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It is said that people are in high spirits when involved in happy events.
It was exactly Tang Xiu’s mood at the moment. After participating in the Capital Auction, he also made a deal with the Head of the Situ Family, Situ Boyang, and harvested quite a fortune from it, hence the cause of his joyous mood. He even began to anticipate how many goods could there be inside the treasury vault.
While on the road to the Situ Family’s site, Tang Xiu turned on the music in his car, which he rarely did, humming the beautiful notes to himself.
“I’m really happy for you, Tang Xiu.”
Ouyang Lulu, seated on the front seat, spoke with a smile hanging on the corner of her mouth. Admiration was sparkling inside her eyes.
Throwing her a glance, Tang Xiu slightly smiled and replied, “I’m indeed very happy, though I’m afraid that a bucket of cold water will be poured down upon my head later.”
“Are you talking about the treasury vault of the Situ Family?” Asked Ouyang Lulu with a smile.
“Yeah. I gave up a few billion yuan of fortune in exchange for choosing three good items from the Situ Family’s treasury vault. It would be at a great loss if I don’t get anything satisfactory,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.
Ouyang Lulu gripped her fist and seriously said, “Tang Xiu, you don’t have to worry about that. The Situ Family has a deep capital and foundation. To be honest, I’m not clear about how long the Situ Family exists. They may exist for centuries or even a millennium. But, shortly put, they have always been standing erect, and the members of the family have colossal wealth as well. So, I’m sure there must great objects hoarded in their family’s treasury vault.”
“I hope so!” Replied Tang Xiu with a smile.
After driving for nearly an hour, the cars slowly entered a manor. From the GPS, Tang Xiu learned that this place was no longer within the Fourth Ring Road. Nevertheless, being able to own such a plot of land in the capital where an inch of land was worth a bar of gold meant that the wealth possessed by the Situ Family couldn’t be underestimated.
“There are many martial arts experts here.”
Even late at night, after the convoy entered the Situ Family’s manor, Tang Xiu could see many security guards through the SUV’s windows. They scattered at the intersection of various roads inside, while at the same time, they also encountered patrols passing by occasionally.
These people, however, didn’t carry electric batons; they carried cold weapons such as swords on their backs instead. If one didn’t know that this place was China in the new century, it would have been mislead him to regard this place as somewhere in the Jianghu era where ancient warriors and heroes could be seen everywhere. When Tang Xiu swept the area with his spiritual sense, he discovered that these people also had blade-type weapons and firearms on their waists.
“What do you think of the Situ Family’s great manor, Tang Xiu? Anyways, the manor boasts an area of two regular-sized soccer fields and a total of twelve luxury villas of different styles. The direction we’re currently heading is toward the most luxurious villa here, which is the gathering site of the Situ Family. In the front is…” Ouyang Lulu, who was very familiar with the Situ Family, slowly introduced the place to Tang Xiu.

After the convoy dispersed at the fork of the road in front of the manor, Situ Chao, who had already gotten out of the car, headed inside while directing and pointing to the other cars to continue forward. When Tang Xiu was prompted, he continued to drive and soon arrived at the innermost place of the Situ Family’s manor.
At the center of the Situ Family’s manor was not a plaza fountain, but a European-style luxurious villa. The three-storied elegant villa encompassed a large area and was surrounded by a two meters high wall along with electric fences installed. The south side was the only big iron gate, and in front of it were four stalwart securities guards dutifully standing.
“Let’s get off!” After parking the car, Tang Xiu spoke to Lulu.
At this time, Situ Boyang had also come out from the car. When he saw Tang Xiu and Lulu approaching, he smiled faintly at them and said, “Lulu, the ancestor of the Situ Family decreed that no outsiders are allowed to enter unless it’s a special occasion. Though you may be my outer granddaughter, we can’t break the ancestral rules. You will stay outside, while Tang Xiu will go inside with me.”
Lulu could understand Situ Boyang’s words since her Ouyang Family also had such an important place that was prohibited for outsiders to enter. After nodding to him in response, she waved her hand and said, “Then, I’ll be off to the place I’m staying here. It’s the villa in front, Tang Xiu. Do remember to come look for me after you’re done.”
“All right,” replied Tang Xiu with a nod.
As Lulu left, Situ Boyang smilingly said, “Come with me, Tang Xiu! I hope you can keep everything you’ve seen and heard today at my Situ Family’s manor to yourself.”
“I got it,” answered Tang Xiu with a gentle nod.
As the electric, large iron gate slowly opened, Situ Boyang led Tang Xiu inside. There were also four stalwart men standing guard in the courtyard, and Tang Xiu also discovered that there were at least 20 experts inside and outside the luxurious villa.
