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South Gate Town, Kingview Villa.

Mu Wanying was still up, wearing a coat and standing quietly by the window. Through the slit of the curtain on the window, the dim light made the scenery outside look very clear. She was thinking. She knew that Tang Xiu had a lot of things to tend to, though she did not expect that he was really so busy that he had not yet come back so late in the night.

Should I call him?

The idea crossed her mind many times, and she cast it away every time it appeared. She was afraid that she would disturb Tang Xiu in his work and feared that he would be unhappy with her. She became Tang Xiu's "legal" girlfriend, and yet she was anxious for a favor and worried, lest she lost him.

At this time, she caught sight of the light outside the window. Just a dozen seconds after, she saw a car quickly entering the courtyard, and then Tang Xiu came out of it. As sensitive and keen as she was, however, she was keenly aware that something was not right judging from Tang Xiu's expression. He looked cold and detached, and there was also a trace of… anxiousness.

Mu Wanying hesitated for a moment before she immediately walked out of her room. When she came to the corner of the stairs, she saw Tang Xiu coming up.

"Wanying, are my parents sleeping?" Asked Tang Xiu directly.

Mu Wanying nodded, "They should be resting already. You…"

Tang Xiu reached out to grab her hand and pulled her into his room. After closing the door from the inside, he said with a serious expression, "There's an emergency, I need to go out of the city, so you can to Shanghai by yourself. Also, my Mom wants me to return to Shanghai to attend classes, so we'll have to leave South Gate Town tonight. I'll book a room in the Long's Dining Hall. You'll be resting there tonight and then immediately go to Shanghai."

"What exactly happened? Can I help?" Asked Mu Wanying with a worried expression.

"It's no big deal. I can handle it easily." Tang Xiu shook his head. "However, time is tight, so I need to rush over there right away."

"Alright. Then I'll change my clothes and do a simple packing before leaving," said Mu Wanying hurriedly. "Do you want to inform Uncle and Auntie first?"

"No need. They have slept already." Tang Xiu shook his head. "I'll call them and explain it tomorrow."

"Alright!" Mu Wanying understood and returned to the room where she was staying. After five-plus minutes of changing clothes and packing up her things, she walked out of the room carrying a suitcase. After Tang Xiu took it over, the duo came to the courtyard as quickly as possible, boarded the car and then left South Gate Town.

Tang Xiu then booked a room in the Long's Dining Hall for Mu Wanying. After she properly got settled, Jin Hu then took him to the airport in a hush. His luck was very good as there was a flight to Blue City just as he arrived, so he boarded the plane and took off without much delay.


Kanas, Longquan Bay.

Amidst the biting cold wind of winter, two Wrangler SUVs arrived in a road intersection as Jie Walie, inside one of the SUVs, looked at Gaode Map and the position marked by Tang Xiu displayed on his mobile screen with a dignified expression. [1]

"Turn left and head to the left side of the road. The end of this road is about five kilometers ahead, then we'll then get off and hurry along the road," ordered Jie Walie.

Quickly, two SUVs were parked at the end of the dirt road and the front of the mountain range was already faintly seen. After Jie Walie got off the car, and the four middle-aged men who came with him observed the surroundings with vigilance. This mountain range was fraught with dangers, as often there were ferocious beasts wandering here, as well as a lot of swamps and areas with miasma. One may meet his demise in this place if they were slightly careless.

"Xiao Fei, Da Fei, you two will drive the car and go to the vicinity of Longquan Village to wait for us. Remember, if we haven't yet returned within a week, it means that we already died in the mountains. I'll be relying on you to take care of your big sis-in-law, nephews, and nieces in the future," said Jie Walie with a serious expression.

The middle-aged man, whose name was Xiao Fei, had his expression slightly changed and said, "Brother Jie, please let us go with you. We are brothers, if one of us dies we'll die together."

"Yes, big brother." Da Fei also hurriedly echoed. "You saved our lives back in the past. How can we run away in the face of danger?"

Jie Walie let out a smile and patted the two men's shoulder. But his face quickly hardened again as he said, "Don't. Let me deal with things that I need to worry about. I can do things with peace of mind if I know that someone will be there to take care of my family. The four of you are my closest brothers. Two of them were not willing to get married, so they have nothing to concern themselves about, but you both have a family of your own, so I must leave you. Don't argue anymore and don't be stubborn, I've already made up my mind."

With that said, Jie Walie quickly took his mobile out, typed a few short messages and sent them out, and then quickly disappeared into the dark night with the other two men.

"Take care, Brother Jie. (Take care, Big Brother!)" Shouted Xiao Fei and Da Fei.

Trekking the mountain pathway in the middle of the night was very dangerous for ordinary people. But Jie Walie and his two brothers frequently hiked on mountain pathways and were also very strong, so it did not pose them any problems. This time they came out in a hurry and only brought a few spare clothes and a few compressed biscuits and water, so they did not have a heavy burden on the road.

Longquan Swamp.

Stars were shining in the vast, boundless sky, with some of them illuminating the place. On the flat ground at the entrance of the mountainside cave, a pile of bonfire burned with meat roasting above. Two experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall were sitting cross-legged before the bonfire and chatting about some issues on their cultivation.

