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For Mu Wanying's boyfriend to accompany her and enter the stage was out of Zhang Yang's expectation. It never crossed his mind that this boy was this wild and arrogant, and with jealousy birthed inside his heard, he angrily shouted, "I don't give a damn care about who you are! This is a company to company talk, so get the fuck out, else you'll find yourself unable to eat well."

"This company belongs to our family. You want me to scram, why don't you get the hell out as well? Also, don't talk to me like you're a decent man. I've seen tons of people pursue their own interests under the guise of decent deeds, but never once have I ever seen one as shameless as you are. Do you think only you can have some personal network and connections, while we don't have any whatsoever?"

At the moment, there was also a scowl on Wei Zongchao's face, yet he was cautious in nature and faintly felt that Tang Xiu was somewhat familiar, though he couldn't recall anything about him at the moment. Nevertheless, seeing that Tang Xiu was so young and yet was not afraid to act arrogantly, he grew discontent inside, so he said, "Young man, I think you look somewhat familiar. May I know what is your great background?"

Tang Xiu could not help laughing and said, "I thought I was quite well-known before, never thought that you don't even know me, honest. I'm now relieved."

"You're surnamed Tang, right?" Zhang Danyang suddenly got up and exclaimed coldly. "Young as you are, and yet so arrogant and rampant. Didn't you say you also have your own personal connections? Care to make us experience it?"

"Why should I?" Asked Tang Xiu. "Who are you to me? My Elder or something?"

"What a pretentious prick, a load of trash!" Zhang Danyang snorted coldly. "Yet you still dare to bluff before us? That network you said you own is nothing but a fart. Wanying, I'm sure you can see that this stupid guy is unworthy of you. I have ten thousand means to toy him if I want to."

Mu Wanying was about to open her mouth, but she found Tang Xiu waving his hand to her, and his expression was a bit chilling. He was apparently incensed by Zhang Danyang.

She suddenly felt a bit of pity towards Zhang Danyang, for this shameless man had provoked someone he could not afford to.

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes, took a drag of his cigarette, and then took out his mobile phone. He stepped out to disrupt things since he knew that Mu Wanying might lose these two clients because of him. Therefore, he already thought it through before entering the room. He would help her pull some businesses regardless of the final outcome.

The one thing he did not lack was a network and personal connections!

He then opened a news blog with his mobile and quickly browsed it, searching the name of Wei Zongchao's company and their names, and finally marked all the cell numbers of his friends who had businesses, and then typed a text message to be sent to them:

"My girlfriend has been bullied by Shanghai's Shunde Door Industry's owner—Zhang Danyang, and the Blessed Fortune Jewelry's old Director—Wei Zongchao. Whoever knows these two guys, please quickly get a hump on to cease your relationship with them, since the moral standing of these two fellas is way too bad. Also, I'd like to advertise my girlfriend's advertising agency, and if you ever have the need of the company services and how to get in touch with them, it's Shanghai's Grace Regale Advertising."

After pressing the send button, Tang Xiu looked up to Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao, whose faces were full of contempt.

"Do you want to show us your personal connection, Kid?" Zhang Danyang derided. "Hahaha… how ridiculous! Do you think just by sending a text message you can help draw some clients to the door of the Grace Regale Advertising? To think that you can also pretend to this extent really never crossed my mind!"

"For a guy who doesn't dare to tell his own identity, what means could he have, huh?" Wei Zongchao echoed with a face full of disdain. "I originally wanted to leave, but I erased that thought now. I want to see how much weight you really have."

Tang Xiu himself did not have full assurance that the text message he sent out would replace the entire amount of job orders of the Shunde Door Industry and Blessed Fortune Jewelry combined. But he was confident that he could help draw some business to Mu Wanying. After pondering for a moment, he slowly stretched out three fingers and, without being salty nor weak, said, "30 minutes. I'll pay you one… 200 thousand yuan if I can't pull some companies to ask the service of the Grace Regale Advertising within these 30 minutes. But if it happens, do you dare to pay me 100 thousand each?"

200 thousand yuan? Is this a bet?

Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao exchanged looks and gave cold shoulders. They were both wealthy billionaires, and 200 thousand for them was nothing but the price of their meal and wine in a certain venue. The usual gathering with their friends to play mahjong sometimes cost them several times more than this.

Wei Zongchao, who still had some concerns previously, was completely relieved after hearing the amount of the bet proposed by Tang Xiu. He preferred toying with a nobody above all others, so he rested his arm on the armrest and laughed loudly, "Young man, you're too stingy. What would 200 thousand yuan be enough for? To fill the slit between your teeth? Let's play a bit bigger. 2 million. How about it?"

"Yeah! Each of us will give you 2 million if you win." Zhang Danyang also grinned and echoed. "And you only need to pay 1 million to each of us. Isn't it a good deal?"

A bit of hesitation was shown on Tang Xiu's face as he turned to look at Mu Wanying. As if having made up his mind, he loudly said, "Why should I be afraid of you if you want to bet with me? 20 million! I'll… give you 20 million if you win."

Puff… (Cough cough)

Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao were choked by Tang Xiu's proposal. Never had they ever seen a pretentious prick such as him. Could this trash even have 20 million yuan? One must know that 20 million was already a huge number for them.

