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As an expert who was half a step away from Golden Core Stage, Jin Sanchi was still unfazed despite being trapped inside an array and facing the crises before him. He blasted out his True Essence and conjured small magic arts to constantly destroy the flame creatures, and his powerful attacks cleaved layer upon layer of spear shadows.

"The momentum may be great, but its power is too weak!" Jin Sanchi revealed a bit of contempt as his counterattacking strength turned more violent.

Meanwhile, Jin Sijie also began to fight with those flame creatures and evaded the dangers from the impaling and sweeping spear shadows several times. He did not fight as relaxedly as Jin Sanchi since he was, after all, seriously injured at present. Though the residual efficacy of the Holy Healing medicine inside his body was still there, the effect on him was not particularly significant.

Striking to kill, and smashing to destroy.

And yet, Jin Sijie's injuries turned more serious and worsened. At the moment when two fire serpents wrapped around his feet, a spear shadow finally impaled his waist. He bellowed in rage as the impaling wound on his waist gave him a devastating blow, while countless more flame creatures and spear shadows followed behind.


Blood was flowing from Jin Sijie's seven orifices, but it then evaporated in the heatwave. His strong-built body finally fell to the magma at the side and, despite his hard iron-like body, the magma still engulfed him and eventually left no residue of his existence.


Jin Sanchi clearly heard his young brother's shrill cry and his heart was as though falling into an ice hole. The anger and hatred made his face twist, and a devastating power blasted out from his hands and feet as it swept over the flame creatures around him; even the spear shadows kicked by him were blasted backward for dozens of meters before exploding.

Daoist Qiankun, on the other hand, had yet to move from the beginning. He just allowed however many flame creatures came to crawl onto his body, and yet he stood ramrod like a stone in his spot. Through observation and conjecture, he found that as long as he did not move and stayed silent, those flame creatures would not actively attack him. Even those spear shadows also just flew around at random and seemingly had no target.

However, the shrill cry of his disciple made his heart shake. Finally, along with his trembling body, the crawling flame creatures around his body exploded one after another. The momentum of the explosions was even more direct as everything within a dozen meters was blown up by the rolling airwaves, thrown to the distance and blown to smithereens.

I must break through! Forcefully breakthrough!

Power and strength were upheld firmly by Daoist Qiankun. He believed that in the face of absolute power, any obstacles could be pulled, withered, and destroyed in a violent manner. He instantly released the Golden Core inside his body, as his surging True Essence then flowed like a torrential river and shot out his Golden Core along with it against the air in front of him with a loud bang.


Ripples were bursting inside the blazing world in the surroundings, as some dreadful cracks appeared amidst the undulating ripple in the middle layer of the air. But the instant after, the cracks healed themselves and the swaying ripples gradually faded away. Daoist Qiankun's complexion turned a bit nasty. He had tried his best, and yet he failed to destroy this array by relying on pure strength. He could not accept it.

"I want to see how long you can support this array!"

As Daoist Qiankun forced out a mouthful of blood essence, a circle of True Fire then suddenly rose from the Golden Core that was enveloped by an amount enormous of True Essence. As the momentum continued to soar, he slammed it against the air in front of him once again. This time, the ripples in the surrounding air were more intense and the cracks were wider than a while ago, and yet, the array was still recovering just like previously despite the violent quake.


Repeated successive attacks followed by successive explosions. The blazing world in front kept quaking as a crack in the corrugated air continued to increase. As the number of bombardments increased, the blazing world seemed about to be blown away to pieces at any time, and so was the spear array.

At the core of the array, Tang Xiu's complexion was somewhat ugly. Although he went all out to release his Primal Chaos Force to feed the array, Daoist Qiankun's attacks were really too strong. Despite having gone all out to control it, the array still had a tendency to be broken. He hardened himself and flipped his hands to take out five Raging Flame and Lightning talismans, the only remaining offensive talismans he had left.


He slightly opened his lips to shout. With the control of his mind, five Raging Flame and four Lightning talismans appeared. Two Raging Flame and one Lightning talismans instantly appeared around Jin Sanchi and exploded, giving him severe injuries, whereas the remaining three Raging Flame and three Lightning talismans instantly appeared around Daoist Qiankun and directly enveloped him within along with the sea of the flame formation. Dozens of lightning bolts then bombarded him in an instant.

Daoist Qiankun once again forced out a mouthful of blood essence. He could feel his internal organs were injured and in a mess after the impact from the bombardment. The burning sensation caused him to suffocate and the scars of wounds strung together like beads, leaving his body badly tattered, bloody and bruised. And yet, the ferocious nature inside him was thoroughly aroused at this moment. While chanting an incantation in a somewhat shaky voice, he integrated his blood essence into his Golden Core. Nearly bordering on betting his life at stake and going berserk, he plunged forward and blasted out everything he had in an instant.


The spear array was like a glass breaking to pieces and disintegrated in the blink of an eye.

Tang Xiu, who was in the core position inside the array, withstood the sudden outburst with his body, and the backlash from the array caused him to spurt out a mouthful of blood. If it wasn't for his extremely formidable body, the force from the backlash was enough to make his body explode. However, this kind of injury was nothing but a common thing he was used to, and he still remained cool-headed in such a downcast situation. His figure instantly flashed as he disappeared and reappeared in a flash in front of the badly tattered and riddled with scars Jin Sanchi, who looked a bit dull and distracted.