On the mountain peak at the opposite side about two kilometers away from them, Daoist Qiankun was like a ghost sitting quietly under a big tree, looking toward the bonfire outside the cave while silently observing the two experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall. He could still see everything clearly even at night with his current eyesight.

Jin Sijie, whose Sky Piercer Halberd was taken by Tang Xiu, ordered the Strange Door's people to help him find a weapon before he left a while ago. It was a very common ordinary spear, but its weight was over a hundred pounds. At this moment, he was holding that long spear and standing ramrod like a javelin beside Daoist Qiankun.

"Master, why don't we get rid of them earlier? Even if the news of the investigation comes and that Tang punk does indeed have a huge force behind him, no one will know who did it." Jin Sijie felt a bit vexed and grumpy inside. The last battle here had made him lose face as he ended a complete loser and suffered quite heavy losses, hence he wanted to vent it by killing them.

"Killing them now is no different then killing them later." Daoist Qiankun shook his head with indifference. "Let's wait a bit, the news will probably come soon."

"You just said that killing them now or later is just the same, then why the wait?" Said Jin Sijie. "We can go to the Immortal Abode and find a way to open the portal to the Immortal Trove if we kill them now. Otherwise, in case that surnamed Tang notices it and then return with a lot of experts, wouldn't it be the same that we would no longer have the opportunity?"

"Before we get the news, killing these people and going into the cave, in case that brat Tang was to return here while we were inside and happened to besiege us inside the cave, what should we do then?" Commented Daoist Qiankun with a smile.

Ugh… Jin Sijie was at a loss for words.

"Hence, there's no need to be impatient and anxious," continued Daoist Qiankun. "Set up a plan and then get into action afterward, only then can you live longer. Had I realized this truth back then, that Old Blind wouldn't have been able to…"

"Then you wouldn't have been trapped by me, this Old Blind, for so many years, right?" An old voice drifted into Daoist Qiankun and Jin Sijie's ears along with the cold wind.

Daoist Qiankun and Jin Sijie's faces greatly changed, especially the former, who directly floated up into the air. He watched the surroundings with vigilance as his cold and cloudy voice also drifted along with the cold wind, "Why not show up since you are already here, Old Blind?"

In front of the Master and disciple duo, a blind old woman with unkempt hair and donning ragged clothes slowly stepped into the air, step by step. And yet, each one of her footsteps created ripples and turbulence in the air.

"Qiankun, I never expected that you would actually escape from that Abstruse Yin Ground alive. Fortunately, this Old Blind did not go with that little kid, else you would have already created a heartless calamity in this area."

Daoist Qiankun's eyes were bloodshot, the chilling killing intent he exuded out creating turbulence in the air around him. Despite having formidable strength, Jin Sijie was still forced out for several meters by this killing intent before he could anchor his footing with a face devoid of color. Daoist Qiankun stared at the blind old woman and said, "You're not dead yet, damned Old Blind, so how can I possibly die?"

Old Blind let out an indistinct sigh. After she flew high and stood ten meters away in front of Daoist Qiankun, she shook her head and said, "It seems that I was too soft-hearted back then. I should've set a fire in that Abstruse Yin Ground and burned you alive in it. I could have saved… Now I really must come out and waste my strength."

"Old Blind, I killed your family back in the past because your father spoiled my good work!" Daoist Qiankun sneered. "You trapped me for 60 years, causing my cultivation to drop, and also got my Imperial Dragon Chart ruined. Wasn't that enough for our enmity to be written off?"

"I also thought to write it off originally." Old Blind helplessly said. "But who could have thought that you don't want to let me spend my remaining years in comfort? Those four kids are that little kid's men. They must not die, and neither must that little doll of mine. Hence, I still have to act if you don't give up your sinister ideas!"

"You keep repeating that little doll, kid or whatever, for many times. Excactly who's this little kid?" Asked Daoist Qiankun indifferently.

"Don't ask what you already know!" Said Old Blind. "Do you still need to play dumb and feign craziness before me?"

"Tang Xiu?" Said Daoist Qiankun with a frown.

"If it isn't him, who else could it be?" Said Old Blind faintly. "That kid promised to secure a place for this Old Blind to enjoy her old age in comfort, and this Old Blind also wants to find the turning point of my own uncanny divination of becoming a God through him. You're planning to scheme him, that's equal to scheme against me."

"What exactly is the identity of this brat surnamed Tang, and why is he worth to be concerned about by you, old bastard?" Asked Daoist Qiankun with gloomy expression across his whole face.

"I can't see him clearly. I can't understand him thoroughly." Old Blind shook her head.


Daoist Qiankun's face greatly changed. He was also proficient in divination arts and its calculation, but it was a Heavenly Secret technique he snatched from Old Blind's father. Only after a long time of persistent meticulous study on it was he finally able to grope about the doorway for a bit. In this regard, he thought that he was much better than this Old Blind. With himself unable to divine that brat surnamed Tang, and she could not calculate it either, then what did this entail?

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