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Akka had seen too many existences with dreadful strength. Even though Tang Xiu’s strength was extraordinary, he still didn’t think he was more dreadful than Chi Nan. In his eyes, Chi Nan was simply a female devil who could kill without batting an eye. She had once purged the Mexican drug dealers and was ranked amongst the topmost international terrifying forces.
Encountering this fiendish instructor who had once trained him the first time he came to China was something Akka had never expected. Moreover, they were actually standing on opposite sides. He still vividly remembered what Chi Nan had once said to him: Perhaps you are now my student, but if we ever become enemies in the future, I will employ the more venomous and ruthless measures to make you regret having me as your enemy.
Mentally disturbed, Akka now hated Yao Qinglong. He couldn’t care less if he provoked someone, but he would never involved himself in provoking this fiendish instructor!
“It’s been four or five years since the last time we met, right, Akka?” Chi Nan lightly said. “I never thought that you would actually become someone’s running dog and also my enemy.”
“Lady Instructor, you misunderstood.” Akka looked tragic and panicked. “Yao Qinglong only hired me, I have no relationship with him whatsoever. He gave a large sum of money to the organization, which tasked me to help him. Had I known you were here, I wouldn’t have dared to come even if I were to be given all the Citibank's money!”
Furrowing his brows, Tang Xiu looked at Chi Nan and lightly asked, “You know him?”
After retracting her cold and proud expression, Chi Nan replied respectfully, “He is someone I once trained back then, Boss; a quite remarkable hitman from the Arabian Stygian Club. However, I don’t know about the organization he’s currently affiliated with.”
Nodding in response, Tang Xiu then looked at Akka and asked, “Tell me the name of your organization.”
Akka’s lips quivered a few times before he shook his head, “I can’t, else I’ll face a tragic death!”
“You’ll die even more tragically if you don’t.” Tang Xiu indifferently replied, “Don’t be fooled by the thought of surviving, though. I’m hailed as a divine doctor in China. I have the means to make you suffer unimaginable pain and yet still remain alive to taste it. Tell me! Else you will be in for hellish pain for days and nights.”
Akka had a change in expression. Though Tang Xiu spoke in very lame English, he could still understand what he said. He also heard that the so-called divine doctors in China had very mysterious abilities. He also dreaded the doctor profession because there existed a doctor-killer in the organization who possessed both the ability to save lives and kill people, and using it for torture was absolutely terrible.
“I can’t say it, else my entire family will be implicated.” Akka bitterly shook his head.
Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as a few silver needles appeared out of nowhere in his hand. As his figure flashed, the needles pierced Du Yanghe and Qiu Jian’s bodies. He then moved again as his body flicked back to his previous spot.

Even in their dreams Du Yanghe and Qiu Jian had never expected that Tang Xiu would strike at them because of Akka’s refusal. The most painful thing for them was that the hellish pain that burst out inside their bodies when the silver needles pierced their bodies.
The two men’s bodies fell to the floor a few seconds after, as each muscle in their bodies twitched. Their faces distorted. Greenish veins and blood vessels bulged out all over their bodies, causing them to fall down, twitching and rolling about on the floor.
Tang Xiu no longer paid attention to them and even ignored Akka. He looked at Yao Qinglong instead and smilingly said, “It’s needless for me to elaborate kind of fate you will face, no? Since I have the ability to kill the patriarch of your Yao Family and ruin them, it explains that I possess terrifying power and surpass what you had imagined. Therefore, tell me everything you do overseas, all your wealth, what organization you’ve joined, and so on… Of course, if you honestly and sincerely hand them over, and pay quite a hefty price, I can promise to keep you alive.”
While looking at his two junior brothers who were wailing in anguish and rolling about on the floor, a chill ran through his whole body and invaded his heart at this time. Tang Xiu’s threat to Akka just now was, in fact, also a threat to him. He knew perfectly well what kind of abilities the so-called divine doctors possessed. He even knew that Chinese divine doctors were even more terrifying than international professors and doctors who engaged in the Western Medical field.
“Can you really guarantee my life?” Yao Qinglong shot Tang Xiu a deep look, glancing at Chi Nan and Akka, as he finally asked with a helpless and desperate expression.
“Of course.” Tang Xiu nodded. “But it depends on your performance, too. I am by no means a butcher, nor do I like to kill people. Else, it would definitely be impossible for your Yao Family to keep on living.”
“Alright. Then, I’ll tell you everything. I just want you to keep your word,” replied Yao Qinglong in a deep voice.
Akka’s expression greatly changed as he shouted, “Did you forget the death rule of the organization, Yao Qinglong? You will die a tragic death if you dare to tell others!”
“I know I’ll die a tragic death if I expose it, but I’m afraid my death will be even worse if I don’t speak now.” Yao Qinglong shook his head. “Akka, Tang Xiu is very terrifying, the most dreadful existence I ever encountered. Don’t tell me you haven’t realized it yet since he can make even your instructor his subordinate?”
