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Han Qingwu's expression when she turned around to see Tang Xiu was extraordinarily splendid with surprise, joy, bashfulness, anger, and complain… Eventually, these emotions turned into her gnashing her teeth as she forcefully grabbed his arm to pinch and twist his waist.


Despite not feeling much pain, Tang Xiu still acted exaggerated and screamed. Upon seeing Han Qingwu's look of satisfaction as she let him go, he let out an embarrassed smile and said, "What's the background of that fella, Teacher Han? To think that he's so arrogant to drive a car to the classroom building just to court you? Such a pretentiousness would be hard if he's only an ordinary person."

With an annoyed expression, Han Qingwu replied, "He's just a rascal relying on… aargh, forget it. You won't know it even if I tell you. Let's change the subject. Starting today, if you skip classes for no reason, don't blame me for deducting your credits!"

Tang Xiu was startled and hurriedly refuted, "Hey, didn't we reach an agreement before? I can ask for a leave at any time if I have an important matter to tend to if I take you to tour Jingmen Island."

Han Qingwu rolled her eyes and snorted, "Hmph, that was last year. But I can no longer let you indulge yourself again this year. Furthermore, didn't you say you were taking me to tour Jingmen Island? I was all by myself touring Jingmen Island and you didn't even know where I went to that time. You know, I haven't pursued you and settled that account until now."

"Eh…" Tang Xiu felt helpless somewhat. His visit to Jingmen Island that time was due to an important matter, to deal with those two islands in the South China Sea and crazily work to kill those savage beasts and deal with the Yao Family. However, he couldn't reveal this matter to Han Qingwu, so he could only force out a bitter smile and say, "How about discussing this issue again? I still have to take some time off if something comes up. For instance, I must attend a very important tender meeting in Shanghai a couple days later, and I may have to leave for two days."

"A tender? What tender bidding?" Asked Han Qingwu, baffled.

"I sent some people to buy a large plot of land in the remote area of Shanghai as of recently," said Tang Xiu. "I'm preparing to build the Magnificent Tang Corporation HQ as well as its industrial park here. Several days later, nearly all the top 20 construction companies in the country will come here to bid for the tender."

"Do you want to move your company HQ to Shanghai?" Asked Han Qingwu, astounded.

"Yeah." Tang Xiu nodded. "Shanghai is an international metropolis and is the best gateway to the world. If the Magnificent Tang Corporation sells its products overseas, it would be best if the company HQ was established here. Teacher Han, I must personally attend such an important matter, and I'm afraid I have no choice but to skip classes if you don't give me a leave of absence. You couldn't be cruel enough to see me expelled from Shanghai University just because I skipped classes too many times, could you?"

Han Qingwu hesitated, and then hummed coldly, "Hmph, remember to send me your leave application in due course, and hand it to me in person."

Tang Xiu felt happy inwardly and immediately flattered her, "Thanks for your understanding, Teacher Han! Well, I haven't seen you during the winter holiday, and you seem even younger and more beautiful than ever."

"Get lost…"

Finally, a bit of smile appeared on Han Qingwu's face and she charmingly rolled her eyes at Tang Xiu.

After the talking about some over trivial things with her, one of Tang Xiu's purposes in coming to the campus had been achieved. He immediately bade her farewell and went to the male students' dorms. On the way there, he called Yue Kai and learned that he, Hu Qingsong, and Zhao Liang were outside shopping and there was only Xue Chao in the dorm.

Ten minutes later, just as Tang Xiu arrived downstairs of the dorm, he saw Xue Chao run out of the front door while holding a large envelope. The guy then forcefully stuffed it into his hand after he saw him.

"What's this?" Tang Xiu was surprised.

"That's your money. My wife and I have been working hard in the Everlasting Feast Hall for six months and earned ourselves quite some money. Besides, Chief Chi had especially gifted us, all the married employees there, a thick red envelope to celebrate the New Year. The amount is enough for us to pass our days for some time."

Tang Xiu shot a deep look at Xue Chao and stuffed the envelope into his pocket. He let out a smile and grabbed his shoulder, and while they walked toward the campus gate, he said, "I know that you don't want to owe me too much, so I'll accept this. Besides, we're classmates as well as brothers. I'm happy for you if you have money, but do not hesitate to tell me if you have no money in the future, okay?"


What Tang Xiu said made Xue Chao feel warm inside. He firmly nodded and said, "Where are we going now?"

"To grab a bite... a.k.a. eating," said Tang Xiu with a smile.

At the campus entrance to Shanghai University.

Four luxury supercars were parked on the roadside while Song Zicong clamped a cigarette on the corner of his mouth, looking bored as he watched his 'three partners in crime', each hugging their girls in a lovey-dovey manner. He hailed from an extraordinary family and was the heir apparent of the Huaxiang Group in China. Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he had been living a crown prince's life since childhood.

However, he became a rebellious juvenile as he entered adolescence, fascinated with martial arts and seeking out many formidable experts through various channels in order to fulfill his dream to become an expert. Pity that it was nothing but a short-lived enthusiasm that cost him quite a lot of money and yet only learned very little.

