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The sudden loud voice broke the strange atmosphere and rescued Tang Xiu from awkwardness. At this moment, all the women around him turned around to look at Yue Zigang and the obese woman; even Tang Xiu was no exception.
However, when they saw such a combination, everyone couldn’t help but think, how come such young grass grow on a cow’s dung?
Speaking about appearance, Yue Zigang was indeed a good sell with his 1.8 meters’ height, well-proportioned body, and a physique that made him look good in whatever he put on. He could win the favor of many women at first sight. However, all the women who just surrounded Tang Xiu didn’t like anything about him, and even felt disgusted instead.
Chen Xiaowan turned frantic. The man she least wanted to see was exactly this Yue Zigang. Yet, the more she didn’t want to see him, the more he appeared before her. What she couldn’t bear was that this guy was someone who had held her back in her youth for several years, and yet turned out to be such an asshole.
She didn’t speak, since she felt that it would only waste her saliva whatever she said to him. She no longer tried to hide, but chose to leave instead.
“Hey, don’t go! When will you pay what you owe me?” Yue Zigang quickly blocked her path.
“Can you not be more shameless than this, Yue Zigang?” Chen Xiaowan frowned and couldn’t help but scold with abhorrence. “I bought everything you wanted in these few years; even the money you spent when you went out to drink and hang out with your buddies came from my pocket. We have already broken up now, and you even want me to pay compensation for a bullshit psychological damage and the loss of your youth. Are you still a human?”
Yue Zigang was incensed and released the fat woman, as he pointed his finger to Chen Xiaowan and scolded her, “This father has served you so well. Who the hell do you think cooked your meals when you went to work every day? Who rushed to your company to wait for you until you came off from work and picked you up? Did you even fucking pay me for what I’ve done for you? How much did you spend on me, huh? Look at you now, penny pincher. Passing your days so miserly, you even came here to browse things without buying anything. Are you pretending to look swanky like a big-tailed wolf by coming here?” [1]
“YOU…” Again, Chen Xiaowan’s heart was as though being sheared by a knife. To her chagrin, tears forced themselves out of her eyes. She knew Yue Zigang was impudent and brazen, but to think he was so shameless…
A curious look appeared on the fat woman’s face as she said, “Honey, is this the ex-girlfriend you said had cheated on you? Judging by her looks, she does look like a vixen. You’re so powerful in bed, yet she didn’t even feel satisfied by you? What a bitch!”
Yue Zigang was stunned. Little did he think that the fat woman would say such a thing. An unnatural expression instantly appeared on his handsome face, yet he didn’t refute it, tacitly approving her words.

Tears welled in Chen Xiaowan’s eyes along with disbelief. Her lips uncontrollably quivered, angered by the plump woman’s cheap words. She pointed at Yue Zigang and cursed, “Are you still a human, Yue Zigang? How can you be so shameless? It was you and my good friend who obviously got caught red-handed having sex, yet you slander me saying I’m the one who was cheating on you? You-you-you… you are too shameless!”
An impatient look appeared on Yue Zigang’s face as he coldly hummed and said, “Don’t run your mouth. Since we met today, quickly pay the compensation you owe me. 100 thousand! I’m giving you a discount.”
The crowd of women around looked disgusted and indignant. They were all people with discerning eyes, and there was no way they were unable to understand how things happened from beginning to end. The man named Yue Zigang obviously overstepped his bounds. He shamelessly demanded compensation for psychological damages and the loss of his youth to his ex-girlfriend after breaking up.
This man… how shameless could he be?
One of the women who saw Chen Xiaowan bursting out tears angrily shouted, “Today is really an eye-opener for me. An adult man crossed the line and unexpectedly demanded compensation for bullshit mental damages and loss of youth to his ex-girlfriend after breaking up… Shameless!”
“That’s exactly right! The Gods really don’t have eyes, or else they would have sent a lightning bolt to kill him! She broke up with him without hard feelings, yet he dragged another woman to slander his ex-girlfriend. It’s really despicable and shameless!” Another woman was unable to restrain herself and echoed.
“Yeah! I’ve seen a lot of mean and shameless men, but I have never seen such a shameless one to this extent!”
“What a scumbag! Whoever likes him is really blind.”
“That fat woman next to him is just as shameless as him! This is exactly a representation that people of the same ilk really like each other, isn’t it?”
“What a cheating couple! The man is a crook and the woman is a slut.”
The 20 women around began to chide.
Tang Xiu, who was sitting on the sofa, sympathetically looked at Chen Xiaowan. He didn’t expect that such a beautiful woman could actually have such a shameless ex-boyfriend, and had such an unforgettable past. However, he didn’t feel like talking about other’s affairs either.
As for Yue Zigang, he never dreamed that he would be denounced and derided by so many people like this. His face was burning, and he wished that he could find a hole to burrow himself into. His original intention to look impressive before his new rich woman ended with him looking like a disgraced fool. He never expected that his smart attempt would end up with a rotten egg on his face and pushed him into this wretched situation.
