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Pulling out your blades to help when seeing injustice was the style of a chivalrous warrior in the Jianghu world. Chivalrous he may not be, yet Tang Xiu was unable to not act upon facing such a scene.
_Ring, ring, ring…_
A faint ringtone sound came from the mobile phone inside Tang Xiu’s pocket. Just as he was about to take it, Jiang Feiyan, who was next to Mu Wanying, dashed toward Lian Kang, as her cherry-like, small mouth bit Lian Kang’s hand that was grabbing Mu Wanying’s wrist.
“What the hell… are you a fucking dog?”
Due to the pain, Lian Kang released Mu Wanying. He slapped Jiang Feiyan’s cute little face with his backhand, causing her to stumble and fall to the floor.
This caused a turmoil among the watching students around.
Tang Xiu frowned, yet he didn’t act immediately, and took out the mobile phone instead. As he looked at the screen and saw that the caller was Kang Xia, he pressed the answer button and said, “Wait a bit, there’s something I need to deal with. I’ll call you back you later.”
“All right!” Replied Kang Xia.
While going toward the stairs, Tang Xiu clapped his hands and loudly yelled, “This is really amazing, awesome! A respected, seven feet big man unexpectedly slapped a small female student until she fell to the floor. The most unbelievable thing for me is all those faces around. Each and every one of them is filled with anger, yet they’re all actually cowards, for nobody even dares to come forward to say anything nor stand up for her… Tsk, tsk, don’t you realize that this is exactly the best chance for you guys to play the hero saving the belle? Do you really want to miss this golden opportunity to hold a belle just because of your groundless fears?”
Hundreds of eyes fell on Tang Xiu in a flash. Even if there were only a few people who paid attention to Tang Xiu recently, he was still a quite popular individual in the campus, so everyone still recognized him.
Furthermore, Tang Xiu’s speech made all the male students look ashamed and regretful and causing their faces to turn red.
At this time, a well-built male student stood forward and loudly shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense, Tang Xiu. We’re too late to stop it. We just saw that this scumbag surnamed Lian is an eyesore, but we never thought that he would hit someone like that. If I knew, I’d definitely be the first one to help her.”
“Yeah, we were too late. That chap Lian is really shameless, to think that he even dares to hit a female fellow student, and even took so many liberties toward others. What a motherfu*cker scumbag!”
“I’m really ashamed to have an alumnus like Lian Kang. I will certainly spread what happened here today, to let all the students and teachers know his ugly face. I really regret it… why didn’t I step out to punch his fucking face and give him a good memory.”
“This damn chap deserves to be beaten! How dare he moved a finger toward the first Goddess of our Shanghai University? Hasn’t he reflected on his previous attitude when chasing chicks?”

Amid the scene where numerous male students took their stand and loudly voiced their support, Mu Wanying, Li Xinjie, as well as Jiang Feiyan, who was being propped up by the two girls, had their eyes lit up at the same time as they shot glances full of gratitude at Tang Xiu.
“Beat him up!”
Suddenly, some people in the crowd shouted, and in just a couple of seconds, dozens of male students rushed toward Lian Kang, punching and kicking his lackeys and easily beating them up.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mu Wanying’s group of three squeezed out of the crowd and hurriedly marched toward Tang Xiu.
“Tang Xiu, thank you!” Mu Wanying whispered.
Tang Xiu slightly smiled and shook his head. He then turned to Jiang Feiyan and asked, “Are you all right?”
Jiang Feiyan touched her swollen cheek, as she shook her head and said with a smile, “I’m fine. Plus, I also bit him! This damn Lian Kang is really sick and disgusting. Had I known that he would beat me, I would have kicked his crotch and made him unable to have a son in this lifetime.”
No matter how big Tang Xiu’s boldness was, hearing Jiang Feiyan’s words sent a coldness ran down his spine and made his neck shrunk. At this time, her reply was as though completely verifying the saying that women’s heart was the most poisonous one after the hornet’s sting.
Mu Wanying’s beautiful face turned red. She reached out to hug Jiang Feiyan’s shoulder and said, “Feiyan, thank you.”
“What are you thanking me for? We’re sisters.” Jiang Feiyan shook her head and smilingly said. “If we want to thank someone, let’s thank Tang Xiu. If it weren’t for him, maybe that damn Lian Kang would beat me as well!”
When Mu Wanying’s eyes shifted to Tang Xiu, her eyes were particularly bright and dazzling. After a few seconds of silence, she said, “Tang Xiu, like sending Buddha to the West, helping someone must be done until the very end. Will you help me solve this problem completely?”
“Relax!” Tang Xiu nodded.
“I’m not talking about Lian Kang. It’s the matter with all the male students,” said Mu Wanying, shaking her head.
“What do you mean?” Tang Xiu asked with a puzzled expression.