Akka’s breathing turned heavy and fell into silence.
Afterward, Yao Qinglong told everything in great detail. More than 10 years ago, the Yao Family’s Head—Yao Qingzun ordered him to manage the family business overseas.
The Yao Family operated many types of businesses overseas, where they invested a colossal amount of funds. After several years of development, Yao Qinglong ruthlessly annexed the businesses of several families, and the total assets had finally reached tens of billions USD. Later on, he trained a large number of men abroad with aid from the Stygian Club, secretly swallowing many small families and the wealth of rich and powerful people as his own. The power he held was only slightly inferior to Beijing’s Yao Family.
The Stygian Club was an organization composed of three major forces at the core, with twelve families and more than forty affiliated forces. As of today, the Stygian Club definitely ranked among the top three organizations with the most powerful forces in the world.
Furthermore, the Stygian Club also had a special department dedicated to assassinations, intelligence, regulatory bureau, mercenary groups, security companies, financial teams, and many more. The number of talents under it was simply too many to count. Akka was a member of the assassination department and was ranked in the few hundreds inside the department.
After listening to Yao Qinglong’s narration, everyone in the room was quite shocked. Even Tang Xiu himself looked solemn as he could faintly sense the terror this Stygian Club posed.
“Who is the person who holds the highest authority in the Stygian Club?” Tang Xiu found that Yao Qinglong didn’t say this point and immediately asked in a heavy voice.
“I don’t know.” Yao Qinglong shook his head.
Tang Xiu looked at Akka and coldly asked, “What about you? Can you tell me?”
“I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew it.” Akka said, “But that’s out of my knowledge, too. Nobody knows the leader of our Stygian Club except the three major forces and the senior members among the twelve families.”
Tang Xiu nodded, “Yao Qinglong, I will not ask anymore since you only know this much. What I want to know next is, why did you return home and even eyed the Magnificent Tang Corporation? Is it because you want to get the products’ formula, or is it due to someone from the Stygian Club wanting to get those formulas?”
As if he was ready to stake everything, Yao Qinglong said, “It’s Duff, the Patriarch of the Moyes Family, one of the twelve family powers.”
Tang Xiu nodded and ordered, “Kill all of them except Yao Qinglong!”
The experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall acted instantly and easily killed Akka, Du Yanghe, and Qiu Jian.
Yao Qinglong secretly felt fortunate that his choice was correct. He knew that Tang Xiu was ruthless, hence chose to cooperate well and told everything. Even if he hid some things, he was sure that everything he said had great effect on Tang Xiu.
“I just found that you’re the only outstanding one left among the Yao Family, Yao Qinglong.” Tang Xiu smilingly said, “I had given you my word that I won’t kill you, but I never said that my men won’t. You’re very good, nevertheless, so I’ll give you a chance to live.”
Along with these words, the restlessness inside Yao Qinglong’s heart finally vanished. He realized that the price he would have to pay was enormous, but he would never refuse it for a chance to go on living. Thus, he replied with all seriousness, “Mr. Tang, please do speak…”
“Transfer all the wealth under your control to my name.” Tang Xiu said, “I’ll send you with my men abroad to receive all of them from you. You should have understood clearly that the more capital you have, the more threat you pose to me. So, what do you say?”
Yao Qinglong was silent for a while, and then answered, “Let me make a phone call first to tell my men to transfer all the money to my account in the Bank of Switzerland. Also, the floating liquidity of several big company groups under my control will be handed over to you along with their extension industries.”
“One who knows how to act according to circumstances is a wise one, and you are a very good one at that.” Tang Xiu gave a thumbs up and praised. “Chi Nan, I’ll hand over the full authority to handle this matter to you. I’ll contact Xiaoxue later to send some men to aid you.”
“Understood!” Chi Nan’s eyes lit up and immediately replied with an excited expression.
The authority Tang Xiu gave her was quite enormous. She knew perfectly well that if she could handle this matter to perfection, her status in the Everlasting Feast Hall would be greatly elevated, and even be on par with Hao Lei and Tian Li.
“Is this solution agreeable to you?” Asked Tang Xiu as he looked at Yang Le.
As a matter of fact, Yang Le wanted Yao Qinglong to die, because the man was nothing but trouble for him. However, since Tang Xiu wanted to get his wealth, he knew that it would probably be difficult for him to kill Yao Qinglong. However, he still nodded silently despite feeling a bit dissatisfied inside.
“Alright. I’m sure Yao Qinglong will no longer bother you again. Yao Qinglong, is what I said understood?” Said Tang Xiu.
“I swear that I’ll take a detour whenever I see Yang Le ever again in the future,” said Yao Qinglong quickly.
Tang Xiu nodded with satisfaction as he spoke to Yang Le in a very low voice, “I think it would be a very good choice for you to go with Chi Nan since you want to go overseas. You may deal with Yao Qinglong as you like when everything’s done.”

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