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The dinner had long been prepared and completed by the time Tang Xiu had returned to South Gate Town. To his surprise, not only were there some addition mouths who were eating, but he also saw an unexpected person.
With a smiling expression hung on her face, Li Liping’s vision swept from Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan, and then fell onto Tang Xiu. Then, she said with a smile, “Mr. Tang, I took the liberty in visiting, I hope that I didn’t disturb you. The reason I came is because I’ve found something important and want to talk about it with you.”
Tang Xiu asked, “It should be related with Gu Yin’s study, doesn’t it?”
Li Liping nodded and said, “Yes! Three of our private tutors have had learning sessions with Gu Yin, and they found some important issues. Therefore, we’ve worked out the teaching plan accordingly. Would you look at it now?”
Tang Xiu waved and said, “Have you had dinner? Since you’ve come then let’s have dinner together.”
Li Liping hesitated.
Mu Qingping said with a smile, “Yes. I’ve made a lot of veggie dishes, if Boss Li and the three teachers don’t mind, let’s have dinner together! You’re tutoring my daughter’s schooling, and I’m really grateful for it. So, consider this meal as how I express my gratitude for you.”
Li Liping nodded and said with a smile, “Then, we respectfully accept the invitation.”
Gu Yin lightly ran toward Tang Xiu as she grabbed his hand and said with a grin, “Master, I just found that I’ve become very smart! I’ve learned a lot of contents inside the textbooks by myself, and I can completely remember all the knowledge the 3 teachers have taught me!”
With a smile, Tang Xiu stoke Gu Yin’s small head and said, “Great. For a reward, Master will give a set of exam papers each month to evaluate your progress speed.”
"Mmm!" Gu Yin complied with a grin.
After the dinner…
Tang Xiu took Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan to the conference room. He told the two of them to review on their own first while waiting for Xia Wanfen and Li Xiaoqin to arrive. Then, he went to Gu Yin’s room on the 2nd floor. When he saw that a middle-aged teacher was still tutoring Gu Yin, he turned to Li Liping to finish the arrangement and then turned around to walk out of the door.
In the living room, 1st floor…
Tang Xiu and Li Liping sat on the sofa, savoring the fragrant tea Mu Qingping had served them. However, Tang Xiu was quite at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh, since he could keenly sense that in the corridor, Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan were gazing toward the living room with suspicious looks on their faces. Moreover, they were obviously trying to eavesdrop the conversation between Li Liping and him.
“Mr. Tang, this is the teaching plan we’ve made. Originally, we wanted to give it to you yesterday. But since we were unable to contact you, I personally come here today.” Li Liping handed over a document folder and spoke with a soft voice.
Tang Xiu took it over and read the plan. Then, he nodded and said, “I have no opinion regarding your formulated teaching plan. Besides, these teachers are after all, teachers. What I want to ask is, how’s the progress with Yinyin’s study? Will she be able to adapt with this intensive learning course?”

Li Liping let out a forced smile and said, “If we have yet to talk with Yinyin’s mother, we really cannot believe that she only has schooled to the 2nd grade before. She’s way too smart. Even if I can’t say that I’ve seen tens of thousands of children or even less than that, but never once have I ever seen such a smart child as her. Her learning speed is extremely fast, even our tutoring teachers almost cannot keep up with her rhythm.”
With a happy and satisfied smile, Tang Xiu said, “That being the case, then I sincerely thank all the fellow teachers from your firm. But speaking about gratitude, I just recalled that I have yet to express that gratitude in practice. Please say the cost for your service! I’ll transfer them to you now.”
Li Liping said, “For each month, each one of our 3 tutoring teachers will be paid 20,000, so it will be 60,000 yuan per month. From now to September 1st is 3 months, so the total fee would be 180,000. How do you look at the price…”
Tang Xiu said quickly, “No problem, as long as your tutoring is fine, I’m fine with the price.”
Shortly after, Tang Xiu had transferred 180,000 Yuan through his mobile to Li Liping’s bank account.
Li Liping got up and said with a smile, “Mr. Tang, since we’ve finished discussing the issues. We’ll meet after we have the achievement result of this child’s study later! Well, I will bother you no longer and take my leave.”
Tang Xiu sent her off to the door, watching as she disappeared in the courtyard’s gate. Then, he turned his head and said lightly, “Hey, have you two heard enough? Come out now!”
With a surprised expression, Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan came out as the latter curiously asked, “Tang Xiu, how did you know we were secretly eavesdropping? Do you have X-Ray eyes? Or a preternatural hearing ability?”
Tang Xiu snapped, “I have 360 degree detectors with no dead angle! You can say that I also have X-Ray eyes. Wearing clothes or not, everything is just the same in front of me.”
"Go to hell!"
Cheng Yannan’s charming face flushed red as she let out a curse. After which, she bashfully turned around and ran to the conference room.
Looking at the disappearing Cheng Yannan’s back, only then did Yuan Chuling turn around and looked at Tang Xiu. He raised his thumb up and praised, “So damn amazing. Eldest Brother, how come I haven’t seen such amazing eloquence and intelligence from you before?”
Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Same. So too have I yet to find that your kissing ass skill have reached the point of perfection before. Cut the crap will you? And quickly go back to your review. Teacher Han has issued a decree for me: that it will be considered as my failure if your results in the College Entrance Test are but only mediocre.”
