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When the first ray of sunlight rose from the eastern horizon in the early morning of the next day, Tang Xiu had already come out of Tang Family residence. Outside the courtyard, however, Ouyang Lulu, who was donned in a black leather outfit, was already waiting for him leaning on as Humvee, as she faintly smiled at Tang Xiu as he came out of the gate.
“If you were a bit later, I’m afraid I’d have to to abduct you! There’s about one and half an hours left to the departure time for the flight route application, you know. I reckon it will be very difficult to get to the airport within this time window, given the nature of traffic jam in the capital,” said Ouyang Lulu with a smile.
Tang Xiu creased his brows, as he turned to look at the soldiers standing guard next to the gate and asked, “How long does it take from the subway here to the airport?”
“It’s about an hour and a half,” answered a soldier standing guard.
Frowning, Tang Xiu then turned to Ouyang Lulu and asked, “Tell me, how can we get to Shanghai Airport ahead of time?”
“Are you asking me?” Ouyang Lulu asked back with a tender smile.
Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at her and snappily said, “Don’t give me that look, will you? I’m really in a hurry to return to Shanghai. There is no classes in the morning, but I have classes in the afternoon. If I could arrive earlier in the morning, I’m planning to report to the campus first.”
A curved arc outlined on the corner of Ouyang Lulu’s mouth, as she took out a bunch of keys while smiling happily, “Come with me! But I’ll have to trouble your Tang Family to send this Humvee back to the Situ Family, though!”
Tang Xiu dazed briefly before he gave a glance to the two soldiers standing guard. He then tagged alongside Lulu and walked toward the mouth of the alley. When the two came to the street outside, he saw a very handsome Harley bike.
“You… how did you get this thing?” Murmured Tang Xiu. His expression looked vacant as he watched Lulu mounting the Harley.
“I got that Hummer from the Situ Family, while this Harley is my ride! What do you think? I’ve always prepared for both eventualities. Not bad, right?”
With a strange expression, Tang Xiu stared at Lulu and snappily said, “Bah, that’s because you’ve planned it beforehand, haven’t you? You knew this time was a peak hour, so traffic jam is definitely there, so you prepared this bike, right?”
“It’s not like that I want to be in close contact with you, though! You know, aren’t those guys always trying to persuade their girls to ride with them, while slamming the brakes to gain extra benefit from time to time?” Ouyang Lulu replied back with a laughter.
_Pfft…_ Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing. He found her argument amusing.
“Hey, don’t daze like that, will you? Hurry up! Delay it again and we’ll be too late even if we don’t get trapped in a traffic jam,” said Ouyang Lulu smilingly.
Tang Xiu took a seat behind Lulu. He was a bit hesitant to coil up his hands around her waist, however.

Lulu rolled her eyes, as she then grabbed Tang Xiu’s hands and put them on her waist. She then picked up the helmet on the handlebar and put it on Tang Xiu before she put one on herself, and then started to race away.
_What a supple body!_
Although Lulu was wearing a leather outfit, Tang Xiu’s hands were still able to feel the heat coming out of her, as well as its suppleness. After returning to Earth, he had a very intimate body contact with Kang Xia, yet her waist didn’t possess the suppleness and elasticity of Lulu’s.
“So, honey. Doesn’t my waist feel good?” Ouyang Lulu slightly turned her face, yelling while riding the bike.
Tang Xiu was at a loss whether to laugh or cry as he replied, “What is this good fart? Just drive well and don’t fill your brain with dirty thoughts, will you?”
At 10:30 in the morning, the private jet landed at Shanghai Airport.
Tang Xiu got out of the plane with Ouyang Lulu. Under her adamant request, Tang Xiu had to take her with him to Shanghai University, and even had no choice but to promise to accompany her to lunch under her tight clinging and demand.
After the taxi stopped at the entrance of Shanghai University, Tang Xiu gave his Bluestar Villa Complex’s key to Lulu as he rushed to the campus.
When he came to the classroom, he found that that only a few people were inside the classroom. There were only dozens of people gathered together, talking about some interesting things that happened during the holidays.
“Oh, Eldest Bro Tang is finally here!”
Hu Qingsong’s thick northeast accent greeted Tang Xiu.
All of a sudden, the dozens of fellow students in the classroom set their eyes on Tang Xiu. There were strange expressions on their faces, and one could figure out in a glance that there was surely a story behind it.
Tang Xiu smilingly greeted everyone, as he came to them and took a seat next to Hu Qingsong. With curiosity hanging on his face, he asked, “Why do I feel like everyone is looking at me strangely, like something has gone wrong? What happened?”
“It’s just that we run an election for class leaders in the morning. You’ve just been removed from your duty as the class president, and I’m now being set up as the class president. Also, Teacher Han has personally named you as a rotten apple who has a negative influence or something. She’s hoping that everyone won’t take you as an example.”
“Huh?” Tang Xiu frowned. “What is wrong with me?”
Hu Qingsong raised his fingers, “I’ll tell you! Firstly, you always skip classes. Isn’t that right? Secondly, you are an irresponsible prick. You’re a class president, yet you don’t fulfill your duties as one. Am I speaking correctly here? Thirdly, you don’t abide by the discipline in the classroom and leave without permission during class hours, isn’t that right? Fourthly…”
“Stop, stop, stop!”
