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Tang Xiu had known all along that social classes do exist in society, but little did he expect that he would touch the top social circle of the new generation scions of the capital. Despite having no anticipation to enter this social circle, yet he didn’t want to push away such exhibit of resources and benefits by getting along with them. China was a country where sentiments and personal favors reigned, as having more friends meant that one would have more good roads to walk on. Having opportunity to accumulate contacts would prove to be of great help in increasing his chances of making more money in the future.
It was already 5 PM when Tang Wei and Qin Shaoyang left, with Tang Xiu and Chu Yi taking their own way. On the way to Chu Yi’s home, Tang Xiu thought about bringing something to his aunt. He had been to the capital many times before, but he only met Tang Min in the Tang Family’s ancestral residence or when he went out to stroll around. It was his first time visiting Tang Min’s home.
After pondering about it, he couldn’t think about anything to bring. And his aunt may not lack ordinary things given her status. Just as his car was about to enter the upscale residential complex, an idea finally popped up inside his mind. Without any hesitation, he took out two empty jade bottles from his interspatial ring and took out the last remaining Body Refining Liquid, pouring ten drops into each bottle.
“Oh?” Tang Xiu’s eyes suddenly lit up and then flashed after doing all these as he stuffed the jade bottles back into his interspatial ring.
The Body Refining Liquid was easy to concoct as its required herbs were not precious. He could easily refine and get a few kilograms of it if he wanted to. If this Body Refining Liquid were to be sold, loads of people would want to purchase it! After all, even a drop of Body Refining Liquid was greatly beneficial for the ordinary person and could enhance their physique at the very least.
“It’s worth trying!”
After the idea emerged, he could no longer restrain it. He was now a pauper compared to two months ago when the highest amount of funds in his hand reached about 70 billion yuan, yet such a colossal amount of funds took a sharp dive in the past two months.
30 billion yuan had been transferred to Kang Xia to develop the Magnificent Tang Corporation. On the one hand, it was for the preparation for the sale of the New City in Star City next year, while on the other hand, it was used to buy that plot of land in Shanghai, to build the company buildings, factories, production equipment and so on, which required a colossal amount of money as well.
In addition to the 30 billion yuan transferred to Kang Xia, he also handed over 20 billion yuan to Gu Xiaoxue. He was going to set up the herbs plantation in Clam Island and rear fierce beasts in Resting Cemetery Island. Both projects required the investment of a lot of funds. He had given the 20 billion yuan to Gu Xiaoxue along with the blueprint design he drew. Similarly, a part of the money would need to be allocated to groom talents, including the continuous adoption of homeless children from all over the country.

Of course, there were also a few small investments, such as the project cooperation with Jin Xingkui or the purchase of medicinal herbs and precious ores. Long story short, the remaining funds in his hand now amounted to only 24 billion, yet this amount would also be subtracted by 5 billion for the Nine Dragons Island’s reconstruction and the purchase of several helicopters, private planes, yachts, and cruise ships. All of which would probably increase in number as well.
Relatively speaking, Tang Xiu could be considered to be likely to balance the account, regardless. However, he didn’t bat an eye even though the reconstruction of Nine Dragons Island, Clam Island, and Resting Cemetery Island would use a huge amount of funds. When all was said and done, his very purpose to make money was for resources, and getting resources was for cultivation. He thought that all the expenses that were beneficial to cultivation were worth it.
“This place has a good environment!” As he parked his car in the underground parking lot, Tang Xiu looked at Chu Yi, who came over.
“This is the most upscale neighborhood within the Second Ring Road. It’s only natural that it has a good environment,” said Chu Yi with a smile. “But it’s still a bit worse compared to South Gate Town, though!”
Shortly after, the duo took the elevator to the seventh floor. For this small 12-story building, the seventh floor was in the middle position. The lighting here was very good as well, since the floor spacing was quite far.
Tang Min came back from her workplace early and even went to the supermarket to buy a lot of ingredients. She was now busying herself in the kitchen. Chu Zhongen also came back early after receiving a phone call from his wife saying that Tang Xiu would come to dinner tonight. He was also lending a hand in the kitchen. The couple immediately came out after hearing the knock on the door.
“It should be your first time seeing your uncle, right, Xiu’er?” Tang Min pointed at Chu Zongen and smilingly said.
Tang Xiu nodded at him and amiably called him uncle.
Though it was also Chu Zhongen’s first time seeing Tang Xiu, Tang Xiu was not a stranger to him. He could be said to have heard his name and even knew him already when Tang Xiu hadn’t yet returned to the Tang Family to recognize his ancestors. After all, it would be difficult for him to not pay attention since his son was investing a huge amount of funds in Star City.
“I have long since heard about you, Tang Xiu. Never thought that I would meet you today. Energetic and vigorous, just like your Dad’s style in the past,” appreciated Chu Zhongen.
“You overpraise me, Uncle,” replied Tang Xiu.
In a self-effacing manner, Tang Xiu stuffed his hand into his pocket and secretly took out two small jade bottles from his interspatial ring. Then he handed them over to Chu Zhongen and said, “This is my first time visiting you, so this little gift is for you and auntie in the hopes that you can get younger and look more attractive.”
