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The figure was so fast that naked eyes were barely able to catch it, and it traversed the distance of 100-200 meters within seconds before it appeared before Tang Xiu.
“There is no need for him to make a call. Since little brother wants to see me, then I’ll naturally fulfill your wish,” a sage-like old man with behavior like that of an immortal smiled. He had loose long hair and was barefoot, and seemed indifferent toward the 50 plus members of the martial school.
After a short observation, Tang Xiu brushed past his side and then sat down on the chair Jiang Mentian had just used. He then tilted his leg and smilingly said, “I’ve never seen you. But since you’re also a Daoist, your strength surely is remarkable. That speed you just showcased should have some part of your full strength, shouldn’t it?”
“20%!” The barefooted old man still kept his smile as he stretched out two of his fingers.
Tang Xiu clapped his hands and smilingly said, “That’s really awesome! 20% of your full strength, yet you can achieve such a feat. It seems that your cultivation is not low. However, can you tell me how fast can you keep that speed if the array laid out in the entire of this martial arts school is lifted?”
The complexion of the barefooted old man finally changed. The smile on his face receded and a glint sparked in his eyes. He shot Tang Xiu a deep look and asked, “May I ask who this Little Brother is?”
“I’m Tang Xiu!” Said Tang Xiu lightly.
“I haven’t heard of you.” The barefooted old man shook his head. “But considering the fact you can see the array I laid out here, that means you’re quite skillful yourself; to the extent that you’re on par with me. There was someone from Haiqing Province who came to visit me back then, yet he wasn’t able to find out the abstruse principles here.”
Haiqing Province? Is it Miao Wentang?
“Do you know Miao Wentang?” Asked Tang Xiu a strange tone.
The barefooted old man nodded and smilingly said, “That little fella has good talent, and chanced upon a very good opportunity as well. His cultivation is even able to achieve… Shortly put, he can be considered a genius. But the you now, you easily surpass him. Right, if my guess is correct, you should be someone from the Everlasting Feast Hall, yes?”
“How did you see it?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“For one to be able to bring out eight experts at a time like you, apart from the Everlasting Feast Hall, there’s only Dongbei Hu—the Amur Tiger who can do such a feat in China. However, Dongbei Hu has been hiding in the shadows lately, and little has he strolled around over the past few decades. Moreover, he’s kind of unwilling to step his feet on Jingmen Island. Hence my guess of you coming from the Everlasting Feast Hall, for its HQ resides here.”
The roars of the cars came from afar. Two Audi sedans drove directly and stopped in front of the crowd. Tang Xiu, who originally intended to ask the barefooted old man about Dongbei Hu, immediately knitted his brow since he was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the other party.

As the cars’ doors opened, four big men in black suits quickly stood in front of the car, whereas a young man came out from the rear door and respectfully invited a middle-aged man to come out.
“What’s happening here? Did some people really dare to make trouble in the Heroes’ Crest Martial School?” After Ouyang Wenzhen got out of the car, he looked at the injured members of the martial school around. A shocked expression was immediately painted his face, especially when he saw the miserable-looking Jiang Mentian, who was beaten black and blue and was sitting on the ground at this moment. His pale and bloodless appearance gave him a shock that was very difficult to add up again.
He came to visit Jiang Mentian, but never imagined to encounter such a scene.
At this moment Tang Xiu had already recognized Ouyang Wenzhen. He met him at the charity party but hadn’t actually had the time to converse with him in person.
The barefooted old man glanced at Ouyang Wenzhen. He ignored him and looked at Tang Xiu instead and continued speaking, “Can this Little Brother give this old man face and conclude today’s matter here?”
“I just chanced upon a fellow practitioner, thus we naturally must compare notes.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I’ve always heard that China is a great nation where countless talented people are hidden, and the strong are like clouds. It would really be a pity if I were to waste this opportunity after being so fortunate to meet one this time.”
“This old man would perhaps be interested in comparing notes with you if you had cultivated for a few more decades. But you’re too young, Little Brother. Forget it, I’ll pass the chance!”
After shooting the barefooted old man a glance, Tang Xiu directly got up from the chair. He cupped his fist toward Ouyang Wenzhen in front and said, “Is there something you need here, Family Head Ouyang?”
Ouyang Wenzhen felt that Tang Xiu looked somewhat familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen his face. After hesitating for a moment, he smiled and said, “My coming this time is actually to… to visit Vice Schoolmaster Jiang. But I Never thought I would encounter such an unexpected scene. Anyhow, this Little Brother is…”
Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Please don’t speak to like this! If Ouyang Lulu and Ouyang Lei learned that they are one generation younger than I am, I’m afraid they will keep nagging and chattering in my ears endlessly. My name is Tang Xiu, Family Head Ouyang should have heard about me.”
Tang Xiu?
Staring blankly for a while, Ouyang Wenzhen then astonishedly spoke, “You are that Tang Xiu? Sure enough, you’re really a striking talent and a fine-looking young man. My daughter’s vision is really good!”
Cough, cough…
Tang Xiu understood the meaning behind Ouyang Wenzhen’s remark. After coughing twice, he forced a wry smile and said, “Family Head Ouyang, Lulu and I are only good friends. I hope you don’t misunderstand.”
