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Tang Xiu, however, was not the kind of juvenile who would raise his gun whenever he saw a beautiful woman. Though he had taken both Kang Xia’s heart and flesh, he was still able to keep the urge in check with his strong will. After suppressing the passionate heat surging up inside him, he gave her a gentle hug, and his simple sentence of ‘thanks for your laborious hard work’ made Kang Xia feel extremely warm inside.
“Long Zhenglin also came, but he didn’t come with me.” After separating herself from Tang Xiu, Kang Xia spoke with a content and happy smile.
Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before smilingly said, “He has a share of the healthcare products, so it’s natural that he’s being prudent about it. This guy is always wanting to prove himself and his ability to his father so he can hold his head high at home.”
“How come it can be counted as holding his head up high?” Kang Xia laughed. “He’s practically holding on your thigh, or else how could he perform such an achievement, to begin with.”
While pulling her to the sofa, Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “You can’t say that. Though he hasn’t displayed any great achievements nor showed his great talent for years, his brain is still very useful. If he hadn’t come up with the idea of making a formulated medication drink, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t even realize that there’s wealth contained in health products. Sometimes, even an idea can bring great wealth in and of itself!”
“What you say makes sense.” Kang Xia nodded and smilingly said. “However, our company has too few categories of products; only four products in total, including the healthcare products. How about racking up your brains again and developing several more products for our company?”
Tang Xiu’s face scrunched up before slowly replying, “Speaking about that, there’s another opportunity to make money, and it will definitely rack up a huge profit, too. However, this product cannot be used by ordinary people, and the target consumers must be people who are at the top of the pyramid of the haves either domestically or overseas.”
“What kind of product is it?” Kang Xia’s expression slightly changed and rapidly asked.
“I’ll refine a number of medicinal pills that can increase the life expectancy of ordinary people. However, the quantity of these medicinal pills will inevitably not be many, and the increased lifespan for old people won’t be too long.”
Kang Xia abruptly jumped up from the sofa and asked with a shocked expression, “Can you really refine such a medicine that can increase the lifespan of old people, Boss? How long is not too long, exactly?”
“I’m indeed able to refine it, and the increased lifespan would be about two years,” answered Tang Xiu.
Kang Xia gasped, as she took a deep breath and said with all seriousness, “What exactly is the time to take that medication? Is it to be taken directly or at the point of death?”
“At the point of death.” Tang Xiu said with a light smile. “Also, there’s another advantage if they take the medicine when they still have a few years to live, since it can nurse the health of their bodies, and they will feel the state of their body to be at least in the same condition as they were ten years ago.”

An ecstatic look painted Kang Xia’s face as she asked with excitement, “What about the quantity? How many of this medicinal pills can you refine, exactly?”
Tang Xiu thought for a while before extending his hand and saying, “Producing 200 pills in a year shouldn’t be a problem.”
“And the base price? How much do you plan to sell it for?” Asked Kang Xia again.
“I’ve thought about this issue as well. People who are going to die won’t think much about money, so I think it won’t be a problem for the medicine to be priced at 100 million yuan each,” answered Tang Xiu.
“200 million! This will be the base price.” Kang Xia clapped. “I dare say that if the effect of this medicine is really like what you explained, let alone 200 million yuan, I’m afraid that some will even be willing to buy it for a billion! Not only that, they will crazily scrape up as much money as they can to come up with a way to get it!”
After giving it a thought, Tang Xiu nodded and smilingly said, “200 million yuan it will be, then! By the way, this item is a product of limited quantity. And if it is sold really well, we can throw it to a large auction to be auctioned.”
At this time, Kang Xia’s eyes showed how much emotion she was feeling at this moment. She not only fell in love with him but also worshipped him to the point that it was difficult to increase again. Prior to this, she only thought that there would be no youngster who could be more excellent than Tang Xiu, but now she thought that no one under the sky could be better than him.
"I'm not hungry right now." She suddenly sat on Tang Xiu’s thigh and directly hugged his neck as her sensual red lips whispered to his ear.
Tang Xiu was slightly stunned. He was immediately aware of the meaning of her actions. The impulse he had just suppressed surged up again, and it was much stronger than a moment ago.
“Then, let’s relax and loosen up.”
Tang Xiu carried her up the stairs. A few short breaths later, he appeared in the bedroom with Kang Xia on his lap as they fell on the king-sized bed.
On the first floor.
The housemaid—Zhang Xinlan, wearing her apron, walked out of the kitchen and was about to open her mouth to call Tang Xiu and Kang Xia for dinner. When she found that there was no one in the living room all of a sudden, she looked confused and murmured, “Where are they? Huh? I just heard them chatting in the living room, how come there’s no one in the blink of an eye?”
She wandered around in the living room for a short while. After she was sure that Tang Xiu and Kang Xia were not there, she shook her head with a distressed expression and sighed inwardly, “Haih, I’m already in my late 40s, could it be that I’m already senile? They were obviously chatting here in this living room just now, but how come there’s no one here now?”
