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With the great increase in his strength Tang Xiu was now filled with confidence. Prior to this, he wanted to challenge Daoist Xu Yang to measure the extent of his strength. But now he no longer had this idea, because merely by relying on his physical strength Daoist Xu Yang could no longer bring him any harm at all.
As for Dongbei Hu, the Amur Tiger, Tang Xiu also heard his name from Daoist Xu Yang and knew a bit about the man. But he never expected that this man actually pointed his blade at the Tang Family.
“Why is he doing this?”
Despite having prepared measures and cards up his sleeve, he still asked for the reason.
“I don’t know much about that either, Grand Master.” Gu Xiaoxue replied in a low voice. “Why don’t you call your elder in the Tang Family and ask about it?”
Tang Xiu was suddenly reminded of something and took his mobile phone out, only to find that his phone had long run out of battery. He looked for the charger and had the phone charged for a few minutes before turning it on. Text notifications and missed calls then popped up, with most of them sent by members of the Tang Family.
Beijing, the Tang Family’s ancestral residence.
Tang Guosheng was smoking. His wrinkled old face was fully covered by worry and grief. He was averse to the possibility that such a prominent Tang Family must meet its demise in China at this point. He was unwilling to have the Tang Family exiled from China, going overseas only to drag out its feeble existence. Dongbei Hu’s famous strength and supernatural means, however, were akin to a great mountain that pressed on his heart, making him suffocated.
House of Yao, had I known earlier that you had such a card in your hand, I would have staked the entire future of the Tang Family to lose all decorum with you. Even if the Tang Family fell, but I would at least bury your House along with us as well. Tang Guosheng thought with agony.
Ring, ring, ring…
His mobile sounded, yet he felt like he had no strength to answer it. Only until the ringtone had sounded for six times did he finally grab his phone, albeit slowly. He looked blank when he saw the caller name on the screen, and a glint instantly flashed in his eyes.
After Tang Guosheng answered the call, he slowly spoke, “Have you learned the news, Xiu’er?”
“Yeah, Grandpa. But there’s something that I’m not particularly clear, though. Tell me, what exactly is the situation? How can that old codger from the Northeast want to deal with our family all of a sudden?” Tang Xiu’s calm voice transmitted out of the phone.
“For what other reason could it be? Our family has no enmity with him, but with the Yao Family.” Tang Guosheng said in a bitter tone. “Forget it, Xiu’er. Take good care of yourself and don’t worry about the family affairs. If… in the case that our Tang Family really meets our end, you must also be ready to go abroad.”
“Someone else’s increasing ambition can put out your awe-inspiring manner, this is so unlike you, Grandpa!” Tang Xiu chuckled. “Others may see him as the Amur Tiger, but he’s nothing but a small green bug in my eyes. If anything, there are things I have yet to tell you all this while. But I think I don’t need to keep it any longer at this time. Whether he is a cultivator or not, it’s easy for me to send him to his death!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Xiu’er!” Tang Guosheng’s expression changed and said in a heavy tone, “Cultivators are an extremely terrifying existence in our country. Their number may be like the feather of a phoenix, very few and rare, but each and every one of them has the strength of supernatural beings. They are not something us ordinary people can oppose. I’m aware that you also have practiced a slight cultivation technique, but…”
“There’s something you may not know, Grandpa. I’m also a cultivator, and my strength is not necessarily inferior to this Amur Tiger.” Tang Xiu interrupted him and spoke in a very serious tone. “Furthermore, nearly all the core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall are also cultivators. If some of these experts were to act, let alone one Amur Tiger, even if there are 10 of him they still won’t be able to enter my eyes. Anyhow, I’ll leave for Beijing shortly, so tell me about this matter first and give me the full authority to solve this issue.”
“What did you just say?” Tang Guosheng loudly exclaimed in alarm. “You’re also a cultivator, and so are all the core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall? How is this possible? How can there be so many cultivators in the world?”
“Grandpa, you should know my disposition,” said Tang Xiu calmly. “I never take on anything that I don’t have the ability to deal with. Since I dare to take the full authority of this matter means that I have full assurance of accomplishing it. Also, I will never talk drivel nor will I boast about something related to the safety of the entire Tang Family.”
Tang Guosheng didn’t speak for a long time, but joy and excitement could be seen on his old face. After he finished explaining the relations between the Yao Family and Dongbei Hu, Tang Xiu immediately hung up the phone.
At Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall.
Tang Xiu had just taken a shower and changed his clothes when Daoist Xu Yang came in a hurry to his place. Although Tang Xiu had already sent someone to prepare accommodations for him, he kept thinking about the issue of going to the Northeast region, so he came looking for Tang Xiu to discuss when they would depart.
“Daoist Tang, I want to know who is stronger between me and Dongbei Hu. When can we go?”
“Immediately!” Tang Xiu gave a clear reply.
Daoist Xu Yang’s eyes lit up and smilingly said, “You really are a man of your words, Daoist Tang. Then let’s go now!”
