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Spender knew Druffet very well. As far as someone who possessed a deep foundation was concerned, he needed to pull that person into his camp so as to go gain more power for himself in the organization.
“The first organization calls itself Pyramid, the second is the League of Archcrusaders, and the third is the Stygian Club.”
Thick ambition filled Spender’s eyes as he named the three forces. He used his walking stick to knock on the floor before elaborating, “You don’t need to know the Pyramid and League of Archcrusaders now; even my knowledge pertaining to these two organizations is very limited. The Stygian Club I currently belong to is composed of secret forces from 39 countries all over the world. There are only two forces in Italy that have obtained the qualification to become one of its members, one of which is my faction and the other is the Maston Family.” Druffet deeply frowned and asked in a deep voice, “What are the benefits of joining this Stygian Club?”
“Unceasing expansion of business, and taking control of small forces or families in the country,” answered Spender.
“I understand the unceasing expansion of business. However, I don’t quite get what you mean by controlling small forces or families in the country,” said Druffet.
With a meaningful expression, Spender answered, “Let’s take an analogy. If you eye a small power or a family and you want it to be under your Cubo Clan, you can secretly point your blade against them. If you fear that you don’t have what it takes to make them submit to you, then you can apply a request to the Stygian Club for aid. Be it financial or armed forces. In accordance with the rules, you only need to take out one-tenth of your faction’s wealth and hand it over to the organization for its help.”
Druffet’s pupils contracted, a horrified feeling surging inside his heart. He never imagined that there would exist such a terrifying organization in the world. With so many intricately interlinked powers, as well as such a horrifying monstrous power, wouldn’t it be extremely difficult for the forces and families who were being targeted to resist them?
“Give me some time. I need to think about this,” said Druffet slowly after falling into silence for a long time.
“This matter is very important, so perhaps you want to discuss it with the people in your Cubo Clan before making a decision.” Spender nodded with a smile. “You have plenty of time to consider it, and do look for me after making a decision. I’m looking forward to our cooperation in the future.”
“No problem!” Druffet nodded silently.
After seeing Spender off, Druffet fell into thought for a long time. Then, the handsome face of a young oriental man appeared inside his mind. He spent several cigarettes before finally deciding to contact the oriental Everlasting Feast Hall. After all, the other party was also a monstrously terrifying hidden force and he needed to have a deeper relationship with them.
It would be best if they could cooperate in other areas as well!

Tang Xiu and Kang Xia calmly stood at the corner of a busy street while watching the two long queues that spanned for tens of meters with smiles on their faces. The Magnificent Tang Corporation’s products had now been recognized by the people in the country, and their products were very popular, whether it was the cosmetics or the Gods Nectar.
The advertising campaign of the healthcare products had started as early as two months ago, and now everyone in the entire country was already aware of the effect brought by the healthcare products produced by the Magnificent Tang Corporation. Nowadays, there were many rich people, yet those who were nearly hollowed in that ‘aspect’ were even more. Therefore, the products that treated yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the kidney to treat impotence drove everyone crazy.
“What do you think?” Tang Xiu glanced at Kang Xia and smilingly asked.
“I was actually worried that the sales of our healthcare products would be quite difficult since no one has taken it and that it has not secured a high-level of trust yet.” Kang Xia smilingly replied. “But I Never thought that there would be so many people lining up to buy it just from this branch store only. I think my presence is not required.”
“You’re right. It will make no difference if you’re here or not.” Tang Xiu said, “The sales will go well even if you’re not here. Anyhow, tell those people you brought here to stay and help. As for us, let’s go back and wait for the news!”
Kang Xia assented and then made a phone call to send instructions. After which, she followed Tang Xiu back to the Bluestar Villa Complex. Despite the sales in the Shanghai’s exclusive store being so hot and greatly satisfying her; however, Kang Xia was not completely relieved and kept paying attention through the online live video, communicating with the senior executives of the Magnificent Tang Corporation and asking their feedback.
Tang Xiu himself did not stay at home with her, but went out due to someone’s call.
Under the classroom building of Shanghai University, Han Qingwu was sitting on the driver seat of a red sedan, and her eyes looked somewhat hazy and blurred. It was very evident that she was somewhat depressed. She would only occasionally get back to her senses when she glanced at the direction of the campus gate with a look of expectation on her face.
Knock! Knock!
The front seat’s door was knocked as Tang Xiu opened the door and entered. After looking at Han Qingwu’s face when she turned around, he asked, “When have you come back?”
“I just returned yesterday,” said Han Qingwu softly.
Looking at her downcast expression, Tang Xiu asked curiously, “What happened? Are you blaming me for not calling you back here together?”
“No. Xiaoxue told me that you had go to Beijing due to an emergency and it was unknown when you would return to Shanghai.” Han Qingwu shook her head.
“In that case, how come your mood is so bad?” Asked Tang Xiu.