She hesitated before going to the second floor. When she arrived at the door of the bedroom where Tang Xiu usually lived, she then heard moaning sounds from the inside. A slightly awkward and embarrassed look appeared on her face, and she quickly retreated.
Two hours later, after Tang Xiu took a shower, changed his clothes and appeared on the first floor, there was an unusual expression in Zhang Xinlan’s eyes when she looked at Tang Xiu, as she let out a smile and said, “Mr. Tang, the meal is already cold. I didn’t know when you wanted to eat, so I didn’t warm it up. Would you like me to reheat the food now?”
Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”
“It’s alright. This is what I should do,” said Zhang Xinlan quickly replied with a smile while waving her hand.
Shortly after, Tang Xiu took the food to the bedroom on the second floor and looked at Kang Xia, who looked like a kitty lazily leaning on the bedhead with a smile on the corner of her mouth. He walked over and smiled at her, saying, “Do you want to get down from the bed to eat or do you want to have the meal on the bed?”
“How about you feed me?” Replied Kang Xia with a sweet smile.
Cough, cough…
Tang Xiu had never fed a woman before, but he finally complied after seeing Kang Xia looking so seductive and tempting with a nightgown so revealing that it opened at the cleavage, revealing her proud peaks.
In the next morning, as Tang Xiu woke up from his sleep, he found that Kang Xia’s figure had already disappeared from the bedside. This discovery made him secretly vigilant. After all, Kang Xia left the bed without him being aware of it by his present strength. This meant that his vigilance and alertness was getting worse.
After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Tang Xiu walked downstairs. He knew that Kang Xia made breakfast on the first floor by herself. Though the breakfast was simple, both of them wolfed it down happily. After they finished eating, they left the task to clean up the tableware to the housemaid and then went together to the exclusive store of the healthcare products.
Italy, somewhere in the suburbs of Rome, inside a grand and magnificent manor which was the Cubo Clan’s headquarter. As of today, the entire Cubo Clan was drowned in a grieving atmosphere, and the clan’s armed force on garrison duty employed an extremely tight guard duty.
In the deepest part of the manor, inside the tens of meters high old castle, Druffet was wearing pajamas and comfortably sitting on the chair in the guest hall. Next to the tea table in front of him were two beautiful white girls dressed in transparent white gauze sitting on the floor, making tea and cutting cigars.
At present, Druffet could be said to have obtained what he had been dreaming of and was elated with success. He only spent a short three days to take full control of the authority in the clan after carrying out a frantic blood purge. All the high-level members of the Cubo Clan, as well as the armed forces’ leaders, had all submitted to him. In other words, he was now a great figure who possessed hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth, someone who could stamp his feet to create an earthquake in Italy.
“Godfather, Spender from the Parlamento Italiano is here visiting.” A stocky man walked through the door, came before Druffet and whispered.
Druffet’s expression moved. Spender was a figure of real authority over the national parliament, and someone whose voice was regarded highly in the country, along with a huge force that backed him from behind. He was probably not at all inferior compared to the Cubo Clan.
“I’ll see him in person.”
A few minutes later, Druffet saw Spender. The man was tall and thin and looked slightly aged. His eyes, however, were exceptionally bright, revealing his knowledge and wisdom.
“It’s an honor to have you at the Cubo Clan, Mr. Spender. Originally, it was I who should be personally visiting you.”
Druffet’s attitude was very much to Spender’s satisfaction. As a matter of fact, both of them had already cooperated a long time ago, albeit secretively. They also earned quite a fortune from that cooperation. And today, for Druffet to become the Godfather of the Cubo Clan and hold the full power and authority of the syndicate in his hands, he was more than happy to get a step closer and be on friendly terms with him.
“Godfather Druffet is really polite.” Spender let out a faint smile. “My visit this time, on one hand, is to congratulate you in becoming the Godfather of the Cubo Clan and celebrate it; and on the other hand, is also to bring you a big gift.”
Druffet’s looked dazed for a second before he hastily asked, “Shall we continue our talk in my study room, Mr. Spender?”
After the two men came to the over 200 square meters’ study room, Druffet poured out two glasses of red wine and he smilingly said, “May I know what kind of gift it is?”
Spender sipped the red wine gently, and then put it down before replying, “I’m going to be your recommender. Give me 100 million USD for the recommendation fee so that you can smoothly join the Stygian Club.”
“Stygian Club?”
Druffet creased his brows and his expression turned a bit unsightly. Spender said he came to present him a gift, yet he turned out to be asking for money instead. Besides, what kind of club could possibly need another person to recommend him to enter with his current status?
As if seemingly seeing through Druffet’s mind, Spender elaborated with a light smile, “You’re now the Godfather of the Cubo Clan, so your vision must be focused toward long-term benefits. Can you tell me which forces are included in the top ten chart of the most powerful forces in the world today?”
Druffet stared blankly at him, as he knitted his brows and said, “In the whole world? I can’t recall any.”
“Since you don’t know, then I’ll tell you. The most powerful ten forces in the world, of which the first three are the most terrifying ones.” Spender let out a light smile. “The following seven forces are a lot weaker than the first three. Let me tell you the first three organizations first!”

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