With an expression of being at a loss whether to laugh or cry, Tang Xiu stared at Hu Qingsong as a sliver of resentment rose inside his heart toward Han Qingwu. This was something that happened to him after he went to her class back in high school! Now that it was being mentioned up again, this was clearly abusing her position and authority to redress her private grievances.
Nevertheless, it was true that these issues did exist. It seemed that he really didn’t deserve to become a student; he skipped classes way too much.
_Han Qingwu!_
As he silently chanted her name inwardly, Tang Xiu finally decided that he would try to not supply Han Qingwu with such predicament in the future again. It was said that one had to lower their head under the eaves. If he wanted to have a smooth sailing life at Shanghai University, he mustn’t make mistakes, and compromise with her was a must.
_The district magistrate surely won’t be this good, huh?! Her arguments are too fucking reasonable and justified!_
Tang Xiu could only groan inwardly, as he pressed hard on Hu Qingsong’s shoulder and asked, “Anyways, where is Yue Kai and the rest? How can you guys be left in the classroom?”
“Where else will they go but chase chicks? Since they have shifted their targets from Mu Wanying, they have set their eyes on other female students. Those damn studs will die on a women’s belly sooner or later.” Hu Qingsong pouted his lips and snappily replied.
“Eh? Why do I feel like there’s a sour and edgy taste from your tone? Ah, don’t tell me you haven’t found your target yet?” Asked Tang Xiu who was feeling amused to tears.
“Who the hell says I haven’t found a target yet? I like…” Hu Qingsong angrily rebuked. Yet his words abruptly came to a halt, as the angry expression on his face also froze in an instant.
Tang Xiu loudly laughed, as he got up and said, “Anyways, since we have nothing to do this morning, let’s just leave! All of them are on a date or something, then the two us are bound by fate. Come on, I’ll treat you for lunch.”
Hu Qingsong’s eyes lit up, as he got up while grinning and said, “I’ll just say it! The good heavens are not better than you, Eldest Bro Tang! How about I marry you, Brother? Rest assured, though! You don’t need to put jewelry on me, nor wear your gold and silver accessories. You just need to feed me every day, and I’m yours to pet!”
“GO TO HELL!” Tang Xiu cursed at him.
As the duo left the classroom and walked toward the campus entrance, Hu Qingsong looked confused as he asked, “Ugh, Eldest Bro Tang, treating me to lunch doesn’t need to be so extravagant, no? Why are we going outside?”
“Oh, you don’t want to, then?” Tang Xiu smilingly said. “Anyhow, there’s someone else who will be joining us for lunch.”
“Ehh? Who is it?” Asked Hu Qingsong, confused.
“A friend of mine,” answered Tang Xiu.
“Is it a man, or a woman?” Asked Hu Qingsong again, startled.
“A woman!” Replied Tang Xiu with a smile.
“How does she look?” Asked Hu Qingsong with eyes lit up.
“She’s like a beautiful flower, ravishingly enchanting and charming,” said Tang Xiu with a smile again.
“Eldest Bro Tang, I knew you’d treat your brother the best!” Hu Qingsong grinned and smilingly said. “This is exactly my favorite type! Okay, let’s have a deal. You must treat me to a feast if I were to successfully woo her.”
“Okay, I’ll throw you a party if you are able to woo her,” said Tang Xiu while rolling his eyes at him.
Hu Qingsong stared blankly and the smile on his face immediately vanished as he said, “Are you trying to prank me, Eldest Bro Tang? I knew it! That woman’s looks must be very ugly, or else you wouldn’t push her to me, right? Bah, forget it, just keep her for yourself!”
While shaking his head, Tang Xiu laughed despite not wanting to, and patted his shoulder. Since it was still early in the morning, they didn’t ride a car, and headed straight to Bluestar Villa Complex on foot. After arriving at his villa, Tang Xiu rang the doorbell. The electric front courtyard gate opened, as Ouyang Lulu’s ravishing figure appeared at the door of the villa.
“Big Bro, isn’t this your own home? Why did you press the bell…” Hu Qingsong, who followed behind Tang Xiu into the courtyard, abruptly stopped talking as he saw Ouyang Lulu’s figure. He instantly gaped, his eyeball almost popping out.
“What’s wrong? Is this level really unable to enter your eyes?” Asked Tang Xiu with a laugh.
Hu Qingsong gulped his saliva and shook his head as he muttered, “She’s in! Definitely! If I marry such a beauty, I’m even willing to have my lifespan cut by 30 years!”
“Hahaha…” This time, it was Tang Xiu’s turn to burst into laughter.
Snapping back to reality by Tang Xiu’s loud laughter, Hu Qingsong looked awkward and embarrassed, not daring to look at Ouyang Lulu again.
“Anyways, Lulu. This is Hu Qingsong, my classmate,” said Tang Xiu smilingly.
The corner of Ouyang Lulu’s mouth curved after hearing Hu Qingsong’s muttering. She let out a charming smile as she stretched out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Ouyang Lulu. I welcome you to our home. Anyways, I’m afraid that I can’t marry you. This girl has already been taken by the one next to you. But I can introduce to a girl friend of mine with one condition… That is, you need to have abilities like my man here.”
_She said she has already been taken?_
_My man?_
Hu Qingsong fell into a daze as he turned his head and stared at Tang Xiu in disbelief.

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