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The trio scrutinized Tang Xiu, yet after seeing Tang Xiu’s tranquil appearance, it was unlikely that he was lying. All sorts of thoughts kept surging inside their heads. The three of them had been acquainted for more than 50 years already, so they knew each other inside out. They exchanged their thoughts through eye contact and tacitly knew what was inside each other’s mind.
While gently stroking his chin, Situ Boyang said, “Tang Xiu, since you’re adept in arrays, and there’s also a sword array in the ancient tomb we are going to explore, I was wondering; are you interested in going with us? You can rest assured, you’ll have your share of the harvests we get from there.”
“I’m indeed very interested in exploring it. I’m sure that it will be very exciting and very fun. Anyhow, since the three of you didn’t leave me out, then I’ll go with you! Others may not dare to guarantee to be able to break through the array when they meet one inside an ancient tomb, but I’m sure I’ll be able to crack it. As for talismans, I will also prepare them ahead of time.”
“Would you mind displaying it in front of us, Tang Xiu?” Asked the thin old man.
“What would you like me to display, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu back with a smile.
“If it’s about arrays, we don’t know how to make sure whether you are really adept or not in this aspect. But you said that you will manufacture talismans yourself. Would you mind manufacturing one of those now and show it to us to open our eyes?” Said the thin old man.
“Then, I’ll need ink and paper. The paper should be a yellow one, and the ink must cinnabar ink. Three seniors, for people who often enter unclean places, the evil aura will inevitably enter your body. So, I’ll make three Evil Repelling Talismans to ensure that evil aura won’t invade your bodies,” answered Tang Xiu without a shred of hesitation.
Evil Repelling Talisman! It was one of the most important objects in their Occult Sect. Although the Evil Repelling Talisman had been handed down to each of them, the number in their hands had dwindled along with the passing of years. The Situ Family itself only had three Evil Repelling Talismans left, so did the other two old men.
Although the time now was very late at night, finding what Tang Xiu needed was very easy with the Situ Family’s ability. Ouyang Lulu at the side, however, never spoke even a word despite her eyes being filled with extraordinary splendor at this moment. Even though she knew a lot about Tang Xiu all this while, she still didn’t expect Tang Xiu to be able to manufacture magic symbols like talismans, he could even enter the circle of the Occult Sect’s elders.
That excellence! She felt that Tang Xiu was truly outstanding, impeccably perfect.
After the ink and paper had been delivered to Tang Xiu, she and the three old man sat quietly at the side, watching Tang Xiu fully focus on drawing strange characters. Tang Xiu’s movement while drawing was very smooth, as though passing clouds and flowing water. The calligraphy was made with good penmanship like flying dragons and dancing phoenixes. It looked extraordinarily complicated, yet emitted out an indescribable talisman.

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu had finished manufacturing three Evil Repelling Talismans. The paper talismans were seemingly ordinary, yet the trio could feel a cold feeling transmitted to their hands after they took them.
“Yea, this is truly an Evil Repelling Talisman,” spoke Situ Boyang, eyes sparkling with excitement.
The thin old man’s skinny palm that was holding the Evil Repelling Talisman was slightly trembling. There was a moved expression on his wrinkled face as he muttered to himself, “It’s been 100 years. Yes, it’s been 100 years the last time I heard of anyone who was able to manufacture Evil Repelling Talismans. Our Occult Sect only has a few people, and the things handed down from our Ancestors have already dwindled. I used to think that we’d use this Evil Repelling Talisman one by one until it they were all used up. But to think that more can be manufactured, this is truly unexpected.”
The other old man with a sarcoid on his forehead repeatedly nodded, “You’re right, this Evil Repelling Talisman is what we’re relying on. Divine Doctor Tang… No, that’s not right, Grandmaster Tang is one of our Occult Sect’s people.”
“Three seniors, you’re Tang Xiu’s seniors, and you all know more than I do. If there’s anything I don’t understand later, I hope you can give me more instructions,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
Situ Boyang was hardly able to shift his eyes away from the Evil Repelling Talisman to Tang Xiu’s face, as he then spoke to Tang Xiu with all seriousness, “Tang Xiu, would you like to do a business deal with us?”
Tang Xiu’s expression moved as he asked, “You mean… you want to have a business deal with me pertaining the Evil Repelling Talismans?”
Situ Boyang nodded heavily, “Yes, I’ll pay 50 million yuan for each Evil Repelling Talisman. I don’t need too many of them, though. Only 100.”
Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched. An Evil Repelling Talisman priced at 50 million, then 100 of them would be 5 billion. Was this thing really that precious in the eyes of the Occult Sect’s people?
“My Jinmen Family also needs 50, and we’ll buy them for 50 million each. Grandmaster Tang, what do you say?” Said the thin old man without a shred of hesitation.
“I also need 50 of them!” Said another old man in a deep voice.
Staring blankly at the trio, Tang Xiu’s mood was replaced by a wry feeling. Had he known earlier that he could make that much money from Evil Repelling Talismans, why should he bother going through such arduous endeavors to set up his own business, then? One must know that he was not only able to manufacture this Evil Repelling Talisman, but was also able to produce more than ten types of talismans with his current cultivation. If he could sell each type at such a price and quantity, he… he may easily become one of those top multimillionaire bigwigs in the country, right?
