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The residential building in the Old River Street district of Star City was still undeveloped and was not yet opened for inhabitants, and the transportation network had already extended from all directions with numerous alleys and lanes. It was easy for one to lose direction in the lanes and alleys there if they were not familiar with the place.

Bardeen Lane.

Outside the tenement door number 01966, two young men were squatting by the door while chatting, but their sharp eyes swept the side street from time to time. They carefully observed the street under the dim lights whenever someone passed by.

"Old Yang, I kinda feel like… something bad is about to happen." One of the young men suddenly spoke in a low voice.

The young man called Old Yang had his expression change slightly. He vigilantly looked around and said, "Hey, don't scare me like that. The last time we were in Guangyang province to take care of those dead bodies in the river bank, you had this kind of feeling too, and it turned out that the cops were rushing there. You were able to run away by jumping into the river, but Black Mole was shot dead on the spot. Everyone in our team says that you have a keen intuition, you know."

"I really didn't mean to scare you. This kind of premonition is kinda similar to what I felt back then in Guangyang Province." The other young man smiled wryly.

Old Yang frowned and pondered about it. He threw the cigarette butt in front of his feet and said, "You keep watching here. I'll go inside to talk with Brother Cheng. I'm sure we'll leave this place at once if he believes it."

"Got it," Heizi nodded without speaking more.

Inside the six-story tenement two kilometers away from them, Kang Xia was holding binoculars and observing that number 01966 tenement. Beside her were stood, two bodyguards. One of them also held binoculars and said, "Chief Kang, there should be eight people inside that building. Apart from those six who came to Manager He's place, those two people are staying there."

Kang Xia put down the binoculars as she looked at her watch and asked, "How long does it take for the Boss to get there?"

"Boss has just arrived over there; about a kilometer away from the target's courtyard. Also, he should have transferred some people from the Everlasting Feast Hall's Jingmen Island HQ, since I can see six of our comrades near the vicinity of that courtyard."

With eyes lit up, Kang Xia immediately said, "Let's go there immediately!"

The bodyguard held the binoculars as he forced a smile and said, "Chief Kang, I'm afraid my calculation is mistaken. Boss and the others have arrived there. Take a look…"

Kang Xia hurriedly lifted her binoculars. After watching through it, she found that there were more than a dozen figures around the courtyard. Some of them were experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall who were staying in Star City. She could not recognize eight of them. However, they looked very skillful and sturdy as they easily climbed the roof from the left, right, and the back of the building.

"They are about to act," muttered Kang Xia.

Her guess was correct.

Tang Xiu issued the order to apprehend those people the moment he arrived at the courtyard entrance. Heizi, who was smoking and on guard by the door, simply did not have the time to pull the gun in his waist as two middle-aged men approached him all of a sudden and put a sharp dagger on his neck.


The door was kicked open and Tang Xiu only glanced at Heizi with indifference as he arrived there and went straight inside. The two men in the courtyard had already been captured by the four experts and had their mouths covered and with sharp daggers also on their necks.

Inside the building, Chen Cheng was currently listening to Old Yang's report. He frowned deeply in silence, pondering whether they had to leave. As the sounds from the courtyard door were heard, what he first did was pull the pistol from his waist and bolted toward the windows to look outside with an alarmed expression.


His face instantly turned nasty after seeing the scene outside. Little did he think that he and his team would be found even though they had been careful to conceal their whereabouts. Judging from the scene outside, the other party had probably surrounded the place already.

"Get ready for combat and risk your life to rush out!" Chen Cheng looked at the other four in the room and said with a grim expression.

The only woman among them, who was smoking, caressed the ring in her left ring finger. Her eyes were cold and looked savage as killing intent burst out from them. Though she was not an assassin, she had committed a lot of murders and even felt that she was much better than many of these assassins.

"The other party may be people from the Magnificent Tang Corporation. I don't know the strength of this company's security forces, but I'm sure only a few of them came here, else it would create quite of a big ruckus outside. Therefore, we'll fight with everything we have. Kill as many as we can and find a chance to escape," said the woman calmly.

Chen Cheng furrowed his brows and glanced at her. He then nodded silently and said, "We all have guns, and I don't think they have many guns even though they have us surrounded. So there's no need for us to fear them. Wait for my command before shooting them."

Old Yang had also taken out his gun. Almost everyone in their team brought a gun when they came here. After he went to the door, he slowly pushed it and made an opening, and then pointing his muzzle out.

"Old Yang, shoot the man who put the dagger on Heizi. Your marksmanship is the best among us, so be sure to kill that guy with one shot!" Chen Cheng commanded.

"Got it!"

A bloodthirst look flashed in Old Yang's eyes. He aimed his gun at the middle-aged man who held Heizi, silently counted to three and then directly pulled the trigger.


A gunshot was heard and the bullet shot through the slit of the door towards that man. At the same instant moment, that man's expression changed and forcefully moved Heizi's body, causing him to get shot by the bullet instead.