Zhang Danyang chuckled and grinned, "20 million, eh? It's no big deal for us. But you, young man, just don't brag before us. It's not that I'm looking down on you with you coming from a poor house, but it's quite a bizarre thing for you to be able to fork out 20 million yuan."

"I…" Tang Xiu opened his mouth to speak, but then suddenly turned to look at Mu Wanying and asked, "Tell me Wanying, how much is your advertising company worth? Is it valued at around 20 million yuan?"

Since the beginning, as she heard the gambling bet Tang Xiu proposed to the two men, Mu Wanying had been obviously baffled and stunned. But she then gradually realized that Tang Xiu was playing the role of a pig who swallow tigers just to slaughter these two men! Smart as she was, she quickly followed the script and played in tandem with Tang Xiu, quickly pretending to look tense and anxious, and replied, "Tang Xiu, don't act stupid, will you? Gambling is a nuisance, and you must not gamble with them. Besides, they are all rich people, we can't afford to play with them."

Seeing that Mu Wanying was able to respond and play in tandem with him, Tang Xiu laughed inwardly, yet he still pretended to be angry out of shame and fumingly shouted, "Who said we can't afford to play with them? Isn't your advertising company earning enough money? Let me gamble with them if you still care about me, else…"

Mu Wanying hurriedly grabbed Tang Xiu's sleeve and anxiously pleaded, "Tang Xiu, please listen to me. This is not about how I care about you or not. We still have a life to live on in the future, and we'll be relying on this advertising company to make money. If you were to lose it now, we'll be…"

Like a gambler who had lost his rationality, Tang Xiu jumped and shouted, "Who said I'm gonna lose? I'm confident I can win against them! Don't tell me you don't believe that I have a very good personal network?"

Mu Wanying also seemed to be incensed by Tang Xiu and shouted back, "Gambling, gambling, and gambling! You only know how to gamble, have our future even ever crossed your mind, just once? Take the company and use it as you will since you want to stake it as a bet!"

With that said, she directly sat down on the sofa next to Tang Xiu, lowered her head and sulked.

Tang Xiu then looked at Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao and shouted, "20 million, then! I'll put this company as stake. At the worst, we'll just sell the company to pay you if we lose, but how about you? Are you two still willing to pay me 20 million yuan each?"

Zhang Danyang's and Wei Zongchao's expressions slightly changed, for it never occurred to them that Mu Wanying, who was usually rational and incomparably thoughtful, would unexpectedly be willing to give the company to Tang Xiu as a gambling stake. This kind of unrestrained gamble was also not a trivial matter to them for they would gain a lot if they won, and yet would grieve to death if they lost as it would affect the operation of their companies.

Wei Zongchao shot a look at Tang Xiu and then shifted his eyes on Mu Wanying again, and suddenly spoke in a deep voice, "We'll have our gamble. But we must have an agreement in advance. You said that you have a strong network, but you have to clearly define how much is the project value you can pull in. Else, if you are indeed able to pull some cooperation projects worth only one yuan, is it reasonable for us to pay you 20 million?"

The value?

Tang Xiu stared blankly for a second and looked hesitating before he said, "Isn't it enough for a project worth 100 thousand yuan?"

"A project worth 100 thousand? Hmph." Zhang Danyang snorted. "Are you kidding me? I tell you, kid. You gotta put out more money if you want to gamble. What I see is 20 million as a gambling stake! With that amount, shouldn't you at least pull in a 10-million-yuan worth project?"

Mu Wanying, who sat beside Tang Xiu, suddenly raised her head and yelled, "Hey, that's going too far. An advertising project worth 10 million yuan? Were the projects you two gave to me before even worth 10 million yuan?"

Tang Xiu suddenly turned his head to Mu Wanying and called out, "Shut up! 10 million they want, then 10 million it is. How can I let them look down on me? I'll admit my loss if the advertising projects that come here within these 30 minutes are not worth 10 million yuan."

"Tang Xiu, you…" Mu Wanying looked very tense.

Tang Xiu ignored her and stared intently at Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao, and shouted, "What about you two now? No 20 million, don't act like a pretentious prick before me."

At this time, only then did Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao thoroughly feel at ease. They just did not believe that Tang Xiu could pull in advertising projects worth 10 million yuan to the Grace Regale Advertising. This bloke was nothing but a petty nobody inside out. He should be penniless and was probably with Mu Wanying due to her beauty on one hand, and was to become her toy boy.

Nevertheless, it was a pity that Mu Wanying, such a proud daughter of the Heaven, turned into an idiot when encountering an affair with feelings involved.

Ten minutes later, Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao made a call, took out their bank cards and put them on the table. After which, a text message was sent to their mobile phones to prove that 20 million yuan had been transferred to each bank card.

Everything had been settled, and a smile broke out on Tang Xiu's face. He then took his mobile phone that he had turned off silently before. After rebooting, the text message notifications started ringing unceasingly.

Tang Xiu opened them and immediately looked up to see Zhang Danyang and Wei Zongchao, and said in a deep voice, "Wanying, tell me now about the financial situation of your Grace Regale Advertising."

"The financial liquidity is now around 12 million yuan, more or less," said Mu Wanying. "In addition to that, we also have more than 40 million yuan invested in various projects."

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