Guoxiong currently engaged in conversation, and it was exactly it’s content that has caused such a huge sensation. If you look at it, you can see that the number of the threads and posts as well as the number of commentaries on them. There’s so many that it’s unbelievable.”
Li Hongji kept browsing and reading for ten minutes. He couldn’t stay calm. He felt excited as well as joyful, for he knew perfectly well what significance this video could have to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. It meant that his hospital would become a famous existence throughout the country.
What was the most important thing for a hospital? Wasn’t it all about fame and reputation?
Only when a hospital had a reputation could it be approved and recognized by the public, hence leading to the visits of a large number of people seeking medical treatment. And as the President of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital himself, it was the highest honor for him to make the hospital under his jurisdiction have such a big reputation.
“Great, great, it’s really great!” Joy and excitement covered Li Hongji’s face as he tightly gripped his right fist.
“President, looking at the current trend, our hospital can expect to receive a lot of funds,” said Chen Xinlin as he smilingly said. “Anyways, what should we do next? Shall we do it like we have announced and that we’ll publish the usage of the relief fund openly and transparently?”
The smile on Li Hongji’s face gradually faded away. Common saying said that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. With so many benevolent and caring people donating to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, he must use every penny very carefully, efficiently, and straightly on target.
“Little Chen, you’ve been managing the financial affairs of our hospital all this while, and I trust you in this aspect very much. Hence, every penny we receive from the hospital’s relief fund must be disclosed to the public, meaning that all the cash flow, from where the money comes and to whom it’ll be given, must be transparently open to the public. I will make things clear to you. If any problems were occur, don’t blame me if I take harsh and strict measures. After all, the reputation of our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital is at the stake here.”
“President, I know what to do,” said Chen Xinlin seriously with a nod.
“Anyway, you are to look for several computer experts to create the funds-related section on the official website of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. The changes in the fund must be daily updated, and the name of each donor and their phone numbers must also be announced publicly. If the donations are under anonymous names, it must also be displayed in the updated form. Every sum of money that is used must be timely updated in the section, thus you must assign some key personnel from the financial department; you all will be responsible for managing this.”
“But President, isn’t doing this a bit…” Chen Xinlin hesitated.
Li Hongji shook his head, “I understand what you mean. You want to say that we are taking major issues lightly, don’t you? It’s definitely far from that. As a matter of fact, I had already thought about doing this about 10 years ago. However, our Star City Medical Hospital had no money back then, so I could only put this idea to the back of my mind. But now is different, our hospital has the fame and reputation, so that we can ask donation money. If we can manage this well, then in the future I’m sure we can have steady donations to our relief fund account, hence we can use the money and be able to help a lot of patients with difficult financial circumstances.”
“Since you’ve said so, then I’ll do it as ordered, President,” said Chen Xinlin with a nod. “At most, in one week, I’ll have the section done on our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital official website. We’ll show the people all over the country and the whole world clearly about the state of our relief fund.”
“Remember that I’m the one who’s giving you the right to do so. Whoever dares to touch this, report them to me and I’ll cut them off. I’ll take whole responsibility regardless of whatever consequences I may face,” said Li Hongji with a heavy nod.
“Affirmative!” Chen Xinlin’s eyes lit up and he immediately turned to leave.
Li Hongji returned to his chair and replayed the video. A warm current surged inside his heart as he listened to the dialog between Tang Xiu and his Junior Brother, Chu Guoxiong.
He felt grateful to Tang Xiu! Ever since he met Tang Xiu, despite the youth himself being unwilling to immerse himself too much in the medical field, yet Li Hongji could feel that Tang Xiu had a pure heart. He had never seen such a young man in his entire life.
Inside the Chinese Medical Hospital’s consultation room.
Three Chinese medical doctors, Tang Xiu, Chu Guoxiong, and the old man Hu, were unceasingly receiving patients, diagnosing, and treating them. With the three of them cooperating, the pace sped up a lot.
Close to half in the afternoon, a middle-aged woman stepped into the room. Whereas Tian Xiaomeng looked like an elementary student who made a mistake when she came in. Her eyes lit up as she immediately said, “Mom, you’ve finally come. I’ll make the introductions, this is Divine Doctor Tang.”
Zhao Qin gently nodded at Tang Xiu and said, “I know. I’ve seen the video of Divine Doctor Tang. Xiaomeng, you did the right thing. A good person such as Divine Doctor Tang must be publicized. His abilities and ethics, the people must know.”
A happy and proud look immediately appeared on Tian Xiaomeng’s face after hearing this.
Yet, Tang Xiu could only bitterly smile inside. He gave Tian Xiaomeng an unpleasant look after finding out that she was the internet broadcaster. He reproached and punished her to stand motionlessly at the side and honestly wait there after he learned that she didn’t stand in the queue but cut the line and came to the consultation room ahead of time.
But now he couldn’t vent out his depression in front of Tian Xiaomeng’s mother.
“Please take a seat!” Said Tang Xiu.
After Zhao Qin took a seat in front of the doctor’s table, she said, “Dr. Tang, please don’t be angry at my daughter for not lining up according to our number. She has been a kind girl since childhood, and she wants to publicize your deeds and what you’ve done; hoping that more patients know that Star City Chinese Medical Hospital has a Divine Doctor such as you, as well as wanting to convey to everyone about the gospel. I hope you can forgive her if her actions have brought trouble to you.”
“It’s all right. She has already done it, so let the bygones be bygones! Besides, I’m only rendering medical services at the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital for three days… But, Tian Xiaomeng, no more broadcasts, got it?”
Tian Xiaomeng looked vacant and dazed. She immediately squeezed out an embarrassed smile and put her mobile phone back. She then let out an awkward smile and said, “Divine Doctor Tang, please don’t blame me. It’s a habit from my job. It’s because my occupational disease that caused all the troubles, honestly. Anyhow, since you don’t want me to do a live broadcast here, then I shall obey your wishes.”
Nodding in satisfaction to her, Tang Xiu then looked at Zhao Qin and asked, “Elder Sis, what is your illness? Have you had a checkup before?”
“I was examined before, yet there was no result,” said Zhao Qin with a nod. “I just feel that my chest is always in pain. It seems like a problem with my heart, yet it doesn’t seem to be it either.”
Tang Xiu began to check Zhao Qin’s pulse and at the same time asked her a question, “What kind of examinations did you do before?”
Zhao Qin said, “I had an ECG and CDU, and also a routine blood test. All of them showed that everything is normal. But the pain intermittently strikes at regular intervals inside my chest. Oh, there were also occasions that the pain struck like it came from my heart especially when I was sleeping on the side of my body.” [1]
Tang Xiu calmly sensed Zhao Qin’s pulse and the condition of her body. He found that her body had deficiency in qi and blood. He then used his spiritual sense to observe the internal condition of her body, and finally obtained the result.

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