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Long Zhengyu nodded seriously, “I have also instructed them about that. Apart from the hundreds of workers and dozens of firefighters on the site, the police force from the city and dozens of security guards from our Long Family are currently doing their best to search and rescue them. You can rest assured, we’ll try our best to find the missing workers even if we have to turn over every inch of the land inside out.”
“Then I’ll give a hand, too!”
Tang Xiu patted Long Zhengyu’s shoulder and strode toward the construction site. The moment he arrived there, he released his spiritual sense and covered a radius of 200 to 300 square meters within.
At present, he found two dead bodies and four workers who were still alive and stranded inside. However, two of them were seriously injured; if they didn’t get rescued in time, they would only be able to hold on for several hours before dying.
At the same time, Tang Xiu also discovered a stair-shaped cave entrance. Tens of meters underneath it were several portals, yet the interior beyond was off limits to his spiritual sense.
_An array?_
Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and dashed toward the rubble. He pointed below and shouted in a deep voice, “Zhengyu, immediately order someone to dig this spot. But remember to do it very carefully, some of the trapped workers should be underneath!”
Long Zhengyu stared blankly before he laid on the ground, trying to listen to the sounds. With a puzzled expression, he said, “Why can’t I hear any voices at all?”
“My hearing is several times sharper than that of an ordinary person’s,” said Tang Xiu lightly.
Pondering for a bit, Long Zhengyu, who held absolute trust toward Tang Xiu, immediately called out to a dozen workers as well as several firefighters to begin excavating the debris above the spot.
“Slow down!” Tang Xiu didn’t stay idle. He took a pair of gloves and began to move the reinforced concrete. Even Yang Le and the four experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall joined in the work.
Ten minutes later, a worker shouted, “Boss, these steel bars are being pressed by a boulder! We won’t be able to move it if we don’t use a crane! And there’s no way we can continue cleaning this place without removing it.”
Long Zhengyu frowned and looked quite vexed. It was not realistic to call a crane here at this time. The scene here was a mess already, and the crane would make it worse.
“Make way, I’ll move it,” said Tang Xiu.
“Don’t fool around! This boulder is at least 400 pounds; there’s no way it will budge even if a few men join in an effort to move it. Besides, even if several people move it simultaneously, we still need to clean up the debris in the surrounding. The clearing up will take time, and we may still be unable to move it.”
The worker said it correctly and Tang Xiu perfectly realized it, too. The environment and situation were precarious, and there was the possibility of a second landslide due to a slight mistake, thus injuring the people above. The boulder wouldn’t budge even if four burly joined in the effort.

_However, was he an ordinary person?_
Tang Xiu directly pushed the worker aside and shouted, “Zhengyu, order everyone else to withdraw and give me some empty space!”
Upon hearing it, Long Zhengyu immediately executed Tang Xiu’s instructions.
Tang Xiu stood in a deep pit as he looked at the half-buried boulder under his feet. He straightly coiled his hands around the boulder and took a deep breath.
“What the hell does he want to do? He wants to lift that stone by himself?”
“Is this youngster an idiot? Does he think he’s Hercules or something?”
“That’s beyond his ability, only biting off more than he can chew. I’ll eat that boulder if he can really move it!”
“Oh, how can Chief Long have such a friend? It’s really…”
No one concealed their thoughts. At this time, even Yang Le himself had a contemptuous look on his face and secretly despised Tang Xiu, thinking that he would only disgrace himself. Even if Tang Xiu was a little skillful, did he really think that his strength was that great?
_Biting more than you can chew, eh!_ Yang Le scoffed inside.
Tang Xiu ignored everyone around him, however, and exerted his strength, easily moving the half-buried boulder. Yet, in order not to show it off and scare out the onlookers, he pretended to exert out a tremendous strength to show how ‘difficult’ it was to move the boulder.
Yang Le’s eyes almost popped out when he saw Tang Xiu move the boulder. Despite his firm mentality, yet he still couldn’t help but gasp.
The surrounding workers, firefighters, and the rest who had just ridiculed and made derogatory comments were all dumbfounded and left petrified. Only after Tang Xiu threw the boulder out of the pit did they finally snap back to their senses.
“What the hell… is he the Superman? It’s a boulder weighing 400 pounds, y-yet he… he actually moved it out by himself?”
“OH, GOD! A boulder weighing 400 pounds that dozens of men are not necessarily able to move since it’s half-buried, yet he can still pull it out? He’s simply not human!!!”
As for Long Zhengyu, he gave Tang Xiu a thumbs up and then loudly shouted, “DON’T GAWK AND DAZE! Move your ass fast and dig!! I can hear some voices underneath. That means we’re digging on the right spot! Be careful as to not cause a secondary landslide!”
