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The auction was progressing very slowly, and many of the auctioned items were sought after by many people. As for Tang Xiu, he didn’t participate anymore and just quietly sat beside Li Laoshan while fiddling with the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal. He really couldn’t figure out why would such an ordinary-looking seal made of bronze have a space that contained a tremendous amount of Power of Fate and Destiny.
Regardless, he didn’t worry about it too much since he couldn’t figure it out yet. While fiddling with the seal, he also observed Su Yaning from time to time. Su Yaning may be someone he didn’t like, but she was still his cousin, after all. If she can repent her for mistakes just like her younger brother, it would be a great and joyous surprise for his mother.
After three and a half hours, it was already 5:30 PM, and the auction was nearly concluded. As a result of Tang Xiu’s involvement in their issue, Li Laoshan and Wang Daoyuan both gave up auctioning the swords. After paying a penalty to the Situ family, the two treasured swords were brought back.
On the platform in the middle of the river, Ouyang Lulu seemed to be in a very good mood. The item being auctioned now was a bluish white porcelain vase burned in the Royal Kiln of the Ming Dynasty. While holding the microphone, she smilingly said, “Wow, time flies quickly. I didn’t expect the action to hit the finale so soon. Next will be the last three items, which I believe are definitely rare treasures and will bring tremendous luck and fortune to whoever can obtain them.
“The next auctioned item is an ornamental hairpin made of a special material of great quality. Due to the carving on it, it’s called the ‘Nine Phoenix Hairpin’. This hairpin is very unusual, and describing it as very magical and mysterious is not an exaggeration. Let me explain it to everyone. Firstly, it is made of an extremely hard special material, even the owner of the item who entrusted it to be auctioned here has once tried to cut it with a laser, yet it was not scratched in the slightest.
“Secondly, the person who wears it can feel a magical effect. The wearer will be able to feel cool in summer and warm in the winter. Do you believe it? It’s nothing but an ornamental hairpin, yet it’s able to make the wearer feel cool in the burning hot summer, and feel exceptionally warm and comfortable amid the cold winter.”
As Ouyang Lulu spoke up to there, she observed the wide open eyes and the looks of disbelief on the faces of the guests. Then, she loudly said, “Everything I’ve said to you is all true. I have worn this Nine Phoenix Hairpin before, and it indeed made me feel very comfortable; the credibility and reputation of the Situ Family are beyond question.
“Thus, without further ado, I now announce that this item will be auctioned with a floor price of 20 million, and no less than 1 million for each bid increase.”
After saying that, she looked at the crowd below.
“20 million!”
“21 million!”

On the boat, Tang Xiu’s body slightly shook after hearing the Nine Phoenix Hairpin being mentioned by Ouyang Lulu. When his vision fell on the hairpin, he abruptly got up. Though his action garnered the attention of many people, they still focused their attention on the auction.
“100 million!” Tang Xiu called categorically.
Immediately, two wealthy women who were also bidding changed their expressions, looking a bit annoyed.
Yang Lan was a big boss of the Blue Garden Group with assets amounting to nearly 10 billion, and also possessed numerous businesses under her flag. It could be said that merely her wealth had already elevated her into the second-class powerful and affluent people in China. The most important of all was the fact that she was just in her 40s this year, and all her wealth was made by herself.
After she saw the Nine Phoenix Hairpin, the dazzling, golden-bright ornamental hairpin attracted her so much so that she fell in love with it. Therefore, she made up her mind to purchase it even if must spend more budget on it. Who would have thought that someone would disrupt her plan, and that very person who did that was also unexpectedly the famous young divine doctor, Tang Xiu?
She knew that Tang Xiu was rich, or else he wouldn’t have bought the first auctioned item for 2 billion yuan. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to give up the Nine Phoenix Hairpin, and would do her utmost to obtain it.
“200 million!” An indifferent voice came out from her mouth.
“500 million!” Tang Xiu raised the big again, causing some commotion in the venue.
Yang Lan shot Tang Xiu a look, as she stood up and said, “Divine Doctor Tang, I’m curious about something here. You’re a man, a respected and honored man at that. Why would you want to compete over the Nine Phoenix Hairpin with me, a woman?”
“This Nine Phoenix Hairpin was originally mine, to begin with. Later on, I gifted it to a junior of mine, and she lost it afterward. So there should be no problem for me to spend some money to buy it back, no?” Said Tang Xiu.
“It was once yours?” Yang Lan frowned. After being silent for a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, “1 billion! If you can fork out more than 1 billion I’ll give it up.”
“1.1 billion,” said Tang Xiu with certainty.
Yang Lan could only smile bitterly as she shook her head and slowly sat back.
At the end of the day, Tang Xiu finally obtained the Nine Phoenix Hairpin.
After he received the Nine Phoenix Hairpin in his hands, there was a complex look in his eyes that continued for quite a long while. This Nine Phoenix Hairpin was indeed crafted by his own hands, a gift he presented to his lover, Xue Qingcheng, and was an Immortal device of top quality. There was one thing that made him wonder, however. How this object appear on Earth?
However, he could faintly guess that this matter should be related to Gu Yan’er. As of now, since he already bought the Nine Phoenix Hairpin, he would inquire Gu Yan’er about this after she woke up again.
