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Chu Guoxiong was extremely shocked and horrified.
He realized that Tang Xiu seemed to have an unusually good understanding of the patient’s condition. He could even know the number of white blood cells inside the patient’s body without any examination instruments. The most unfathomable thing for him was that Tang Xiu not only knew the amount of the removed white blood cells, but also could easily distinguish the normal white blood cells and the ones that easily evolved and spread out.
With this ability, wasn’t he akin to a terrifying existence?
On the other side, aside from a shocked expression on Dai Xinyue’s beautiful face, there was also thick admiration and worship there. Leukemia was a nearly impossible case for the entire medical society, yet her Master could easily treat it. This was definitely someone whose abilities were far beyond the existence of a Divine Doctor.
One must know that if the existence of those who were touted as Sage Doctors or Divine Doctors were able to completely cure leukemia, this news would have probably been spread out already. If even the Sage Doctor’s disciple was that shocked, it was evidently very difficult for his Master, the renowned Sage Doctor Gui Jianchou, to achieve such a feat.
When Dai Xinyue recalled what her Master just said, that she must first increase her knowledge in Chinese Medical science, and only then would she be taught his special treatment methods, her heart almost leapt with joy.
Without giving the slightest attention to the thoughts of Chu Guoxiong and Dai Xinyue, Tang Xiu continued wiping the blood on the little girl’s body. After that, he turned to Gong Liqun and said, “Please help her change clothes, and then let her rest! Also, remember to give her the medication tomorrow morning, and give her medicated diet to recuperate her body.”
Gong Liqun nodded with joy and excitement on her face, “I’ll definitely obey your instructions, Divine Doctor Tang.”
Faintly smiling at her in response, Tang Xiu then picked up his medicine box and turned around, saying, “Anyways, I have to go treat other patients, so I’ll take my leave first. We’ll meet again tomorrow night.”
“Okay! Thank you very much, Divine Doctor Tang,” said Gong Liqun with a grateful expression.
After leaving the ward, most of the shocked expression on Chu Guoxiong had disappeared, as he then curiously asked, “Divine Doctor Tang, are you going to treat the patient in the next room? What is the patient’s illness?”
“Congenital heart disease,” said Tang Xiu.
Chu Guoxiong’s pace came to a halt, and he stared at Tang Xiu with disbelief. After he gulped down his saliva, he hurriedly caught up and asked just as they were about to enter the next ward, “Divine Doctor Tang, tell me, can a congenital heart disease be completely cured?”
“To be honest, I don’t have 100% assurance if it is leukemia,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “But I’m 100% confident in treating congenital heart diseases.”
Chu Guoxiong’s heartbeat hiked up. At the moment, the way he looked at Tang Xiu was akin to someone who got shocked and awed by a celestial being. One must know, congenital heart diseases were very troublesome cases to treat. Though there had been many cases of being cured, yet it was entirely because the patients’ conditions were not acute.

However, to think that a patient with the congenital heart disease was looking for treatment from Tang Xiu… that may be very thorny and troublesome. This kind of troublesome congenital heart disease that a lot of large hospitals, famous experts, and professors in cardiology are unable to do anything about.
“What’s the illness’ condition, Dr. Tang?” Asked Chu Guoxiong despite hesitating.
“Insufficient blood supply, internal perforation and, above all, the heart is too small and very difficult to grow bigger. It’s not threatening the patient’s life for the time being, but if the treatment continues to be delayed, in the future even if Hua Tuo and Bian Que were to come back to life again, they would also be helpless to treat it,” said Tang Xiu.
_Hiss_ … Chu Guoxiong drew a cold breath after hearing this.
He had encountered such a case before, and it was more than once or twice. If it were merely insufficient blood-supply or internal organ perforation, it was actually treatable. Even some patients in the late stages of the illness could be healed gradually. However, if the heart was too small and was very difficult to grow bigger, it would be inexplicably related to the physical constitution of the patients, thus turning very difficult to treat.
_Inside the ward…_
Wei Yang and Gu Hui had been waiting eagerly inside. Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s arrival, Wei Yan immediately showed a grateful expression and said with excitement on his whole face, “We can finally see you again, Divine Doctor Tang. Thank you for coming so late just to treat my son. Thank you a lot.”
“Please don’t stand on the ceremony. I just recently took a doctor’s office to provide medical service at the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. It is my duty to treat illnesses and save patients, to begin with. Anyways, have you done everything I’ve requested of you?”
“Yes,” said Wei Yan without hesitation. “I’ve met the family of the deceased, gave them appropriate compensation, and have also donated a huge sum of money. I was thinking of waiting and considering some things first after my son goes through your treatment and gradually recovers before deciding on what kind of charity entity to donate to. But…”
Tang Xiu slightly creased his brows, “But what?”
“But I don’t need to consider it any further, it seems. Just today, I decided to donate most of my family’s property to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital’s relief fund. Furthermore, after I make a fortune again in the future, I’m planning to go to the poor regions and donate my money there to help the poor children, building schools and providing them with a good learning environment,” said Wei Yang.
