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Shanghai’s Wanchuan Shopping Center was located at the most flourishing commercial street in Hongkou District. It was also known as the Fortune Plaza, and every store opened in it was an itinerary of high-end international brands. In addition to a large number of luxury goods, they also provided many major brands in the world.
Hu Qingsong drove here with Tang Xiu and headed straight to the clothing area on the fourth floor. When they approached a world-famous branded clothing store, Hu Qingsong did not even pause for half a second and straightly went toward a female underwear exclusive store at the back, before he then stopped and hesitated.
“Old Hu, don’t tell me the place you said would satisfy me is here?”
Tang Xiu was dumbfounded as he looked at the dazzling line-up of lingeries inside. The sight was virtually dazzling to the eyes, especially those sexy lingerie with various colors and styles, making Tang Xiu secretly blush and feel embarrassed inside. Never once, neither in this life nor in his past life, had he ever been to this kind of place.
With an awkward expression, Hu Qingsong said, “Recently I approached a girl, and only yesterday did I finally win her heart. It just so happens that tomorrow is her birthday, so I want to give her a gift; an out of the ordinary one. Hence, Yue Kai told me to give her a sexy lingerie.”
Cough! Cough…
Tang Xiu was really knocked out by Hu Qingsong this time. That rotten apple Yue Kai went so far so as to provide such a rotten advice. Did he think that such an idea was really out of the box or something? If he knew earlier that Hu Qingsong would drag him to this kind of place, he wouldn’t have come here even if he was bribed with a hundred meals!
At this time…
The lingerie brand called ‘Carine Gilson’ sold exclusively an European luxury underwear brand. The founder is an haute couture designer from Belgium who founded the lingerie brand of the same name in 1994. Because she was particular about the choice of materials, she only chose the finest fabrics from Lyons and Calais, France.
Most of the classic products of Carine Gilson were often presented in feminine soft colors such as rust, scarlet, orange, cappuccino, and old rose. In addition, its price was also very expensive, starting at 240 USD, and with a set of nightgown priced over 360 USD.
After walking to the entrance of the store, Hu Qingsong hesitated.
Tang Xiu himself really wanted to turn around and leave, but after looking at Hu Qingsong’s face, he steeled himself against the women’s strange looks and said, “Old Hu, if you really want to buy a set of lingerie for your girlfriend, just go and buy it! You’re a man, for God’s sake. If anything, you have nothing else but a thick face, no? I won’t go inside with you, but you have my full support, mentally and spiritually! Anyways, I’m kind of addicted to smoking, so I’m gonna find a spot to smoke and wait for you there.”
Hu Qingsong was kind of dumbstruck, and he couldn’t even sense the smell of ‘deserting from battle’ from Tang Xiu at all. He steeled his heart and blocked Tang Xiu’s path and dragged him into the store.

“Welcome, sirs!”
A beautiful female sales clerk greeted them with a professional smile. She seemed accustomed to seeing men patronizing the lingerie store, as she enthusiastically spoke with a warm smile, “These two gentlemen, I’m the head sales clerk of the shop. What kind of underwear do you want to buy? Also, may I take the liberty to ask you whether you want to give it as a present…”
With an awkward expression, Hu Qingsong said, “My girlfriend’s birthday is tomorrow. I think… ugh… I don’t really understand what kind of underwear a girl would like, could you recommend me some?”
The female clerk took the two of them further inside. While keeping her smile, she asked, “How old is your girlfriend? May I know her size…”
With the clerk’s inquiries, Hu Qingsong responded with all the little knowledge he had. Tang Xiu spent some effort to hide himself at the side. He wanted to take out a cigarette to disperse his embarrassment, but then saw the “NO SMOKING” sign on the front of the shop, hence he could only resentfully look for a sofa to sit.
“Big Sis, did you see them? The youth over there and the one who’s sitting in front us? They both came to this lingerie shop to buy some underwear. Do you think they are gay or something?” A fashionable young and pretty girl who was standing nearby whispered to her friend.
“It’s unlikely, I think. That guy should be accompanying the other one to buy a lingerie for his sweetheart, don’t you think? But, that guy sitting there is very handsome, and kinda looks familiar.”
“Yeah! You’re right. I also think so. Where have I seen him before?”
“He’s so gorgeous. Shall we ask him to take a group picture? What do you think? Maybe a talent scout from an entertainment company will discover him someday, and after they excavate and train him, he’ll eventually become a big star.”
“A big star? Heavens… I remember him! He’s Tang Xiu, a freshman at Shanghai University. He’s the one who played the zither and sang a song at this year’s Shanghai’s freshmen welcoming party. That’s right… I remember that he’s also a doctor, that young divine doctor from Star City Chinese Medical Hospital!”
“Ah, I remember it, too! But how did he…”
The conversation between the two girls became louder and louder and was heard by many women in the shop. In just a few minutes, everyone inside, including seven female sales clerks, directly approached Tang Xiu and had him surrounded while whispering to each other. Some of the bolder ones even looked enthusiastic and eager, hoping to could get close to him.
