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The time zipped by, and a few days passed.
The news of the death of the Yao Family’s patriarch—Yao Qingzun was eventually made known to the whole city. However, the Yao Family did not announce to the outside that he was killed or that he suicided. Instead, it was announced that he died of an illness for the sake of keeping the family’s face. The highest authority leaders of the state eventually chose to remain silent, though they had vague hopes that the Tang Family wouldn’t move excessively again.
As for Tang Xiu, he hadn’t left the capital yet, but all the people from the Everlasting Feast Hall had already left.
Tang Xiu was on Wangfujing Street and was smoking while watching the shops on both sides of the street. Inside his mind, he was imagining Yao Qingzun’s funeral service conducted by the Yao Family today. He didn’t attend it, but his grandfather did.
“Brother, that kiddo Chu Yi invited us to drink, won’t you go?”
Tang Wei had been following Tang Xiu like a dog skin plaster that couldn’t be removed. He said that he wished to gain more experience, learning Tang Xiu’s skills by following him. He was even eager to find a way to enter Shanghai University and study together with Tang Xiu. If it wasn’t for Tang Xiu forbidding him from doing so, he would have really gone to Shanghai University to hang around with him.
“I won’t go, I…”
Ring, ring, ring…
Tang Xiu was about to respond when the ringtone of his mobile phone interrupted him.
“I’m not in the mood to drink.”
After Tang Xiu finished the sentence, he took out his mobile phone and answered the call.
“Is there something up, Kang Xia?”
“Boss, there are two things. One is great, and the other is okay-ish. Which one do you want to hear first?” Kang Xia’s cheerful laugh came from the phone.
“Gimme the great one first!” Answered Tang Xiu.
“The great news is that I’m finally able to sense the flow of qi inside my body.” Kang Xia cheerfully replied. “It’s really warm and makes me comfortable. Also, I can control the flow of qi now!”
“That’s great!” Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up. “This is really great news. Continue working hard to catch up with Andy!”
“No problem!” Kang Xia laughed. “Now I’ll tell you the second thing. Our healthcare products have been completely distributed. We’re just waiting for the official sales to begin tomorrow. That’s right, my plane will take off at 3 PM, and I should arrive in Shanghai before five.”
Tang Xiu was stunned. It was already the end of the month and was also the day scheduled for the Magnificent Tang Corp’s healthcare products to enter the market. After hesitating for a moment, he then said, “I’m still in Beijing handling some important matters. Alright! I’ll immediately return to Shanghai, but I’m afraid I’ll be a bit later than you. Anyhow, go to the Bluestar Villa Complex after you arrive and wait for me there.”
“All right!” Kang Xia replied with a laugh.
After hanging up, Tang Xiu looked at Tang Wei and said, “There’s something up, so I have to go back to Shanghai. The matters here have been dealt with, more or less, so I won’t come back to Beijing for the time being if there are no particularly important issues.”

“Our family hasn’t publicized that information yet. You sure you don’t want to see the outcome?” Asked Tang Wei hesitantly.
“I’ve already foreseen it,” said Tang Xiu. “I don’t understand politics neither do I have interest in paying attention to it. Besides, the three grandfathers and the elders of our family are here to take charge of the family’s affairs, and I think they can handle it well. However, there are some matters about you that I haven’t talked to you yet, but I think it’s time I talk about it now.”
“Issues that related to me? What is it?” Asked Tang Wei curiously.
“The number of our Tang Family’s members is nearly twice that of the Yao Family’s, yet the number of our members engaging in politics is less than theirs. Once grandpa and the other grandfathers completely handle over their authorities to our uncles, then it is necessary and imperative to foster successors from our generation. I think you should take this path for the sake of yourself and also for our family’s sake, securing adequate rights to speak for the Tang Family in this country in the future.”
“But I really don’t like politics and becoming a government official.” Tang Wei was silent for a moment before replying with a forced smile.
“It doesn’t matter if you dislike it now. You can gradually grow your interest in it,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “The Tang Family has defeated the Yao Family, and our family will have a much greater right to speak in China after this. With the aid of the elders, I’m sure you’ll be able to climb up smoothly, becoming a rising star in the political world and turning into a big figure in politics in the future. You won’t be able to realize how wonderful the taste of having power and privileges until you have them. But when you really have full control over the power, you will then understand how advantageous it would be to have them.”
“Give me some time. Let me think about it well!” Answered Tang Wei, albeit reluctantly.
“Alright, no problem!” Tang Xiu laughed.
In the afternoon, Tang Xiu went to his grandfather’s place before rushing to the Airport. He randomly found a place to sit and quietly waited, since there was an hour left before his flight took off.
“Hello, are you Mr. Tang Xiu?”
As Tang Xiu was thinking about reading a book to kill his boredom, a middle-aged man in a suit appeared before Tang Xiu. He looked like someone with authority and was followed by four airport’s staff.
“I am. And you are?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“I’m a staff of the airport, Mr. Tang.” The middle-aged man quickly replied. “We received a call from Mr. Tang Wei and learned from him that you’re taking a flight to Shanghai from our airport. Also, I have taken the initiative to help you reserve a first-class cabin. If you would like to, please follow me to the VIP lounge.”
