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The cold wind was whistling amidst the dark night.

Mo Awu led the four experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall as they quietly approached a specific location in the Seneschal Mansion Garden according to Chen Cheng's confession. The group of five did not enter from the main entrance but circled around to the back of the tenement, and then easily snuck inside from the staircase window.

"Awu, there are a total of four suspicious targets around this tenement. Shall we neutralize them first or straightly go to the top to catch those people?" Asked an expert of the Everlasting Feast Hall.

As the commander of this action, the other four listened to Mo Awu's orders, so he thought for a while and said seriously, "We'll apprehend that guy surnamed Qian first. We can accomplish this mission as long as we get a hold of him, so dealing with the rest won't pose any risk."

Soon, the group of five arrived at the stairwell to the floor where Qian Xingwang was staying. After determining the apartment number, Mo Awu signaled a thin middle-aged man who then took out two curved lockpicks and easily opened the lock.

"Nobody is here?" The group of five looked around the room but did not find anyone's shadow.

"The tea in the cups is still hot and the smell of smoke has not yet dissipated, so they must have just left. Brother Hei, you're a tracking expert, do you have some means to track the enemy?" Asked Mo Awu in a deep voice.

The thin middle-aged man pondered for a while and then gave his judgment, "Since they just left and those four suspicious people are still around downstairs, I suspect our target should still be in this tenement. Gimme a couple of minutes, I'll find them."

After saying that, he took a plastic bag from his pocket containing yellow powder inside. He came to the door and sprinkled the yellow powder on the floor, then fished a bottle of spray and sprayed it on the powder. Soon after, footprints appeared on top of the powder.

"Next door?" The thin middle-aged man was baffled, yet he immediately stood and gave a signal to Mo Awu.

"Open the door." Mo Awu quickly issued an order.

Right as the thin middle-aged man opened the lock with his two lockpicks, Mo Awu instantly opened the door and his figure dashed inside like a lightning bolt.


Chen Xingwang, who was always on guard, shouted quickly when the door lock was opened. But Mo Awu's group of five bolted inside too fast and a sharp dagger was already placed on his neck, giving him no time to pull his pistol.

Bam, Bam…

The other two men inside the room were directly knocked down and under control.

Mo Awu pinched Chen Xingwang's neck and sneered, "What's your name?"

"Who are you people?" Chen Xingwang did not answer but asked back.

"You don't need to know who we are. Just spit out your name," said Mo Awu with a sneer. "Else I don't mind making you bleed."

"My name is Chen."

Chen Xingwang felt like his heart was falling into an ice hole when he replied with a face drained of color. He could tell that he had been sold out by Chen Cheng. The report that man told him in the previous call was a complete lie; the woman he trusted the most must have been killed by the enemy, and Chen Cheng helped the enemy by giving them more time for them to rush here and catch him.

Mo Awu's brows pricked up and punched him to make him faint. He took his wallet from his pocket and found his ID card in it, and then directly called Tang Xiu after determining that this man was Chen Xingwang.

Star City, the Long's Dining Hall.

After receiving a call from Mo Awu, a contented smile appeared on Tang Xiu's handsome face. He had spent quite an effort to finally catch Chen Xingwang. He decided to serve this man well. Whoever was the person who wanted to snatch the products' formulas of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, he must make them regret having such an idea in mind, no matter who the person was.

"Is he caught?" Kang Xia's eyes immediately lit up after seeing Tang Xiu's expression.

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile and then said, "Yeah, we got him. Mo Awu will bring him back soon. And Kang Xia, call Manager He, the supervisor for the Scar Removal Cream! This time, his merit is the biggest."

Kang Xia nodded with a smile.

At present, He Chao was waiting in anxiety and restlessness at home. As a manager who supervised the Scar Removal Cream, he had a lot of authority and could be considered as a genuine top executive of the company. He believed that he had made a great fortune for being able to work in the Magnificent Tang Corporation. He was really satisfied, whether it was the salary or the trend in regards to its development in the future. He even estimated his achievement in the future would definitely make numerous people envious and jealous of him as long as he was loyal and dedicated in his work in this company.

Loyalty! This was the attitude He Chao held toward the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. After the last incident in the Long's Dining Hall, he witnessed how his Big Boss did the murder, and personally experienced the solidarity in the company upon facing the enemy. He realized the traits the Big Boss appreciated the most was not how skillful and resourceful the top executives' ability was, but their loyalty and faithfulness.

Ring ring ring…

When his phone rang, he immediately pressed the answer button and then respectfully spoke, "Chief Kang."

