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When Tang Xiu and Mu Wanying came down from the second floor, a fragrant and delicious meal had been served in the dining room. With Su Lingyun's greeting, the two took a seat in the dining table. While looking at the four elders happily dining together in a harmonious and happy atmosphere, Mu Wanying happily smiled inwardly. As for Tang Xiu, he did not talk much but still maintained an attentive and satisfactory etiquette.

After dinner, Tang Xiu originally had the intention to escort the Mu family of three to the Long's Dining Hall. But Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun's great hospitality made the family stay overnight at their home. Despite feeling surprised facing such a situation, Tang Xiu calmly accepted it. Fortunately, Mu Jianhua and Jiang Zhenli only stayed in Star City for one day and then left for Beijing on the evening of the next day.

Since Tang Xiu had to leave Star City, he went to the Magnificent Tang Corporation and explained all the matters to Kang Xia and then transferred a large amount of capital to her account. Following that, he took her to the research institute and introduced her to Mo Yi and the other professors and researchers.

"How about going to my place tonight?" It was already nine in the evening when the two left the institute. Kang Xia, who sat on the driver seat and wore a fur coat, asked with an expectant expression on her face.

Tang Xiu originally wanted to refuse, but looking at the expectation on her face and that he also had to leave Star City tomorrow, meaning that they would not see each other for some time. After hesitating for a moment, he finally nodded and said, "Alright. Let's go to your place."

With a happy expression, Kang Xia accelerated.

Her request was not too much. She only hoped that she would be with Tang Xiu and that already made her fully satisfied and content. She thought that she would have a lot of time with him during winter vacation, and also had a lot of time to see him during this time. Little did she expect that Tang Xiu turned out to be very busy and they could only meet a few times during the winter vacation.

Nearly an hour later, the duo arrived at the villa complex where Kang Xia lived. After parking the car in the courtyard, Kang Xia then pulled Tang Xiu into the villa.

"Aunt Hong must be resting, no?"

Kang Xia stood in the living room and glanced around. Finding that she did not see the figure of the housekeeper anywhere, she immediately spoke in a low voice. Yet, such a situation made her very happy.

"Well, you don't seem to like Aunt Hong seeing me," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Kang Xia blushed and said, "How so? I'm just afraid that Aunt Hong will disturb us. That's right. Have you had a supper yet? Do you want me to cook something for you?"

A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu's face as he coiled his hands around her body, picked her up and walked toward the stairs. He then smilingly said, "Don't tell me you haven't heard that being with a beauty is better than eating? There's no need for you to cook, I want to eat you."

"You… you're gross."

The blush on Kang Xia's turned redder as she buried her face on Tang Xiu's neck, feeling incomparably bashful inside. Although the two of them could be considered as husband and wife, they only had sex a few times. She herself hoped for it, and yet felt embarrassed every time.

On the corridor of the second floor.

Andy was holding a towel and rubbing her wet hair as she came out of the bathroom in pink-cartoon pajamas. When she saw Tang Xiu carrying Kang Xia out of the staircase, a disbelieving expression painted her cute, adorable face. The only thing expression that was inside her big, round eyes.

"You guys…" Andy gaped and was a bit overwhelmed after she snapped back to her senses.

Tang Xiu was left dumbfounded as he held Kang Xia in the corridor. Though he knew that Andy lived in the next door villa, never did expect that she would be Kang Xia's villa at 10 in the evening.

Kang Xia raised her red face from Tang Xiu's neck and, when she saw the stunned Andy, she suddenly remembered that it was herself who asked Andy to come to her place tonight since she wanted to gift her a set of good cosmetics brought back from abroad by her friend. Immediately, she groaned in depression inwardly and hurriedly got herself down from Tang Xiu's embrace.

"Umm, you know… why haven't you slept yet, Andy?" Kang Xia looked a bit awkward and a bit helpless as she asked with an embarrassed expression.

There was a bit of anger on Andy's small face. She dashed towards Tang Xiu and straightly pulled his arm. "You're really a bad woman, Boss. We already promised each other that we'd share everything, joy, and misfortune, for better or for worse. But YOU… you turned out to be keeping everything for yourself?!"


Kang Xia shook her head, being at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh. Even if they did make a promise to share the blessings and misfortunes together, could this even be said as keeping the food for herself? Surely it doesn't mean that she also wanted to share 'this kind of joy' with one man?!

Hmph! Andy snorted at Kang Xia and then pulled Tang Xiu's arm as she raised her exquisite small face and said, "Boss, you cannot be liberal to one and stingy to other like this. You've seen this lady Boss's body, that I know; but you have seen mine too. It is said that Chinese men are good at keeping their responsibility. Shouldn't you be responsible for me too?"

"I…" An expression of being at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh also covered Tang Xiu's face. Just how an apple can be compared to an orange in this matter? Can a man be held responsible just because he saw a woman's body? I've seen a lot of Japanese "sex acrobatic" movies, do I have to be held responsible for seeing those outstanding performers?

