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Neither Huang Xu, Fei Shan, or Wang Zidong could understand Yinyin at all, but Tang Xiu knew her very well. This child may still be young, but she was more mature than her peers and possessed abilities far beyond adult people. As for the reason why Tang Xiu wanted to buy yachts, it was not only to give them to Gu Yin to play but it was out of necessity since Nine Dragons Island itself was located in the middle of the ocean.

"Huang Xu, what happened to those four?" Recalling Tang Zhen and Director Bai's group of four, Tang Xiu felt that he must learn about their situation before leaving Blue City.

"Tragic and miserable, period," said Huang Xu with a smile. "They lost their jobs, families, and freedom in extension. There's nothing to speak of about the Regal Classical Music Academy, though, and nothing affected Li Xiaoqian at all. Even the first and second leader promised that they will help Li Xiaoqian later under viable and reasonable circumstances."

Tang Xiu slightly nodded in response. He had a talk with Li Xiaoqian a few days ago. She wanted to enter the entertainment industry and as her former classmate, he lent her a hand. As of recently, Qin Shaoyang and Chu Yi were planning to build a media and entertainment based company, so he made a phone call to Qin Shaoyang and recommended Li Xiaoqian to him, so she could sing while still studying whenever there was an opportunity. She could also head toward movies and television if she was willing.

In the next day, Tang Xiu left Blue City along with Mu Qingping and Gu Yin. After arriving at Star City, he went to Magnificent Tang Corporation several times to formulate the development plan with Kang Xia, and also gathered with his many acquaintances from Blue City.

Time passed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was only two days away from the New Year celebration.

A fall of seasonal snow usually gives promise of a fruitful year ahead. Tang Xiu originally intended to read at home during the snowy days, but Yuan Chuling then called him to go out.

After Tang Xiu walked out of the South Gate Town's entrance, he saw Yuan Chuling standing next to a car on the roadside. He immediately walked to him and smilingly asked, "Is there something you can't speak on the phone by asking me to come out?"

"It's not me who's looking for you, brother. It's my old man," said Yuan Chuling.

"Your Dad?" Asked Tang Xiu, confused. "What does he want from me without any rhyme or reason like this?"

"I can kind of guess." Yuan Chuling forced a smile. "My Dad's company hasn't started the transformation in the past six months! He recently withdrew quite a lot of money but has not even determined the investment project he will invest the funds into, so he wants to talk with you—to ask whether you have some good suggestions. He said that it's best… if he can work and cooperate with you on some projects."

"Hahaha." Tang Xiu couldn't help but break into laughter. "I don't think I'm one with shrewd business sense, why would he want to discuss investments and business with me? And to be frank with you, I'm currently having a headache now!"

"Huh?" Yuan Chuling was puzzled. "About what?"

Tang Xiu waved his hand and answered, "There are a couple projects I have in mind but there are no means available for me to implement them. Ah, forget it. Since Uncle Yuan wants to see me, I might as well go to see him! Maybe…"

Suddenly, Tang Xiu's expression slightly changed and a glint flashed in his eyes as another subject suddenly popped inside his head at this moment. He quickly asked, "That's right. If my memory is correct, Uncle Yuan's previous business was related to the military and they cooperated in many fields. In which direction were the products developed in his laboratory?"

"I don't know much about this matter. It's high-tech; that, I know. It should be deeply related to weapons' development, though!" Answered Yuan Chuling.

Tang Xiu blinked. He immediately opened the car's door and said, "Let's go see your old man."


At Yuan Chuling's home.

Yuan Zhengxuan was sitting in the study room with a distressed look while quietly reading the list of dismissed employees. The target research for science and tech of the research institute had been achieved and fully completed, so he wanted to dismiss the experts and professors there, and then draft a list of staff to be dismissed more than a month ago. And yet, until now he had not yet released the list, and those researchers also went home on vacation.

"Forty-six people. How should I arrange them?"

Yuan Zhengxuan rarely smoked, but he lit up a cigarette at this time and took a few deep puffs. Zhao Jing then appeared at the door of the room and walked inside with a cup of tea. When she saw his distressed expression, she said with a loving expression, "Husband, just put it down first if you can't make up your mind now! At worst, the investment would just be used to let them research some stuff. Even if it's the same… as keeping them."

"Keeping them for some time isn't a problem, but doing it for a lifetime is close to impossible." Yuan Zhengxuan smiled bitterly.

"What's so difficult about it?" Asked Zhao Jing. "It's not like we're spending the money for nothing, either. We withdrew a large number of funds and we can make a lot of money if we pick the right investment projects. Besides, those engineers and scientists have been with us for more than a decade and they have contributed and made a lot of money for us. It's kind of unjust and unkind if we are to dismiss them now."

"I'm perfectly aware that it's heartless, so I have been unable to make up my mind all this while," said Yuan Zhengxuan with a helpless expression. "Now the most important thing is that I have no goals to transform our businesses. Originally, Tang Yunde had several projects, but he doesn't need a partner since he also has plenty of funds."

"Didn't you make your son go to Tang Xiu? He may have any good investment project!" Said Zhao Jing. "That kid is really resourceful and has already set up a company with a large scale of operations and business deals at such a young age. He will definitely dabble in many fields in the future. And maybe due to our son's relationship with him, we might be able to catch and board this money-making fast train and make a fortune for ourselves."

