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Under the light of the moon and the stars, Tang Xiu personally drove all the way through the high-speed road and arrived in Shanghai at two in the early morning. After he arrived at his villa in Bluestar Villa Complex, Tang Xiu did a simple packing and then went to the study room to release the fierce beast from the array.
“Do you want to go out to play with me?”
Tang Xiu only asked once, but he saw the fierce beast repeatedly nod and look eager. He then smilingly said, “Since you want to go out to play with me, then obediently stay in the villa tonight. I’ll take you to somewhere outside and you won’t have to stay inside the array again in the near future.”
Following that, he took a bath and changed his underwear, and then dialed Long Zhengyu’s number. As he guessed, Long Zhengyu hadn’t yet gone to sleep, as his weary voice came out of the phone, “You aren’t asleep yet, Tang Xiu?”
“There’s an urgent matter, so I returned to Shanghai,” said Tang Xiu. “I will have to hand over the matter in Star City to you. But don’t work too hard, though. Delegate the work if you’re too tired.”
“Don’t worry! I can still hold on. Anyways, is the problem troublesome? Do you want me to lend you a hand?” Asked Long Zhengyu.
“No, I can handle it myself,” said Tang Xiu.
Afterward, the two exchanged some pleasantries before ending the call.
As morning came, Tang Xiu and Yang Le went to Jin Xingkui’s residence. After handing over the architectural design he personally drew to Jin Xingkui, Tang Xiu hurriedly left and drove to Han Qingwu’s residence.
At the entrance, Han Qingwu was wearing a windproof coat and was currently fiddling with her mobile phone. When a car stopped in front of her, she put her mobile phone away, looked at Tang Xiu and complained, “It’s only half past six, Tang Xiu. It’s been half an hour since you called me. I don’t think you need to be in such a hurry, since we are just going to vacation, no?”
With a serious expression, Tang Xiu said, “I gotta correct you about that. I’m not going Jingmen Island to sightsee this time. I have important things to deal with. Also, you can opt to not go.”
Han Qingwu charmingly rolled eyes. She took her suitcase to the car’s rear, opened the trunk and stuffed it inside, and then opened the door and straightly sat on the back seat.
After the car’s door was closed, Han Qingwu glanced at Yang Le, who was sitting on the front seat, and said, “Let’s go, then! Don’t tell me you’re going to drive all the way to Jingmen Island?”
Tang Xiu started the car as he slightly smiled and said, “You’re right. We’re indeed going to Jingmen Island by car, since it will really waste more time if we rush to the airport and wait for the flight to take off. My business will also be delayed. Anyways, let me introduce you. His name is Yang Le.”
Han Qingwu looked at Yang Le. She gently nodded and said, “What are you gonna do in Jingmen Island, Tang Xiu?”
“I’m afraid you won’t understand even if I tell you,” said Tang Xiu. “This time, your only duty is to have fun. Consider it as a vacation. You don’t need to worry about anything else.”

Han Qingwu pursed her lips and turned her face to look out of the window. Though she really admired Tang Xiu for his achievement to build such a big business at such a young age, an achievement countless people are unable to achieve in their lifetime, yet she felt quite vexed and irritated inside. It was because she thought that she was his teacher, and Tang Xiu was her student. But Tang Xiu had unexpectedly surpassed her, and the gap was very big.
Going to Jingmen Island from Shanghai was a distance of thousands of kilometers. Although Tang Xiu could manage to drive there by himself, Han Qingwu and Yang Le helped sharing the work halfway. The trio took turns to drive and arrived in Jingmen Island at four in the afternoon. After entering the urban area, Tang Xiu followed the GPS and headed directly to the HQ of the Everlasting Feast Hall.
“The scenery here is great!”
Sitting on the front seat, Han Qingwu couldn’t bear but sigh in praise after seeing the landscape, scenery, and manor on both sides of the highway.
Tang Xiu glanced at her and drove straight inside. At the main gate, four experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall straightly opened the gate after seeing Tang Xiu.
"Grand Master!"
Gu Xiaoxue, who was waiting in the parking lot, hurriedly came to greet him after he got off from the car. A group of Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts who saw Tang Xiu’s arrival came rushing to the front and cupped their fists, “Boss!”
Tang Xiu slightly nodded, “Attend to your duties!”
“Understood!” That group of Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts respectfully replied and left.
While looking at Gu Xiaoxue, Tang Xiu said, “What’s the current situation?”
“I’ve sent people to create obstructions, and the news relayed to us at noon said that the other party just came back from Clam Island and is now settling at Jingmen Island’s Shengdi Luo Hotel. Also, Yao Xinhua is currently negotiating with senior officials of Jingmen Island; he should be waiting for the documents to be approved by the abovegovernment officials,” said Gu Xiaoxue.
Tang Xiu nodded slightly and then pointed to Han Qingwu, saying, “She’s Han Qingwu, a teacher in my campus. She’s on vacation, so she came along with us while convenient. Assign some people to settle her here and provide everything she needs as far as possible no matter what her request is.”
