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Jie Walie was not a stranger to the "cultivator" term. He did not experience it himself, however, since he could see examples from many TV series and soap operas containing episodes about cultivators. Only, finding out that cultivators also existed in reality, shocked him nonetheless.

"Can I cultivate and step into the Dao, Brother Tang?"

He had seen the powers of Daoist Qiankun, Old Blind, and the others, and was particularly interested in the scenes of flying into the sky, sword lights, and sword images. Every man had their own dreams of martial arts chivalry, more so that stepping into the Dao and becoming cultivators was something more abstruse and inclined more to fantasy than martial arts—something he couldn't help but feel moved.

"You're too old and no longer suited to cultivate." Tang Xiu shook his head. "Even if you consume a lot of resources and time, I'm afraid that you can only barely step into the threshold of the cultivation path in the latter half of your life. Hence, it won't have much difference if you cultivate or not."

A regretful expression could be seen on Jie Walie's face as he slowly nodded and said, "Let's just forget it, then. Then, what are we gonna do? Continue staying here or…"

"Let's go to Longquan Village!" Tang Xiu pondered for a while. "This place is not far from that place. We'll stay there, for now. I'll contact that Old Blind lady. Brother Jie, it's best for you not to stay for long in Longquan Bay since the matter I'm going to face is very dangerous."

"I know. I have my own discretion," replied Jie Walie with a bitter smile. "But you must not recklessly throw yourself into danger either, and quickly retreat whenever it's dangerous. Like an old adage says, you won't have to worry about running out of firewood in the mountains, for you still have much more time in the future! You can develop and grow yourself first before dealing with the enemies."

"You can rest your worry on that!" Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.

Now that he learned that his men had been rescued, he could finally feel the knot in his heart ease. Nevertheless, he must find Old Blind and Jin Shi's group of four as quickly as possible, because Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie were powerful and strong, more so that that mysterious old Daoist was not a friend either.

As night came, Tang Xiu and the others rushed to Longquan Bay. After Jie Walie and his men left, Tang Xiu stayed in the local's farmhouses he used before and gave its owner a sum of money to let their families stay in some other places for a few days.

"Boss, everything's here." Mo Awu walked in through the door with a handful of incenses.

Tang Xiu took three of them, used a lighter to burn them, then looked around and shouted, "Old Blind, Old Blind, Old Blind."

In the mountain range dozens of kilometers away, Old Blind was sitting cross-legged on a creek with a face pale like a sheet of paper. The running water rushed past her and yet she did not pay attention to it. Her eyebrows were tight, and a pained expression could be seen hanging on her face as traces of a bloodstain were still on the corners of her mouth.

Around her, Jin Shi's group of four watched the surroundings with vigilance and they had set up many traps. Although these traps did not pose any threats to cultivators, they could still avoid the attacks from ordinary wild animals. They had taken a Holy Healing medicine each and was no longer burdened by their injuries.


Suddenly, Old Blind spurted a mouthful of blood and her face looked a lot better as the stench of fumes rapidly dissipated. She then slowly raised her hand and waved at Jin Shi several meters away from her.

"You called me, Senior?" Asked Jin Shi respectfully.

"I never expected that the Holy Healing medicine you gave me had such a good effect," sighed Old Blind. "That old fogy Qiankun gave me quite a heavy injury. I thought I would be plagued by that injury for a year and a half, but most of my internal injuries have convalesced in just nearly a day. If anything, you must tell me something. I need to figure out when that Tang Xiu kiddo will come."

"What do you need to know, Senior?" Asked Jin Shi, looking puzzled.

Old Blind let out a faint smile and was about to speak when her expression slightly moved. When she looked up at the sky that was gradually darkening, her body languidly stood up as she shook her head and said, "There's no need anymore, I already know where he is. Let's go and rush over there! It won't take much time to get there if we leave now."

The dimly illuminated night was over the Earth when Old Blind's group of five arrived at Longquan Village. A crescent moon was hanging high over the horizon and the cold breeze brought along the mixed fragrance of a meal. In the most remote courtyard, an eight-person table was set with delicious dishes and two bottles of Gods Nectar, taken out from the box that had already been served on it.

"To think that I, Old Blind, would be so lucky to get something nice to eat here."

A blurred figure floated into the courtyard along with a satisfied laughter and tone.

After Tang Xiu saw Old Blind, his eyes swept Jin Shi's group of four behind her and chuckled with a smile. He then took out three wine glasses and opened a bottle of Gods Nectar, and then poured it into three glasses. Following that, he took the three wine glasses and offered them to Old Blind, saying, "I may not say thanks for this favor, but I'll let the wine speak my gratitude. You've rescued these four brothers, men of mine, and Tang Xiu will always remember this friendship in his heart. I also repeat the promise I gave you—the Nine Dragons Island's door will always be open wide to you, forever."

Old Blind nodded with satisfaction. Even though she was old, she drank all three glasses of wine in one breath and in high spirits. Following which, she sighed and praised, "What a unique and excellent wine this Gods Nectar is. For I, this Old Blind, it would really be worthwhile if I were to leave Earth after being able to taste such an excellent wine in this life."