Tang Xiu then looked at the thin old man and the sarcoid forehead old man and asked, “May I know how I should address these two seniors?”
“I’m Jinmen Tian.”
“Li Yuan.”
“Senior Jinmen, Senior Li, please give me three days, and then I’ll surely deliver 50 Evil Repelling Talismans to each of you,” said Tang Xiu.
Clapping his hands, Jinmen Tian laughingly said, “Great! That’s great! Grandmaster Tang, let’s exchange numbers. I’ll have the money prepared for you when the time comes.”
“Me too!” Said Li Yuan with a pleasantly surprised expression.
“All right!” Said Tang Xiu.
At the side, Situ Boyang kept watching Tang Xiu. Suddenly, as though realizing something, he said, “Two Brothers, our previous discussion is concluded then. When we have found the third map for the tomb, we’ll immediately set out to locate it. If we still can’t find it before the end of december, then we’ll use the previous two maps to estimate its approximate location.”
“No problem. I’ll inform Grandmaster Tang in the time to come, then,” Jinmen Tian nodded.
“If so, then I won’t detain you any longer,” said Situ Boyang with a nod.
Jinmen Tian and Li Yuan exchanged looks, as the duo then tacitly set out to leave.
After there were only Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu in the living room of the deluxe suite, Situ Boyang then returned to Tang Xiu’s front. He then took a seat and said, “Tang Xiu, you said you wanted to talk to me prior to this. What exactly do you want to talk about?”
“Grandpa Situ, you’ve been organizing this underground auction in Beijing for many years, so you should have some special channels to find those bizarre and strange things. Can we form an agreement for me to pick in advance from all the goods the Situ Family finds? I’m willing to pay a big price to buy them. Of course, we can also use other ways to cooperate if you don’t want to.”
“Elaborate about other ways of cooperation,” said Situ Boyang with squinted eyes.
“For example, bartering,” said Tang Xiu.
“You mean exchanging your Evil Repelling Talismans for items you want?” Asked Situ Boyang.
“No, it’s not only the Evil Repelling Talisman,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I can also provide you with other types of talismans, such as the Chilling Ice Talisman, Blazing Flame Talisman, Lightning Talisman, and Healing Talisman.”
Situ Boyang abruptly got up all with a horrified look on his face, “You can produce so many types of talismans? Y-you… Y-you… what ancient scripture did you obtain, exactly? To think that you…”
“You don’t need to know what kind of scripture I once obtained. I just want to ask you, are you willing to cooperate with me on the basis I told you?”
After gasping and heavily breathing for a while, Situ Boyang then categorically said, “That won’t be a problem. As long as you can really provide the talismans, the Situ Family can open our treasure vault for you.”
“It’s decided, then! As for the matter with the Evil Repelling Talisman you want to buy, I can promise to sell 100 of them, though I have a condition,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Do say!”
Situ Boyang’s eyes turned red at this moment. His Situ Family was part of the Occult Sect, and these magic talismans were a necessity for them, so much so that he may agree to give his life if Tang Xiu requested it at this moment. Once his Situ Family obtained that many talismans, it would definitely make the strength of the Situ Family soar, hence giving more advantages to their future generations.
“You should already know that I spent 3.1 billion yuan to buy the Qin Emperor’s Imperial Jade Seal and the Nine Phoenix Hairpin, whereas the total value of 100 Evil Repelling Talismans is 5 billion yuan. Thus, I only need the Situ Family to give me back 3.1 billion yuan and to allow me to choose two items from your Situ Family’s treasure vault, and then we can conclude our business deal,” said Tang Xiu.
Staring blankly, Situ Boyang stared vacantly at him for a while. Then, he shook his head and said, “Tang Xiu, maybe you don’t know the significance of our Situ Family’s treasure vault. There are many things inside which can’t be measured by money.”
“Chilling Ice, Blazing Flame, Lightning, and Healing. I will add five of each of these four types of magic talismans, then you must let me choose three items from the vault,” said Tang Xiu.
Situ Boyang’s complexion kept changing. Countless thoughts kept surging and swirling inside his head. Tang Xiu’s proposition caught him off guard and unprepared. He was excited, agitated, as well as restless. What was more… was that he could see the Situ Family’s impending magnificence, as well as its rising position and influence in the Occult Sect.
Should he take the deal or not? If he didn’t take it, let alone the Chilling Ice, Blazing Flame, Lightning, and Healing talismans, he wouldn’t even get the Evil Repelling Talismans. But if he took it, then those objects in the treasures vault, especially if those particular things were picked and taken by Tang Xiu…
A few minutes later, Situ Boyang finally raised his head. He seemingly had made up his mind as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “I agree with the deal, but you have to promise me one thing.”
“Please, do tell me!” said Tang Xiu while feeling joyous inwardly.
“Jinmen Tian and Li Yuan already know that you’re able to manufacture the Evil Repelling Talisman; that’s fine. But they must never know that you’re able to manufacture the other four types. If you want to sell those four talismans, you must sell them through the Situ Family, and we will take 10% for each transaction regarding these four talismans in the future,” said Situ Boyang.
“Deal!” called Tang Xiu as he clapped with a smile.

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