The fat woman was obviously not someone easy to deal with, as she glared at the women who hurled curses at her, as she released herself from Yue Zigang’s arm and yelled, “SHUT THE HELL UP, BITCHES! This lady’s boyfriend escorted me to handle family matters. What right do you have to meddle in our goddamn business? YOU ALL SCRAM! Or else I’ll make you all humiliated!”
The women instantly turned incensed. Those who could go shopping here hailed from financially good households, and a few of them even hailed from prominent families in Shanghai. They began to fight back upon hearing such arrogant insults from the fat woman.
Chen Xiaowan’s feelings eased a lot, and she felt much better upon seeing everyone’s attitude. She wiped away the tears on her face as she stopped everyone from pointing and hurling any more insults. She then stared at Yue Zigang and spoke, “You want money, don’t you? I’ll give it to you now, but you must never appear before me ever again.”
“Little Sis, don’t give him money!” A woman in her 30s quickly stopped her.
With a grateful expression, Chen Xiaowan replied, “Big Sis, and all of you, thanks a lot for your kindness. This man is extremely despicable and has been causing troubles for me every few days. He even went pounding on my door and rained curses at me. I really can’t stand it anymore. If losing money can end this, then I’m willing to give him money as long as he is out of my life.”
“Little Sis, it’s nothing but a pipe dream.” The woman said. “Even if you give him money now, this kind of loathsome creature will always create trouble for you whenever he has no money in the future. I advise you to call the police directly. I’m sure that the police will definitely give him a lesson.”
“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, BITCH?” Yue Zhigang yelled. “If you meddle in others’ business again, do you believe that I won’t trash you?”
The woman stepped forward and loudly said, “Come and try! Thrash me if you can. If you don’t do it today, I don’t believe you’re a man!”
This time, Yue Zigang panicked. He was a smart guy, how could he not be aware of the fact that women who could shop here probably hailed from the haves and families with wealth and influence? Hence, he didn’t want to make matters more complicated since he would be in for big trouble in case he provoked some figures he couldn’t afford to offend.
However, as he was hesitating, the fat woman beside him rushed before that woman and fiercely slapped her face.
“What the hell? You dare to hit me!”
The women in the surrounding were obviously angry and they rushed to surround the fat woman. Even Chen Xiaowan had never thought that someone else would be implicated because of her. She squeezed into the front of the slapped woman to protect her while fiercely pushing the fat woman out.
“Ouch! Ouch!” The fat woman screamed twice in pain when her fat hips slammed on the floor after getting pushed and falling.
“What the hell is happening here, Big Bro Tang?”
At this moment, Hu Qingsong, who just had picked the lingerie inside, ran over with that sales clerk and shouted upon seeing the chaotic scene.
“A scumbag and his shameless woman bullied his ex-girlfriend, finally angering these people.” Tang Xiu forced a smile. “So, have you picked the lingerie? If you have, then quickly pay the bill and let’s leave this place.”
Hu Qingsong nodded and paid the bill. Together with Tang Xiu, he bypassed the crowd and made to leave. At this moment, the fat woman had already gotten up from the floor. At the moment Yue Zigang blocked the other women around, she rushed to the front of the store, forcefully closed the front door and shouted, “SHUT UP, BASTARDS! You all dare to hit this old lady, do you know who this lady is? You all won’t be going anywhere. I’m gonna call my husband. All of you will be detained in the police station, and you will definitely be trashed there!”
In a flash, the chaotic scene from a moment ago instantly turned into a complete silence. Everyone looked at the fat woman, dumbfounded and tongue-tied.
Husband? This fat woman had a husband?
Tang Xiu frowned and looked disgustedly at her, and then spoke in a deep voice, “Open the way!”
The fat woman had already seen Tang Xiu. Even though he was very handsome and kind of tempted her; however, she was now under a raging tantrum and simply didn’t want to give face to anyone inside the store she cursed, “This lady won’t let you. Do you bastard dare to hit me? I’ll tell you something, my husband is the deputy chief of the City Public Security Bureau and has great power. If you dare to move your hands I can make sure that you will rot in jail!”
A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he said indifferently, “Does your power come from your husband?”
The fat woman puffed her chest out and loudly said, "It does. What? Do you think a little bastard like you is better than him?”
Anger began to fill Tang Xiu’s heart, as he turned his head to Hu Qingsong and said, “This woman is courting her own death, Old Hu. How about we help her?”
Hu Qingsong, glooming with anger, approvingly nodded.
“Everyone, did you all hear it?” Tang Xiu shouted. “Since this woman forbids everyone from leaving, then no one can leave now. I really wanna see what this woman can do.”
At this moment, Yue Zigang was almost scared to death by the sudden turn of events. How could he know that the husband of this fat woman was a deputy chief of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau? If… their case was to be exploded, then he as the third man would meet his death!

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