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“Go visit the Magnificent Tang Corp tomorrow. And remember to mention your name and that you are going to see Kang Xia. She’s also one us and is the one handling the matters on my behalf. She will sign a memorandum of understanding selling you 20,000 bottles of Gods Nectar annually,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“I’ll remember. Anyways, Boss, about the medicinal pill…” said Kuwako respectfully.
“You can rest assured. Someone will deliver you the cultivation resources shortly after you return to Japan. Nevertheless, I have some medicinal pills here for you. After you get back and take it, make sure you do it alone. You can trust me that your cultivation will progress much faster with the assistance of these medicinal pills.”
Having said that, Tang Xiu took out a jade bottle from his interspatial ring and handed it over to Kuwako.
With eyes lit up, Kuwako gratefully said, “Thanks a lot, Boss.”
“No need to thank me,” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “Do remember to perform well tomorrow, there must be no flaws. Also, I’ll spare two among the dozen listed people you gave me, or else you will have to face some difficulties to explain yourself after you return to Japan.”
“I understand,” said Kuwako respectfully.
As Kuwako Yamamoto left, Tang Xiu glanced at Tie Zhongkui and emphasized, “I’m going to personally watch your show tomorrow night, so don’t take it lightly and do unnecessary mistakes. Kuwako is one us, so I hope you can completely trust her in the future.”
“But, Boss, she’s a Japanese,” Tie Zhongkui hesitated. “Besides, she’s also the young lady of the House of Yamamoto, I…”
“I’m well aware of your concern, but she’s more reliable and trustable than those peripheral members of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Also, her identity is very important, for she will be an important character in my future plans. If she’s nurtured well, then I’ll be able to do as I please in Japan in the future.”
Tie Zhongkui went silent for a while, as he then seriously nodded and said, “Since you have said it so, then I’ll naturally regard her as one of us. You can rest assured that we’ll certainly make no mistakes tomorrow.”
Patting his shoulder, Tang Xiu smilingly said, “Remember this place, and let’s go back first! She brought quite a lot of precious herbs and valuable minerals this time. I need to send them to my place at South Gate Town.”
“Copy that, Boss!” Replied Tie Zhongkui respectfully.
October 5th.
After waking up, Tang Xiu washed and then walked to the living room on the first floor. What was strange was that there was someone sitting next to his mother on the sofa. It was the smiling Long Zhengyu.
“Oh, it’s you, Young Master Long. When did you come back?” Tang Xiu let out a smile and asked.
Long Zhengyu got up to hug Tang Xiu and smilingly said, “I just returned to Star City last night. Anyhow, the renovation project in Nine Dragons Island has been progressing very smoothly. It’s expected that we can complete the project around June next year. This time I came back to see the project at Walled Hill Village since there are some problems there.”

Tang Xiu looked puzzled, asking, “Problems in the Walled Hill Village? What is it?”
“It’s not a big deal. There were a subsidence and landslides in the project site. I rushed there right after I came here last night to find out about the matter, and then found there was a tomb underground. I thought it was an ancient tomb or something, but then I finally discovered that it’s not actually an ancient tomb, since the age is less than 100 years. Also, there are nothing precious inside except for dozens of coffins.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “How about the losses?”
“No, it’s not significant and won’t delay the project.” Long Zhengyu shook his head. “But it doesn’t matter, though. We’ll still be able to catch up with the work, and it also won’t affect the deadline and the budget.”
“Walled Hill Village is quite a good place, we must develop it well. Particularly regarding the quality, we must not make any mistakes at all. Otherwise, the aftermath will bring about quite a negative impact on the Long Group, to the extent that the New City project will also be affected.”
The smile on Long Zhengyu’s face slowly disappeared, as he nodded and said, “Rest assured! I’m well aware of it. Besides, my old man has been paying attention to this issue as well recently. I even heard that he’s personally supervising the quality of the project. So I’m sure that there won’t be any problems.”
Nodding in response, Tang Xiu then asked, “Is there something else for you to come so early in the morning?”
“I learned last night that you don’t have to go to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital again today, hence I want to drag you with me to have a look at the New City project together. The foundation of dozens of properties is said to have been completely laid out now. And you, as one of the most important investors, are you telling me that you don’t have the interest to check on it?” Said Long Zhengyu with a smile.
“What good is it for me, anyway?” Tang Xiu replied with a teasing tone. “Kang Xia always visits and supervises the site herself on my behalf. Besides, I got tons of things to deal with, and can only stay at home for this one day since I have to leave for Beijing tomorrow. I haven’t even had a good chat with my Mom ever since I came back this time.”
A smile outlined on the corner of Su Lingyun’s mouth as she spoke, “Xiu’er, since Zhengyu has come seeking you, just go with him! Besides, you always leave early and yet always come back every day. Anyhow, your Dad told me that since it’s a holiday he plans to have us go to Beijing together. Since you’re going to Beijing tomorrow, let us go together to visit your grandpa.”
“That’s great! Then we’ll go together tomorrow,” said Tang Xiu smilingly after hearing it.