Chu Zhongen stared blankly, whereas Tang Min smilingly said, “Ah, silly boy. Why are you gifting us something when it’s your first time visiting our home? I’ll be angry with you if you ever see your aunt and uncle like outsiders again.”
Tang Xiu smiled in response, but still forcefully stuffed the two jade bottles into Tang Min’s hands.
“What exactly is inside these, Xiu’er?” Asked Tang Min with a curious expression while looking at the two jade bottles.
“It’s a Body Refining Liquid, a medication I concocted,” said Tang Xiu. “There are ten drops of it in each jade bottle.”
“Body Refining Medicament? What is that?” Asked Tang Min, astounded.
“This Body Refining Liquid is a kind of elixir used by low-level cultivators to enhance their physical strength,” explained Tang Xiu. “Regardless, ordinary people won’t be able to endure the full potency and efficacy of this medication. They even may die if they use it according to how cultivators do, so I only put ten drops in each jade bottle. Pour a drop into the bathtub whenever you have a bath in the interval of at least three days. This Body Refining Liquid can even restore the physical fitness of those at their 70s or 80s to the state just like when they were in their 50s or 60s. Furthermore, this medication is also very beneficial to your skin. Auntie, if you use it for a few times, you should be able to see that your skin will look much better than its current state.”
Tang Min’s eye shined and her eyes were full of pleasant surprise. She already knew that her nephew was a cultivator who possessed formidable strength, such that even the Amur Tiger was not his opponent. The elixir he personally concocted would absolutely have a great effect.
At the side, Chu Zhongen's eyes also brightened up, and even look somewhat excited inside. His father, the patriarch of the Chu Family, was now in his early 80s, and his physical fitness was getting worse with each passing year. Although he was usually well cared for and the nursing service was also well taken care of, he still couldn’t stand the erosion of time as his age was weighing him down. In the case that… this Body Refining Liquid really brought about such a great effect…
Rubbing his hands, Chu Zhongen shot Tang Xiu a fervent look. He was going to give it a try. If the effect was really as great as Tang Xiu said, he must try to get it more from him. Why was the Chu Family always trying to stay low profile all this while? It was because his father was always in a feeble condition and at the end of his life. If he could make his father’s physical fitness become more robust all of a sudden and even back to his condition a decade ago, then the Chu Family would be able to unleash all their energies and continue to develop rapidly for ten years.
“Tang Xiu, is concocting this Body Refining Liquid very difficult?” Asked Chu Zhongen all of a sudden.
Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment before replying, “Saying that it’s difficult to produce, it’s indeed difficult, but also not that much difficult either. Only, some special medicinal herbs are needed to refine this Body Refining Liquid, thus I need quite some good luck to get them.”
A bit of regret could be seen on Chu Zhongen’s face as he sighed, “It’s really a pity. This thing would be absolutely a wonderful treasure if it was easy to concoct. This can be exchanged for money, power, and a super, highly respected tool to expand personal contacts and network.”
Then if I give it to Grandpa…
This idea sprouted inside Tang Xiu’s mind, and he immediately decided to implement it inwardly.
Unlike Chu Zhongen, Tang Min didn’t have such thoughts. She felt warm and sweet inside to be gifted with such a good thing from her nephew and decided to use it tonight. Immediately after, she returned to the kitchen to continue cooking, while Chu Zhongen stayed in the living room to accompany and have a chat with Tang Xiu. His attitude toward Tang Xiu became more amiable because of the Body Refining Liquid; even his manner at dinner was so good that it made Chu Yi jealous and envious.
After the cheerful and pleasant dinner, Tang Xiu stayed over and chatted for nearly an hour before he got up and bade farewell. Tang Min originally wanted to make Tang Xiu spend the night there, since the apartment had more than 200 square meters and there were also many empty rooms, but she was refused.
At nine in the evening, when Tang Xiu returned to the ancestral residence of the Tang Family, he straightly pulled Tang Guosheng to the study room. After they got there and sat on the sofa, Tang Xiu directly took out the Body Refining Liquid and handed it over to Tang Guosheng, saying, “Grandpa, this is the Body Refining Liquid, and there are about a hundred drops in total inside. I intended to sell it for money at first, but after having considered it, I think it will be best to give this to you.”
“What effects does this Body Refining medicament has?” Asked Tang Guosheng with a strange expression.
Tang Xiu explained to him the effects brought by the Body Refining Liquid before finally concluding, “As far as I know, those who are at the topmost position in our country are very old. If you use this Body Refining Liquid on their body, how much benefits do you think our family can get?”
Tang Guosheng’s whole being seemed to become petrified. After turning dumbfounded and tongue-tied for a long time, he abruptly got up from the sofa. His fairly robust body was trembling as he asked with a flustered expression, “Xiu’er, are you sure that the effect brought by this Body Refining Liquid is as good as you told me?”
Tang Xiu also got up and said, “Grandpa, whether what I said is impressive or not, it’s best that you try it yourself.”

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