“No, what I said by immediately is… I’m leaving for Beijing.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “And to where you will go from there is yours to decide. There’s a special reason, so I hope you understand.”
“What special reason?” Asked Daoist Xu Yang with a changed expression.
“I was kind of curious about how Dongbei Hu became such a figure of terror in the eyes of those bigwigs in China. Nevermind about that, though,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “Anyhow, this Amur Tiger went to Beijing and tried to deal with the Tang Family - my family - hence he is as good as dead already. Do you really want to compare notes with a dead man?”
Daoist Xu Yang shuddered. He recalled the terror of Ji Chimei’s strength, as well as recalled the depth of Tang Xiu’s cultivation level that he had yet to figure out. He hesitated for a moment before forcing out a smile and saying, “Are you not mistaken, Daoist Tang? Although Dongbei Hu is a powerful individual, he never took the initiative to make trouble for himself. How could he possibly deal with your… Tang Family?”
“My family is one of the top families in China in the political aspect, so we naturally have political enemies as well.” Tang Xiu explained, “This political enemy of ours is the House of Yao from Beijing. The Head of the Yao Family had once rescued the Amur Tiger’s life in the past… After learning this you don’t need more explanation, yes?”
Daoist Xu Yang fell into silence for a moment before shaking his head and saying, “Such being the case, then I’ll go with you to Beijing! He and I have been opponents for nearly 100 years. Since he wants to leave, then I want to be personally present to see him off on his journey.”
Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Since this is the case, then fine.”
Inside an upscale boutique on the fourth floor of Baiyun Shopping Center. Tang Tang was strolling around with her junior sister to kill her boredom. There was something amiss with the atmosphere in the family in the past few days. Even though she was curious to find out what happened, no one wanted to tell her, and it made her depressed.
The most annoying thing to her was not this matter, but what had happened in the morning. Someone inexplicably bumped into her, and that person’s mouth was unexpectedly so pungent and salty, raining down curses and profanities at her. Though she was not injured, she spent half a day arguing with the other party and was forced to bottle up her anger for a long time.
“Yanyan, are you done?” Tang Tang touched her slightly pained right hand and asked in a low voice.
“What happened to you today, Tang Tang?” Guan Yanyan laughed. “I know you are kind of in a bad mood these days, so I dragged you out to relax, and yet you’re still listless like this. Anyhow, what’s the matter, girl? Tell me if you have any matter, I’ll definitely help you.”
Tang Tang shook her head. As she was about to speak, she suddenly saw a girl hugging a pet dog in the distance. The girl was wrapped with famous brands from head to toe and was followed by two young men. She knew those two youths. They were members of the Yao Family and were very famous playboys in Beijing.
How could they be here together?
Tang Tang’s brows were slightly creased. To avoid any troubles, she pulled Guan Yanyan’s hand and spoke in a low voice, “I’m fine. Let’s just go!”
“Whoops, isn’t this the bitch who bumped into me today? I was alone in the morning and got bullied by you. So how about now? I’m here shopping with my two cousins, do you want to try to bully me?” The girl’s quickly caught up and came to the front of the two girls as she called out and tilted her chin.
Suddenly, Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao standing behind her revealed scowling expressions, as Yao Xinlei strode to the girl’s side, glared at Tang Tang and sternly spoke, “So it was you who bullied my cousin this morning, eh? I have long been wanting to whip and stamp you, Tang Tang. I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to provoke us. Hmph… Follow me! Today I’m going to make you learn that your Tang Family doesn’t have the qualification to even lick the ass of our Yao Family at all!”
He then grabbed Tang Tang’s arm after saying that.
Tang Tang angrily threw his arm off. But, she couldn’t shake his hand off and furiously yelled, “Yao Xinlei, I know you’re just a trash. Do you have any other ability aside from bullying girls? Let me loose, or I’ll call my big brother!”
Yao Xinlei’s heart jolted. He knew who Tang Tang’s big brother was; Tang Wei. They both lived in Beijing, and he was crystal clear about his merciless disposition as well. He would definitely suffer had it been normal times. But this time was different, for he was carrying out his cousin—Yao Xinhua’s plan, and thus his fear toward Tang Wei was no more.
“We aren’t done, Tang Tang! Call your big brother. If I don’t beat the fucking crap out of him today, then I’ll change my surname to Tang!”
Tang Tang struggled to break free from Yao Xinlei’s hand and quickly called Tang Wei and explained everything clearly.
“Wait for me there!”
This was Tang Wei’s reply.
Half an hour later, Tang Wei arrived with his four recently recruited men. With hardly any thoughts over the matter, he issued an order to beat up Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao. However, just as the four youths were about to act, a large number of hooligans suddenly appeared in the surroundings. There were at least 20 of them carrying sticks in their hands as they attacked the four youths brought by Tang Wei without speaking anything.
Tang Wei would be retard if he still couldn’t figure out that the situation this time was prepared by Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao in advance.
With a proud expression, Yao Xinlei shouted, “Capture and bring them to me! We’ll send them to the Small Blackhouse for Brother Xinhua to deal with.”

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