Gathering her courage, Mu Wanying seriously said, “Let’s announce to the outside that I’m your girlfriend, and that we’re a couple. So I can tell straightly to whoever confesses to me that I already have a boyfriend and won’t accept anyone. B-But… But this may be very unfair to you, and may bring you some troubles, though.”
Tang Xiu thought for a while. He recalled what happened a few times in the library, when he encountered Mu Wanying surrounded by many male students. Then, he finally nodded and lightly said, “All right! I also received a lot of confessions from female students, so this will be mutual beneficial for both of us!”
Mu Wanying suddenly turned excited as she nodded repeatedly, “Thank you.”
Tang Xiu waved his hand as he turned his attention to the chaotic scene and shouted, “EVERYONE, STOP! If that surname Lian chap is dead, then you guys will all be dead too. Besides, the campus will severely punish you if he is severely injured.”
In a flash, several male students who were currently beating Lian Kang and his fellow classmates realized what kind of consequences their actions would bring, as they halted beating them and retreated.
In the opened, cleared spot, Lian Kang and his three classmates were all beaten, bruised black and blue, with bloodstains all over their bodies. The one in the most miserable state was Lian Kang, for one of his arms was obviously broken in an unnatural shape.
Shaking his head, Tang Xiu walked toward him and then squatted to grab his arm despite Lian Kang’s struggle. With a slight effort, he pulled his hand and mended the bones of his broken arm back to its original position.
A scream like a pig being butchered made everyone present shudder.
“If you don’t want to become disabled, then don’t move,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “I just helped you put your bone back to its original position. But in the next couple of days, don’t move about and lift heavy things. Also, go to the campus clinic to deal with your other wounds.”
While enduring the severe pain, Lian Kang furiously growled, “FUCK YOU, TANG XIU! I don’t need your crocodile tears, you fucking asshole! If it weren’t for you, how could this father be beaten like this?”
“Do you dare say it again?” Tang Xiu frowned.
“I just said it! What the fuck can you do to this father, huh?” Shouted Lian Kang angrily.
Shaking his head, Tang Xiu stretched out his hand and twisted the bone he had just mended, and then trampled his face. As his blood flowed from his nose, he sneered at him and said, “You’re nothing but a rotten cretin in my eyes, a dog that snarls and snaps at others kindness. The instant the news about you assailing a girl with obscenities when you confess to her and then turned into you beating up a female student is to spread around, I’m afraid that you will lose your reputation and may even be criminally liable. Of course, you indeed have been beaten up by your fellow students, but that was because you’ve aroused public anger. I’m sure that if the campus authority hears about this, they will also treat them with leniency.”
Having said that, Tang Xiu turned around and walked to Mu Wanying’s side, as he said with a deep voice, “Although Mu Wanying is my girlfriend, I was not the first one to beat you. That can be said as me giving you a face, yet you’re so shameless and didn’t give a damn care about it. You have only yourself to blame for that. And now, we still have our talk about our love life, so we won’t waste more of our time with a scumbag like you.”
Immediately, he reached out to grab Mu Wanying’s little hand and walked upstairs.
_His girlfriend?_
All the male students who were originally secretly appreciating Tang Xiu’s act of violence had their eyes turn hostile after hearing Tang Xiu’s announced.
And those good brains also realized that Tang Xiu seemed to have used them, for they began to savagely beat up Lian Kang just because Tang Xiu sarcastically satirized them in his comments.
On the second floor…
Tang Xiu brought Mu Wanying, Jiang Feiyan, and Li Xinjie to the desk he was using before and spoke to them, “You girls can stay here. I have a trivial matter to deal with, and need to make a phone call.”
“Go! I’ll be here reading a book,” Mu Wanying nodded gently and replied.
After taking out his mobile, Tang Xiu dialed Kang Xia’s cell number and then inquired, “Alright, I took care of the thing here, more or less. What is it that you need me for?”
“Boss, the executives of our company have been discussing the release date of our health products. We currently have a lot of stocks in inventory, so I decided to throw them into the market on November 1st. Do you think this date is appropriate?” Asked Kang Xia.
“Have you arranged the stores all over the country?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“It’s about done. As we made a lot of income, we’ve set the shops next to the Gods Nectar’s exclusive agency in each city. The refurbishing is currently in the last stages and it should be done in the next few days, at the most.”
“What about the marketing and sales staff?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“All of them have been trained for their posts. However, there is still another issue that has yet to be decided,” said Kang Xiu.
“What is it?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“It’s about security,” said Kang Xia. “I’m afraid that a insane rush to snatch all the products will happen once our health products hit the market. Thus, security problems will surely arise at that time.”
“How many manpower do you need, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“We have calculated. With the help of the security guards assigned to the Gods Nectar exclusive agency in each city, we can reduce the needed number of manpower. But we still need about 80 people, at the very least,” said Kang Xia.
“OK, got it!” Said Tang Xiu. “I will think of a solution. Also, I’m going to survey a every large business district in the vicinity of Shanghai in the near future. If it’s not feasible, then we’ll build our own site. I happen to know some real estate developers here.”

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