Chen Xiaowan had been in a bad mood recently. She worked in an HRD of a large multinational corporation. She was fair-skinned, rich, and beautiful—the epitome of Ms. Perfect and ideal woman, who not only had a very strong wit and good head, but also possessed wide network and personal connections. In the eyes of countless women, she was a high-profile successful woman. Despite thinking so, however, she caught her boyfriend having an affair with her good friend red-handedly.
She was a proud woman, and being betrayed was very difficult for her to bear. However, she didn’t cry nor vent out her anger over it, and neither did she want to find a rope to hang herself, but rather endured her pained heart and gave them her blessing and left.
If the matter had ended there, she wouldn’t have felt bad for so long. What blew her away was that her unfaithful wretched boyfriend came and meekly apologized to her, asking for her forgiveness as humbly and pitifully as he could. However, because she didn’t give him what he wished for, his attitude turned 180 degrees. Not only did he insult her, he even demanded that she pay compensation under the justification that she had caused “psychological damage and the loss of his youth”…
After Chen Xiaowan flatly refused his demand, she reported it as a threat to the police, and finally, she ditched her boyfriend. Nevertheless, the anguish and the feeling of being wronged still remained in her heart, and she spent ten and a half days nesting in her home. Her holiday was then about to end, so she went out shopping.
However, when she stepped into this Carine Gilson exclusive store and saw the scene inside, she suddenly furrowed her brows and planned to turn away and leave. But when she stepped out of the store, by a curious coincidence, she saw her wretched ex-boyfriend’s hand coiled over the waist of an obese woman in her 40s. Looking at this intimate scene almost made her spit out in disgust.
This was the truest portrayal of what was inside Chen Xiaoxuan’s heart. Therefore, her feet that were already stepping out feet shrunk back, as she leaned toward the crowd inside.
“Hi handsome, can we take a group picture with you?”
Finally, a bolder woman finally scrounge up the courage to ask Tang Xiu, anticipation and hope painted on her face.
Tang Xiu had heard their conversation just now. But he didn’t expect that someone would really come to ask him to take a group picture. After glancing at the sexy lingeries on both sides, Tang Xiu didn’t even lift his bottom, but forced a wry smile and said, “Big Sis, taking a picture here is kinda inappropriate, right?”
The woman stared blankly before she suddenly remembered where they were. She suddenly blushed red beet. “AH, I’m really embarrassed. How about we go outside and take a group picture? I know that you’re the young divine doctor Tang Xiu, and also a student celebrity from Shanghai University. Being able to take a group picture with a talented and handsome young man such as you will surely be great.”
Cough! Cough…
Tang Xiu was really not willing to take a picture with this woman. Though this woman was beautiful, with his intelligence he could naturally guess that if he took a picture with her, this woman would keep pestering him, attracting more attention from the public. It was even more likely that the news that he was escorting his classmate to buy a lingerie would also explode on the internet.
Fate may perhaps be preordained by Heaven.
As Tang Xiu was somewhat at a loss what to do, a very loud voice came from the outside, and that voice belonging to a woman who appeared to be coaxing someone.
“Honey, this Carine Gilson lingerie looks great. Several of these sexy lingeries are very beautiful. Tell me, do you want me to buy a couple of sets and show them to you when we get back?”
“Great, you will definitely look beautiful whatever you put on.” Yue Zigang, who was being dragged by an obese middle-aged woman, had a false smile on his face that was in stark contrast with his feelings. As he visualized the appearance of this fat woman on a sexy lingerie, gooseflesh were raised all over his body. If… if it weren’t for this woman being very rich and so liberal in spending her money, he would have kicked her away a long time ago and then looked for another woman.
“You really have a sweet mouth, honey.” The obese woman was so overjoyed that she wanted to kiss him. But since her height was less than 1.6 meters and Yue Zigang was 1.8 plus meters, even if she tried to stand on her tiptoes, she wouldn’t be able to do so. Hence, she hurriedly pulled his arm and made him squat.
Yue Zigang took a glance at the store and saw that the women there did not look back at all. He quickly let out a false smile and squatted down while offering his lips.
After a loud kiss, the obese woman walked inside with a happy face. Both Yue Zigang and the woman had not yet discovered that among the crowd inside, a woman—Chen Xiaowan had been secretly observing both of them, and felt like she was about to vomit out of disgust.
A moment after, Yue Zigang entered the store behind the obese woman. Although Chen Xiaowan had tried all she could to avoid them, she was still spotted by him. As for Yue Zigang, he suddenly had a wonderful idea and thought that it was a smart move to show how outstanding he was in front of the obese woman.
He immediately hugged her and intentionally shouted, “Whoops, aren’t you Chen Xiaowan, who just got ditched by me? Why… Why are you here at this upscale lingerie store? Are you here to buy something?”

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