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“Nerve pain is easy to solve. However, your body seems to be in deficiency of qi and blood, and you’ve also contracted a gynecological disease. You need to take a few Chinese herbal medicines to treat them. Please follow me to the examination bed over there. I’ll perform acupuncture on you to treat your neuralgia problem.”
With lit up eyes, Zhao Qin immediately replied with excitement, “Great, that’s great! Thank you Divine Doctor Tang, you’re really amazing!”
Faintly smiling at her in response, Tang Xiu then used an acupuncture method to treat Zhao Qin. Following that, he wrote her a prescription and then looked at Tian Xiaomeng, saying, “Young girl, do remember to tell the other party clearly in advance and respect their wishes if you want to broadcast something on the internet, especially if you involve someone else’s privacy. Otherwise, your behavior will cause trouble for others.”
Smacking her mouth, Tian Xiaomeng then gently nodded, “I’m really sorry, Divine Doctor Tang. I hope you can forgive me if my good intentions brought trouble to you. Please rest assured, I’ll definitely correct myself. I will ask the involved party before having a live broadcast about them, and I won’t do it without their permission nor will I expose their privacy under any circumstances.”
Seeing her decent attitude, Tang Xiu nodded and said, “All right, then. Accompany your mother to get the medicine! Do remember, she must take the medication once every morning and evening.”
“Okay, will do!” Tian Xiaomeng nodded.
At another examination table in the next compartment, Chu Guoxiong’s gaze withdrew from Zhao Qin and daughter, as he asked Tang Xiu, “How were you able to diagnose that that patient’s pain in chest was caused by nerves, Divine Doctor Tang?”
“I have my own ways, and it’s something that you can’t learn,” said Tang Xiu.
Chu Guoxiong stared blankly, and then immediately forced out a wry smile. He didn’t know what to say to that.
The treatments continued. Along with the passing of time night finally came, and all the patients who got their queue numbers today had been treated. However, the number of following patients didn’t decrease, it increased instead.
“Dr. Chu, Dr. Hu, the two of you please go home and take a rest! I still need to go to the Inpatient Department, we’ll meet each other again tomorrow,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Old and aged as he was, Dr. Hu was already exhausted after working all day long, therefore he nodded, bidding farewell and taking his leave. However, Chu Guoxiong didn’t leave. He looked at Tang Xiu instead and said, “I’ll go to the Inpatient Department with you.”
“You have been busy all day long, aren’t you tired, too?” Asked Tang Xiu with a strange expression.
“I am, but I’d like to see how you treat people with leukemia!” Chu Guoxiong seriously said. “I know that the state of leukemia that patient contracted is very serious. Even if my Master were to treat her, the probability of him being able to cure her would be less than 30%.”

“You can’t learn my treatment methods just the same, though,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle.
“Can she learn it?” Chu Guoxiong turned his head to glance at Dai Xinyue.
“As of now, she won’t be able to learn it yet, though it’s quite understandable considering her shallow knowledge in Chinese medical science at present. It will take quite a long time for her to study the basic and foundation knowledge. When she has sufficient knowledge and ability in Chinese traditional medicine I will naturally impart her more advanced treatment methods. It’s quite unfortunate that you have already taken someone else as your Master, though. Otherwise, I would have been able to impart them to you as well.”
A look of envy flashed inside Chu Guoxiong’s eyes. Tang Xiu’s mysterious and magical treatment methods were an eye-opener for him. Even if he only spent a day with Tang Xiu, his knowledge and comprehension in Chinese Medical science had progressed a lot.
“Though you are very skillful and amazing, I’m very sure that my Master is not worse than you,” said Chu Guoxiong with a serious face while clenching his fists.
“There is no stronger in Chinese medical knowledge. The Chinese traditional medicine is a very broad and profound subject. The more you learn, the more you will find yourself lacking in it. Although the development of the medical field is getting faster and faster nowadays, yet bizarre and strange cases keep surfacing here and there. Hence, each and every doctor must persevere and constantly improve themselves. However, I myself don’t have much time to study other subjects in the medical field, though. Therefore, the matter of treating illnesses and saving patients will fall onto your shoulders,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Chu Guoxiong forced a smile, “I really don’t get you, Divine Doctor Tang. With your achievements and attainments in the Chinese Medical field you will eventually stand at the apex of the medical field in the future and obtain both fame and fortune as long as you want to. Yet, why are you…”
“Everyone pursue different things. That’s all I can tell you,” said Tang Xiu lightly with a smile.
“Then, what you are pursuing is…” said Chu Guoxiong curiously.
“Even if I tell you, you won’t be able to understand it,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “Anyways, shall we take our leave? Since you want to accompany me to the Inpatient Department, let us not waste time. The earlier we treat the patients there, the faster we can go home and have a rest as well.”
At the Inpatient Department…
The Tang Xiu, Chu Guoxiong, and Dai Xinyue went directly to the VIP wards arranged by the hospital. There was only one sickbed in the ward, and Gong Liqun’s daughter was drowsily sitting on the bed.
“Divine Doctor Tang!” Gong Liqun hurriedly got up and called out upon seeing Tang Xiu’s arrival.
Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and said, “Have you given her the medication this evening according to the prescription I gave you?”
“Yeah, she has already taken the medication,” said Gong Liqun immediately. There was a look of joy on her face. “Also, Beibei said that she felt warm and comfortable after taking it. I think her mental state is going for the better, too.”
