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Little did Yue Zigang think that this fat woman would be the same as her exterior—a swine-like figure and also a pig-like brain. It was true that these people were detestable, but this fat woman was literally an abomination. She had such a powerful husband, yet she even squandered money to seduce him. Wasn’t this akin to inviting a calamity for him?
“MAKE WAY!” He quickly toward the fat woman and forcefully pushed her aside.
The fat woman stared in disbelief. She never expected that Yue Zigang would act like this. Shouldn’t they both stand on the same front at this time?
“Yue Zigang! Are you out of your mind? They are bullying me, yet you unexpectedly helped them even though you live off me?” After the fat woman reacted, she grabbed Yue Zigang’s arm and her fat body blocked the doorway, unyieldingly blocking him from leaving.
“FUCK OFF, YOU IDIOT!” Angrily yelled Yue Zigang.
“YOU’RE A SCUMBAG, YUE ZIGANG!” The fat woman furiously yelled back. “This lady helped you, yet you turn your back and dare to curse me. HOW DARE YOU? I… I’ll KILL YOU!”
Yue Zigang slapped the fat woman’s face and yelled, “Wake up, bitch! What’s the relationship between us, huh? If you tell it to your husband, will he support you or kill us both when he arrives here?”
“My husband will definitely help us, he…” The fat woman shouted, but her roar abruptly halted halfway when she suddenly realized something and stiffly swallowed her words back.
That’s right! She spent her purse to keep a boy toy. If her husband were to find out about it, then he… he would definitely kill her! That wouldn’t do. She must never contact her husband.
The fat woman panicked. After quickly releasing Yue Zigang, she said with a nervous expression, “Right, you’re right. I was just so muddled and stupid. Let’s leave this place quickly.”
“HOLD ON!” Tang Xiu blocked their path and sneered. “You want to leave? Dream on! Didn’t you just so happily hurled your curses on me? You yelled at me, saying that the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau—your husband you’re cheating on is gonna give me a lesson, no? Call him now! Or else you won’t be able to walk out of this door.”
“Yeah! Don’t let them go!”
At this moment, the woman who had just been slapped and finished calling someone quickly ran to Tang Xiu’s side and blocked their path with Tang Xiu. The rest also snapped back to their senses and quickly shut the door, with each and every one of them showing gloating looks at the two.
“You people…” The fat woman panicked.
With a paled expression, Yue Zigang’s eyes about to burst with flame as he glared at Tang Xiu and spoke with a sinking voice, “Buddy, we admit that what we just did is wrong, and we’ll give more attention as for how to behave better in the future. Please let us leave, what happened between all of us here is a misunderstanding.”
Making things difficult for them never crossed Tang Xiu’s mind too, but the swearing hurled out by the fat woman was excessively offensive and too much to bear. Moreover, this place was a woman’s lingerie store, a place he never wanted to stay for long periods of time. Nowadays, people who were well-fed and well-clad and thought to satisfy their craving for lust were far too many, and getting on others clandestine love affairs was something he didn’t feel like meddling.

“Then tell this woman to apologize.” Tang Xiu pointed to the fat woman.
Yue Zigang quickly pulled her and scolded, “What are you dazing for? Apologize to them!”
At this time, the fat woman really wished there was a pit nearby to burrow herself into. A moment before, she didn’t put these people in her eyes and was arrogant and domineering toward them. But in an instant turn of events, she now must apologize to them; this vexed feeling almost drove her insane. Compared to being caught red-handed with a boy toy by her husband, however, she suddenly felt that apologizing would be nothing to speak of.
“Alright… I’m sorry.”
“Hmph!” Tang Xiu snorted and coldly said, “Apologize to everyone and the lady you hit!”
“I don’t need her apology.” The woman who had just been slapped directly waved her hand and said, “I don’t care if she’s cheating her husband, and neither do I care if her husband has power. This matter won’t end here.”
After giving her a deep gaze, Tang Xiu was silent for a while before looking at the pale Chen Xiaowan. Sighing inside, he said, “What about you? Are you staying or leaving?”
Chen Xiaowan avoided Tang Xiu’s eyes, not daring to look at him at all. Even when Tang Xiu asked her a question, her eyes were evasive. After a moment’s hesitation, she said in a low voice, “She was beaten for helping me. I can’t leave her.”
“You still keep this tough and crabby temper, huh.” Tang Xiu coldly hummed and continued speaking, “Gimme your cell number.”
She hesitated for a moment before shaking her head, “I don’t have one.”
“You…” Tang Xiu was quite annoyed. “You don’t want to tell me about it, eh. Come to look for me in the Everlasting Feast Hall if you’re in trouble later. They will call me.”
After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the store.
Hu Qingsong stared blankly and was stunned. He looked at Chen Xiaowan, who stayed silent and lowered her head before shifting his sight to the leaving Tang Xiu. There was an odd expression on his face as he could sense an unusual atmosphere between them. While carrying his bag he then caught up with Tang Xiu, as he then asked in a low voice, “Big Bro Tang, did you already know that Chen Xiaowan before?”