“I’ll properly arrange her accommodations, Grand Master,” said Gu Xiaoxue with a nod.
During their conversation, several people came and then guided Han Qingwu to the side room of the restaurant. Whereas Tang Xiu and Yang Le followed Gu Xiaoxue to a luxury suite.
“Give me all the information you’ve investigated.”
“Please wait for a bit!”
Gu Xiaoxue made a phone call, and quickly after, someone sent a stack of documents. On it was the result of the investigation conducted by the members of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Tang Xiu read the information with a serious expression, and then took out his mobile and dialed a cell number.
“Auntie, there’s a small matter I need your help with.”
“What is it?” Tang Min’s laughter was heard from the cell phone.
“My men in Jingmen Island accidentally found something. The Yao Family seems to have made some movements in the South China Sea. When I had a bout with Yao Xinhua in the Southern region last time, he seemed to be preparing to rent islands in the South China Sea, and he is now currently communicating with the government. Auntie, can you help me investigate how is the progress of the Yao Family in renting these islands?”
“Are you sure you’re not mistaken, Tang Xiu?” Asked Tang Min in a deep voice. “Is the Yao Family really renting islands in the South China Sea?”
“The news obtained by my men won’t be wrong,” said Tang Xiu.
“It seems that the Yao Family’s plan is about to launch,” muttered Tang Min.
“What plan, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu with a puzzled expression.
“Of the four top security companies in China, two of them are secretly under the control of the Yao Family,” said Tang Min. “Our family has just received this piece of intelligence a while ago. From the person we bought the news, it is said that the Yao Family is going to set up a new security company to create an elite security company formed in the military format. Saying it simply, it will be the most elite armed force of the Yaos.”
Tang Xiu’s eyes squinted as he inquired more, “Auntie, are you sure this news is reliable? If this is really the case, I think it’s entirely possible for them to proceed smoothly. Once the Yao Family has shaped up the organization of their armed force, they will surely expose it under our noses. I can destroy this armed force and bring about an extremely bitter blow to the Yao Family.”
“The issue is not that simple. Even if the Yao Family forms their newest security company and train an elite armed force, they won’t assign too many of their current armed forces there. Additionally, the Yao Family seems eager to make trouble as of recently. They have contacted many families in secret, saying that it’s necessary to help them foster some elite talents. In actuality, how could these families train their armed forces and then hand them over to the Yao Family? However, those cooperating with the Yao Family will send some of their men to be tied up with the Yaos ahead of time. If some accident were to happen to their newest security company, I’m afraid many families will be furious.”
Tang Xiu fell into silence for a while, as he then nodded and said, “Since complete destruction is not an option, then we can only stop the Yao Family’s plan. By coincidence, I’m also preparing to rent two islands in the South China Sea, and since the Yao Family didn’t opt to strike us, then we’ll be the first ones to take the initiative to dispatch armed forces. We’ll try to make them come out empty-handed and eventually hit the place where they will form the security company.”
“I’ll immediately send some people to investigate it. I’ll inform you right away once I get the news,” said Tang Min.
“All right!” Tang Xiu replied and ended the call.
At the side, Yang Le, whose eyes flashed with curiousness, inquired, “Brother Tang, that Yao Family you just spoke about, is it the Yao Family of Beijing?”
“Yeah, it’s them.” Tang Xiu nodded.
A complicated look flashed in Yang Le’s eyes, as he forced a smile and said, “You wanted me to come with you this time, could it be that you want my help to deal with the Yao Family?”
“Yeah!” Answered Tang Xiu.
Yang Le fell into silence for a while, as he then shook his head and said, “Maybe I can help you if it was something else, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do in this matter. Since I came here with you, there’s something that shocked me. This Everlasting Feast Hall has loads of experts. I don’t think I have the craving to stretch my hands out in the face of so many people.”
Tang Xiu frowned, “I don’t get you.”
“Brother Tang, there’s something that you may not know,” Yang Le forced out a helpless smile. “I’m a member of Thief Branch of the Occult Sect. Although the Thief Branch is literally split up, my eldest senior brother is a Yao clansman, and he even has quite a status there. Although this eldest senior brother of mine has been staying abroad all these years and his shadow is rarely seen, I dare say that he must be planning something big.”
Tang Xiu was taken aback, “What is the name of this eldest senior brother of yours?”
“Yao Qinglong,” said Yang Le.
Following that, Tang Xiu directly made a phone call to his grandfather, Tang Guosheng. He then got some information about Yao Qinglong from him. What made him wary was that, despite the known fact that Yao Qinglong was a Yao clansman and also had quite a status in the family, yet the fact that he was a disciple of the Thief Branch was not mentioned in the investigation.
“This will be a problem!”
With a somber expression, Tang Xiu said, “Do you know in which country your eldest senior brother is staying and what businesses he has abroad?”
“I’m clueless about that.” Yang Le shook his head and forced out a wry smile.

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