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Inside the Clearlake Club's monitoring room. The red light district was always a burial mound for heroes and furthermore, how could such mean and shameless men withstand the superb methods of the service of these slutty girls otherwise?

The door of the monitoring room was pushed open as Wang Zidong came in with a smirk on his face, "Alright, I've done it. These perverts should go to the room shortly if they can withstand the effect of the drug, but if not… hehe, I'm afraid I must open the KTV box to cover up such a frantic orgy."

"What is the dosage of the drug you used on them?" Asked Tang Xiu while raising his brows.

"Twice the dosage for two of them," said Wang Zidong while extending his two fingers.

Tang Xiu couldn't help laughing, "Luckily you didn't use too much, or else they would definitely drop dead atop a woman's belly given their poor physical health. I'd likely have done if it was some other time, though. But letting them die atop a woman's belly is way too great for them."

"Yea, for those loose shits dying beneath peony blossoms, even becoming ghosts they would be distinguished and accomplished. Just let them catch fire and go to hell. Enough is enough—if this can be tolerated, what cannot?" Huang Xu grinned. "Anyhow, we've sent the messages and the Blue City TV station's CEO has obtained it and is now on the way to the club. We still can't contact the Regal Classical Music Academy's side, though. The cell phone of the working staff is turned off."

Tang Xiu was silent for a short while before picking his mobile phone and dialing a cell number—a number belonging to Huang Jie, a teacher in the Regal Classical Music Academy. In the beginning, she and her bosom friends were the ones who spotted and settled on Li Xiaoqian before she finally got the chance to enroll in the Regal Classical Music Academy.

Blue City, Emerald Bouquet Garden Estate.

It was hard to come by Sunday for Huang Jie to rest at home. She sat in front of her laptop and surfed the internet in search of good music accompanied by her husband, Wen Shaohua, who sat on the back sofa reading the newspaper.

Ring ring ring…

A mobile's ringtone sounded all of sudden, attracting the husband and wife.

"Who could be calling?" Huang Jie frowned and spoke in a low tone. "It's a hard chance to come by for me, to be able to rest at home today. I won't go out no matter who is calling."

Hearing his wife's grumble made Wen Shaohua smile. He immediately shook his head and commented, "Don't speak like that. You're a Hustle-Bustle Master and I'm afraid you would have run outside right away if anyone were to tell you there's something interesting."

"It'd be a wonder!" Seemingly very dissatisfied with her husband's comment, Huang Jie rolled her eyes at him before answering the call, "Huang Jie speaking, may I know who am I speaking with?"

"It's Tang Xiu, a former high school classmate of Li Xiaoqian. Is this Teacher Huang I'm speaking with?" Tang Xiu's voice was heard from the mobile phone.

Tang Xiu?

Staring blankly for a moment, Huang Jie's eyes immediately turned wide and replied with a pleasantly surprised tone, "How come you remember to call me, Tang Xiu? Have you changed your mind and are willing to become a teacher at my Regal Classical Music Academy? Our doors will be open for you as long as you're willing to come here."

"You have too many vile beasts in your Regal Classical Music Academy, and I loathe to be associated with those birds and animals," said Tang Xiu. "By the way, the reason I'm calling you now is that I remember you saying that your husband is the vice president of the Regal Classical Music Academy, is that right?"

With slightly furrowed brows, Huang Jie couldn't understand why Tang Xiu would call her only to reprimand her for no reason at all. But she still answered after a moment's hesitation, "That's right!"

"Huang Jie, considering that we are acquaintances, I'm going to give your Regal Classical Music Academy a chance for your husband to find the Head of your institution and rush to the Clearlake Club within two hours. I assure you that your institution's reputation will change from famous to notorious otherwise."


After hearing Tang Xiu's words, Huang Jie was stunned before the beeping tone coming from the mobile made he her realize that the call was over. Yet, she couldn't figure out what happened from Tang Xiu's words.

"What happened, wife?" Quickly asked Wen Shaohua upon seeing his wife's dazed expression.

"Husband, do you remember a young man I once told you about?" Huang Jie snapped back to her senses and replied with a strange expression. "It's Tang Xiu, an expert of the zither who has reached the pinnacle of expertise on it."

"Yeah, I remember him! He's a very famous young man, a musical expert, and possesses superb medical skills. Not only is he a student at Shanghai University, but he's also a young miracle-working doctor at the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. What did he call you for?" Asked Wen Shaohua.

"Yes, he's the one who called me saying that you should rush to find Principal Zhang and then rush to the Clearlake Club as fast as possible, or else the reputation of our Regal Classical Music Academy will become infamous and notorious."

Wen Shaohua's expression turned serious. He may have ignored it if it was someone else, but the one who called was Tang Xiu, someone he must pay attention seriously since his identity was special. Such a person wouldn't speak like that for no reason.

"Some incident must have happened!" Wen Shaohua put the newspaper down, grabbed his coat and wore it before saying. "I'm going to find Principal Zhang immediately and then go that club…"

"Clearlake Club!" Huang Jie quickly added. "It's a newly opened upscale club in our Blue City. Ah, forget it. I'm going with you!"


Clearlake Club.

