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What exactly is going on?
Hundreds of top executives and lower-level employees of the company were tongue-tied. They couldn’t believe such a scene unfolded. Even the Vice CEO, Masakiyo Kato, was dumbfounded at the moment. His wife was praised due to her good skin, but was it necessary to slap her whether the elasticity of her skin was good or not?
“It indeed feels good. No wonder Big Sis Chen wants to slap her face a few times,” praised Kuwako as she lifted her palm that was used to slap Miao Xinran. “Kato-kun, I never thought that you were so blessed to have a wife who has such an elastic skin. Congratulations!”
Masakiyo Kato secretly cursed inside, but he squeezed a smile on the surface and said, “You’re too kind, Boss. I’ll tell my wife to send you some of the cosmetics she usually uses.”
With a cold expression, Kuwako coldly replied, “Do you think a Young Lady like me needs to use makeup to cover my ugly face?”
Masakiyo Kato’s expression changed in an instant, and he replied with a serious and respectful expression, “No no no, you are a natural beauty, Boss, like a goddess who descended to Earth. So you don’t need cosmetics to hide anything.”
Kuwako coldly hummed in response as she walked to Miao Xinran, who wore a disbelieving expression. She offered her hand out to pull her from the floor and asked, “Are you okay?”
“I’m not… I… I’m fine!” Though Miao Xinran was about to explode from rage inside, she could only endure the humiliation and force herself to smile.
Kuwako curled her lips as she raised her hand to slap her a few more times. The strength she exerted, especially the last slap, was quite strong. And this time, Miao Xinran staggered backward for five plus meters before heavily falling to the floor.
“To my surprise you seem to be alright, eh. Then I’ll let you have something else to be occupied with,” said Kuwako in a deep voice and overbearing manner.
At this time, how could everyone not be able to tell that the Boss wasn’t testing whether Miao Xinran’s skin was good? It was evident that she wanted to thrash her. Nevertheless, there was something that made everyone curious. When and how did Miao Xinran offend the Big Boss, to think that she would even publicly humiliate her in front of such a large crowd.
Masakiyo Kato was utterly dumbfounded. As a smart and astute man, how was he not able to see Kuwako Yamamoto’s true intention? Yet, he couldn’t figure out when and how his wife had offended her to suffer such a public beating.
“Boss, you…”
Kuwako shouted coldly, “Do you have a opinion?”
Masakiyo Kato shuddered inside and swallowed back the words he was about to say. He knew how powerful Kuwako Yamamoto was, and he of all people knew how to bow his head under the eaves. Let alone having his wife beaten publicly, he wouldn’t dare to hit Kuwako Yamamoto back even if he was to be killed!
Unless… he was already tired of his life!
Kuwako coldly glared at Masakiyo Kato and threw the word with a cold expression. Then she looked at Taro Ono and said, “What are you feeling now, Ono-kun?”

With cold sweat streaming down his forehead, Taro Ono looked scared and apprehensive. Though Kuwako’s reprimand toward Masakiyo Kato and her beating his wife made him strangely happy, yet now that his Big Boss turned her finger at him, he was scared that he would speak something wrong and would end up the same.
“I’m very happy and feel extremely honored for being able to see you, Boss.”
Kuwako nodded at him before turning around and walking toward Chen Xiaowan’s side. She then grabbed her hand and said, “Since you’re in a good mood, you will take care of Big Sis Chen a lot in the company in the future. If you dare to make her suffer the least bit and treat her unjustly, then I’ll never let you go!”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Taro Ono hurriedly nodded and took a chance to secretly glance at Chen Xiaowan. Never once had he ever dreamed that a trivial Vice Director of Human Resources Department in his company turned out to have the backing from the Big Boss from behind. Also, who didn’t know what status the Big Boss had? To think that she even called her Big Sis Chen, how come this woman turned into such a holy being? Did she possess a terrifying background?
Kuwako then looked around, watching the nervous expressions of the top executives and other lower management staff before speaking in a heavy and deep voice, “I’m now announcing that Masakiyo Kato is removed from his position and will no longer be the Vice CEO of the Brisk Trading Group. Chen Xiaowan—my Big Sis will replace his position and become the new Vice CEO of the Brisk Trading Group. Everyone, please welcome her and give her an applause.”
Clap, clap, clap…
Warm applause echoed throughout the hall.
Stunned and dumbfounded, Masakiyo Kato had never dreamed that Kuwako would make such an announcement. He was the Vice CEO of the Brisk Trading Group and Kuwako’s old schoolmate. He had been diligently working, doing his best and making great contributions for the Brisk Trading Group.
And now, he was fired… just like this?
“Kuwako, I…”
Angered, Kuwako interrupted him, “Do you have the qualification to even call my name? Get the hell out of China and never let me see you later in the future!”
In an instant, Masakiyo Kato’s face turned red and then green. He shot a deep look at Chen Xiaowan and, as if he had a great deal of courage being injected to him, he loudly asked, “Boss, give me a good reason for this. I have done many things for the Brisk Trading Group all these years, not only merits and hard work.”