What’s happening here?
Tang Xiu’s eyes blinked before he finally accepted the good intentions of the other party.
Inside the VIP lounge.
The room had a very comfortable environment and the seats here were made of leather. The staff of the airport served tea for Tang Xiu because of the special care urged by the middle-aged man.
Tang Xiu called Tang Wei and then learned from him that the son of the highest official of Shanghai Airport was his childhood and best friend; all these arrangements were his doing.
“GO! GO! HURRY UP! We’ll be alright after we come inside!”
A hurried voice was heard as two figures rushed into the VIP lounge.
“Huh?” Tang Xiu looked up and saw that one of the two people was unexpectedly an acquaintance… Zhang Xinya.
At the moment, Zhang Xinya looked shaken, as she quickly walked to the corner before taking a seat on the sofa. Following that, she patted her chest and spoke to her agent, “That was really awful and scary! Those fans outside were crazy, and I didn’t think that the airport’s staff would have such an intense fervor, too. I’m never going out again later without a disguise!”
“You’re a very famous superstar now, Xinya. Especially after that recent single hit ‘Sleeping Beauty’ became so popular.” Her manager laughed. “It has been occupying the topmost ranking of the major music charts, and with four to five times more votes than the second place at that. The number of fans who like you is also in the constant rise. You can expect to get more and more popular in the future, even if you are abroad.”
“Becoming a bit more popular is alright, but I’m afraid that it will no longer be convenient for me to do anything later.” Zhang Xinya forced a wry smile. “Sometimes I really want to drop this superstar identity; I meant it! I too want to do something I wanna do and see some people I wanna see as well.”
The manager smilingly replied, “The things you wanna do and the person you wanna see of all people must be Mr. Tang, right? This time, the Magnificent Tang Corporation is releasing their new products on the market and you even rushed to Shanghai for this occasion. Isn’t it because you want to see whether he’s going to the products’ exclusive store in Shanghai?”
“Don’t talk nonsense, will you?” Zhang Xinya hastily pulled her manager’s arm and quickly pulled her down.
On the nearby sofa, Tang Xiu could clearly hear their dialogue, but the content of the following conversation made him stare with a blank expression.
Zhang Xinya wants to see me? But if she wants to see me, isn’t it better to call me directly? Why should she go to an exclusive store that sells the Magnificent Tang Corp’s healthcare products?
But, how would Tang Xiu know the reserved thoughts of a woman, to begin with?
After hesitating for a moment, however, he still felt that he should greet Zhang Xinya since she was going to Shanghai as well. It was highly likely that she would have the same flight as him.
“Hello beauty, may I invite you to a cup of coffee?” Tang Xiu walked toward Zhang Xinya and spoke.
Zhang Xinya, who currently had her head lowered and was chatting with her manager, then heard a man’s voice. She looked up and directly refused with a stern voice, “I’m sorry, I don’t…”
However, she only finished half of sentence before pausing, because the man standing in front of her was the one she was always dreaming about.
“How are you here, Tang Xiu?” Zhang Xinya suddenly got up and called with excitement all over her face.
“I’m going back to Shanghai.” Tang Xiu smilingly said, “But you, how are you in Beijing?”
“I came here to attend a talk show and just finished today. I’m also heading to Shanghai now.” The excitement on Zhang Xinya’s face didn’t fade away as she replied, “By the way, is your flight at 4 PM, by chance?”
“Yeah!” Tang Xiu smiled.
“Then we have the same flight,” said Zhang Xinya, pleasantly surprised.
Tang Xiu smiled and was pulled by her. After they sat down, he said, “I never thought that we would have such a fate to meet again in the Airport, Xinya. It’s been twice already meeting in the airport. That’s right, your new single seems very popular recently. I always see its advertisement with your picture on it everywhere, no matter if it’s in Shanghai, Beijing, or even in Jingmen Island.”
“It is very popular, but I can’t still be compared with you.” She laughed. “You can be considered as a big superstar yourself now.”
“Ah, please don’t make fun of me.” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “Besides, my fame is gradually dropping; but it’s a result I’m happy to have, though.”
Zhang Xinya knew perfectly well Tang Xiu’s low-key disposition, so she let out a chuckle and said, “Care to go out with me and have a walk together? I assure you that your popularity will soar again tomorrow.”
“Nope, forget it!” Tang Xiu hastily waved his hand. “Don’t bring any harm to me, okay! I’m… I’m just a good-looking guy who loves a peaceful and serene life.”
This accidental encounter made Tang Xiu and Zhang Xinya take a plane and arrive in Shanghai together. Tang Xiu even took the same ride as Zhang Xinya and only separated from her after arriving at the urban area. Originally, she wanted to invite Tang Xiu to dinner, but Tang Xiu declined her offer because Kang Xia was still waiting for him at Bluestar Villa Complex. But he promised to have dinner with her tomorrow night.
After returning to Bluestar Villa Complex, he then saw Kang Xia, who had apparently put on a light makeup that made her look very beautiful. She seemed more mature than usual, as she gave off a particular amorous feeling. Despite being accustomed to seeing a lot of femme fatales, Tang Xiu’s ‘index finger’ was somewhat still stirred upon seeing her.

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