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Beijing, the ancestral residence of the Tang Family.
With a somber expression, Tang Guosheng looked at a chignon, robust and spirited old man in gray robes who sat across from him. Tang Guosheng was a military man for most of his life and had gone through countless violent storms in his entire life. The were few people that could make him afraid, and the one before him was exactly one of them.
“I need a reason, Dongbei Hu.”
After a long time of silence, Tang Guosheng finally spoke with difficulty.
“Had it been someone else daring to ask he would have become a dead man already, with his entire family eradicated.” Dongbei Hu wore a calm expression and indifferently said. “But Tang Guosheng, you have some relationship with me and I also admire your achievements in the past, so I’ll give you the reason. I owe a favor to the Yao Family; Yao Qingzun has been keeping it and used it now; hence the very reason I came to your family is to return that favor.”
Gripping his fists tightly, anger glinted in Tang Guosheng’s eyes. He slowly spoke after a long silence, “Give me seven days. I’ll give you my decision seven days later.”
“Leave, you’ll live; stay, you’ll die.” The Amur Tiger nodded and said. “I already said what I wanted say, everything else is yours to decide. You’re only an ordinary person and half a step into the coffin, to die after having a worthy life. But… do think about your family’s offspring! There’s nothing more precious than living.”
After saying that, he stood up slowly and instantly vanished from the room the moment he moved his feet.
Tang Guosheng’s stiff body instantly relaxed the moment Dongbei Hu vanished. His back was wet with sweat and he felt exhausted. If it wasn’t because he had regained his health after Tang Xiu treated him, he would probably be unable to hold much longer merely because of this one event today.
Tap, tap, tap…
The sounds of footsteps came approaching outside door as Tang Guoshou, Tang Yunpeng, and Tang Min rushed inside. When they saw the ghastly pale and full of cold sweat Tang Guosheng, Tang Yunpeng hurriedly asked, “What did the Amur Tiger say to you, Father? Did he change his mind?”
“No, he didn’t change his mind at all.” Tang Guosheng bitterly shook his head. “I asked him to give us seven days of time, and I’ll give him the answer later.”
Tang Guoshou punched the wall and angrily yelled, “A cultivator involves himself in the affairs of ordinary people, and he even dares to create trouble to a big family like us. Is that old geezer Yao insane? If this matter of him using Dongbei Hu were to be disclosed, all the big families in the country will probably be furious and even guard against his family. Perhaps they will secretly unite and find the opportunity to get rid of his family.”
“Will they even have the courage?” Said Tang Guosheng reluctantly.
Tang Guoshou’s breath paused, and an agonized look appeared on his face.
That’s right! Will they even have the guts to do so?

The topmost great figures and big families in China knew perfectly well who Dongbei Hu—the Amur Tiger was. Many years had passed, and yet who dared to provoke him? Even the most powerful forces that came to prominence in power later, didn’t they also go to the Northeast region to visit him?
“Father, I still can’t contact Xiu’er.”
At this time, Tang Yunde rushed through the door and said with an anxious face.
“Since you’re unable to get in touch with him, then don’t try to contact him anymore.” Tang Guosheng waved his hand. “Xiu’er is very resourceful, outstanding and powerful, but he’s way too young after all. Forget it! Call and notice every core member of the family and say that we’ll hold a family meeting two days later. The Amur Tiger wants us to leave China and go abroad to live and die there by ourselves. Ask everyone: will we comply or not?”
The other four exchanged looks in blank dismay, following which they showed dejected and downcast expressions.
Jingmen Island.
Dressed in plain clothes, Tang Yunqing appeared in the Everlasting Feast Hall accompanied by only two bodyguards. After ordering a private box, Tang Yunqing said to the attendant who followed him, “I want to see the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss. I’ll have to trouble you to inform him.”
The beautiful attendant replied with an apologetic expression, “I apologize, Sir. I don’t have the right to contact our Boss directly. I can tell the manager if you have something to talk about.”
“Then tell him that someone from the Tang Family of Beijing is here.” Tang Yunqing nodded.
The beautiful waiter nodded and said, “Please wait a bit, then. I’ll take my leave first.”
A few minutes later.
Gu Xiaoxue was sitting cross-legged on the seacoast alone, as a middle-aged man quickly approached her. When he came behind her, he immediately spoke respectfully, “Little Boss, someone wants to see you.”
“Who is the person?” Gu Xiaoxue floated up and asked.
“Someone from Beijing’s Tang Family,” said the middle-aged man respectfully.
Gu Xiaoxue’s brows creased. She immediately nodded and said, “I see. Lead the way!”
Quickly after, she appeared in the private box as Tang Yunqing immediately stood up and said, “Long time no see, Ms. Gu.”
“If my memory serves me right, you should be Uncle Yunqing, yes?” Gu Xiaoxue faintly smiled. “Are you here to see our Boss? Or…”
“I want to see Tang Xiu. I had called him many times already but could not get in touch with him,” answered Tang Yunqing immediately. “I learned that he’s currently on Jingmen Island, so I immediately rushed here. Ms. Gu, can I trouble you to convey to him that I’m looking for him due to an extremely urgent matter?”
