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Looking at Ouyang Lei with a strange and disbelieving expression, Yang Le said, “Say, Ouyang Lei, are you nuts? Tang Xiu told me to steal from you, yet you thanked him for it? What reasoning is this? Properly speaking, you should have taken one of your shoes and thrown it at him, no?”
The grateful expression on Ouyang Lei’s face froze. He stared blankly at Tang Xiu and Yang Le. At this moment, he looked like he was just abruptly awakened from a dream. That’s right! Why on earth did I thank him? Thanks to them I almost collapsed in the past two days!
In a flash, the feeling of gratitude inside Ouyang Lei’s heart vanished. He wanted to vent his anger, yet dared not do so. Firstly, needless to say, Tang Xiu was in front of him. Also, the fella named Yang Le was… way too powerful. This guy was likely a godly thief.
After having observed the changing expression on Ouyang Lei’s face, Yang Le burst into laughter and then said, “Anyways, let me introduce myself. I’m Yang Le, a disciple of Thief Branch of the Occult Sect. One percent of the major burglaries in the world are my masterpieces.”
Thief Branch?
Ouyang Lei’s complexion changed greatly, and a vigilant look filled his eyes. For common families, they may not be aware what kind of existence the Thief Branch was. However, due to the relationship with his mother, he had heard many legends of the Thief Branch.
“Yang… Big Brother Yang.”
Ouyang Lei coughed and squeezed out a smile. Like the ancients said, be not afraid of the theft itself, but do fear the thoughts of the thief. And Yang Le, in particular, had just thrown the Ouyang Family into confusion, yet he did that in the absence of malicious intention. If because certain matters he was to set his eyes at the Ouyang Family, then no good days would come to them later.
“Big Brother, eh? That’s very kind of you, Brother Ouyang.” Yang Le grinned. “Since you’re Brother Tang’s brother-in-law to be, you will also become our people in the future.”
Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at him and waved his hand, “No more nonsense, alright? You guys take a rest early, since you still have things to do tomorrow. I got things to do, so I’m not going to keep you guys accompany.”
After saying that, he returned to the second floor to his room, took a bath and put on pajamas brought by Gu Xiaoxue. Although it was already late at night, Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and dialed the Tang’s old Family Head’s cell number. Soon after, his phone call was connected and the voice of his grandfather sounded.
“Xiu’er, is there something urgent for calling me this late?”
“It’s indeed a bit urgent, Grandpa,” said Tang Xiu.
“What’s the matter?” Asked Tang Guosheng.
“Auntie should have informed you that the Yao Family is about to rent Clam Island in the South China Sea. I myself have obtained accurate information about that. The Yao Family’s purpose to rent Clam Island is to unite various big families and make good preparations to train their armed forces. However, the real person-in-charge in the negotiation with the government is Yao Qingteng, whereas Yao Xinhua is just a cover. The reason I’m calling you this late is because I must acquire this Clam Island along with another island a few kilometers away from it. So to say, I must rent these two islands.”

Startled, Tang Guosheng asked, “You’re going to rent two islands? What are you going to do?”
“Clam Island is very suitable to cultivate medicinal herbs, while the other island is suitable to rear fierce beasts.” Tang Xiu explained. “If I can take these two islands, I can make the Tang Family’s strength soar to a hundred times of our present strength.”
“Are you sure?” Tang Guosheng’s tone became extremely serious.
“I guarantee it,” said Tang Xiu with the same serious tone.
Tang Guosheng fell into silence for two minutes before saying in a heavy and deep voice, “I understand. Wait for news from me.”
“Wait!” Noticing that Tang Guosheng was going to hang up, Tang Xiu hurriedly said, “Grandpa, I also have something important to inform you. Perhaps it will be helpful for the Tang Family to take Clam Island and the other island.”
“What is it?” Asked Tang Guosheng.
“I just returned from Clam Island.” Tang Xiu elaborated, “I encountered the Yao Family’s men there. Some of them were killed by me, while Yao Qingteng and the rest died on Clam Island. Anyhow, I’ve also taken some of the documents and procedural formalities from them. Do you want me to send them to you?”
“That’s great!” Tang Guosheng was ecstatic. “Send them to me immediately! Ah, right. Can you guarantee its safety on the way here?”
“No problem,” said Tang Xiu.
“Since there’s no problem, then I’ll be waiting for the documents in Beijing. Once I have them in my hands I’ll be able to think of better ways to act with the conditions on the documents as a basis.”
After the phone call ended, Tang Xiu looked for Gao Feng and issued an order to bring several experts to Beijing overnight in order to send the documents to his grandfather, and urged him to hand them over to Tang Guosheng personally.
The next morning.
At the First Public Hospital of Jingmen Island, Yao Xinhua, who had been in a comatose state for two days, finally woke up. He was not healed by the doctors at the hospital, but naturally awakened instead. White walls came into his sight, and the smell of carbonated water drilled into his nose as he tried to sit up. He had been shot with saline water for the last two days.
“Where is this?” Yao Xinhua looked at the man sitting on the chair beside his sickbed and asked with a drowsiness.