Han Qingwu was silent for a moment before replying, “Last night, my parents kind of forced me to a blind date with the son of my father’s old friend. He’s a gentlemanly handsome man, a senior executive of a foreign multinational company, with over than seven digits of annual salary. He also has a house and a car. But I couldn’t figure out why… I didn’t have any feeling toward him whatsoever. I even realized that I never felt that kind of sentimental feeling to any man… except you. This situation… started after the Shanghai University’s freshmen welcoming party this year.”
Tang Xiu knitted his brows while pointing to his head and asked, “Is it because of the influence of those images in your head?”
“It should be. But…” Han Qingwu nodded.
“It’s all right. You can tell me anything,” said Tang Xiu.
“Actually, there’s something that I haven’t told you yet.” Han Qingwu said bitterly, “There are more than just those images appearing in my head. Your play at the freshmen welcoming party that night also brought me to a new novel world, and I saw some… unthinkable queer scenes and saw a man whose face I can’t see, only his back.”
“What kind of scene is it, exactly?” Tang Xiu’s complexion changed as he asked in a heavy voice.
While covering her face and her chest, Han Qingwu replied with a faintly pale expression, “I saw a woman whose looks are very much like mine, and she did something she regretted very much. And in that world that was as if facing a doomsday, the man whose face I can’t see was being besieged and killed by many people. It’s just like a segment of a magical genre movie, since that woman whose looks are almost identical to mine killed that man who she loved so dearly and regretted it, so much so that she committed suicide next to him.”
Committed suicide?
Tang Xiu’s heart shivered, and disbelief burst from his eyes.
He knew perfectly well what was implied by Han Qingwu. The scene of the world that was like in eschatology should be the scene of him when facing the tribulation, and that scene of a man being besieged was himself surrounded by several people—his best friends, who joined together with Xue Qingcheng to attack him. But…
But, how could Xue Qingcheng commit suicide? Wasn’t she supposed to be very happy at having successfully gotten the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis and satiated her greed and selfish desire?
“I gotta go. I still have things to tend to.”
Tang Xiu’s complexion was faintly pale. He looked like he had lost his soul as he pushed the door open and staggeringly walked in the direction of the campus gate. Despite Han Qingwu’s effort who hastily get off the car and chase after him and her shouts calling him back, he didn’t even look back.
The word was like a magical curse that flooded his heart, driving him to try to understand the reason. They were obviously in love, yet she pointed her blade at him. But when her objective had been achieved, she committed suicide…
Tang Xiu returned to Bluestar Villa Complex in a muddle headed state. He didn’t even glance at Kang Xia, who was in the study room, and went straight back to the bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and started smoking without stopping. As the pack of cigarettes was about to be finished, the bedroom’s door was pushed open, and then came Kang Xia’s shocked scream.
Tang Xiu woke up from his confusion and stared at Kang Xia. He looked down at the cigarette butt that was about to burn out between his fingers. With the swinging pain, agony, bitter, and astringent feeling inside his heart, he extinguished the cigarette butt in the ashtray as he dragged his body that was fully smelled of smoke toward Kang Xia.
He hugged her. He didn’t exert much strength, but he seemed to want to fuse Kang Xia into his body. The light and heat emanating out from her body seemed to illuminate his bewildered and confused heart.
After a long time, Kang Xia looked up. She looked at Tang Xiu’s pressed down eyes and heard a slight snoring coming from him. A strange expression appeared on her extremely beautiful face: Fell asleep? How come you fell asleep while standing?
She wanted to move, but Tang Xiu kept hugging her. Although the strength he used was much weaker than before, she was afraid she would wake him up. After hesitating, she maintained their standing position and let Tang Xiu continue hugging her. At the same time, she silently controlled the warm current in her body according to the route of energy in the cultivation technique imparted by Tang Xiu.
A few minutes later, Kang Xia was surprised to find that, while being hugged by Tang Xiu and cultivating, she could feel a trace of a cool energy entering her body and finally flowing into her Dantian. That warm stream traversed along her meridians and back to her Dantian before it eventually fused into a whole.
Time fleeted by.
Two hours later, Kang Xia, who was being hugged by Tang Xiu, was still maintaining her standing posture. But her surprise only got more and more intense, because the shocking discovery that her cultivation speed was a lot faster than when she practiced by herself. In just two hours, the flow of qi inside of her body had unexpectedly increased to twice the amount of before. The most inconceivable thing she felt was the fact that her control over qi was greatly improved now. Prior to this, she usually needed to fully focus and devote all her energy to circulate that warm stream.
What exactly is happening? Is it because of… Tang Xiu?
The thought crossed her mind, but Kang finally pushed the thought to the back to her head. She didn’t want to waste time. And since cultivating now brought about such a great effect, then she must seize every minute and second to cultivate. After all, Andy’s strength now was very formidable, at least ten times stronger than her. If she wasn’t able to overtake her, she would find it difficult to raise her head before Tang Xiu later.

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