“A very urgent matter? What urgent matter could be happening in the Tang Family?” Gu Xiaoxue looked blank and surprised. “Anyways, the Boss went to the sea, and I can’t get in touch with him for the time being.”
“We indeed have an urgent matter, and I’m afraid that our family will be ended if the matter is not handled properly.” Tang Yunqing forced a smile. “Ms. Gu, you’re someone my nephew heavily trusts, so I won’t conceal it from you. You should have heard of a man called Dongbei Hu—the Amur Tiger, right?”
“Yeah, I’ve heard of him; a very powerful man.” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.
“Yes, he’s very strong; and probably no one in the entirety of China is more powerful than him.” Tang Yunqing nodded. “Unbeknownst to us, the Yao Family was able to invite him from his hometown. Dongbei Hu has given the Tang Family a choice to leave Beijing and China, or else he will deal with us and eradicate our entire family.”
“Hmph, Dongbei Hu, eh?” Gu Xiaoxue’s expression changed and a cold light flashed in her eyes. She coldly hummed and said, “What a courage! If it wasn’t for my Master purposefully helping him breakthrough in his cultivation, how would he become so well-regarded today? I never thought he would dare to set his eyes at Boss’ family only after several decades after. Uncle Yunqing, please be at ease and rest your worries. Though the Amur Tiger is very strong, he will never be able to shake off the Tang Family.”
Tang Yunqing looked blank before he immediately forced out a wry smile and said, “Ms. Gu, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but Dongbei Hu is not an ordinary man. He’s a cultivator. Do you know what it means for someone to become a cultivator? It’s literally an existence of a celestial immortal. In case that…”
“There’s no if. I’ll send some people to follow you back to Beijing.” Gu Xiaoxue waved her hand. “If Dongbei Hu dares to directly attack the Tang Family’s ancestral residence, those people I send to help you will at least be able to provide some resistance. Also, I’ll send someone to head to Clam island at once, to look for our Boss. If only you knew my Boss, let alone this trivial Amur Tiger, even if there’s 100 of him, there’s nothing they can do except die!”
Tang Yunqing was taken aback. He never thought that Gu Xiaoxue could actually speak out such an extremely arrogant remark. After hesitating, he curiously asked, “Ms. Gu, could it be that you don’t know about cultivators?”
Gu Xiaoxue thought for a moment before she waved her hands. All the non-fixed objects inside the room all then floated up. Her wrist then moved and swung, and all those objects began to revolve and maintain in a certain pattern.
Tang Yunqing was flabbergasted with eyes staring wide as though he was having a dream. This performance was far beyond his cognition.
“Although I don’t know whether Boss has told you that we are all cultivators here or not, one thing for certain is that our the Everlasting Feast Hall has the ability to dispose of Dongbei Hu. However, there’s one thing Xiaoxue requests of you, Uncle Yunqing.”
After seeing that all the objects were put back in their original places, Tang Yunqing asked excitedly, “What is it? Tell me… I won’t back off as long as it’s something within my capability.”
“Uncle Yunqing, I want you to keep this all a secret.” Gu Xiaoxue said. “I don’t want anyone else to hear it from you. Our identity is, after all, very special. And I directly told you about this matter without the Boss’s permission.”
“Not even my Uncle can know this?” Asked Tang Yunqing quickly. “He’s the Head of the Tang Family, and I’m afraid he’s the one who has the greatest pressure.”
“No, Elderly Tang is someone of extraordinary dignity.” Gu Xiaoxue shook her head. “He will never collapse due to pressure. Also, I think it’s the best time for the Tang Family to unite; to be of one mind.”
Tang Yunqing fell into silence for a moment before he nodded and said, “I understand. You can rest assured that I will never tell anyone, Ms. Gu.”
Half an hour later, Tang Yunqing left with his two bodyguards and 30 experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall. At the same time, Gu Xiaoxue immediately send people to Clam Island to look for Tang Xiu.
At Jingmen Island’s Harbor.
Just as Tang Xiu was about to disembark from the liner, he saw several familiar faces—the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts were walking toward another passenger ship. His expression slightly changed as he sent someone to call them over.
“We were just about to head to Clam Island to find you, Boss.” A stocky man spoke respectfully.
“To look for me? Why?” Asked Tang Xiu, confused.
“It’s an order from the Little Boss. She told us to find you due to a very urgent matter.”
“I see!”
Tang Xiu’s expression changed. After rushing and arriving at the Everlasting Feast Hall, he then saw Gu Xiaoxue standing at the edge of the parking lot. Obviously, she had received the news ahead of time that he had come back.
“Xiaoxue, I heard there’s a very urgent matter? What is it?”
Gu Xiaoxue gave a hand signal to everyone else. After they had dispersed, she then explained, “Boss, I met Tang Yunqing two hours ago.”
Tang Xiu’s expression flickered, “Is the matter you’re going to tell me related to the Tang Family?”
“Yes. Uncle Yunqing told me that the Amur Tiger from the Northeast region has come to Beijing and wants to deal with the Tang Family.” Gu Xiaoxue nodded and explained.

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