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As dusk came, Tang Xiu drove to Star City Airport. Although he did not know for what purpose Mu Wanying was visiting Star City this time, he still had to pick her up and even booked a box in the Long's Dining Hall. He was guessing that it was his mother's idea of wanting him to go to Shanghai to study, so Mu Wanying came over, and it was very likely that he would have prepared to go Shanghai with her.

Six in the afternoon.

A beautiful figure appeared at the airport exit. After Tang Xiu saw Mu Wanying, he immediately waved at her, but he then froze as he saw that there was a beautiful middle-aged couple with Mu Wanying. The most notable thing was that Mu Wanying bore some resemblance to the woman.

"You're Tang Xiu, right? A very capable young man indeed."

The middle-aged man behind Mu Wanying, donning a formal suit and tie, showed a look of satisfaction on his face after he saw Tang Xiu.

The gorgeous woman also let out a faint smile and said, "The man our Wanying has taken a liking to is naturally excellent. Tang Xiu, I'm very satisfied with you."

Tang Xiu's lower lip squirmed. At this moment, even if he was stupid, there was no way he could not figure out the identity of this middle-aged couple! He wryly smiled inwardly, though he put on a modest expression on the surface, and greeted, "How do you do, Uncle and Auntie. Welcome to Star City."

There was a blushing color on Mu Wanying's beautiful face, and yet one could also see a trace of helplessness there. There was a trace of apology in her tone when she spoke, "Tang Xiu, my parents kind of urged me to bring them to Star City, so I…"

"It was your Dad and Mom who insisted in inviting us to visit Star City to be their guests last year, Tang Xiu," Mu Jianhua interrupted her and said with a smile. "Since we're not that busy after the New Year we came here to visit. The relationship between you and Wanying will become much closer sooner or later and we as her guardians give our consent, so we naturally must get closer as well."

Tang Xiu recalled the mysterious smile his father showed him in the afternoon and immediately felt somewhat helpless inside. Although he had already explained the true state of his relationship with Mu Wanying, that they were just a fake couple, now it seemed that they simply did not take it seriously! He could also see that helplessness and apologetic look in Mu Wanying's eyes and buckled up himself after giving it a bit of thought. In any case, he would have to find himself a wife who would give birth to his children sooner or later, while Mu Wanying herself also understood the state of affairs he was in. If she wished to make do in such a situation, he could not always oppose the idea straightly. He had been devoting his whole life to refine his resolve on the path to immortality, and now that there was a woman who wanted to enter the trajectory of his life and did not tally with his original idea, then it was clear that she was willing to be with him and did not wish to part.

While all sorts of thoughts were churning inside his heart, Tang Xiu quickly thought up some things. He displayed the attitude of a younger generation facing Mu Wanying's parents as he lifted their luggage, invited them to board the car, and then drove toward South Gate Town.

At home.

After Tang Xiu saw the meeting of both parents, he realized that today's meeting was not the first time they met, as both parents had met for several times already back when they were in the capital. Even his mother, Su Lingyun, toured and visited many places of historic interests and scenic beauty in Beijing accompanied by Mu Wanying's mother, Jiang Zhenli.

On the second floor.

After Tang Xiu took Mu Wanying into his room, he forced out a smile and said, "I thought you had gone to Shanghai already. Never expected that you would visit Star City with your parents all of a sudden today. Those four, they have set this up for quite some time, haven't they?"

"I'm really sorry, Tang Xiu," said Mu Wanying with an apologetic smile. "Actually, I only learned about it before I was about to leave for Star City. I would have already called you in advance otherwise."

Tang Xiu waved his hand and turned on the heating in the bedroom. "It's alright. Actually, I've told my parents the truth about our relationship, and yet they sure like you so much since they put so much effort in doing this. And to be honest, I do like you very much since everyone does love beauty, after all; but liking you doesn't mean that it's love, however. Besides, I still have a lot of important things to do, so if you really wish to, let us just get along slowly. As for to what step we'll come to, let us just watch how things will come out, and discuss about this again later."

Getting along together?

Mu Wanying stared at Tang Xiu in disbelief, and yet the pleasant surprise quickly filled her heart. So to say, would they be in a relationship later?


Kanas hunting grounds.

After recuperating for a few days, Jin Sanchi had forced out all the poisons in his body, while Ji Sijie's injuries had also healed. Neither of them left, however, as they were waiting for the news of the investigation from the Strange Door's people. For both of them, finding out clearly about Tang Xiu's identity was very important since the issue on Immortal Trove was, after all, of the utmost importance. They must do whatever it takes to obtain it should an opportunity arise.

Dum dum dum…

Strange sounds, like drum beats coming from the distant sky, were as though drilling into their hearts. The rhythm of the sound was very particular. It felt like it was a summoning sign for them. Jin Sanchi's and Jin Sijie's complexions changed greatly. The two men who were previously cultivating inside the room looked at each other with disbelief painted on their faces, as their figure instantly disappeared the moment after.

At the back of the mountain of Kanas hunting grounds.

After the two men quickly flew past the highest peak of the mountain, they lifted their hands nearly at the same time to rub their eyes. When their line of sight turned clearer and was sure that they were not seeing things, they knelt on the ground and repeatedly kowtowed towards an old man who sat cross-legged under an old tree in the summit.

