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Kuwako, dressed in a night suit, and was quietly sitting with eyes closed, instantly opened them and squinted as her vision landed on Ono Takayama.
“Are you in a hurry?” Kuwako’s tone was that of indifference.
“No. It’s just that our plan of action needs to be executed as fast as possible. From my many years of experience, the best time to start is around 2 AM.”
_The best time?_
Kuwako secretly sneered. The plan she and Tang Xiu had devised was exactly that. She would rush to the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s headquarters at 2 AM and would attempt to steal confidential information, but it all would be simply a scene aimed at eliminating all outsiders and dissidents. Returning to Japan after the failure of the operation wouldn’t cause her to be punished. Moreover, Ono Takayama was not one of her people, and was also one of those on the death list tonight.
Nevertheless, since the man was eager to rush to his death, she didn’t feel like scolding him. Thus, she slowly got up and said, “Go and prepare the cars!”
Two SUVs and a minibus were parked outside the courtyard. Right as everyone boarded the cars, they started driving toward the Magnificent Tang Corp.’s HQ. Kuwako took a seat in the back. Her cold-looking eyes glanced at the back of Ono Takayama’s head who sat on the front passenger seat, while silently pondering about the arrangements for returning to Japan.
Several minutes later, more than a dozen ghostly silhouettes silently approached them. After a sharp dagger stabbed the back of an expert from the Yamamoto family, who was left behind to guard the site, the rest also began to kill the other Yamamoto experts.
The remaining two experts of the Yamamoto family wore despairing expressions. They didn’t fight, but instead quickly retreated a dozen steps, gripping their katanas and aiming them at the mysterious experts.
“Someone who is picking up a delivery,” coldly answered the stalwart man.
The two experts of the Yamamoto family looked at each other. After exchanging looks, one of them quickly said, “What’s the code?”
“Boss Tang!” Said the stalwart man lightly.
After hearing the words, these two experts suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. One of them stepped forward and pointed to the six large iron boxes that had been piled up in the courtyard, saying, “That’s the right password. All the herbs and mineral are inside. You can take them.”
Having said that, he and another Yamamoto expert pulled out a sharp dagger concealed in their bodies and stabbed themselves. However, they avoided the critical areas, and also immediately took care of their wounds. Though they may look quite miserable, their lives were at least not in danger.
The stalwart man nodded, and then took out a porcelain vase, saying, “This medicine is effective for your wounds. Apply them externally.”
After saying that, he immediately commanded the others to move the iron six boxes out and then quickly left, disappearing into the darkness of the night.

“Who the hell are those people, Tarō Aniki?1 I really got goosebumps. Not only were they able to distinguish who we are in such a dark night, their strength is also very formidable. We were simply unable to fight them,” asked one of the Yamamoto’s experts with a curious expression after picking up the porcelain vase and applying it on his wounds.
“I don’t know them, either,” answered another expert as he continued, “But Young Lady said that these people are one of us. I guess if these people were not the experts from the Northstar One Blade School, then they must be the people our Young Lady has been nurturing in secret.”
“Now, that seems like our Young Lady is quite powerful.”
“That’s of course.”
At 2 AM, near the HQ of the Magnificent Tang Corp. The building appeared dim and yellow under the illuminating lights. In a dark corner nearby an expert of the Everlasting Feast Hall was hiding, while more than a dozen other experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall were strolling around with work cards hanging on their chests.
They were posing as State Internal Security members. Their mission was very simple. They were to make themselves seen by the experts of the Yamamoto family, to make them report the situation to the house’s high-level members after their plan ended.
Behind the window on the sixth floor of the edifice, Tang Xiu was standing with both hands folded while quietly observing the situation behind the building. Beside him was Tie Zhongkui, who was wearing night-vision goggles as he kept scanning the situation below the building.
“Kuwako has just appeared, Boss.”
Tie Zhongkui put down the goggles and reported to Tang Xiu.
Nodding in response, Tang Xiu said, “Go! All must go according to the script, else it’ll hinder my plans in Japan. Clearly remember to distinguish those who should be killed, the rest you must only injure and let them escape.”
A murderous glint flashed in Tie Zhongkui’s eyes. After cupping his fists, he immediately left.
At first, Tang Xiu didn’t have the intention to come in person, but he didn’t felt relieved about the situation on this side, so he came himself. Prior to this, Kuwako had conveyed to him that she had already sent a report to the Yamamoto Family about encountering members of forces from other countries in Star City, as well as their mysterious disappearance. If the fact was to be added to the situation where she and the team she led failed to accomplish the mission and yet were able to escape, it would show that they were stronger than the other countries’ major forces. Not only that, Kuwako had also successfully signed an agreement with the Magnificent Tang Corporation. Despite her only being able to obtain 20,000 bottles of Gods Nectar annually, it was still much better than the other countries’ forces.
