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Had it been in the past, Tang Xiu’s first reaction would be to escape and look for a solid shelter. But now, he didn’t care about sniper bullets at all. Though he did feel a threatening feeling, he could face it with ease, for he was fully confident of being able to evade the bullets of the opposite party. Even if there was hard resistance, he believed that the bullets couldn’t penetrate his skin, much less injury him.
This confidence was brought by the surge in his cultivation level. After having gone through a fortuitous encounter in the ancient tomb, his strength had soared by more than 100 times. And, perhaps, he had already surpassed the level of Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang.
Those who aim at me with their muzzles are as good as dead!
With his eagle-like sharp vision, Tang Xiu shot a look at the opposite building. Like a tidal wave, his spiritual sense spread out toward the direction of the opposite building and instantly discovered the targets who were behind the windows of a tenth floor room. Two silver needles instantly appeared on his hands. His fingers flicked, as the two silver needles streaked across the sky and accurately pierced the spot between the eyebrows of the two snipers that were 100 meters away from him.
He snorted coldly. He didn’t even want to check whether the two men had completely died, and just casually organized his collar. After taking back his spiritual sense, he then walked toward the coming car.
“Take me to the docks,” said Tang Xiu calmly after taking a seat.
Bright Pearl Harbor of Jingmen Island was a large dock. Aside from luxury passenger ships and yachts, there were also heavy cargo ships. The liner prepared by the Everlasting Feast Hall was precisely anchored here.
“Grand Master!”
Gu Xiaoxue immediately came out from the luxury liner after obtaining the news of Tang Xiu’s arrival. The liner was tens of meters long and was able to accommodate at least 100 people on board, although it was not a large liner. At this time, there was no attendants on board, only the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people.
Operating this luxury liner was an easy task for the dozens experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Everyone aboard the ship, including the chef, were all experts of the restaurant.
“Are you all ready?” Asked Tang Xiu calmly after boarding the luxury liner.
“Yeah, we’re all ready.” Gu Xiaoxue nodded. “We can set sail at any time. It will only take eleven hours to reach Clam Island if the weather is good, so we’ll arrive there about tomorrow in the morning.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “Get ready to sail!”
Sheraton Hotel’s grand banquet hall…
The charity party had concluded and the guests were leaving. However, more than ten experts of the Yao Family still wandered, lingering around the rest area in the corner and looking confused. Their eyes were fixated on Yao Xinhua, who looked to be in a deep sleep, but no one dared to wake him up.
“What happened?”
Ouyang Lei had sent away a group of guests and was a bit drunk. A strange expression appeared on his face after seeing Yao Xinhua and the Yao Family’s men.

An expert of the Yao Family shook his head and said, “It’s our young master. He seems to be asleep.”
Ouyang Lei was at a loss between laughter and tears, “To think he can sleep in this occasion, your young master is really a wonderful marvel. Anyways, the charity party is over, just wake him up! You should have rented a room in the hotel if you’re sleepy, why did you have to sleep here?”
The several experts of the Yao Family looked embarrassed. One of them nodded slightly, as he went to Yao Xinhua and called out, “Young Master, we should leave.”
There was no movement, Yao Xinhua still remained asleep and didn’t move at all.
The eyebrows of that Yao Family’s expert furrowed. He then touched Yao Xinhua with his hands and his complexion suddenly changed after realizing that there was no response. He exerted more strength to shake Yao Xinhua’s body, but the result was still the same.
“Not good, something’s wrong!”
Immediately, several experts of the Yao Family gathered around and looked panicked. They were experts of the Yao Family who were responsible to protect Yao Xinhua’s safety. Severe punishment would be waiting for them if something happened to him.
Ouyang Lei walked over and frowned. He tried to shake Yao Xinhua’s body several times, and then immediately said after realizing that there was no response, “Instead of being drunk, he seems to be… call 120 immediately, and have the hospital’s rescuer staff quickly come here.”
The expert of the Yao Family who first discovered the condition of Yao Xinhua stretched his hand out to pick him up and said in a heavy voice, “Calling 120 is not needed. We’ll immediately send the Young Master to the hospital. Let’s go.”
“I’ll go with you,” said Ouyang Lei quickly.
Ouyang Lei perfectly realized that this matter couldn’t be separated from his family, as it happened in their charity party. No to mention that he also wanted to know what happened to Yao Xinhua, so he followed them.
An hour later, at the First Public Hospital of Jingmen Island, president Zhuang Yuanxiu frowned deeply. He read the information about Yao Xinhua’s physical examination report and couldn’t speak for a long time.
“What exactly is the situation of our Young Master, Dr. Zhuang?” Asked an expert of the Yao Family.