"I'll always prepare it for you if you like it, Senior," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

"Forget it!" Old Blind waved her hand. "Wine is akin to poison for intestines and I still want to live a few years longer, so don't mention about it, kiddo. Also, I'm not used to people calling Senior this and Senior that. Just directly call me Old Blind later."

"This…" Tang Xiu looked a bit hesitating.

"Just leave out that over-courteous formality, and so shall it be," said Old Blind. "Anyways, let's eat something, and then we'll speak about the matter with that old fogy Daoist Qiankun after being full, shall we?"

Old Daoist Qiankun?

Tang Xiu's expression moved. Then, he invited Old Blind to take a seat and accompanied her to finish the meal. As the meal was cleaned and the eight-person table was also moved into the house, Tang Xiu then spoke, "Previously… you spoke about an old Daoist Qiankun, right? What is his relationship with Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie?"

While rubbing her stomach, Old Blind replied with a cheerful expression, "They are Master and disciples. Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie are the disciples of this Daoist Qiankun old fogy."

Tang Xiu's complexion changed and asked again, "I've been here before and met Jin Sanchi and Jin Sijie. I spared their lives due to a momentary benevolence. But, that old Daoist Qiankun wasn't there."

"He just broke the seal I cast on him, so how could he possibly appear before?" Old Blind sneered. "If anything, this Old Blind will be open to you about this fact. He and I have a long time enmity. It was he who cast his eyes on my family heritage at first. He killed my father and all my family members for that. Later on, I studied the divination art heritage of my family and, after spending quite the effort both in mind and energy, I finally succeeded in arranging a Starlight Array in the Abstruse Yin Ground and trapped him there. I thought it was impossible to escape that place with his Golden Core Stage cultivation, but he did indeed escape."

Tang Xiu was taciturn as he quietly thought about the revelation. After noticing some issues, he then asked, "According to what you said, Daoist Qiankun was not your match in the past, so why didn't you defeat him last night?"

"I used all the cards I have up my sleeves at that time, and he got suppressed because he looked down on me before. He did not even unleash his ultimate trump card, else it could have been me who died," sighed Old Blind. "Tang Xiu, do you know how many years that old Daoist has been living?"

"Isn't he from the same era as you?" Asked Tang Xiu, astounded.

"He is at least twice older than me." Old Blind shook her head.

Twice her age?

Tang Xiu's countenance slightly changed. He still clearly remembered Old Blind's age. She should be about 120 years of age. With that said, shouldn't Daoist Qiankun's age be at least 240 years old?

"No wonder his strength was so formidable. Old Blind, you're not his match at all, so what is his present level of cultivation now?"

"His cultivation in the past was Peak Golden Core Stage, and it was highly likely that he would break through to the Nascent Soul Stage in the future. However, I had him suppressed in the Abstruse Yin Ground for so many years and this time that I met him again, I found that his strength is much weaker than it was previously. The level of power he can unleash is just at the Early Golden Core Stage, else I could have lost my life in his hand last night."

Early Golden Core Stage?

A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes. In the case that Daoist Qiankun's strength was at the Peak Golden Core Stage, he would be unable to contend with him despite his present strength. But if he was at the Early Golden Core Stage… he would be able to kill him, albeit with some difficulty…

"Old Blind, I want to know where Daoist Qiankun is now."

Old Blind slightly furrowed her brows. Although her eyes could not see Tang Xiu, her special ability allowed her to see his expression clearly. She then shook her head and sighed, "Exterminating him while relying on these few people you brought will be very difficult. Just wait until my injury has fully recovered. We'll join forces and kill him at that time."

"There's no need to wait," said Tang Xiu with confidence. "If I have the guts to look for him, it means that I have the ability to kill him. Just tell me!"

Old Blind hesitated for a moment, and then replied helplessly, "Since you've already decided it so, then I'll tell you. That place is full of evil qi aura and is located in the Southwest direction. It isn't far from here, about fifty kilometers."

Southwest direction within fifty kilometers? Is it the hunting grounds?

Tang Xiu's expression moved, as he immediately got up and said, "Old Blind, just stay here to take care of your injuries and heal well. I'll be back bringing Daoist Qiankun and his two disciples' heads."

"I'm going with you!" Old Blind got up, and her tone was exceptionally firm.

"But your injury…" Tang Xiu hesitated.

"Your men gave me a Holy Healing medicine, thus it's better already now." Old Blind interrupted him. "In contrast with that Qiankun old fogy, I'm sure he's feeling unwell now since he doesn't have a Holy Healing medicine."

"Let's go together, then!"

Seeing Old Blind's firmness, Tang Xiu no longer refuted. Jie Walie had left with his men and left them a Wrangler SUV. Added with the van, the two cars quickly rushed toward the hunting grounds.

Late at night.

A cold wind was howling and whistling outside the window, but the darkroom was warm as in spring. The old Daoist Qiankun was sitting cross-legged on the bed treating himself, while Jin Sanchi's eyes were full of killing intent in the next room, watching Jin Sijie in the process of healing himself. The hatred he had for Old Blind, Tang Xiu, and even his men had been carved deep into his bones.

The plan they had worked for so many years had ultimately fallen through.

His Master appeared and yet was burdened with severe injuries upon his return. This hatred drove him to make up his mind to find an opportunity to torture and kill Tang Xiu. Torture and slaughter those stupid bastards that prevented him from becoming an immortal.

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