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Su Shangwen ended the call and coldly looked at the name tag of the nurse, saying, “If you apologize and obediently get out now, I’ll consider that nothing happened. I’ll even speak some good words when my friend--the Vice President comes. Otherwise, you’ll pack up your things and got kicked out!”
Relying on authoritative power?!
The nurse was a straight and pure person. Seeing that Su Shangwen had called the Vice President, she immediately turned furious. She didn’t believe that the hospital’s Vice President would have more power than the President. She strode in a sprint to the door as she stood in the corridor and shouted, “Director! Director, are you in? Some people are causing trouble…”
The Inpatient Department’s Director Office was only separated by three wards from Su Lingyun’s. Because his office now was opened and he was currently reorganizing his documents, his face immediately changed when he heard the shout from the outside and rushed out of his office in big strides.
One must know that this was the VIP ward. The people who could stay here were rich and powerful people with high statutes. If any accidents were to happen here, he would not be able to stomach it.
"What happened?"
Upon seeing the nurse, the Inpatient Department Director’s face greatly changed. He knew this nurse. She’s the one who was responsible for taking care of Su Lingyun.
The nurse loudly said, “Director, some people are causing trouble in the patient ward. I’ve asked them to leave, but they threatened me instead. They are very arrogant and even act domineering in front of me. Also, he called the hospital’s Vice President Liu to fire me. Please help me and give me justice! They’re bullying the patient and me…”
A look of anger was cast on the Director’s face. Even though those troublemakers had called the Vice President, but he wasn’t even a bit afraid. Who was protecting Su Lingyun, to begin with? It was the President! If ones were to ask who had the highest authority in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, then the person was naturally the President.
However, he was not a reckless person nor was he a no brainy one; and he didn’t want to casually offend the Vice President, so he took out his mobile and directly dialed the President Li Hongji’s cell number.
"Who’s this speaking?"
Li Hongji’s majestic voice came out of the phone.
“President, I’m Xiao Wang, the Inpatient Department Director! I have important things to report to you, so I need to listen your opinion.” Said the Inpatient Department Director.
“What happened?” Asked Li Hongji.
The Director quickly replied, “President, I’ve just received a report, some people have caused trouble in our VIP ward. They seem to have some background as he even shouted that he can dismiss our nurse! In addition, he also called Vice President Liu. How do you see…”
Li Hongji turned angry, “Causing trouble in the hospital? No matter if he’s the Emperor or not, I, your Father, won’t give a damn about him. Have you informed the security? Call them to rush there and deal with them!”

The Inpatient Department Director happily complied. Then, his eyes rolled and spoke once more, “President, I’ll carry out your order. But how about Vice President Liu?”
"I'll call him!" Li Hongji said in a sinking tone.
The Director quickly said, “I’m really sorry for troubling you President. Ah, right, those people are making a ruckus in Su Lingyun’s ward.”
“OK, I got it!”
Li Hongji impatiently hung up the phone. Just as he scrolled Vice President Liu’s number, his face suddenly paused as a young face suddenly appeared inside his mind.
Su Lingyun? Wasn’t she Tang Xiu’s mother?
Li Hongji suddenly stood. He didn’t even care to call again as he rushed in big strides toward the office’s door.
Inside the Inpatient Department VIP ward, Su Shangwen looked at the Inpatient Department Director with a crashing look. His brows were deeply wrinkled. But, he was someone who had always been bullying the weak and fearing the powerful. Relying on his friend, the Vice President as his backer, he didn’t even put the Inpatient Department Director in his eyes and spoke with a sinking tone, “Looking at the white coat you are wearing, you should be one of the higher ups of the hospital, right? What’s with your hospital? Even your nurses are relying on the authority and power for this matter? My younger sister is being hospitalized here and I’m her older brother. Since when I’m forbidden to see her?”
“Sir, please do pay attention to your words."
With a cold expression, the Inpatient Department replied. After which, he turned toward the nurse.
The nurse quickly said, “Director, they have gone too far. Not only have they humiliated Ms. Su, they even also want to snatch her restaurant. I think Ms. Su needed to rest so I asked them to leave. But instead, they threatened me. You can see for yourself that now Ms. Su is even crying because of their bullying.”
The Inpatient Department Director looked at Su Lingyun and was somewhat quite sympathized with her. Having such a shameless blood brother would only decrease ones’ health and lifespan by 8 times.
“Sir, Lady, this place is a VIP ward. If the patient doesn’t welcome you, then please leave now. I don’t know what relation you have with Vice President Liu. But the most important person in this place is the patient.”
Su Shangwen said with a sneer, “If I remember correctly, shouldn’t the position of the Vice President be quite powerful in your Chinese Medical Hospital? I don’t think you have the right to drive me away. If anything, let’s just wait for the Vice President Liu’s words!”
With indifferent expression, the Inpatient Department Director said, “I’m really sorry. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed since Vice President Liu is very busy, and perhaps he won’t have much time to even come here.”
Su Shangwen frowned as he spoke coldly, “Don’t be such an arrogant prick. Whether he’ll come or not, it’s not for you to decide. I’ve just called him and he has affirmed that he will immediately rush here. I really want to see if you really have the guts to say those words when Vice President Liu has come.”