Everyone in the surrounding looked at Tang Xiu with shock and fright, before they loudly exclaimed in unison.
Time passed by, and half an hour after, dozens of people worked together and dug down two to three meters. Finally, the cave entrance underneath was revealed as someone’s hand came out. The hand was full of blood, accompanied by the cry “save us”.
“Someone’s still alive here!!!” A worker called out excitedly.
Immediately afterward, everyone worked harder and finally rescued the two seriously injured workers from the inside after spending great effort. Tang Xiu even personally acted to treat the two people, and was able to save their lives despite the limited medical tools.
As the medics from the hospital’s ambulance took away the two seriously injured workers, Long Zhengyu finally had a break as he gave Tang Xiu a thumbs up and said, “Brother Tang, I’m really convinced of your abilities. Since you have such a good hearing ability, how about using it to rescue the other workers stranded below?”
“Sure thing!”
Tang Xiu complied. A few minutes after, he pointed to another spot tens of meters away and shouted, “There’s someone underneath. He should be still alive!!”
“Some of you get there quickly!!! Dig down that spot and rescue them!” Long Zhengyu was overjoyed and shouted.
By now, everyone fully trusted Tang Xiu, and under Long Zhengyu’s command, dozens of people began to dig up and finally rescued two men after spending half an hour.
“Zhengyu, you said that the number of missing people was seven?”
Tang Xiu had used his spiritual sense to carefully comb every spot and path leading to the crevices and had found four men still alive and two who had died.
Long Zhengyu nodded, “Yes, it’s really seven people.”
Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled deeply, because he really couldn’t find where the seventh man was. In other words, there were only two answers. The first one being an error in counting the missing people, which in fact there were only six people buried underneath; and the second one was that the last missing person had been buried under the soil, and there was no slit to the outside at all.
Tang Xiu walked around for several minutes and randomly selected several spots for everyone to start digging. One of which was a spot where two dead bodies were buried. He also brought Yang Le to begin digging a spot above the cave entrance to the ancient tomb, while the two dead bodies were finally excavated when dawn came.
“C-chief Long! W-we’ve found him! W-we found the last one!”
A middle-aged man who looked like a leader ran into the debris and rubble as he panted and shouted.
Long Zhengyu, who was currently leading everyone to look for the seventh missing worker, immediately asked in upon hearing the middle-aged man’s cry.
“It’s the seventh missing man, Li Quan, who has yet to be found,” The middle-aged man hurriedly said. “He turned out to have ditched his shift and gone outside to drink. He just came back drunk and is now sleeping inside the drainage next to the workers’ shack!”
“WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Long Zhengyu was so furious and angrily cursed.
Tang Xiu also heard the middle-aged man’s report and let out a forced, wry smile. He walked over to Long Zhengyu’s side and said, “Zhengyu, tell the cops and the firefighters to leave this place since all the missing people have been found. Also, instruct all the workers to go back and have a rest.”
Long Zhengyu silently nodded. After tossing back and forth in frustration, the police and firefighters finally left, and the workers withdrew from the site. However, under Tang Xiu’s silent instructions, dozens of security guards from the Long Group didn’t leave, and instead, blocked the landslide area and prohibited anyone from entering.
“What exactly are you doing, Brother Tang?”
Long Zhengyu came to Tang Xiu’s side as he watched Tang Xiu and Yang Le, as well as the four experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall still, excavating the debris. His expression looked strange and curious as he asked.
“I suspect that there’s an entrance to an ancient tomb underneath. Since it has caused the landslide accident, I’d like to go down and see what type of ancient tomb it is, given that it unexpectedly has a false empty space above it,” said Tang Xiu.
Startled and taken aback, Long Zhengyu hastily said, “Don’t! Don’t do anything stupid, will you? You’ll definitely be trapped below in the event of a second landslide.”
“Don’t worry! I know what I’m capable of. I will never dare to go down to brave dangers and stake my life without an ability to back it up,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “Besides, Yang Le here is my friend. He has studied a lot of ancient tombs, so you can rest your worries with him accompanying me down there!”
Doubtful, Long Zhengyu gritted his teeth and said, “Then, I’ll also go down there with you.”
“You of all people have a more important thing to do rather than following me down there.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “You must appease and comfort the workers, and then go to the hospital to visit the injured as well as comfort their family members. As for the dead workers, give them a large sum of money as compensation and take good care of their family members!”
“Then, in the case that…” Long Zhengyu still hesitated.
“There will be no ifs. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in my ability?” Tang Xiu waved his hand and rebuked.
Long Zhengyu pondered for a moment. To deal with the aftermath of this matter, he indeed must visit the hospital. Therefore, he nodded. But he still urged Tang Xiu to be very careful before leaving the construction site.

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