“The results from the examination show that his body is very healthy. We can’t find a reason as to why he remains unconscious.” Zhuang Yuanxiu shook his head and forced a smile. “Thus, we must conduct a comprehensive examination on him, but it will take much time and I’m afraid we can only have the full results tomorrow morning.”
“President Zhuang, our Young Master’s life won’t be in danger, right?” Asked the Yao Family’s expert rapidly.
“It’s hard to say. Through the routine inspections we found his life is not in danger. On the contrary, his body is very healthy and there’s no injury at all.” Zhuang Yuanxiu shook his head. “However, his comatose state is very unnatural, and I can’t say for sure about the specific situation he’s in right now. I need to perform a comprehensive examination before I can make a diagnosis.”
That Yao Family’s expert was silent for a moment, and then nodded, “Then we’ll have to trouble President Zhuang. I’ll immediately relay the situation to the family. I hope that your hospital’s staff can produce the examination results faster.”
“Rest assured!” Zhuang Yuanxiu replied and turned his head to look at Ouyang Lei.
“President Zhuang, you can say freely if you have something that the Ouyang Family can render our assistance to,” said Ouyang Lei.
“Not for the time being. Please have a rest first, all of you! Give the patient to us and the hospital to take care of. I’ve instructed the person-in-charge of the Inpatient Department to send a team to look after him 24/7.”
“All right. Thanks for the hard work.”
Ouyang Lei acted very polite and exchanged a few words with the Yao Family’s people before taking his leave. Since the hospital had yet to find what’s wrong with Yao Xinhua, then him staying wouldn’t have much meaning. Furthermore, he didn’t like Yao Xinhua. Not because of Yao Xinhua’s arrogant personality, but mainly because he was the mortal enemy of his future brother-in-law.
Late at night, in a certain upscale villa complex in Jingmen Island, a Mercedes-Benz Sedan slowly entered the area and drove through the electric gate in an open villa. The driver opened the rear seat door and respectfully escorted Ouyang Lei out of the car. Ouyang Lei was still a bit drunk, but the cool breeze helped restore his spirit.
“Strange, how come the lights are already on?” Ouyang Lei whispered. After telling the chauffeur to leave, he strode inside and went directly to the villa’s living room. He had been living his life in a very low-key manner despite being the young master and future successor of the Ouyang Family; only a few people knew about this secret residence of his.
“Sister Chang?”
Ouyang Lei looked around. The housekeeper, Sister Chang, used to wait for him in the living room. But today she wasn’t here, thus the foreboding feeling inside his heart grew more intense. Cautiously, he walked to the left corridor and knocked on door of the room where Sister Chang usually stayed. There was no response at all, thus he immediately pushed the door open. He found the lights lit but no one inside.
“Where’s she?” Ouyang Lei frowned. The foreboding that filled his heart turned into a bad premonition. However, when he returned and went to the next room’s door, he immediately discovered Sister Chang asleep in the guest room bed.
His tight heart suddenly relaxed. He smiled, shook his head and turned away to leave, heading to the second floor. There, he habitually opened the door to the study room, but his pupils abruptly shrunk as a panicked look filled his eyes upon seeing the scene inside.
Everything inside the study room was a mess, and things were fallen over everywhere. Of the things he particularly cherished, the expensive writing set had been carelessly thrown to the floor and the ink was spilled on the floor. The study room’s bookcases had its doors opened and the books on it were messed up, and even many of them were discarded on the floor.
A thief!!!
Ouyang Lei dashed toward the cloakroom. When he saw that the cloakroom had been similarly turned upside down, he instantly sprinted to the innermost wardrobe.
All the clothes in the wardrobe had been randomly thrown everywhere. On the cabinet wall, the hidden safe had been left open, and all the extremely highly valuable items had vanished. He may get distressed over the gold, jewelry, and antiques, but it was still within the limits he could bear. But… there were the very important account books of the Ouyang Family in the safe, and the contents recorded in those account books contained some businesses of the Ouyang Family that must not be exposed to light.
“This is a huge problem!”
Ouyang Lei’s lips quivered, and the effect of wine on him was completely obliterated. After taking a few deep breaths, he quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a cell number.
“Father, an accident happened. My house was burglarized by a thief and, not only all the valuable things were stolen, even the account books I use to record the important businesses of our family were also stolen. Once… once the records on those account books are exposed, the Ouyang Family will be in for a huge trouble.”
“Curse it!” Ouyang Wenzhen’s angry voice was heard cursing in the phone.
Half an hour later, Ouyang Wenzhen, leading dozens of Ouyang Family’s experts, caught up. When he saw the ghastly pale Ouyang Lei, who looked panicked and alarmed, he sternly shouted, “Tell me everything! You must not miss even half a word. And tell me, why the hell did you record so many important account books of our family in a place with such a bad security in the first place?”

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