Tang Xiu faintly nodded in response but didn’t elaborate.
Looking at his indifferent expression, Hu Qingsong suppressed his curiosity.
A few minutes later, Yue Zigang took the fat woman out of the Wanmo Shopping Mall. They were trailed by the slapped woman behind, whereas Chen Xiaowan followed her despite not knowing what she wanted to do.
“You don’t have to follow me. I’ll deal with this matter myself.” The woman suddenly halted as she looked at Chen Xiaowan and spoke.
Biting her lower lip, Chen Xiaowan firmly shook her head and said, “I’m the one who got you implicated. You don’t want to give up this matter, so I’ll accompany you.”
“As you like!” The woman coldly grunted and shifted her sight to Yue Zigang and the fat woman as they got into an Audi on the parking lot outside. She immediately took out her car keys and quickly entered into a nearby Porsche. Chen Xiaowan didn’t hesitate as she opened the front passenger door of the car and quickly entered as well.
On a nearby street, Tang Xiu, who had been observing the Wanmao Shopping Mall, saw the main characters of the previous fight coming out. He then turned to Hu Qingsong on the front seat and said, “Do you mind going back first by taxi?”
“Do you need my help?” Asked Hu Qingsong after hesitating for a moment.
“No need.” Tang Xiu shook his head.
“Okay, then I’ll go back first.” Hu Qingsong nodded. “Call me quickly if something’s up, I’ll catch up with you as fast as possible.”
“Got it!” Tang Xiu answered shortly, and his eyes fixated on the two cars that had already entered the freeway. After starting the car, he quickly followed them.
Bumping into Chen Xiaowan today was quite unexpected for Tang Xiu. He didn’t even recognize her at first had it not been because he felt that she looked familiar. Long prior to this, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore in this life.
She was an acquaintance, a very familiar and close one, and even the first woman he liked. He first met her just as he entered junior high. She was his cousin—Su Yaning’s classmate and good friend. Not only did she help him many times in Star City, she also went to the Su Family Village with Su Yaning and brought him many things.
Tang Xiu also remembered that Chen Xiaowan gave him many first time events in his life. She, who was five or six years older than him, was the first stranger who gave him pocket money. The first person who celebrated his birthday… and also the first naked woman he saw taking a bath…
Only, that time was purely an accident that then caused Chen Xiaowan to hate him because she mistakenly thought that he was intentionally peeping on her. After he transmigrated to the Immortal World due to unforeseen circumstances, there was also a small desire inside him to see her again, just to explain what happened to her.
“If it wasn’t because of that accident at the beginning, perhaps I would have already had a beloved big sister now! In a stark contrast to Chen Xiaowan, who has no blood relationships at all, Su Yaning is so much worse …” Tang Xiu felt a bit of regret inwardly.
Hongkou District, Zhongqiang Road intersection.
Two SUV’s were speeding so fast that one of them crashed the front side of the Audi driven by Yue Zigang after driving alongside it, as the Audi suddenly skewed its path and then flipped over after another SUV hit its rear.
After a brief stop, the two slightly damaged SUVs quickly drove away. The Porsche behind it stopped at the roadside, as the woman on the driver’s seat turned to look at the gaping and terrified Chen Xiaowan, who was taken by surprise by the unforeseen accident. She lightly smiled at her and said, “It’s Miss Chen, right? You’re very good. You’re a woman who takes responsibility for herself. Now that I have vented this resentment out of my heart, you can go.”
“Uh, what…” Chen Xiaowan was still in a daze.
The woman raised her brows and spoke again, “I mean… you can get off.”
While still in her muddleheaded state, Chen Xiaowan got off the car and only snapped back to her senses after the Porsche disappeared at the end of the road.
Heavens! Were those two SUVs that hit the Audi and flipped it over the doing of this woman? What kind of person is she to even resort to… murder?
Chen Xiaowan stood on the roadside and took out her mobile phone with all sort of emotions inside. She wanted to call an ambulance, but after recalling that it was to save that detestable man, she couldn’t dial the number at all.
Tang Xiu stopped his car close to her and watched the Audi on the roadside with an indifferent expression. As he got off the car he immediately grabbed Chen Xiaowan’s wrist and pushed her inside after opening the door to the front seat.
Seeing Tang Xiu sitting in the driver seat and watching him starting the car, Chen Xiaowan immediately yelled angrily.
Tang Xiu forced a wry smile and said, “Sis Xiaowan, something happened in the past that has been left unexplained for several years. Can you at least listen to me explain the whole story from the beginning?”
Chen Xiaowan was silent. She really was furious toward Tang Xiu back then, but the real reason as to why she avoided Tang Xiu was not entirely because of that, but rather Su Yaning’s attitude. If not because she held a birthday party for Tang Xiu that resulted in a big fight with Su Yaning back then, she would still regard and treat Tang Xiu as her younger brother.
She felt that it was rather a pity, because Tang Xiu was unfortunately the younger brother of Su Yaning and not hers. In spite of Tang Xiu being sensible, clever, good-natured and gentle; good traits she liked about in a person.

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