Even if Wang Zidong used twice the normal dosage of the drugs on Director Bai, Tang Zhen, and the two others, the quartet was already panting for breath after throwing away everything they got in less than half an hour. They were still very satisfied nevertheless, as the feeling of having a threesome and "the services" of the women were truly superb. It was simply… ignite and let loose…

After the event came to an end, the four men and eight women still holed themselves inside the luxury private suite, whereas the quartet enjoyed the comfort brought by the heater while savoring the taste of being fed fruit by stark naked women.

"Old Tang, it's like in the olden times. The feeling of being a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler with beauties is not bad," said Director Bao with a lascivious smiling face.

Tang Zhen nodded and smilingly said, "Director Bai, men are the strong iron of the four elements, shall we have another round? Anyways, let's gather again to enjoy such a red light district pleasure later if there's an opportunity. Besides, these young beauties are much better than those fading old women in our homes, to begin with."


The quartet took more than an hour of rest before starting to shoot their guns and mount the horses again. The combat power they still had was much lower, nevertheless, as the longest one among them could only last for seven-plus minutes before caving in.

At this time, inside the monitoring room of the Clearlake Club, Chen Wei—the CEO of the Blue City TV Station, Zhang Qifeng, the Principal of Regal Classical Music Academy, and the Vice-principal of the academy, Wen Shao, stared at the orgy displayed on the surveillance screen. Rage and fury almost blasted them inside out, whereas Huang Jie lowered her head while sitting on the back sofa and spoke nothing. Her face was that of anger and shame.

With a scowling sneer hanging on his mouth, Tang Xiu indifferently said, "We did not deliberately try to set them up. But the sins and unjust actions they've done themselves doomed them to the ruin they deserve. Teacher Huang Jie, it was you who was the first that spotted and took Li Xiaoqian to the Regal Classical Music Academy, but a teacher of your institution, a respected associate professor unexpectedly forced his own student to accompany these men. This made me doubt and suspect the integrity and morality of your Regal Classical Music Academy's teachers as a whole; the same doubt for the morality and character of the staffs of the Blue City TV Station as well."

Huang Jie raised her head and cursed, "Tang Zhen is an immoral beast in human clothing!"

"Beasts in human clothing as they are, they shall have the proper punishment they deserve," said Tang Xiu indifferently. "I did not intend to look for you all at the beginning. I thought to only spread out this video, and either your Regal Classical Music Academy or the Blue TV Station would be sure to have gained a notorious reputation afterward!"

Chen Wei had a change in expression and flusteredly said, "Please don't, Mr. Tang. We will give you an explanation for this matter."

"What will you do to make up for this, exactly?" Asked Tang Xiu indifferently.

Chen Wei thought for a short while before gritting his teeth and saying, "They don't deserve and are unworthy of being employees of the Blue City TV Station. I'll immediately fire them!"

"I'll also expel Tang Zhen directly!" Angrily yelled Zhang Qifeng.

"Dismissing them is only a half-assed solution." Tang Xiu shook his head. "As a matter of fact, you don't need to fire them since they already can't continue staying in their positions anymore. The reason why I asked all of you to here is I hope that you would call the police."

Call the police?

With a change in expression, Zhang Qifeng quickly said, "But Mr. Tang, won't this club also be affected if you call the police? You see…"

"We are not afraid of being affected by this matter." Huang Xu waved his hand. "As long as these shameless scum are punished, what can a small impact account for in the first place?"

Zhang Qifeng gasped for breath.

Chen Qei was silent before slowly speaking, "Little Xu, does your father know about this matter?"

"Uncle Chen, I don't think that father needs to be informed about this matter." Huang Xu shook his head. "Tang Xiu is a friend of mine and Li Xiaoqian is his high school classmate. My Dad will never blame me even if he knows."

Chen Wei took a cigarette from his pocket, ignited it and took a deep puff before nodding and saying, "I'll make the call."

Inside the luxury box.

Tang Zhen, Director Bai, and the two others took a break to recover their energy. However, this red light district enjoyment was something hard to come by, so the quartet had made plans to spend their time until the evening today to enjoy it.


The door of the box was kicked from the outside, and more than a dozen policemen in their duty uniforms rushed inside.

"What?" The quartet was stunned. They barely wore any clothes and now faced the police rushing inside. In a flash, they felt like they had fallen into an ice hole as intense fear filled their hearts.

"We've caught all the alleged people involved in an orgy party red-handed!" A middle-aged man shouted while looking at the quartet with a disgusted expression.

"No no no." Director Bai hurriedly shouted. "I have something to say. We are from the provincial TV Station…"

"Provincial TV Station?" The middle-aged man policemen sneered. "It was the CEO of your provincial TV Station who personally reported you to the police, hence don't think about wasting your own saliva anymore."


Director Bai was shocked and the other three were dumbfounded as a disbelieving expression covered their faces.

A few minutes later, when the quartet had put on their clothes and were taken out with the eight women, disbelief plastered itself on their faces when they saw the TV station CEO, Chen Wei, and the Principal and Vice-Principal of the Regal Classical Music Academy, Zhang Qifeng and Wen Shaohua, as well as Wang Zidong who stood next to the group.

In a flash, the quartet finally came to the realization that all of these events were arranged and set up by Wang Zidong, clearly providing them with everything for them to pit themselves.

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