After eating breakfast, Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu left South Gate Town. The duo didn’t go straight to the New City construction site, going to the Long Family residence to visit Long Hanwen instead. After chatting with him for a while, only then did they go to the New City construction site.
“So, what do you think? Does the scale looks kinda small?”
Long Zhengyu climbed up to the top of the Land Rover, as he smiling said while pointing at the enclosed construction site.
“Well, it’s ordinary. I’ve already seen construction sites several hundred times larger than this, if you ask me,” said Tang Xiu lightly who stood beside him.
Long Zhengyu rolled his eyes at him, “Bah, cut the crap! Hundreds of times larger than this New City is akin to building a new Imperial Capital, huh? Anyways, do you mind if I ask you about something?”
“What is it?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
“What do you plan to do after the New City project has been completed?” Asked Long Zhengyu. “Are you going to have your Magnificent Tang Corp preorder some properties for future stores or residential uses? I’m telling you, once this New City starts selling, it will become very crazy. Though the original floor price may be quite high, the price will probably increase and double after a few years.”
“What about your Long family? How many will you hoard?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
“At least about 100 stores and a few hundred more luxurious houses,” said Long Zhengyu confidently.
“Huh? Are you sure your family can afford to fork out that many funds?” Asked Tang Xiu with a strange expression.
“Aren’t the banks there for this?” Said Long Zhengyu with a smile. “Besides, once the Nine Dragons Island and the Walled Hill Village projects have been completed, my family will regain large amounts of capital. In time, we can pay back the loan to the bank and have a new one.”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Ah, it turns out that your family has this idea! My Magnificent Tang Corp does see the upcoming added value of the New City’s real estates, yet we are not sure of how many properties we are going to take as of now. We’ll be waiting for the opening price to be announced, and then we’ll see how much money the Magnificent Tang Corp is able to come up with!”
“To be honest, the recent development of the Magnificent Tang Corporation kinda makes me jealous. But heck, nothing I can do about it. It’s my fault not to joining in,” said Long Zhengyu with a smile.
“You may not have joined us, yet there’s your little brother’s share in one of those healthcare products that is not yet listed on the market. How can you say that your Long family hasn’t invested anything in my Magnificent Tang Corp, huh?” asked Tang Xiu bluntly.
Long Zhengyu smirked, “That good-for-nothing Lil’ Bro of mine truly can be said to have been struck with great fortune ever since he met you. I can tell from the three products produced by the Magnificent Tang Corp: the Gods Nectar, the Scar Removal Cream, and Skin Care Lotion, that your healthcare business will boom as well. Anyways, I heard that your company has encountered quite some troubles recently. Do you want my help?”
“It’s just a trivial problem. Not worth of you concern. I should be able to solve it within a few days,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“I know that, and I’m aware of your abilities. I’m sure you can take care of it.” Long Zhengyu nodded. “Nevertheless, just call me if you ever need my assistance, got it?”
“Roger that!”
At the Magnificent Tang Corporation.
Kuwako Yamamoto came out of the Magnificent Tang Corp.’s edifice with a few of her subordinates after the meeting with the company’s General Manager, Kang Xia. The contract between her and Kang Xia had been smoothly signed, which stated that she could order 20,000 bottles of Gods Nectar annually from the Magnificent Tang Corp.
Inside the building above, Kang Xia was standing before the window of General Manager’s Office with a smiling face. She then looked at Tie Zhongkui who just came out of the next room and asked, “What have you found?”
“One from the list Boss gave me tapped the conversation between you and Kuwako Yamamoto about the negotiation. So, their Boss behind the scene must have heard about the content of your conversation as well.”
“I originally thought that they would report it back to their Boss after they left. I didn’t expect them to be so direct and bold, though. It seems that Kuwako Yamamoto’s road to be the Head of the House of Yamamoto will be quite difficult!”
“The House of Yamamoto has quite a lot of members. They are also quite powerful and possess huge influence, hence the very fierce and intense internal fighting. It’s kind of a given that it won’t be easy for Kuwako to be the Head of the Yamamoto House. Furthermore, Japan is a bastion of male chauvinism, and women have a low status in their society. This variable also increases the difficulty for Kuwako to become the next Head of her House.
“Though I don’t believe in her ability, I trust Boss’s judgment,” said Kang Xia with a smile. “Since he wants to make her the future Head of the House of Yamamoto, as well as the future Master of Northstar One Blade School, she will definitely achieve it.”
Tie Zhongkui nodded, “Chief Kang, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave as I need to prepare something. We’re currently executing a scripted play, and the climax will be played just about tonight.”
“Work hard! I wish you can do it well and make Boss pleased,” said Kang Xia with a smile.
"Will do!"
Amidst the dim lights of the night, in the courtyard of a dilapidated residential building in the southern suburb of Star City, dozens of elite experts from Japan were hiding in all corners. Inside the house was Kuwako Yamamoto in her night travel suite, wiping her katana with a serious expression. On the chair opposite hers was Ono Takayama, who was currently smoking with a glint in his eyes.
“Young lady, it’s almost time. We must move.”

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