A couple years ago, he followed his parents to Shanghai and involved himself in the management, and then went out to try to find himself some buddies, finally hanging out with some of Shanghai's rabbles. They went into a quarrel with some local thugs and were eventually chased by a gang for a long time. Fortunately, he met with the beautiful Han Qingwu, by with her formidableness that aroused deep admiration in him.

He could still vividly remember the terrifying strength and speed Han Qingwu unleashed from that gentle and alluring body of hers. She was like a tigress plunging into a flock of lambs, as a bunch of thugs armed with steel pipes were all knocked down on the ground in just a few seconds, wailing and whining miserably.

At that moment, the Han Qingwu's graceful bearing was carved deep inside his heart, and he completely fell under her skirt. Therefore, though he did not know her at all, he went all out to find out her identity, social relations and started his desperate pursuit. Unfortunately, the king could only wish, for the Goddess heartlessly refused. Han Qingwu only gave him a look of rejection no matter how he pursued her, refusing him many times.

Tang Xiu!

This was one of the people he investigated in passing when investigating Han Qingwu. Once a top student in the Shuangqing province and was also her former student. When Tang Xiu enrolled at Shanghai University, Han Qingwu also went directly to Shanghai University. He even asked some people to find Tang Xiu's classmates to inquire about the relationship between him and Han Qingwu. The result made him very worried because the news he heard was that Han Qingwu liked Tang Xiu, and the reason why she moved to Shanghai was all because she was pursuing him.

"Young Master Song, that brat is coming."

Suddenly, a whistle sounded from the side, coming from a young man who hugged a girl whose hand pointed at the direction of Shanghai University's campus gate.

Song Zicong looked toward that side and suddenly saw the appearance of the guy he had been waiting for. Almost in a flash, he strode forward there, blocked the path and asked in a deep voice, "Are you Tang Xiu? Han Qingwu's student?"

Tang Xiu slightly furrowed his brows as he did not expect that Song Zicong had run here to wait for him instead of leaving. Though he did not know why this guy targeted him, it was definitely related to Han Qingwu.

"Yes, it's me." Tang Xiu shot Xue Chao a reassuring look and replied with a calm face.

"Let's make a business deal." Song Zicong sneered. "I'll give you 1 million yuan for you to leave Han Qingwu and not pester her ever again. Also, I'll add another 1 million if you're willing to drop out of your university directly. What do you say?"

His arrogant manner was much to Tang Xiu's indignation. This second-generation nouveau riche never knew the depth and immensity of the Heaven and Earth. He did not even have the desire to punch this guy, and only walked past him, too lazy to respond.

His attitude angered Song Zicong, "Halt now, surnamed Tang!"

Tang Xiu slightly furrowed his brows again, turned around and indifferently said, "Let me ask you something. Are you not confident about yourself, so you must resort to such cheap means? I'm telling you in advance, I'm not short on money, and even your Dad's money won't be as much as I have either."

"Wow wow. Just WOW! Shanghai University turns out to have such a crazy fella like this?" A young man released the girl in his arms and smilingly walked over with a mouth clamping a cigarette. "Do you know how much money Young Master Song's family have? Do you even know how many listed companies are under his father's management? The most important thing is, do you even know who his Dad is? Hahaha…"

"Who are you?" Asked Tang Xiu.

The young man coughed, sorted out his clothes, and smilingly replied, "I'm a local snake of Shanghai; and only a handful few second-generation nouveau riches and officials here who don't know me. Don't laugh, I'm not scaring you just to make you afraid and back out so that nonlocal friend of mine won't have to clean you up. Nowadays, the less the trouble, the better, isn't that right?"

"A local snake here?" Tang Xiu sneered. "What's your surname?"

"Hmph, there's no way you have heard of him." Song Zicong sneered and interjected. "And yet you even dare to have ideas on a woman such as Han Qingwu? Truly audacious! Do you know the Xinyang Group? He's the future successor of the Xinyang Group, Zhang Zitao."

The Xinyang Group?

A strange expression climbed up Tang Xiu's face as he looked at the young man and asked, "Are you Zhang Yueming's son?"

The smile on Zhang Zitao's face froze. He furrowed his brows slightly and said, "You are not qualified to mention my old man's name. I can spare you this time, but I'll make you regret it if you dare say it before me again."

Tang Xiu let out a smile all of a sudden. That smile was extraordinarily splendid, making Zhang Zitao become rather baffled as he watched Tang Xiu take out his mobile and dial a cell number.

"Pretentious prick putting on airs!"

Zhang Zitao rolled his eyes as he folded his arms while leaning on the luxurious supercar behind him and showed a playful expression.

After dialing Zhang Yueming's cell number, Tang Xiu immediately turned on the loudspeaker. The mobile phone ringed a few times before Zhang Yueming's loud laughter came out.

"Hahaha, did you just return to Shanghai, Brother Tang? Gu Changmin spoke to me a couple days ago that he was waiting for you to come back to treat you to dinner!"

The expression on Zhang Zitao's face instantly froze and slightly gaped. His expression was that of disbelief. It was his father's voice; the voice he was more familiar with than anyone else's!

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile while looking at him and then said in a moderate pace, "Zhang Yueming, someone just told me that I would regret saying your name. When did you get along with such a powerful person that can even forbid anyone to mention your name?"

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