Tang Xiu was standing at the forefront. After finding that he was not the target of the bullet, he immediately shouted, "MOVE NOW! LEAVE SOME OF THEM ALIVE!"

Crash! Crash!

The windows on both sides of the room were shattered to pieces as two ghostly figures bolted into the room the moment after. Their movements were so fast that Chen Cheng's group of five could only see flashing images and feel the guns in their hands seized from them at once. What made their souls almost depart their bodies was that their hands and wrists were fractured instantly at this moment.

"Don't move if you don't wanna die!"

Two men aimed the guns they just robbed from the four people at Chen Cheng. While a man who did not aim his gun at them was now slowly slumped to the floor with his neck twisted.

Despite the fear he felt inside, Chen Cheng forced himself to keep calm on the surface. He glared at the middle-aged man who just spoke and asked, "Who are you, people? Do you know that breaking into someone's house is breaking the law?"

"Is that so?" sneered Tang Xiu as he strode into the room. His eyes swept over them before they finally fell on Chen Cheng and said, "Breaking the law, huh? Some villains unexpectedly talk to me about breaking the law? Don't you think that you're ridiculous?"

"Who are you?" Asked Chen Cheng in a heavy voice.

Under his gaze, Tang Xiu walked to the chair nearby and sat down. He lit a cigarette and took a puff, blowing out some smoke rings and indifferently said, "You cast your greedy eyes over my stuff, and yet you ask me who I am? Do you have a bad memory or something? Are you some kind of idiot?"

Chen Cheng's complexion greatly changed. His breathing turned rapid at this moment as he looked at Tang Xiu with an incredulous expression and muttered, "You are Tang Xiu? The Big Boss of Magnificent Tang Corporation?"

"Well, well. Seems like you have a very detailed information about me, no?" Tang Xiu sneered. "That's right. I'm Tang Xiu, the Magnificent Tang Corporation's owner, a rich yet down-to-earth man."

With a face drained of any color, Chen Cheng's hope of seizing the chance to escape was smashed, since Tang Xiu himself was already here. As an experienced man who had gone through many storms and waves, he naturally knew that it was highly likely that he would meet his demise by the other party here and now.

"Winners are kings, and losers are always in the wrong. I've fallen to your hands. Hack and kill us. I just don't care. Do what you will." Chen Cheng took a deep breath. He raised his hand to touch his forehead and gave an eye signal to the woman.

Tacitly understanding it, the woman instantly dashed toward Tang Xiu. Mo Awu, who was behind Tang Xiu, instantly moved to Tang Xiu's front to block her and fiercely kick her abdomen, sending her flying upside down and then spurted out some blood after she fell. The instant moment after, Mo Awu had dashed to Chen Cheng's front and sent him a heavy punch that straightly knocked him down.

"Tie them up!" Ordered Tang Xiu coldly.

A dozen minutes later, the two men who were acting as watch guards were also brought, and a total of seven enemies who were still alive had been tied up.

"Greatly done, Boss!" Kang Xia was very happy with the outcome. Though she was perfectly aware of how powerful Tang Xiu's combat ability was, she was still worried that he would be injured. She felt relieved after seeing that he was safe and sound, and immediately let out a praise.

Tang Xiu only faintly smiled in response and said, "If my guess is correct, the rest of them should probably be some trivial henchmen except for that man and woman who visited Manager He Dong. Anyways, you should go and wait outside, Kang Xia. I'm going to torture them to extract what I need to know."

Kang Xia hesitated for a moment before nodding and turned around to leave.

Right as the door was closed, Tang Xiu ordered Mo Awu to wake Chen Cheng, and then lightly spoke to him, "Since you already investigated my identity, I'm sure you already know that my identity as the Young Divine Doctor of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. As a divine doctor, I can bring back a man from the death's door and yet let them hang on the bridge toward it. So I'm going to use it to torture you. You must know that I can guarantee to have your life still hanging even though you have been cut by a thousand blades. I can still keep your life for two or three days after that, and you won't be able to commit suicide even if you want to."

"I already prepared to die since I dared to come to Star City." Chen Cheng sneered. "I was never afraid of torture. Bring it on if you have the ability. If my brows even furrow then I'm not a man!"

"Then I'll let you taste the feeling of having a twisted muscle and slipped bones first." Tang Xiu sneered. "Then I'll make you taste how death is much better than staying alive."

After saying that, he patted Chen Cheng's body without stopping with a good control of force. He then stopped more than ten seconds after, stepping back and returning to the chair. On the other side, the woman also sobered up.


A heart-rending scream came out from Chen Cheng's mouth. The pain brought by twisted muscles and slipped bones was the most painful sensation he had ever suffered in his whole life.

Tang Xiu looked at the woman and indifferently sneered, "Well, my treat of twisted muscles and slipped bones seems to have a great effect. If you wanna try it, I can use it on you too."

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