A roar broke the silence of the night, and the dozens of members of the Everlasting Feast wearing work cards hanging on their chests quickly emerged from dark corners to surround Kuwako’s team.
Intentionally showing a startled and panicked look, Kuwako quickly spoke, “Not good, it’s an ambush! They are from the State Security. Quickly withdraw!”
At this moment, Tie Zhongkui finally arrived and shouted, “Since you have come, then you all must stay! The state has issued an order that whoever dares to touch the Magnificent Tang Corporation must prepare themselves to be captured or killed by us. Capture them!”
A brawl finally unfolded at this moment.
Kuwako herself had yet to inform her trusted subordinates about the situation. Nevertheless, the people she led were literally not a match for the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts. As both sides clashed, eight members of the Yamamoto Family who were on the death list were killed, while the rest of them were also injured.
Kuwako quickly escaped after engaging Tie Zhongkui in a fight and getting her arm injured. Following that, Tie Zhongkui and some of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts pretended to chase her down…
At this moment, Ono Takayama looked ghastly pale with fear covering his face. He never expected that the supposedly flawless and foolproof plan would be discovered, thus proving that the news they had obtained before was true, that the Magnificent Tang Corporation was really being protected in secret by the State Security.
_Stab! Slash!_
Two sharp blades, one piercing his arm and the other ripping open bloody wounds on his back. The blood dyed his his clothes red in an instant.
Horror and dread filled Ono Takayama’s being. While trying to flee in desperation, he discovered that several of his trusted men were all slain. The sight scared him to death, and his speed suddenly increased.
A sharp dagger pierced his lower back, as he staggered and fell to the ground a moment after. Two experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall then appeared in front of him.
There were only a few of Ono Takayama’s trusted men left. Two of them rushed at this extremely urgent time, yet they didn’t even try to block the Everlasting Feast Hall’s expert, as one of them grabbed Ono Takayama and attempted to flee, while the other staked his life and fought desperately.
From beginning to end, it was simply a slaughter that took only two minutes, leaving a dozen dead bodies on the ground. The Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts also gave a chase for a kilometer before stopping their pursuit and letting the remaining Yamamoto experts flee.
“Clean up the mess and get out of this place.”
Tie Zhongkui took the night-vision goggles and then looked at the window where Tang Xiu was standing. When he saw Tang Xiu give him the “OK” sign, he immediately put down the night-vision goggles and shouted the order.
The night was painted with blood, and it’s faint smell wafted in the air. After Kuwako and the remaining men boarded the cars to return to their temporary base in the southern suburbs of Star City, the smell of blood in the air caused her to feel secretly satisfied inside.
“Send the signal!”
While sitting in the back seat, Kuwako covered her wound with her hand and issued an order in a deep voice.
Suddenly, the youth in the front passenger seat took out a fireworks tube, lit it and shot it up into the sky as a group of fireworks then exploded in the mid air about 10 meters high.
“Miss, something is amiss!”
When the two SUVs and the minibus stopped at the entrance to the courtyard, the youth who had just released the signal had his complexion changed and quickly reported.
Kuwako got out of the car. When she looked at the second SUV, Ono Takayama came out being propped by one of his trusted men. She immediately creased her brows, stepped forward and asked, “How’s your injury, Ono?”
“I won’t die, but the wounds are very serious. A knife stabbed my tailbone and I can’t pull out the knife easily or the bleeding will speed up. I need to have a surgery immediately, Miss,” answered Ono Takayama.
Kuwako nodded, “I suspect there’s a problem in this place. We must find another base first.”
Ono Takayama’s complexion drastically changed as he quickly said, “But Miss, I… I can’t hold on for long.”
_Creak_ …
At this time, the front door was opened and an injured expert of the Yamamoto Family poked his head out. After he saw the Kuwako and the rest, he quickly opened the front door and staggeringly walked outside, saying, “Miss, someone attacked us by surprise. Our medicines and minerals were all snatched away. A-and… they also killed some of us.”
Kuwako intentionally pretended to lose her calm, as she cried out and dashed inside.
The curses weren’t coming from Kuwako. Instead, it was Ono Takayama who had lost his cool, as he found that all the dead bodies on the floor were his trusted men, while Kuwako’s two confidants just suffered some injuries.

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