The old man looked up and stared blankly. After he realized that Yao Xinhua had woken up, he was startled and suddenly bounced up from his chair. He then replied ecstatically, “Young Master, you… you finally woke up? I, I, I… I’ll call the doctor. Please wait a bit.”
Yao Xinhua frowned. He called out to the man to stop him and then asked in a heavy voice, “You haven’t told me where this place is. What’s wrong with me?”
The middle-aged big man forced a smile and said, “Young Master, you fell into a strange comatose state at the charity party organized by the Ouyang Family. Regardless of any attempts to wake you up, you didn’t even stir. The most important of all is that, after we brought you here to the hospital, the doctors were unable to find the cause and you remained unconscious no matter the examination and the diagnosis conducted by them. That’s right, this place is the First Public Hospital of Jingmen Island, and you’ve been here for the last two days.”
“You mean I suddenly fell into a comatose state at the charity party that night?” Yao Xinhua frowned.
The middle-aged big man nodded.
A look of recollecting memories could be seen on Yao Xinhua’s face as he tried to recall what happened before he fell into a comatose state. A moment after, his face drastically changed and he asked in a deep voice, “What about Tang Xiu? Where did he go after I fainted?”
“You mean… the Tang Xiu from the Tang Family?” The middle-aged big man was confused.
“Yes, him.” Yao Xinhua said in a heavy voice. “Before my memory went dark I was with him. Where was he at that time?”
“Young Master, when we found you fainted he had long disappeared. However, an accident happened to our people that night,” said the middle-aged big man with a forced smile.
“What exactly happened?” Asked Yao Xinhua.
The middle-aged big man forced a smile and said, “Didn’t you assign two groups to set up an ambush in the vicinity of Sheraton Hotel? The two snipers of each team went to the opposite building of the hotel to prepare for the ambush. Since you remained unconscious and we brought you to this hospital, I personally issued an order to the two teams to retreat. Who would have thought that the two snipers had already been killed? There’s an inconceivable fact about it since their foreheads were… were pierced with silver needles. It was just silver needles, yet it pierced the most important part of brain nerves and directly led their death.”
Hiss… Yao Xinhua couldn’t help but gasp cold air upon hearing it.
He still clearly remembered the content of his conversation with Tang Xiu back then; who would leave Sheraton Hotel while standing still, and who would leave “falling asleep”. There was no doubt that Tang Xiu did something back then and he ended up losing.
Why did he not directly kill me at that time? With his terrifying abilities, I’m afraid that not even gods and ghosts would notice if he killed me. Furthermore, for one to be able to kill those two snipers who were going to ambush him, the murderer was absolutely terrifying. Was it Tang Xiu who did it himself? Or one of his men?
Yao Xinhua kept thinking, but every thought sent a chill down his spine. He finally realized as to why he lost so miserably when he fought Tang Xiu in the struggle for the two provinces in the southern region. It must be due to his extremely fearful abilities. And it highly likely that Tang Xiu had an extremely terrifying armed force under him.
After a long period of time, Yao Xinhua looked at the middle-aged big man and asked in a deep voice, “Has my Second Uncle already come back?”
“He hasn’t come back yet.” The middle-aged big man shook his head. “We called his satellite phone, but nobody answered. Furthermore, we also lost contact with the passenger ship.”
Yao Xinhua’s complexion greatly changed as he quickly asked, “How is it possible that you lost contact with the passenger ship? The ship is equipped with special, state of art communication equipment!!!”
The middle-aged big man forced a smile and said, “The communication equipment on the passenger ship has been turned off, so our phone calls didn’t connect.”
Yao Xinhua fell into silence for a short while before saying, “I see. Let’s put off discussing the other issues for now and go back to Beijing first.”
The middle-aged big man hesitated for a moment, before saying with a cautious look, “Young Master, there’s someone who came to demand a debt payment or something this morning.”
Someone came demanding a debt payment?
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Yao Xinhua angrily yelled. “What debts do we owe?”
“That person said that he was sent by Tang Xiu,” reluctantly answered the middle-aged big man in a low voice. “He said that it’s the 1 billion gambling debt.”
1 billion gambling debt?
Yao Xinhua was dumbfounded. He suddenly remembered the bet between him and Tang Xiu at the charity party. He was jolted inwardly and immediately felt unwell and sullen. Although he didn’t know what Tang Xiu did to him, the end result was that he was the one who fell and was carried outside by others, whereas Tang Xiu left by himself.
What should I do? Don’t tell me I really have to hand over 1 billion RMB to that bastard Tang Xiu?
Yao Xinhua clenched his fists as a look mortification appeared in his eyes. He then said in a heavy voice, “We’ll go back first and discuss this later.”
“I think you don’t need to wait to discuss it. You agreed to the bet, so you must pay it. That’s the rule of gambling. Since Young Master Yao lost to me, you couldn’t be thinking of repudiating a mere 1 billion debt, right?”
A teasing voice suddenly came from outside the ward.
Tang Xiu strode inside along with two stalwart men just as the voice faded away. A faint smiling expression was outlined on his face as he looked at Yao Xinhua, who had just come down from his bed.

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