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The 200 boxes of Gods Nectar had finally been moved half an hour after. Upon seeing the sweating, panting porters, Tang Xiu ran to a small shop nearby and bought every one of them two packs of cigarettes and a bottle of mineral water.
“Thanks a bunch, little bro.”
The porters sincerely smiled and thanked Tang Xiu after receiving such a treatment. The pack of cigarettes was of a cheap, low quality smoke as it only cost 20 yuan a pack, and the water was only mineral water, but such a small thing made their hearts feel warm.
After exchanging several polite words with them, Tang Xiu then turned to Sun Yue and said, “Remember to provide two packs of cigarettes and a bottle of mineral water for them after they have delivered the wine later.”
“Okay, I’ll do that myself!” Sun Yue looked at Tang Xiu with a respectful expression.
Smiling at her in response, Tang Xiu immediately walked to the elevator. After pressing the button, he watched the lively scene in the hall. It was a lunchtime, and only a few tables in the entire hall were unoccupied, whereas the rest, nearly forty plus tables, had been occupied by patrons, while the attendants served them with smiling faces.
Looking at this scene made Tang Xiu very contented, because he knew how much his mother had paid to develop the restaurant this stage. He felt that everything was worth it as long as his mother was happy.
As he arrived on the fourth floor, Tang Xiu found the general manager office through the nameplate and knocked its door. As the voice of his mother said to come inside, he then opened the door and walked inside.
“Why are you here, Xiu’er?”
Su Lingyun, who was sitting at the office table and reading a document, asked in disbelief when she saw Tang Xiu coming in.
“There was an accident on the construction site of the Long Family’s project in Walled Hill Village, Mom,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “Since our family also has some properties there, I hurried back from Shanghai to take a look at the situation, thus I came to see you while convenient.”
“Was it very serious, Xiu’er?” Asked Su Lingyun hastily. “Did you say we have some properties there? Are you getting implicated by it?”
“The accident has been managed and it will be finished soon,” said Tang Xiu smilingly. “Don’t worry, Mom. It’s a project handled by the Long Family and it doesn’t relate to me at all, so I won’t be implicated by it.”
Su Lingyun felt relieved, and said with a smile, “That’s great as long as you’re okay. Anyhow, Xiu’er, with you running here, will it delay your schooling?”
“Well, you don’t know your son’s academic performance, Mom,” said Tang Xiu with a smile. “I have finished studying the first year’s curriculum by myself already. I’ve now been visiting the campus library besides attending classes every day. I’ve studied and learned more knowledge so that I’ll be more proficient and skilled in the future. Don’t worry! My studies won’t be delayed.”
Su Lingyun smiled and nodded with satisfaction, “I know that you’re the best, sonny. Ah, right, it’s your first time coming to our renovated family’s restaurant, right? What do you think? It looks impressive now, don’t you think?”

“Yeah! It’s very impressive!” Tang Xiu praised while giving a thumbs up. “I thought I came to the wrong place when arrived! Furthermore, the business seems good, too.”
Taking Tang Xiu to the sofa in the corner, Su Lingyun then smilingly said, “It’s more than good, it’s great. Our restaurant is ten times larger than in the past, and we are jam-packed with patrons. I heard you saying back then that you wanted to count the money until your fingers get numb, and that’s exactly what happened. I can’t count the money by hand anymore.”
“Then, it’s really great, right?” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing.
After chit-chatting with Tang Xiu for a while, Su Lingyun then suddenly seemed to recall something and quickly asked, “Eh, have you had a lunch after you got here, Xiu’er?”
“Not yet,” said Tang Xiu, shaking his head.
“Then Mom will personally prepare it for you. Wait here!” said Su Lingyun and quickly got up.
Tang Xiu hurriedly stopped her and smilingly said, “Let someone else do it, Mom. You don’t need to do it yourself. Besides, I’m going to manage some issues today and will go back to Shanghai tomorrow morning. Let us have a good chat.”
“All right!”
Soon, fragrant dishes were delivered and Su Lingyun accompanied Tang Xiu until he was finished. Following that, mother and son chatted for a while before Tang Xiu left for the Magnificent Tang Group’s edifice. On the way there, he phoned Kang Xia and learned that she wasn’t there, but in the No. 6 warehouse. He then changed his direction and headed directly to there.
Wearing an engineering outfit, Kang Xia greeted Tang Xiu along with seven staff members.
“Is this No. 6 warehouse going to store the health products of our company?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
“Yeah, our company is currently stockpiling a large number of our health products. We’re doing it for a week more before shipping them to the major cities in the country. Also, we chose to use the hunger marketing model like we did previously as well, so we’re going to distribute the goods four times each month with limited quota every week,” answered Kang Xia.
“Anyhow, I haven’t asked the brand name for the health products. What is it to be called and how much is it going to be priced?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.
“The brand name is Health Vitae Elixir,” said Kang Xia. “The price is the same as Gods Nectar’s: 18888 yuan a box, which contains two bottles.”
Tang Xiu nodded and smiled, “Not bad. Are you still busy here? When will you return to the company?”
“I just checked the inventory in stock. We can go back now,” said Kang Xia.