"Boss wants to see you. Come to the Long's Dining Hall at once…" said Kang Xia

After the call ended, He Chao rushed to the Long's Dining Hall as fast as he could while turning anxious inside. He did not know what the outcome would be, but he was sure that the Boss wanted to see him not to make things difficult for him since he chose to be loyal to the company and Tang Xiu.

Half an hour later, he arrived at the Long's Dining Hall and was led by Kang Xia to the business suite where Tang Xiu was. He then looked at Tang Xiu, who was currently standing by the window facing outside, and cautiously called out, "Were you looking for me, Boss?"

Tang Xiu turned around and looked at him with a serious expression. It made He Chao a bit restless, but then, the seriousness on Tang Xiu's face turned into a bright smiling face as he amiably greeted him, "Manager He, I apologize for making you come here late in the night in a rush and disturb your rest. Please have a seat. Kang Xia, please make a pot of tea."

"Alright!" Kang Xia smiled and turned around.

Seeing Tang Xiu's change in attitude, He Chao felt flattered. He never expected that the Big Boss would even want him to seat, much less seeing him order Kang Xia to make tea personally.

After taking a seat, Tang Xiu said with satisfaction, "Manager He, I must truthfully tell you that you're the hero of our Magnificent Tang Corporation, and I see loyalty from you. It is because of your report that we have caught a group of people who attempted to plot a scheme against our company. As the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you, Manager He."

Though he was wild with joy inwardly, his face looked restless and afraid, "B-Boss, you… you are too polite. I'm a member of our Magnificent Tang Corporation, to begin with. So this is what I should do."

"I'm really satisfied that you said 'our company', Manager He," said Tang Xiu with satisfaction. "Anyways, I already instructed Kang Xia to increase your annual salary by 50%, and you will also be rewarded with a residence about 150 square meters after the Star City's New City has been opened."

He Chao's pupils contracted and disbelief could be seen bursting out from his eyes. His annual salary already exceeded 1 million yuan, so a 50% increase was a big figure. What shocked him more was that he knew clearly well what project the Star City's New City was. After this project was done, the housing price there would be so high that it could make one tremble. Two or three million yuan would not be enough to buy a house of 150 square meters there, right?

This… this reward is…

A warm feeling suddenly gushed inside He Chao's heart. He gazed deeply at Tang Xiu and solemnly vowed, "Boss, the Magnificent Tang Corporation is this He Chao's root from now on. As long as the company does not abandon me, I'm willing to give the rest of my life for the Magnificent Tang Corporation."

Tang Xiu clapped, "That's exactly why I spoke to you like that, Manager He. I think you have already seen the development of our Magnificent Tang Corporation. Our company will be even bigger in the future and the number of business projects we need to manage will become more as well. I look forward to many years later when you will become the senior top executive of the company, and look forward to the day when you become the General Manager of a subsidiary company or multiple subsidiary companies under our Magnificent Tang Corporation."

He Chao couldn't sit still. He could understand the deep meaning in Tang Xiu's words, that was, as long as he was loyal and devoted to the Magnificent Tang Corporation, as well as having the ability, he would be able to obtain a bigger authority and better treatment in extension in the future. It was the Big Boss himself who gave him…. this commitment.

"Thank you, Boss." He Chao got up and bowed with a solemn expression.


Three in the morning.

Mo Awen's group of five escorted Qian Xingwang's group of seven back to Star City. And the man was still fainted when Tang Xiu saw him.

"Wake him up."

Tang Xiu glanced at Kang Xia, who had fallen asleep on the sofa. He picked her up and brought her into the next room. She had been busy for a long time, and it was very difficult for her to follow him personally.

When he returned to the living room he saw that Qian Xingwang had woken up and lightly said, "I'm very pleased to meet you. This is our first time meeting, isn't it?"

Staring deeply at Tang Xiu's eyes, Qian Xingwang sneered, "The Magnificent Tang Corporation's Big Boss, Tang Xiu, is really not your ordinary man!"

"So you should know my methods since you already know, no?" Replied Tang Xiu with indifference. "You're a businessman who has an electronic products business. I don't think you'd have this much courage to dare to set your eyes on my Magnificent Tang Corporation. So tell me, who's the person who instructed a Chinese overseas like you to do so?"

"Don't bother asking." Qian Xingwang shook his head. "Even if you must kill me, I don't dare tell you."

"Chen Cheng spoke like that too," said Tang Xiu with a faint smile. "But after torture where death is much better than being alive, he could no longer stand it, so he told me everything he knew, and even complied to deceive you. In fact, death itself is not that scary. What is scary is that inhuman torture. It's a kind of feeling that you want to die and yet want to stay alive, but you can't have both. So I'll recite the words I told to Chen Cheng before: I'm a Divine Doctor who can torture you to death and then revive you again. That taste of suffering day after day and year after year is not something you can bear even if you're an immortal."

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