“Brother Tang, was this Nine Phoenix Hairpin once really yours?” Li Laoshan came while scratching his head and curiously asked.
“Yes. Not only was it mine, I was also the one who crafted it,” said Tang Xiu with a nod. “Only, there’s something that makes me wonder. But then again, I already bought it back now, so I’m sure I can figure it out later.”
With a strange expression, Li Laoshan said, “There seems to be quite a story in there, hmm?”
“It does, indeed. But it’s kind of a very private matter,” said Tang Xiu with a tranquil smile.
Upon hearing the reply, Li Laoshan nodded and stopped nagging about this topic. After all, Tang Xiu’s personal affair was not something he could poke his nose into. He was just curious, Tang Xiu could even able to craft such an ornamental hairpin, more so that the workmanship was so exquisite.
Following that, the second last auctioned item didn’t pique Tang Xiu’s interest. Although the price increased to hundreds of millions, he couldn’t care less about it.
On the auction stage, Ouyang Lulu had a complex look in her eyes. She could feel that there was something concerning Tang Xiu, a big secret deeply buried inside his heart. The fact that he spent quite a large sum of money to buy an ornamental hairpin today made her feel sour and edgy inside. After all, it’s impossible for an adult man to wear an ornamental hairpin, so this object must be related to another woman.
“The final auction item is the Dragon Seeking Device. The person in charge of the auction didn’t allow me to explain more about this item. Therefore, I will directly announce its floor price. The base price is 100 million yuan, and each bid increase must not be less than 10 million. Now, let the bidding begin!” After Ouyang Lulu finished speaking, she picked up a compass-like object with a diameter of 20 to 30 centimeters.
“Huh? Dragon Seeking Device? What the heck is that?”
“The finale of the show is unexpectedly this unknown object? What are its origins and effects?”
“What is the Situ Family doing? Is this object something more precious than the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal?”
“This is ridiculous!”
Among the hundreds of rich people present, most of them were making a fuss about this. However, among the hundreds of small boats, there were 20 to 30 elderlies who stood up straight after the Dragon Seeking Device was announced. Even though the boats were swaying from side to side, those elderlies’ figures were able to stand straight. Their eyes were burning hot as they stared at the Dragon Seeking Device.
_A minor magical device?_
Tang Xiu creased his brows, and felt it was somewhat accidental. It was because he barely saw any magical devices after returning back to Earth. Through his perception, he found that this instrument was made for the purpose of seeking and exploring a dragon cave, and was definitely a very precious treasure to those who engaged in Feng Shui.
“200 million!”
“300 million!”
“500 million!”
“1 billion!”
The increase in price was akin to a rocket that rapidly soared to the sky. In just five minutes, the price of Dragon Seeking Device had soared to 2.4 billion, with each bid not lesser than 100 million.
Li Laoshan was dumbfounded as he stared at those old men, whose expressions varied. He gently touched Tang Xiu and asked in a whisper, “What the heck is this situation, Brother Tang? Who are these people? I noticed before that many of them hadn’t taken part in the biddings, yet they are now acting like they had hot sauce splashed on their faces. To think that they are throwing such a terrifying amount of money... it gives me goosebumps. What exactly is going on here?”
“It’s a Dragon Seeking Device. It’s used to search spiritual veins, spots with ominous or spiritual force, and it can also be used to find and explore ancient tombs very easily. To those who dabble in Feng Shui, this object is a very precious treasure. So valuable that it’s almost comparable to their own lives and fortunes.”
“You mean, they are Feng Shui Masters?” Asked Li Laoshan, shocked.
“I dunno about that,” said Tang Xiu, shaking his head.
Li Laoshan gulped down his saliva and no longer spoke. During their short conversation, the price of the Dragon Seeking Device had raised once again. And it was now at 3 billion.
“Old Ghost Zhu, do you really want to have a fight with me?” An old man glared at another elderly who bid 3 billion and asked with blazing anger.
The elderly who was called Old Ghost Zhu categorically replied, “I would rather go bankrupt and lose everything for this Dragon Seeking Device.”
“Great, just great! Just consider this your victory!” The other party pointed at Old Ghost Zhu and finally sat down with an unwilling expression.
Old Ghost Zhu then looked at the other two elderlies who were still trying to compete with him and spoke in a heavy voice, “You may increase the bid as you see it fit. But you can be sure that I’ll do everything to get this Dragon Seeking Device. However much you bid, I will take it. We have known each other for so many years, so you guys should know how important this Dragon Seeking Device is to me.”
The two old men exchanged looks, as one of them then unwillingly said, “I bid 3.1 billion. If your bid is higher than mine, I’ll give it up.”
“3.2 billion!” said the Old Ghost Zhu.
The two men fell into silence for a while, before finally taking their seats. Obtaining the Dragon Seeking Device was also what they wished for, but they knew it was impossible to compete with Old Ghost Zhu in terms of financial resources. Moreover, they were also aware of the fact that the Dragon Seeking Device was the Zhu Family’s heirloom around 200 years ago.
Continue competing with him? They did have the ability to do that, and they would definitely be able to hold down Old Ghost Zhu in terms of financial resources. However, they were perfectly aware that once they did that, a feud would be created and they would become mortal adversaries with Old Ghost Zhu, as well as getting eyed by everyone from the Zhu Family.

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