“All right, let’s go then!” Tang Xiu smiled.
As dusk came, Tang Xiu, Kang Xia, and Andy had dinner together. After escorting them back to their residence, Tang Xiu then rushed to South Gate Town. On the way there, he contacted Chen Zhizhong and learned that the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical had already carried out a business cooperation with the Everlasting Feast Hall, as the former would sell a large amount of valuable medicinal herbs to the latter.
_Ring, ring, ring…_
When Tang Xiu just drove through the front gate to the interior of South Gate Town, his mobile phone suddenly buzzed. After accepting the call, he said, “Do you need something, Xiaoxue?”
“Boss, we just got a message that someone is currently negotiating for the lease of Clam Island in the South China Sea. You will definitely be interested in the identity of that person.” Gu Xiaoxue’s voice came out of the phone.
“Who is he?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“It’s someone from Beijing, from the Yao Family,” said Gu Xiaoxue.
With a slightly changed countenance, Tang Xiu asked in a deep voice, “Are you sure that it’s someone from the Yaos? Who’s in charge of negotiating the leasing of the island over there?”
“Yes, it’s confirmed that he’s from the Yao Family. The person in charge is called Yao Xinhua,” said Gu Xiaoxue.
“The Yaos are going to rent an island in South China, what are they going to do there?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“I haven’t investigated about that yet.” Gu Xiaoxue shook her head. “The Yao Family is acting very low-key. In particular, that Yao Xinhua seemed to have bribed a few people there. If my inference is not mistaken, they will soon sign the contract with the government. Also, I’ve sent some people to take a look at the island. The island is very good, and I think it will be very suitable for herbs’ plantation. Additionally, there’s another small island two kilometers away from Clam Island which is very suitable to rear fierce beasts.”
Tang Xiu’s face flickered and said in a deep voice, “I’ll immediately rush to Jingmen Island, then we’ll continue discussing this issue once I get there. Delay the Yao Family in signing the contract with the government if possible.”
"Understood!" Gu Xiaoxue replied.
After the phone call ended, Tang Xiu called his mother, Su Lingyun, and told her that there was a trivial matter he needed to deal with, and that he would go back directly. He then contacted Yang Le and drove back to Shanghai.
“I really can’t stand it, Tang Xiu. I drove all night long last night, and I only slept for four plus hours during the day. Now you are dragging me back to Shanghai in a hurry, and there’s no way I want to shorten my life! Heck, no matter what, you drive!” Yang Le complained after having a seat in the car.
“Okay, I’ll drive. Got back to your sleep!” Tang Xiu nodded.
“For us to go back this fast, what exactly happened, Tang Xiu?” Asked Yang Le curiously.
“There’s a personal issue I need to deal with,” said Tang Xiu. “After returning to Shanghai, I’ll just pack a few clothes and head to Jingmen Island. Why? Do you want to go with me?”
Yang Le rolled his eyes, “Bah, no way. I just realized that you’re a conman who ensnares people. We had an agreement to divide the booty from that ancient tomb exploration, remember? And the result? I got nothing whatsoever. I was scared shitless and half dead, but I got no benefits at all.”
A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth. He glanced at his depressed look and said, “Who said you didn’t get any benefits at all? You saw those magical and mysterious scenes back there. That should be your biggest benefit, don’t you think?”
“Bah, I couldn’t care less about that,” Yang Le grunted. “I saw what you did to the three gates with my own eyes. Though I don’t know what means you used to make them vanish like that, I dare to bet that they must have been taken by you. You must share the booty with me once we get back to Shanghai.”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Properly speaking, I should indeed share the booty with you, but I changed my mind and planned to teach you some skills as a reward for your performance this time. Regardless, I still have another condition.”
Yang Le was startled and hurriedly said, “What is it? Tell me, tell me!”
“You must go with me to Jingmen Island,” answered Tang Xiu.
“What are you gonna do there?” Asked Yang Le.
“I’m going to rent two islands in the South China Sea,” said Tang Xiu.
Yang Le stared blankly and asked in disbelief, “You’re going to rent islands? Are you so full already that you got nothing to do anymore?”
“I have great uses for them,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “So, are you coming with me or not?”
“I still need to know what shit you’re gonna make me do,” replied Yang Le.
“What I need from you is still unclear as of now. But as long as you come with me, maybe it will be useful to you in the future,” said Tang Xiu.
“Fine. I’ll go with you, then!” Yang Le nodded. “But we gotta make an agreement first. You gotta keep that promise to teach me those powerful skills of yours, got it?”
“No problem!” Tang Xiu smilingly nodded.
Yang Le looked out of the window and said with a smile, “Brother Tang, I found that, after being with you for this while, it was kinda fun and exciting. At the very least, I learned about another identity of yours after coming to Star City. Though I should have long guessed about that.”
“What identity, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu casually.
“You’re the young miracle-working doctor at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, am I right?” Said Yang Le.
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Everyone on Earth already knows this fact. You really think you are so awesome as the latest man who found out about it? Do you want me to praise you?”
“Bah, just drive!” Yang Le rolled his eyes and grunted.

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