Dazzling light erupted from Bloodguzzler as his head flew in an instant. Jin Sanchi, who was half a step away from breaking through to the Golden Core Stage, had his eyes staring wide like a copper bell. He saw the world spinning around, watching his headless body and a column of blood spurting out from its neck.

Beyond a hundred meters away.

Old Blind's divine sense had been enveloping the field of activity all along, and she clearly "saw" the entire combat scene. When the array was broken, Tang Xiu shot forward all of a sudden and killed Jin Sanchi much to her shock. That was difficult to believe despite how experienced she was.

Jin Sanchi's strength was evidently slightly stronger than that of Jin Sijie's. Tang Xiu was still young. Even if he did rely on the array, wasn't it next to impossible to kill Jin Sijie and followed to kill Jin Sanchi?

Mo Awu, Jin Shi, and the rest were shocked but also looked frantic and fervent. They looked at Tang Xiu with worshipping expressions and loudly shouted "LONG LIVE". Tang Xiu's performance impressed them very much. But inside the small building in the distance, Gesangjor and the two old men were tongue-tied and dumbfounded, as though they were seeing something unbelievable.

Jin Sijie, as well as Jin Sanchi, died along with the remaining tens of elites of the Strange Doors?

Suddenly, Gesangjor felt very fortunate inwardly, rejoicing that the did not involve himself in this incident. Else he and the two elders, and even the entire younger generations of Venom Sect would die without a burial ground. And yet, he too felt a tinge of regret since he could have sold a favor if Tang Xiu and the others were to arrive later.

Tang Xiu moved and acted quickly, and his timing in seizing the opportunity was very ingenious. Even Daoist Qiankun was unable to react as Jin Sanchi was directly beheaded. At this moment, despite having been through countless storms and waves in his life, Daoist Qiankun was still grieved and wept. He received and raised those two disciples nearly all his life and they were rapidly progressing and nearly stepped into the Golden Core Stage, and yet, they were slain just like this. This was undoubtedly a sharp knife that sheared his heart.


Daoist Qiankun roared, causing the luster of his Golden Core to turn extremely dim and its entire body to shrink in half. But he still controlled it and frantically stormed towards Tang Xiu.

He could never vent the hatred inside his heart if he did not slay this punk!

He couldn't care less whether he would be devastatingly injured if he kept engaging in this intense and bitter combat, for there was only one though amidst his berserk mind: KILL TANG XIU AND AVENGE MY DISCIPLES!

"You still need to cultivate for hundreds of years if you want to kill me. Hahaha!" Tang Xiu laughed loudly, his figure plunged forward like a sharp arrow to greet the explosive bombardment of the Golden Core. Vigorous and intense Primal Chaos Force crazily poured into his arms and blasted toward the bombarding Golden Core.

Old Blind, who was a hundred meters away, had her expression greatly changed and shouted with a horrified expression, "DON'T!!!"


Tang Xiu's body was blasted backward for dozens of steps, spurting out a bloody mist as he tried to stabilize his staggering body. Despite having a very formidable body, his finger phalanxes were still broken and his whole fist was covered with blood. Almost as soon as he stopped, he collected the spirit long spear and shot it straight towards Daoist Qiankun and instantly impaled the Daoist's through the back.

"H-how… H-how is this possible?"

With his seven orifices bleeding, Daoist Qiankun looked down at the hole in his chest. His Golden Core was exploded and destroyed after the clash with Tang Xiu's explosive fist. The backlash left him with a grave injury that he could hardly withstand. And yet, adding insult to injury, his chest and heart were directly hit and his life force was unceasingly decreasing.

Cough cough…

Tang Xiu's complexion was devoid of color. After coughing up two mouthfuls of blood, he looked up to Daoist Qiankun and sneered, "I may be inferior to you in regards to cultivation level, but what I'm mastering is fleshly body cultivation, and my physical body and constitution are ten times stronger than yours. Daoist Qiankun, remember my words. Don't become my adversary in your next life."

"Is there even a next life?" Muttered Daoist Qiankun. With that said, his body crashed into the ground and he drew his last breath.

Tang Xiu could not help but respond with a bleak smile. He turned to Old Blind, Mo Awu, and the others, who were quickly rushing toward him. He immediately flung his wrist and lightly smiled, "I'm fine. It's just a slight injury. Killing these Master and disciples indeed consumed quite the energy and effort, but removing them means we won't have extra worries."

"Tang Xiu, how can you be so strong?" Muttered Old Blind. "That old fart was a powerhouse at the Golden Core Stage, an old freak who had lived for two hundred-plus years. And yet, you… you're still so young that you couldn't have cultivated for that long, right?"

"Nothing is impossible in this world," replied Tang Xiu with a smile. "Daoist Qiankun and his disciples may have a very high cultivation level, but their combat techniques were just appalling. Even if I did not fight him directly, I still had countless ways to kill him; though it may have taken some more energy and effort to achieve that."

Old Blind fell silent. She could not see through Tang Xiu completely.

Tang Xiu slowly looked up and then shifted his vision towards the small building in the distance. "Gesangjor, as the owner of this hunting ground, shouldn't you greet your guest or something?"

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