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Shame was the same as a viper’s bite in that it sent hard to bear pain to the heart, and fear was like an onslaught of chilling stream to the soul. Yao Xinhua once stood at the top of the tallest building in Las Vegas, arrogantly thinking that he was unexcelled in the world. He regarded himself as the leader of the new generation of outstanding young talents and that he was the best among the crème of the crop elites in the world.
At this moment, however, the feeling of shame and humiliation intermingled with dread and fear. His heart was like dead ashes and filled with despair. Only now did he realize that he had been in the bottom of a well looking up at the sky; arrogant and conceited. Tang Xiu was far from what he could deal with.
Cough! Cough… “Just kill me!” Yao Xinhua’s throat was pinched by Tang Xiu. His face was flushed red and he spat out his words with difficulty.
Tang Xiu kicked his chest the moment he released him, breaking several of his ribs even though the strength exerted by Tang Xiu was far from his full strength. With a slightly malevolent look, Tang Xiu let out a cold smile and said, “You want to die? Do you really think you can? You’re in for a rude awakening, buddy. I have countless ways to make you die, and yet you won’t die even if you want to. Do you believe it?”
While lying on the floor and covering his chest with his hand, Yao Xinhua was still unyielding even though he was in extreme pain and only snorted coldly in response.
A smile arched on Tang Xiu’s mouth as his figure flashed and appeared at Yao Xinhua’s side. His fingers hit dozens of acupoints on Yao Xinhua’s body before he sat back on the chair.
“You should be able to hold on for half an hour with your current physical condition. After 25 minutes, I’ll start treating and healing you so that you’ll be brimming with energy again. Then I’ll continue to make you feel this wonderful feeling again. Ah, right, you shouldn’t believe my words, right? I still have another identity. I’m hailed by others as the young divine doctor.”
Yao Xinhua clenched his fists tightly as the green veins on his forehead began to protrude out, and excess of blood began to fill his eyes. The piercing pain was as though coming from the depths of his soul. He had once received a devilish training overseas, yet all the pain added up together was only a ten-thousandth of the pain now all over his body.
This feeling… was like he was inside the 18th layer of the hell; his pain and suffering were like coming from countless inhuman torments and tortures. He wanted to scream, but only a deep and low humming voice was stuck in his throat. He really wanted to kill himself, yet was unable to do so, since he was devoid of any strength due to the hellish pain. He was in utter agony, and yet could neither live nor die.
Finally, Yao Xinhua believed that someone could experience such a state. Also, he was finally convinced by Tang Xiu’s words that he really was hailed as a young divine doctor; and perhaps he really could heal him when he couldn’t hold much longer and was at the point of death, to make him continue to bear this pain…

He finally gave in and lowered his haughty head, trying to ask Tang Xiu’s pardon and decided to do Tang Xiu’s bidding. Yet there’s nothing he could do to express it as he could only scrabble in endless pain and despair.
The 25 minutes finally passed, as Tang Xiu immediately acted to relieve the pain and suffering of Yao Xinhua. After seeing Yao Xinhua heavily panting and lifelessly lying on the floor like a dying dog, Tang Xiu clapped and sighed in praise, “My previous guess proves to be correct. You were really able to hold on for half an hour. Anyhow, I’m going to treat and heal you now, so that you can continue tasting this pain. After you have experienced it for three days and three nights, I’ll proceed to feed you with more pain. You can rest assured, the pain you’re going to taste will be ten times more than now.”
After saying that, Tang Xiu pretend to begin treating him.
Yao Xinhua despaired. When he could finally speak, he roared in an extremely hoarse voice, “I… yield… I’ll… make… the call... But… spare… me… I’ll do what you say!”
“Eh? Yielding so quickly?” Tang Xiu spoke in an unusual tone. “It’s not like the style of a Young Master from the Yao Family, is it?”
To hell with style!
Yao Xinhua wailed inside. He struggled for a while before getting up with difficulty. He then knelt and crawled until he was half a meter before Tang Xiu and begged, “I was wrong! I shouldn’t have provoked the Tang Family; I shouldn’t have provoked you. I beg you, spare me… I’m fine if you kill me.”
“Hmph. What a miserable wretch!” Tang Xiu gave him a contemptuous look and coldly snorted. “I gave you face, yet you didn’t take it; you even wept and wailed, kneeling down and wanting me to give you a chance... Fine. Since you want a chance, then I’ll give face! You had better be able to make the Head of your family come here. If he doesn’t want to come, you must at least make that Amur Tiger come. If you can’t even do that… snort.”
Yao Xinhua’s face changed. With a horrified look, he pulled out his mobile phone and dialed his grandfather—Yao Qingzun’s number with trembling fingers.
“Xinhua, what’s the matter?” After the phone was connected, Yao Qingzun’s majestic voice was heard on the phone.
“GRANDPA, SAVE ME!!!” Yao Xinhua hoarsely shouted. “I can’t stand it anymore! He’s too ruthless…”
At the Yao Family’s ancestral residence.
Yao Qingzun was sitting on a fauteuil when he answered the phone, whereas Dongbei Hu was sitting across from him while tasting the tea served to him. After hearing Yao Xinhua’s words, Yao Qingzun’s complexion drastically changed. He abruptly got up and immediately asked in a heavy voice, “What happened? Who is he?”