Tang Xiu did not want to be nagged by this kind of matter too much, so he hurriedly explained, "Andy, you misunderstood us. Kang Xia sprained her foot, so I escorted her from the outside and carried her here. Alright, since I've brought her home, then I'll leave her into your care. I should go back now."

"Did you really get your foot twisted?" Andy looked at Kang Xia and changed again to Tang Xiu and immediately asked with a doubtful expression, "Is that true?"

Though feeling reluctant, Kang Xia also knew that she would not be able to spend the night with Tang Xiu, so she nodded and said, "Yeah, it's true."

Andy hesitated for a moment and then groaned, "I don't care! Boss just hugged you, so it's my turn."

"Andy, please knock it off," said Tang Xiu hurriedly. "I'd also hug you if your foot got twisted one day, okay? Alright, take good care of Kang Xia well. I'll go back first."

With that said, he immediately turned around and flashed his way out of the villa. After coming out, he suddenly remembered that he took a ride on Kang Xia's car. In order to avoid getting pestered by Andy again, however, he walked straight out of the villa complex and then dialed Mo Awu's cell number.

"Come and fetch me."


A minute later, the Range Rover car was parked in front of Tang Xiu.

After Tang Xiu boarded, he said, "Go back to South Gate Town!"

"Boss, an unexpected situation just happened. We found some people tracking us," said Mo Awu. "Jin Hu already caught them, and they should be returning soon."

Some people tracking me?

Tang Xiu slightly furrowed his brows and said, "Then let us wait here."

A few minutes later, a Mercedes-Benz SUV parked next to the Range Rover. As the door was opened, Jin Hu stood in front of the car's window and respectfully said, "Boss, we caught the people who were tracking us, a total of four men, all of whom have been stunned by us and are now inside the car."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Then he took out his mobile phone to call Kang Xia and then said, "Take them to the villa complex! Since the target they picked to tail is me, I think they are not some good bunch. Interrogate them first, and then we'll see how to deal with them afterward."

Inside the villa.

Andy followed Kang Xia with a resentful expression. After entering Kang Xia's room, she resentfully groaned, "Your foot was not twisted at all, right, Boss?"

"Yeah," said Kang Xia with a forced smile.

Andy angrily said, "So to say, you really want to keep everything for yourself, yes?"

Kang Xia threw her bag to the sofa, took a seat and forced a wry smile, "You're a big girl already, Andy. Can you just knock it off?"

"Who just made the trouble? You!" Retorted Andy angrily. "You know I like Boss very much! Just take a look at the other men outside, each and every one of them is so worthless with their minds are full of filthy thoughts. The only one who can enter my eyes is only our Boss. I don't even care if he has a wife."

"You…" Kang Xia opened her mouth, but after looking at Andy's particularly serious expression, she immediately said, "Andy, we are indeed good sisters and we do share everything usually. But this man… aargh, forget it. I'll tell you the truth now! I do have such a relationship with our Boss, but I'm perfectly aware that Boss has some sentiments that still hold him down inside. Even if I'm in there, I know very well that it's impossible for him to give his whole heart to me. There's also another thing that I'm very well aware of, that even I myself will not be his legal wife in the future."

Andy's eyes blinked. She pointed her finger to Kang Xia all of a sudden and said with amazement, "So to say, you're also a home wrecker, a mistress?"

A mistress?

Kang Xia's face looked downcast in an instant, and helplessly replied, "Can you not use such terms? Else, there's no way we can talk at all."

The scowl on Andy's face instantly vanished, replaced by a pleasantly surprised smile. She threw the towel in her hand and then sat next to Kang Xia, reaching out her hand and holding it, and then said with a smile, "Boss, I understand now. You really are better than me—a loser. Legal or not legal, I don't give a damn! Boss is so outstanding, for him to have several women is very normal! You also know Lilian, right? She told me a long time ago that she doesn't want to become a legal wife of a man, but she must be that man's mistress. A few days ago, she took some photos and uploaded them on Facebook. You know what? That man is probably that Eyeglasses Magnate from Hong Kong."

"She's a vixen whose eyes turn green on the money!" replied Kang Xia with a snap.

"But I think it's fine! What she chases after is money, and yet she also pursues love." Andy shook her head. "She said that only a capable man will be able to control her, and yet all capable men will have countless excellent women attracted to them. If you can't monopolize him for yourself, then just sharing him will do."

Kang Xia fell silent. She grew up in freedom abroad and naturally understood Andy's way of thinking. Men and women abroad were very open in regards to love, romance, and the relationship between man and woman. They could choose to live together if they wanted to; or get separated when things went south. There were too many capable men abroad who had many women and even capable women who had many men.

And that idea also had seriously affected Andy.

But then again, why had she not been influenced by those Western ideas? Else how was it possible for her to lose such men despite how outstanding she was? And yet, she must be prepared to share an outstanding man with other women if she wanted to obtain him, even though… the taste was so bitter.

Aargh, forget it! I may not own his love, but I can own his child. Fight—I must try harder…

Kang Xia clenched her fists, and her expression when she looked out of the window was firm and determined.

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