“That’s an affair between the two of you and must be settled by yourselves.” Ouyang Wenzhen waved his hand and smiled. “But, why are you here? What are you…”
While pointing to Han Qingwu Tang Xiu replied, “The people of this Heroes’ Crest Martial School are too unbridled. They dared to seize my teacher and tied her up here in broad daylight. When I came over to take her back, they went so far so as to compel us to stay here, and said that we must pay a heavy price, hence the cause of this slight unpleasant scene.”
Upon hearing this, Ouyang Wenzhen immediately shot Jiang Mentian a strange look.
The barefooted old man himself was also not sure of what happened. But when he heard Tang Xiu’s explanation, his face sank. He glared at Jiang Mentian, who was sitting on the ground and couldn’t stand up, and coldly snorted, “Jiang Mentian, when I gave you the responsibility to manage the martial school, I never thought that your courage would unexpectedly grow so big that you would go so far as to permit abduction of women!”
With a bitter expression, Jiang Mentian said, “Schoolmaster, this has nothing to do with me! This was Huang Shiqing’s doing. I also learned about the matter afterward. It’s just that when I came here… t-this young man… said… that he wanted to destroy our martial school’s plaque, so I just…”
“Who is Huang Shiqing?”
In a flash, dozens of eyes looked at the ghastly pale Huang Shiqing.
A cold glint flashed inside the barefooted old man’s eyes. His finger flicked, as a stream of qi instantly shot out and penetrated Huang Shiqing’s forehead, directly killing him.
The vast majority of the people around couldn’t help but gasp cold air with greatly changed expressions. They never thought that the Schoolmaster, who was always out, would unexpectedly be so merciless to directly kill Huang Shiqing. Of course, the most chilling scene was the Schoolmaster’s terrifying ability of killing him in a flash; more so that it was done from a dozen meters away. Such a method was really too frightening.
Tang Xiu could only secretly sigh upon seeing the the barefooted old man’s action. Though he didn’t want to give up on this matter at this point, the barefooted old man had intended to settle the matter by taking the culprit’s life. He would no longer have a justifiable reason if he were to take an aggressive stance and forced him further. After being silent for a moment, he calmly said, “Since Huang Shiqing has already died, then the matter will end here! However, I can still accompany you to compare notes if you’re willing to.”
After saying that, he stamped his foot on the ground. His star force blasted out through his shoes’ sole and penetrated the ground in a flash.
A faint thunderclap sounded in everyone’s ears.
“Huh? It’s so strange. The sun is shining, where does that thunder come from?”
Everyone subconsciously set their eyes on the sky.
The barefooted old man raised his head and his facial expression instantly changed. He quickly pulled a jade token from his arm. Under his gaze, the token cracked and finally broke into several pieces.
He suddenly looked up and stared at Tang Xiu with eyes full with disbelief.
“There’s a common saying you should have heard before. Never judge a book by its cover, for the sea can never be measured with a bushel. As a fellow on the same path, I hope that the manifestation of appearances that your eyes can see doesn’t make you confused and blinded.”
The manifestation of appearances?
The barefooted old man’s heart shuddered. An insight and enlightenment suddenly sparked inside his mind, as he immediately figured out the issue that had plagued and puzzled him for many years.
“I accept!”
At the same time the barefooted old man cupped his fists and spoke, his aura erupted and everyone in the surrounding could feel a strong pressure emanating from him. This pressure made many step back, whereas those on the ground were struggling toward the distance.
Tang Xiu waved his hands to protect Han Qingwu and Ouyang Wenzhen from the pressuring aura. With a curious expression, he carefully observed the barefooted old man. He didn’t expect that the barefooted old man would have a sudden enlightenment in his mental state due to a few words from him, causing his mental state to enhance by leaps and bounds.
A few minutes later, the barefooted old man sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and deeply immersed himself in cultivation.
Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. It seemed it would be impossible to compare notes with this old man today; though it also gladdened him. Because, the higher the cultivation of this barefooted old man, the more force he could exert to find out his actual strength.
“Family Head Ouyang, I’ll take my leave first since I have some other matters to attend to.” Tang Xiu nodded to Ouyang Wenzhen. He then grabbed Han Qingwu’s hand and turned toward the four black SUVs.
Ouyang Wenzhen loudly shouted, “Tang Xiu, are you free tomorrow? How about visiting my Ouyang residence?”
“All right.” Answered Tang Xiu.
When he got into the car, the four cars then roared and drove away.
After leaving the Heroes’ Crest Martial School, Tang Xiu turned his head and glanced back and indifferently said, “If I remember correctly, that guy called Huang Shiqing has a little brother whose arm is broken. I don’t want to have more troubles arising in the future. Do you understand what to do?”
“I’ll take care of it, Boss,” respectfully said the sturdy man in the front passenger seat.
Han Qingwu’s face slightly changed. She grabbed Tang Xiu’s hand and hurriedly said, “Tang Xiu… a-are you… g-going to kill Huang Shiyang?”
“Huang Shiqing died already. To whom do you think Huang Shiyang will demand this account from?” Tang Xiu said lightly. “Huang Shiqing dared to detain you for his younger brother; Huang Shiyang will surely take revenge for his older brother. He will surely come to kill you in the future, and I reckon that he will include me in as well. Since we are already aware that such a trouble will come for us in the future, then why not eradicate the root of the problem now?”

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