“You wanna talk about merits and hard work with me?” Kuwako replied mockingly. “No problem. Then I’ll tell you. You have a good wife, and not only has she bullied my Big Sis Chen, but she also fired her from the company and treated her unjustly. Whoever dares to treat Big Sis Chen unjustly again, then a miserable fate will come to them. The way I dealt with you regarding this problem is lighthearted already. Else, hmph…”
Finally, Masakiyo Kato understood. All of this was caused by his wife, Miao Xinran. The flame of anger inside him was fueled as he dashed toward Miao Xinran, picking her up from the floor and slapping her already burning face. He then yelled loudly, “IT TURNED OUT TO BE BECAUSE OF YOU, BITCH! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU OFFEND SOMEONE YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO? DID YOU HAVE TO PROVOKE MISS CHEN? DIVORCE! THIS FATHER MUST BREAK THIS BAD LUCK MARRIAGE, AND NEVER WILL YOU GET EVEN A DIME FROM MY ASSETS!”
Despairing, Miao Xinran finally understood as to why Kuwako Yamamoto trashed her. It was originally because of that bitch, Chen Xiaowan. In just a few minutes, her previously beautiful face turned into a big pig head.
However, what she cared about the most was not being beaten, but what her husband, Masakiyo Kato had said.
Divorce? Leaving a marriage with nothing, no possession or property?
At this moment her heart felt like dying, for the very reason she could live so comfortably now was due to Masakiyo Kato. Because the man was able to make money and could provide her with lavish and extravagant expenses. If he dumped her like this and didn’t give her even a dime, how would she live in the future?
Suddenly, she turned her head to Chen Xiaowan like a drowning person who found a life-saving straw. After Masakiyo Kato threw her to the floor, she came before Chen Xiaowan and nearly prostrating herself as she wept and begged, “Xiaowan, please forgive me. Everything’s my fault! Please do not let the Boss fire me and my husband. I beg you, please look at the sake of our past as fellow students.”
Soft and kindhearted as she was, Chen Xiaowan somehow couldn’t bear to look at the tragic, miserable-looking Miao Xinran. When she was about to speak, however, Kuwako kicked Miao Xinran a few meters away and then grabbed her wrist and led her toward the elevator, “Big Sis Chen, I already told someone to clean up the best office for you. I’ll lead you there to have a look.”
Chen Xiaowan hesitated and secretly sighed inwardly as Kuwako pulled her away.
Seven days later…
As Tang Xiu sat cross-legged in the corner on the seventh floor of the exquisite pagoda, his expression suddenly moved as he looked at the light curtain. He could keenly sense the fluctuation of Immortal Force unceasingly transmitted, as the small crevice on the light curtain was also unceasingly splitting open.
The light curtain turned into twinkling stars and lights, as it then thoroughly broke. At this time, Gu Yan’er, who laid on the bed of ice, opened her eyes that were as though beautiful starry eyes, yet were suffused with shock and disbelief.
“How do you feel, Yan’er?” Tang Xiu floated up and approached her in a few steps, an anxious expression plastered on his face.
Gu Yan’er’s figure blinked and suddenly appeared in front of Tang Xiu. Her slender and delicate body clung to Tang Xiu’s chest, whereas her slender arm coiled around him. Her excitement made her voice tremble as she excitedly replied, “Master, my injury has healed. This feeling… is really great!”
Intense joy rose inside Tang Xiu’s heart. Ever since he learned that Gu Yan’er had come to Earth for him and yet had been harmed by the Twilight Nightmare cast by Shade Demon Zhu Wushou, he desperately wanted to obtain the Demonic Revival Grass and Chrono Crystal to completely cure Gu Yan’er’s injury.
And now, that dream had come true!
After the excitement, however, Tang Xiu still felt a bit uneasy and grabbed Gu Yan’er’s wrist, sensing and checking her body. However, after sensing her pulse for more than ten seconds, he slightly furrowed his brows, because he found that, despite the injury in her body having already healed, there was barely any trace of Immortal Force inside her body at all. Moreover, there was a particularly unusual energy fluctuation lingering in her heart.
“That is…” Tang Xiu kept observing for a long time as his furrowed brows turned tighter.
“The Shade Demon Black Force?”
Tang Xiu finally determined that the energy lingering in Gu Yan’er’s heart was just like the heart’s blood essence of Shade Demon—Zhu Wushou. The Shade Demon Black Force and Demon Force that were injected in the blood essence inside her heart had formed a type of very powerful energy that was even comparable to Divine Force.
“Trouble!” Tang Xiu frowned deeply. He then raised his head to look at Gu Yan’er, who was smiling at him. Sighing inwardly, he spoke, “How much it affects your strength, Yan’er?”
“My strength hasn’t been affected much, Master.” Gu Yan’er let out a light smile. “It’s just that the Shade Demon’s Black Force inside my heart is very special and takes me a long time to refine it. However, since I don’t have to worry about falling into slumber again, I’ll only need the aid of the chilling air here to suppress it, and then refine it bit by bit.”
“So you can’t leave the exquisite pagoda for the time being?” Asked Tang Xiu.
“Yeah, I have no way around it for the time being, though I would be able to completely refine this Shade Demon Black Force within a few years.” Gu Yan’er nodded. “When that time comes, not only will my cultivation not be affected, but it may also turn this misfortune into a blessing, enhancing my cultivation to a higher level.”

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