Nodding to her in response, Tang Xiu then walked toward the bed. He lifted the quilt and said, “Please undress her. I will treat her with an acupuncture method. Xinyue, take the alcohol cotton and silver needles from the medicine box, and tell the nurse to prepare a pot of hot water. Do remember that the hot water must be boiled first.”
Dai Xinyue quickly complied and immediately took the alcohol cotton and silver needles. She then immediately ran outside. Two minutes later, she came back and said, “Master, there is no hot water that has been boiled now. But I’ve already instructed the nurses to boil water. It should be ready in about ten minutes.”
Tang Xiu nodded, and then used the alcohol cotton to sterilize the silver needles. He gently wiped the alcohol cotton on the girl’s body, particularly on several important acupoints he would employ his acupuncture method onto. After having cleaned them up repeatedly and was about to begin the acupuncturing process, his mobile phone suddenly buzzed.
Slightly creasing his brows, Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and took a look at the display screen. It was an unfamiliar number. He originally intended to ignore the call, but eventually answered it after thinking for a moment.
“Tang Xiu speaking, may I know who’s calling?”
A voice belonging to a middle-aged man came from the phone, “Hello, Divine Doctor Tang. I’m Wei Yan. We’ve met at Shanghai’s Paradise Manor before.”
“I see. But why are you not here?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“Our family of three have, in fact, already arrived yesterday, Dr. Tang,” said Wei Yang with a wry tone. “However, our turn to get a number hasn’t come yet though we have already lined up in the queue. I had no other choice left, so I went to look for Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s President Li to ask for your cell number. So, here I am.”
“Where are you now?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“I’m still lining up in the queue outside. As for my wife and son, they are in the Inpatient Department’s ward,” said Wei Yang hastily.
“Go back to your ward and wait there. You don’t have to wait in the line. I’ll treat other patients first, and then will come over later. By the way, tell me the ward number,” said Tang Xiu.
“It’s VIP ward #024,” replied Wei Yang quickly.
“Got it. I’ll come by later,” said Tang Xiu immediately with a nod.
After hanging up the phone, he began to apply the acupuncture treatment on the little girl. His very unusual needle techniques left the Sage Doctor’ disciple—Chu Guoxiong in silent amazement. Along with more than a dozen silver needles piercing certain acupoints on the little girl’s naked body, Tang Xiu quietly released his star force into her body. As a matter of fact, the characteristics of leukemia in the increase of white blood cells and the decrease of red blood cells was akin to blood poisoning to martial artists and cultivators.
Hence, while stimulating the little girl’s life force and qi, he also helped her by using his star force to force out the white blood cells.
Three minutes later, Tang Xiu took up a silver needle once again, and pierced six tiny holes around each acupoint where the needles were applied. The needle then fell down and blood came out from those tiny holes.
Controlling his star force to hover around inside the girl’s body, Tang Xiu made it so that his star force formed a web-like shape made up of star force, as he constantly forced out those white blood cells to flow out through the holes near each acupoint.
“Divine Doctor Tang, this…”
Gong Liqun’s complexion greatly changed. Her voice that was originally inside her throat instantly slipped out upon seeing blood coming out from the spots surrounding the acupoints, where the needles applied to her daughter’s body.
Tang Xiu shook his head. He disinfected the silver needles and put them back into the medicine box. Following that, he used his right thumb to begin hold down some of the girl’s blood vessels and gently pressed it to move the blood inside, causing the blood that came out through the holes around the acupoints to increase.
“Uncle, it’s very itchy!”
The little girl, who was cleverly staying motionless at first, began to sway from side to side along with the movements of Tang Xiu’s fingers. However, her slightly pale face had turned somewhat rosy now.
“Endure it. You will feel better after a while,” said Tang Xiu.
Time flew by.
Finally, twenty minutes later, the holes around the acupoints were no longer seeping out blood. But at this time, Tang Xiu quickly pulled out a dozen silver needles from the girl’s body and began using a towel to clean her up.
“How is it, Divine Doctor Tang?” Gong Liqun, who was the most concerned and worried about the girl’s condition, hurriedly asked.
“We need to continue with the acupuncture treatment tomorrow evening,” said Tang Xiu. “However, I have already forced out thirty to forty percent of the white blood cells in her body. It should be completely removed tomorrow.”
“What you said is true, Divine Doctor Tang?” Gong Liqun’s eyes lit up as she excitedly asked. “My daughter… thirty to forty percent of the white blood cells in her body have been forced out?”
“Yes,” answered Tang Xiu.
At the side, Chu Guoxiong slightly creased his brows and said, “Dr. Tang, although I’m clueless about how you got rid of the white blood cells, there’s something that makes me very puzzled. Why don’t you continue the treatment to clear out more white blood cells? At least to clean up to to the seventy percent mark?”
With a strange expression, Tang Xiu answered, “The human body having white blood cells is a normal condition. If you were to force out seventy percent of white blood cells, then she will be killed by me directly. As for those white blood cells that had been forced out by me, those were all the cells that easily evolved and spread out. If it is to be calculated according to the type of normal white blood cells, I have already forced out eighty percent of her white blood cells already.”
Stunned and shocked, Chu Guoxion stared at Tang Xiu with disbelief. His mouth twitched a few times, yet he didn’t say a single word.

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