“Interesting, there are also elevators inside this three-storied villa,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile after arriving at the elevator door on the left side of the hall.
Situ Boyang let out a faint smile in response. As the elevator’s door opened and the duo boarded it, he reached out his hand to press the spot below the buttons provided for the three floors. The response was almost automatic as the spot that was originally invisible then turned bright red and displayed the “-1” number. Following that, Situ Boyang leaned forward toward the LCD screen to have his retina verified, after which the elevator began to descend.
When the elevator stopped and its door slowly opened, what appeared in front of Tang Xiu was a long corridor. The duo then got out of the elevator as Situ Boyang pointed to the front corridor and seriously said, “This the treasury vault of the Situ Family. There are eight rooms on both sides of the corridor. The four rooms on the right side are the vaults for gold, silver, and jewelry, which are the wealth that has been amassed by every generation of the Situ Family. The other four rooms on the left are the unique and bizarre treasures that have been hoarded by our family. I have instructed my men to open all the eight doors, so you can freely enter any room to have your pick.”
“Are you not going to go with me?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
“I won’t. I’m afraid that you will find good things that makes me distressed. So I’ll be waiting for you here,” said Situ Boyang with a forced smile.
After saying that, he went to the sofa nearby and straightly took a seat.
Tang Xiu took a deep breath before walking inside. He had paid a few billion yuan to have this opportunity, so he didn’t want to waste time and straighly released his spiritual sense. Just like Situ Boyang said, the four rooms in the right were vaults storing massive quantities of gold and jewelry. Whereas the first room on the left stored antique calligraphies and paintings.
As for the remaining three rooms, a lot of things were placed there. After all, each room had spaces of 40 to 50 square meters with a row of racks on the wall around the room, along with two rows of long cabinets made of glass. The things inside them were clearly visible under the soft light.
Tang Xiu’s expression slightly moved and he immediately headed to the second room on the left. He intentionally spent a few minutes looking around to observe every object placed there. After observing around, he finally came to the object locked by his spiritual sense. It was a glazed ancient bronze lamp full of stain and rust on its surface. It looked extremely ordinary among the many objects inside the room. However, Tang Xiu had keenly observed it and discovered the Buddhist sarira inside it.
This Buddhist sarira still had its internal spiritual power preserved even after being refined by someone, and was contained inside the ancient bronze lamp for so many years... What made Tang Xiu surprised was a Buddhist cultivation technique that was engraved on the Buddhist sarira.
This crafting technique is ordinary, but given that there are no Immortals on Earth, being able to do such a feat is indeed not easy. This ancient bronze lamp should be at the pseudo-immortal grade at the least. From this finding, it seems that there had been extremely powerful cultivators on Earth, and it’s highly likely that there are also some Immortals in the Immortal World who ascended from Earth.
Tang Xiu fell into thought for a short while as he took the ancient bronze lamp. Although he still didn’t know what effect this ancient bronze lamp had, it was still a pseudo-immortal grade device. It would probably be very helpful to him in the future if he could figure out how to use it.
Near the elevator in the hallway outside, Situ Boyang, who was sitting on the sofa while smoking, suddenly pricked his ears. He had earphones on at this time, and there was a voice reporting to him. His complexion turned strange after hearing the report.
An ancient bronze lamp? Why did Tang Xiu choose that object? I’ve studied it, and although it does contain an orb-like object inside, there is no way to take it out. The ancient bronze lamp is extremely hard, an ancient antique, so it was kept in the family’s treasury vault. Don’t tell me that Tang Xiu knows the origin of this ancient bronze lamp?
Situ Boyang knitted his brows, yet he actually eased down, because the ancient bronze lamp was not included among the most precious objects in the vault. In other words, even if the objects chosen by Tang Xiu were among those precious objects, he could only pick two left.
Quickly after, Tang Xiu came out of the second room on the left and then walked into the third room. His eyes took a fast, casual glance from the right corner. The Situ Family had indeed hoarded a lot of unique and strange treasures; even Tang Xiu could tell that if he casually took one of these unique treasures to sell, it would fetch quite a price outside. If the Situ Family was willing to exchange everything in their treasury vaults into RMB, the total value would definitely make many millionaires tremble, for it would make the Situ became the richest family in the country.
Tsk, tsk, there’s even the Imperial Decree here. This Imperial Decree… is written by the first founder Emperor of the Ming Dynasty and it even has his seal. If this object were to be taken outside, it should be at the national treasure level, shouldn’t it?
Tang Xiu shook his head while smiling as he gradually moved toward the right corner of the room. The further he walked the more excited he became.
However, he didn’t want to show it no matter how excited he was, because he was perfectly aware that there were hidden surveillance cameras in every corner of the room. Therefore, he knew that every move and action he made inside were probably being monitored by the Situ Family.

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