"I give you my word, I’ll live up to your expectation.”
After knowing that his parents only had a fake divorce, Yuan Chuling had changed. He was much more motivated to to study now. Coupled with that particular method Tang Xiu taught him, his spirit was fully boosted.
At Star City Chinese Medical Hospital…
Inside the VIP ward, Su Shangwen and his wife--Zhang Meiyun, were standing in front of Su Lingyun as they looked condescendingly at Su Lingyun on the bed with eyes full of ridicules. They originally had been preparing a scheme for her, but they didn’t expect that even God saw that she was only a nuisance, giving her such an unexpected misfortune.
“Lil’ Sis, haven’t I told you so? Aren’t you also an adult? How come you can’t even make everyone free from worries? And look what has happened to you now! You were hit by others and got injured? I just went to your restaurant and saw that it has been smashed by someone! And seeing you now, I’m sure you’ve spent quite a sum to be hospitalized here. Given your financial situation, I’m afraid that you don’t even have much left to renovate your restaurant, do you?” Su Shangwen spoke with a thick and strong sarcastic tone.
With a schadenfreude expression, Zhang Meiyun also said, “True, initially, Shangwen went to you, wanting to borrow some money. You said that you only had 100,000 yuan. And looking at you now, the state of your injury is quite severe and I don’t know which Deity has poured down a blessing unto you, even making you stay in this luxurious ward. Surely you must spend a lot of money everyday. If you don’t have money to renovate your restaurant, I think you might better transferring the restaurant ownership to us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any place to go! Anyway, after you’ve recovered, you can cook for us in the restaurant and we’ll pay you … erm... 2,000 yuan, that’s quite a sum, right?”
2,000 yuan?
With a painful expression, Su Lingyun looked at her older brother and his wife in front of her, being distressed as though she was on top of pincushion. For so many years ago had she known that her older brother and his wife disliked her. Moreover, they were even shameless. But even in her dream she didn’t expect that they would be shameless to this point. And judging from their request now, wasn’t it the same with looting?
2,000 yuan might seem quite a lot. But the pay of the ordinary staffs in her restaurant was even higher than this.
"Get out."
Su Lingyun did think to drive them away. But she was now still injured. She knew that even if she got up, she would not be able to be their opponent.
An ice-cold expression was cast on Su Shangwen’s face as he stared at Su Lingyun and ridiculed her, “Su Lingyun, you’re really unable to distinguish between the good and bad! I can give you some money if you transfer that small restaurant ownership to me! That money will be enough for a widow and orphaned son of yours to live a smooth life. But if you are this stubborn, you’ll have to eat sufferings in the future.”
Su Lingyun was incensed, “Didn’t you say you got no money? From where can you give them to me?”
Su Shangwen said, “I do have no money on me now. But I can borrow some! Naturally, I’ll give you the money after I got them! Do you think I will lie to you?”
"You... are shameless!"
Su Lingyun was completely sure that Su Shangwen would never give the money to her in the future even if she transferred the restaurant ownership to him. He was clearly extorting her.
He was using her emotional weakness!
For so many times had she seen Su Shangwen do this. She was kindhearted, but it didn’t mean that she was really stupid. For she was too clear about what kind of virtue and person her older brother was.
“Two guests, the patient needs to rest, I’ll have to ask the two of you to leave.” The nurse at the said spoke.
Zhang Meiyun stared and looked at the nurse and scolded her in a rage, “Mind your own business! This is our family’s issues. Do you even have the rights to meddle in-between? Get lost quickly and don’t speak anything again!”
The nurse turned angry and said, “What did you say? If you don’t go, I’ll call the hospital’s security guards to come here!”
Zhang Meiyun said with a sneer, “Wanna test me by calling the security guards? Whether you believe it or not, this old lady will not be driven away. I can even make you lose your rice bowl! A nobody like you is nothing but a damn worthless nobody! Giving you a small face to boot and you will overturn the heavens!”
Su Shangwen also coldly said, “Who do you think you are? Meddling in other families matter? I politely advise you to take your ass out; otherwise, you’ll face the consequences you cannot afford.”
The nurse had heard about the matters Su Lingyun had faced. She also had seen Tang Xiu and clearly knew as how the hospital’s president attached great importance to him. If he knew about this matter, perhaps she would be the one who would be punished.
Therefore, she simply ignored Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun’s threats. Quickly taking out her mobile, she dialed the hospital security room’s number.
"Alright. I’ll be there at once."
The phone was answered by the Security Captain, Chen Tao.
The nurse hung up the phone and said angrily, “I’ve already informed the hospital security. If you don’t go now, you will be kicked out by then.”
Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun glanced at each other with a bit of worry on their expression. However, Su Shangwen was, after all, still the Shangwen Real Estate’s Boss. Although a lot of his friends now had been avoiding him, but some people, such as this Chinese Medical Hospital’s Vice President was still his acquaintance, and he still could contact him and ask for help.
“Hello, Old Liu! I’m Su Shangwen from the Shangwen Real Estate! Well, how’s your work at the hospital? I’m taking along your sister-in-law now to visit my younger sister who’s being hospitalized in your Inpatient Department’s ward. But since I have a small argument with my sister because of our family issues, your hospital’s nurse even dares to humiliate us; she even also called over the security guards to kick us out. Mmm… sorry for troubling you. I’ll be waiting in this VIP ward. Ah, right, the number is…”

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