“That’s great. Philanthropic deeds will reward you with good karma,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
Having said that, he put the medicine box next to the sickbed. He then took a silver needle from the inside and said, “Please undress him. I need to give him acupuncture treatment. Also, no one is allowed to disturb me during the treatment!”
“All right!” Wei Yang quickly complied and moved to act with his wife Gu Hui. After Wei Dongdong had been undressed, he made the little boy lie down on the sickbed according to Tang Xiu’s instructions.
The silver needle pierced the body. Tang Xiu quickly controlled his star force and injected it into Wei Dongdong’s body to gradually envelop his heart. Tang Xiu’s body itself possessed an enormous life force, and was the very reason why he had 100% certainty that he would be able to fully cure Wei Dongdong. It was because the life force inside his body had a miraculous healing effect on the little boy’s heart. His star force contained a huge life essence, and using it to nourish Wei Dongdong’s heart would definitely have magical effects as well.
As expected, after ten minutes of injecting his star force, Wei Dongdong’s heartbeat sped up and became more powerful intense. The visible hole in his heart was contracting and slowly becoming smaller.
After a full hour, Tang Xiu stopped injecting his star force, he held Wei Dongdong’s bare feet. After picking him up, his palms continued patting every part of his body and skeletal bones, as well as patting his face a dozen times, leaving his back and heart for last.
Wei Yan took a cold breath, looking frightened and worried. Chu Guoxiong was even more dumbfounded as his mouth twitched fiercely a few times.
One must know that Wei Dongdong contracted a congenital heart disease, even the hole in his heart was very easy to bleed, and it would be very fatal once his heart was struck with problems. Yet Tang Xiu actually slapped his back with his palm. How could it be called as treating the illness and saving the patients? It out-and-out murder, evidently!
However, recalling Tang Xiu’s instruction before that he must not be disturbed, they held their trust despite the concern and restlessness, and eventually endured it.
After beating Wei Dongdong’s back, Tang Xiu finally put him down and applied the silver needles on him again. However, the following injection of star force was very short and in a very small amount. After enveloping the little boy’s heart with his star force, he immediately ceased his actions.
It was actually impossible to treat this congenital heart disease with only one treatment. Now, however, it only needed to be treated once, for the follow-up would be handled by his star force that stayed inside the little boy’s body. The star force would keep nourishing and repairing the boy’s heart until it was thoroughly consumed. In time to come, Wei Dongdong’s congenital heart disease may also be completely treated.
“All right, done!” Tang Xiu took out the silver needles as a faint smile appeared on his face.
“This… everything’s okay, Dr. Tang?” Asked Wei Yang with disbelief on his face.
“Yeah, everything’s good. However, you need to wait for about two months. Two months later, take him to the hospital to have a checkup. Call me if there are any problems with him, or you can come to Shanghai University to look for me,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
“Great, great! Thank you very much, Divine Doctor Tang,” said Wei Yang hastily.
“No need to thank me,” said Tang Xiu as he waved his hand. “Your actual actions have practically exchanged and saved your own son’s life. However, I hope you can promise me one thing, though.”
“What is your request? As long as I can do it, I will definitely accomplish it even if I have to go through a mountain of blades and fire,” said Wei Yan hastily.
“No need to be that exaggerated,” said Tang Xiu with a laugh. “My request is very simple. You must absolutely keep the matter of me curing your son’s congenital heart disease confidential. You cannot go to the previous hospital and see the previous doctor you had your son examined when you take him to be examined later. I don’t want the matter of me being able to cure your son’s congenital heart disease to be disclosed to the public.”
“But why?” Asked Wei Yang, confused. “Isn’t this a good deed?”
“I’m afraid troublesome things will happen,” answered Tang Xiu.
_Afraid of troublesome things?_
Wei Yang stared blankly. Although his heart was puzzled and confused, he still nodded heavily and repeatedly, giving Tang Xiu his promise.
Chu Guoxiong, who was standing at the side, suddenly spoke, “Dr. Tang, I… Can I check the child’s pulse?”
“Why? You don’t believe me?” Asked Tang Xiu with a laugh.
Chu Guoxiong looked awkward. He immediately said, “No, no, it’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just… I… I was just shocked after seeing your treatment methods, so I wanted to diagnose the physical condition of this child.”
Giving him a ‘do ahead’ gesture in response, Tang Xiu turned his head and spoke to Dai Xinyue, “Pack up everything and get ready to go home! Also, do remember to tell your family when you return and wait until October 8th to leave for Shanghai.”
“Master, I’ve already told my family. My parents have given their consent and approval of me going with you to study medicine. They even asked me to invite you to have dinner with us,” replied Dai Xinyue smilingly.
“Ah, I can only pass, since I have tons of things to do in this 11th holiday.” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “But we’ll meet with each other if I have some free time later.”
“En, en!” Dai Xinyue nodded, all smiling.
As for Chu Guoxiong, he was holding Wei Dongdong’s wrist. After checking his pulse, he turned to Wei Yang and, wearing a strange expression on his face, asked, “Mr. Wei, right? You… are you sure that your son contracted a congenital heart disease?”

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