The old man, whose body exuded a rotten smell and donned a long, handwoven hemp robe, had hair coiled like a bun and wrinkles on his face. His eyes were particularly deep and profound as if he had the universe contained within, along with the sun, the moon, and the stars. His skinny hand was holding a snare drum that was the source of the strange drumbeat that came from above.

"Y-you're… you're still alive, Master?" muttered Jin Sanchi, full of excitement.

The old man in hemp robe faintly smiled and said, "This old man never expected to still be alive. Had it not been because… the Imperial Dragon Chart protected my last bit of true soul and foretold that an imminent catastrophe is about to befall the two of you, I would have probably perished already and had my soul dissipated."

A big disaster is about to befall upon them?

Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie looked at each other and suddenly recalled the crisis of a few days ago. The expression in their eyes when they looked at the old man in a hemp robe turned more reverential. Their Master left them two magic weapons more than 60 years ago as well as an ancient manual for cultivation before he flew up, and no news about him was heard since. After so many years, they thought that their Master had already passed away, and never had the thought that he would still be alive and return to see them again one day.

They both were raised by their Master, Daoist Qiankun. Back when Daoist Qiankun adopted them, he was already 180 years old and, added with the time he went missing for about 20 years and being still alive, it indicated that he was now 260 years of age.

"Did you break through to the Golden Core Stage, Master?" Asked Jin Sanchi with a cautious expression.

Daoist Qiankun nodded and said, "More than 60 years ago, I actually felt that breaking through to the Golden Core Stage was imminent, hence I secluded myself from the world to cultivate, and eventually became a Golden Core Stage expert. Just as I broke through, however, that damned Old Blind persecuted and trapped me inside the Abstruse Yin Ground, but then I was able to tread on the Nascent, thus escaping the predicament. I would probably be unable to escape if it wasn't for the Imperial Dragon Chart."

"Did you just say that you have broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage, Master?" Exclaimed Jin Sijie hurriedly.

"Since when breaking through to the Nascent Soul Stage is an easy feat to achieve?" Daoist Qiankun shook his head. "The Imperial Dragon Chart stored the blood essence of the two of you a long time ago, children. I happen to own a secret art that I inject to it, and thus I sensed that there would be an imminent disaster befalling upon you two. Never did I expect that I would finally be able to escape from the Abstruse Yin Ground after self-destructing my Golden Core to detonate the Imperial Dragon Chart."

Self-destructing the Golden Core?

Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie were dumbfounded. Though they had not yet reached the Golden Core Stage, they also knew what the consequences of exploding their own Golden Core were.

"But Master, you… are you all right now?" Jin Sanchi's heart was full of emotion, with worry and concern.

"My cultivation dropped sharply by four levels, and my present situation is only comparable to the Early Golden Core Stage." Daoist Qiankun smiled bitterly. "I was greatly fortunate to have obtained a manual called 'Source Crossing to Ultimate Essence' and saved myself from becoming disabled. Alright, let us talk about you now. Have you encountered any troubles as of recently?"

Jin Sanchi quickly said the recent events and finally said, "Tang Xiu is now occupying that Immortal Trove. We don't dare to act rashly since we have yet to figure out the force behind him."

A cold glint flashed in Daoist Qiankun's eyes. He was pleasantly surprised by the existence of the Immortal Trove. In fact, escaping from the depths of the Abstruse Yin Ground was not entirely for these two disciples of his, but if he did not find a way to escape that place, then he would be trapped there eternally and eventually meet his demise thoroughly.

"Just wait for the news. The matter regarding the Immortal Trove is a matter of the utmost importance since we ourselves have a predestined affinity with immortality, to begin with. The very reason we absolutely must not miss it." Daoist Qiankun even secretly made up his mind that even if Tang Xiu did have a great force behind him, he still must involve himself and do everything he could even if the probability was minute. Otherwise, with the situation he was currently in, he would only be able to maintain himself for a few years. Adding a few decades more and he would not be able to return to his peak and would certainly die on the cultivation path.


Star City.

Tang Xiu and Mu Wanying stood side by side while watching the faint streetlights outside the window, each with their own ideas in mind. However, since their four elders pushed them hard, neither Tang Xiu or Mu Wanying could deny them at this time. Else, the final outcome would only make the faces of their parents turn ugly.

"When will you return to Shanghai?"

Inwardly, Mu Wanying was very excited and happy, though she concealed it very well. She finally broke the long silence with the question.

"Should be the day after tomorrow!" Answered Tang Xiu.

"Let's go together then!" Said Mu Wanying softly. "I already brought my things over since I originally planned to go to Shanghai from Star City."

"Okay. No problem," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

While looking at Tang Xiu's smiling face, Mu Wanying suddenly said, "Tang Xiu, it's actually not a problem if you can't accept our relationship. At the worst, we would still be the same like before, a fake couple."

"Fake couple?" Tang Xiu smiled. "Regardless of whether it's like that or not, it really doesn't matter as long as both parties don't refuse the idea. Let us just let nature take its course, shall we? We can't say for sure what the future holds."

"Alright!" Mu Wanying nodded gently.

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