The Inpatient Department Director sneered inside his heart. He didn’t want to respond again to this pestering pest who took advantages and used the position to bully Su Lingyun. He squeezed out a small smile as he came to the bed and inquired about Su Lingyun’s well-being, “Ms. Su, you are still injured. Please don’t be too sad. You too know the saying that even if the sky is falling down, still you don’t need to worry for such unrealistic things. Someone will always be standing up for you. Even if Mr. Tang isn’t convenient to come here, our hospital will not sit idly by and do nothing.”
Su Lingyun stopped crying and silently nodded.
Mr. Tang?
Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun looked at each other with a trace of confused expression on their faces. Who was the person spoken by this Inpatient Department Director? Was it Tang Xiu? Was it for real? He’s just only a high schooler! Even if he had done something and had a relationship with the Long Group’s Boss and was worshipped by the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Boss because he had some ability. But by now, his true face should have been exposed already!
Zhang Meiyun hesitated, and asked loudly, "Director Wang, who’s this Mr. Tang you’ve spoken about? Is that the young bastard Tang Xiu?”
Su Lingyun on the sickbed instantly turned as though an enraged lioness as she furiously shouted, “I forbid you to curse my son! Get the hell out of my sight, NOW!”
Zhang Meiyun ridiculed her, “Or what? I just cursed on your mutant son didn’t I? Such a cheap bastard who’s brought up by a single mother without a father to teach him? You’re really sick in the brain, you have no sense of dignity and is still defending him.”
“Which people who have caused trouble?”
A shout suddenly came from the outside of the door as the Security Captain, Chen Tao, rushed in with three other security guards into the ward.
With a disgusted expression, the Inpatient Department Director looked at Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun as he spoke with sinking tone, “It’s them. Take them out. If they dare to refuse, just beat them up! And directly throw them to the Orthopedic Department. As long as they don’t die, I will take all responsibility!”
Receiving the orders, Chen Tao immediately grabbed Su Shangwen’s collar and fiercely slapped his face and then dragged him out of the door as though he was a dog.
Vice President Liu, with 2 middle-aged doctors, rushed in with big strides. When they saw the scene in front of them, he immediately turned angry and shouted loudly.
Chen Tao stared blankly. He knew that he was Vice President Liu. But he didn’t expect that such a high-level higher up would come over. He hesitated and turned around to look at the Inpatient Department Director before he finally released Su Shangwen.
Vice President Liu stared angrily at Chen Tao before a trace of smile squeezed out on his face as he apologized, “Boss Su, I’m really sorry that the quality of our hospital security personnel is quite mediocre. I didn’t expect that he even dares to hit you. You don’t need to worry about this. I’ll handle this matter seriously and give you a satisfactory answer.”
The Inpatient Department Director strode out of VIP ward’s door as a surprised expression flashed from his eyes upon seeing that Vice President Liu had come. He did not understand. The President told him that he would talk to Vice President Liu, but the latter still dare to come over. However, he still had the courage to say, “Vice President Liu, I hope you won’t intervene and get involved in this matter. This couple has caused troubles in the VIP ward, they have even seriously disturbed the patient’s condition.”
Vice President Liu turned angry and said, “Boss Su has told me clearly on the phone. He took his wife to visit his younger sister who’s being hospitalized here. Is that wrong? And where is that rash nurse? When did she have the rights to make things difficult for the patient’s family member? What kind of place does she regard our hospital of?”
The Inpatient Department Director argued, “Vice President Liu, you mustn’t just listen to one side’s statement only. I’ve witnessed everything personally, the couple has humiliated the patient, while being extremely arrogant and domineering. Moreover…”
Vice President Liu snapped and scolded him, “Don’t talk back to me! IF the patients and their family members talk about their family’s private affairs, do you think our hospital has the rights to meddle in between? You have no rights to even educate what I must say. Who are you to begin with?”
Anger had filled his heart!
As a Vice President, he was one of the best possible candidates for the Chinese Medical Hospital’s next President. If there was no accident to happen, it would not be long for him to become this hospital’s President. However, at this moment, someone even dared to challenge his authority, inciting resentment within his heart. He might as well punish this one as to give a warning to the others, as well as building a strong image for his own campaigned Presidency.
"Director Wang, it seems that you’ve been staying for too long as the Director of this Inpatient Department. So I think it’s time for you to move. I will personally report this matter to the President, and I hope you have psychologically prepared yourself.” Vice President Liu said with a sneer.
For a moment, the Inpatient Department Director was silent before he slowly said, “You don’t need to personally report this issue to the President. I’ve already done it.”
Along with the ending of the Inpatient Department Director’s voice, a majestic voice echoed in the corridor as 4 top leaders of the Chinese Medical Hospital rushed and arrived under Li Hongji’s leadership. And the person who just spoke was precisely Li Hongji himself.
"Vice President Liu, you have yet to become a President but you already want to use the President’s privileges and authority? Do you even have the rights to dismiss the Inpatient Department Director? At the very least, do it after you already sit on my position. Director Wang has already told me everything about the matter. No matter how and what kind of interests you have with the patient’s family, the most important people in our hospital is our patients.”

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