“It’s Tang Xiu. He’s Tang Xiu… I… I was going to humiliate the Tang Family through Tang Wei. Who would have thought… G-Grandpa, please save me quickly! Tang Xiu is too horrifying. He has killed Xinlei and Xintao. If you don’t send people here, I’m afraid I’m gonna die!”
Yao Qingzun’s body trembled and his eyes filled with disbelief. Even though Xinlei and Xintao were not his direct grandchildren, were unruly and disobedient in nature, they were still members of the Yao Family and could be said as adequately talented juniors of his family.
But now… Had they actually been killed by that damned Tang Xiu?
“Where are you? I’ll immediately send some people there,” asked Yao Qingzun in a heavy tone.
“Grandpa, Tang Xiu mentioned that Dongbei Hu is to come as well. Please, he said that if the Amur Tiger doesn’t come, there’s nothing else for me but to die! Please ask him to come here quickly since many of our family’s men have been killed already. I’m in the Jiabaole Playground in Qiaotou District, in the haunted house.”
Only then did Yao Qingzun’s expression turn horrified. Many of their people had been killed? What did this mean? Others had been killed aside from Yao Xinlei and Yao Xintao?
“Wait there!” Yao Qingzun hung up the phone and looked at Dongbei Hu.
Dongbei Hu had already heard the conversation between Yao Qingzun and Yao Xinhua. He could still hear it clearly despite the very low voice transmitted from the microphone. He could see the pleading look in Yao Qingzun’s eyes as he asked directly, “Is that Tang Xiu a member of the Tang Family?”
Yao Qingzun knew that Dongbei Hu was very powerful, so he nodded and said, “Yes. He’s the most outstanding junior of the Tang Family and has destroyed a lot of my family’s plans.”
“He’s nothing but a brat.” Dongbei Hu shook his head and smilingly said, “Since he mentioned my name and demanded me to go there, then I’ll go to clean him up myself. The Tang Family… they’re really idiots. If it wasn’t for my promise to Tang Guosheng, giving him seven days of time, I would have gone to the Tang Family and would have eradicated them now.”
“The seven days will soon be over.” Yao Qingzun spoke in a deep and heavy voice. “The Tang Family is biting off more than they can chew, so let them continue to be in fear. There’s nothing his family can stir up with your presence here.”
Dongbei Hu was quite pleased with Yao Qingzun’s words and nodded before walking toward the outside along with Yao Chengqing.
Time fleeted by and more than an hour had passed by. Yao Chengqing had arrived at Jiabaole Playground in Qiaotou District along with dozens of the Yao Family’s men and Dongbei Hu. As he stood before the entrance to the haunted house, Yao Chengqing spoke with a respectful expression, “Master Tiger, they are inside. I’ll have to trouble you.”
After smilingly shaking his head and as he was about to enter the haunted house, Dongbei Hu’s keen eyes caught a nearby figure within his sight. He then paused for a moment before his body flashed toward the figure and stood before him in half a second later.
“How can it be you?” Dongbei Hu frowned as he stared at someone in front of him.
A slightly bitter and wry smile appeared on Daoist Xu Yang’s face. He shook his head and raised the jar of wine he had prepared ahead of time, saying, “We have known and contended with each other for a lifetime, yet we never had the intention to mutually kill each other. Speaking of that, we can be said as half friends. You’re going to leave on a journey today, so I came prepared to see you off as a friend. If a next life does exist, then I wish for you to focus your mind your own business later.”
“What the hell do you mean by that, you damned Old Daoist?” Dongbei Hu’s face changed and coldly asked.
“There’s no need for you to ask me. Since you have already come here, I’m afraid it will be very difficult for you to leave. This jar of wine is a liquor I prepared as a service to see you off. Please accept it!”
Though he was jolted and startled inwardly, Dongbei Hu didn’t take the jar but glared at Daoist Xu Yang instead. After a long time, only then did he open his mouth to ask, “Did you have a breakthrough?”
“Yeah.” Daoist Xu Yang nodded.
“Even though you’ve already made a breakthrough, you’re still very far to start comparing notes with me.” Dongbei Hu sneered, “If you really want to support that offspring of the Tang Family, then don’t blame me for not caring about the many years of friendship between us and kill you here today.”
Daoist Xu Yang slightly knitted his brows as he shook his head and said, “You misunderstood me. Since you pointed your blade at the Tang Family, then naturally the members of the Tang Family are the ones who will deal with you. I… I just came to send you off; nothing more, nothing less.”
After staring deeply at Daoist Xu Yang, Dongbei Hu suddenly laughed aloud and said, “Daoist Xu Yang, this joke of yours is so damn funny! This jar of wine shouldn’t be a send off wine, but a celebration wine instead. I originally planned to give the Tang Family some time, but now it seems that they have made their decision already. After I dispose of this chap here, I’ll directly eradicate the Tang Family.”
“You really don’t want to drink it?” Asked Daoist Xu Yang with a moved expression.
“I’ll drink it after I finished with the killing!” The Amur Tiger sneered.
“It seems that my painstaking efforts were only for naught.” Daoist Xu Yang sighed. “You don’t drink this wine at all, then off you go!”
Dongbei Hu sneered outwardly, yet he was careful and cautious inside. As soon as his figure disappeared, he appeared inside the haunted house a few seconds after.
“A thick smell of blood?”
Just as Dongbei Hu set a foot inside he frowned, and the vigilant look on his face turned more intense.

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