Sigh. Yuan Zhengxuan faintly sighed and said, "If I had the heart to transform the business two years earlier, I could've bought the shares of the Magnificent Tang Corporation when it was just established. I would have sat back and idled every day now, yet the money would still come flowing in, then there would be no way I would be struck with all of a heap right now."

"Who knew that the Magnificent Tang Corporation set up by Tang Xiu would rise like this today at that time, though?" Zhao Jing nodded. "Anyways, let's just forget it for now, shall we? I want something joyful and happy since it's a big New Year celebration now. We'll think about what we must do later! I believe that becoming rich doesn't rely on climbing up other's business, but an investment."

"En. Let's put it off first and talk again after we meet Tang Xiu." Yuan Zhengxuan silently nodded.

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu was already sitting in front of Yuan Zhengxuan. After seeing his listless expression, Tang Xiu smilingly said, "Uncle Yuan, if you have something in mind please speak it out. We're not strangers, to begin with."

"Since you speak like that, then I won't beat around the bush, Tang Xiu," said Yuan Zhengxuan. "The reason I sent Ling'er to find you this time is actually that I wanted to ask whether you have any good projects to invest into. I mentioned to you before that I wanted to transform my business to avoid myself being eyed by those forces from abroad."

"How much capital do you have in hand now, Uncle Yuan?" Asked Tang Xiu.

"The military has not yet given me the latest installment for the latest product. It will be transferred to my account in April next year as per the agreement. If that is to be added up, I should have around 5 to 6 billion yuan."

Tang Xiu asked, "Uncle Yuan, the researchers in your lab should be experts in researching tech engineering, right? I'm going to speak out my mind through analogy here. If I have some ideas to research some type of products, which I have its specific details of the ideas in mind, will they be able to research the products according to my conception?"

"The specific direction for the research target must be crystal clear first, or maybe you can make an example for them," said Yuan Zhengxuan.

"It's a Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk," said Tang Xiu.

"What object is this?" Asked Yuan Zhengxuan, puzzled.

"It's a transportation vehicle, to be exact. For example, if a person stands on this Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk, they can control it to fly freely and it can guarantee that they won't fall or be thrown during the flight. Speaking about it, it's a bit similar with the induction mechanism on cars, except that the induction on a car runs on the ground, whereas the Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk flies in the sky."

Yuan Zhengxuan wore a queer expression as he looked at Tang Xiu. He shook his head and forced a smile as he said, "This idea of yours sounds like indulging yourself in fantasy. If such an object does exist in the world, it would have created a huge sensation. The most notable thing about it is that whoever is able to research it will probably have the eyes of every force in the world set on them. And those forces will definitely resort to all means to rob it."

"Why is that?" Tang Xiu was puzzled.

"Possessing science and technology is tantamount to grasping power," said Yuan Zhengxuan. "If such Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk were to be used by the military, or so to say, to use the core technology contained in the Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk after disassembling it, it will be very easy to develop other weapons. In due course, how much chance of success do you think the result of its research and development will be?"

Tang Xiu fell into silence. He admitted that he only considered how to make money with this Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk but overlooked such possibility. Now, after Yuan Zhengxuan's reminder, he couldn't help but turn vigilant.

Yuan Zhengxuan sighed, "Furthermore, even if this Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk was able to be researched and sold well like it was some high-end product, what about the safety factor of the product? You may be able to guarantee that this stuff is able to take a person flying in the air, but have you ever thought about the fact that there are no definite road or path in the air? How terrible would it be if the riders collide with each other?"

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "As I said, I can solve the issue with safety measures."

After being silent for a moment, Yuan Zhengxuan then said with a serious expression, "There are two safety measures. As long as you achieve these two, you can try to research and develop it."

"What safety measures?" Asked Tang Xiu with a moving expression.

"One is the possibility of the technology being stolen and robbed, which is related to the importance of having armed forces guarding it," answered Yuan Zhengxuan.

"Supposing that I become enemies with the major forces in the world, I can hardly guarantee that I can prevent the possibility of the tech getting stolen. But…" said Tang Xiu.

"But what?" Asked Yuan Zhengxuan.

"Give me two or three years of time," said Tang Xiu with all seriousness. "I'm sure that I can achieve these two aspects within this span of time."

Yuan Zhengxuan's expression was as though he was seeing a monster. He shook his head and said, "Don't joke with me. You indeed have achieved great things, but you are simply oblivious to the horror of the power possessed by those major forces in the world. Let's forget this and put this matter off for the time being. We'll talk about this some other time!"

Tang Xiu suddenly asked, "Uncle Yuan, since you're going to reform your business, what about the researchers in your research institute? What are they gonna do? Are you going to dismiss them?"

"This is exactly why I got a headache!" Yuan Zhengxuan smiled bitterly. "I want to dismiss them, but they have been following me for more than a dozen years, so I can't make up my mind about this! I'm currently carefully thinking about it before taking any action! So I'm keeping them for the time being."

Tang Xiu's eyes lit up and he smilingly said, "How about we make a deal, Uncle Yuan? I want to find capable researchers to help me research this Magnetic Levitation Flying Disk. Since you already have the ready-made personnel, so I'm just going to pay you an amount of money. How about transferring them to me?"

"Do you really want to try it?" Asked Yuan Zhengxuan, surprised.

"Yeah!" Said Tang Xiu with a smile.

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