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Vice President Liu’s eyes shrunk. He didn’t expect the President to personally come and deal with this matter. And his attitude was very obvious. He was standing with Director Wang and the patient’s side.
_‘Damn! That Su Shangwen bastard has pushed me into a pit.’_
Vice President Liu secretly grumbled inside. But on his face, he showed a bitter expression and spoke, “President, we really should investigate this case clearly. I suspect that the nurse has been telling lies left and right. There might be some arguments and conflicts happening between the patient and her family member. Maybe they can work it out by discussing it among themselves. At the worst, it’s not a big problem.”
With a cold expression, Li Hongji said, “Even if there is some contradiction between them. Can you explain why should the hospital stay idly? The patient IS still being hospitalized, do you want to see the patient’s condition worsen?”
Vice President Liu was speechless and dumbfounded. The complaint he had inside his heart toward Su Shangwen was getting bigger.
Li Hongji looked at Su Shangwen with an apathetic expression and said, “Are you really the patient’s family member? I’ve seen insensible and mindless people, but never once have I ever seen such person like you! The patient is your family member and you, regardless of her condition, have caused her condition to be a lot worse. Is this what you call the conducts between family members? Now I will formally announce that our hospital will never accept visits from people such as you! I hope that you immediately leave, otherwise, our hospital security personnel will not stay idly by!”
Su Shangwen’s heart had already fallen into the pit when Li Hongji arrived. Upon hearing Li Hongji’s words, his body went cold as a look of hard-to-believe expression hung over on his face. He could not figure out as to why Li Hongji, a President of this Chinese Medical Hospital would insist to protect Su Lingyun.
Mr. Tang?
Su Shangwen recalled the name the Inpatient Department Director had spoken. A gulping choked sound suddenly came out from his throat. He didn’t believe that this Mr. Tang was referred to Tang Xiu because the latter was but only a high schooler. He couldn’t have had any ability nor would he be able to make the President of Chinese Medical Hospital moved.
Was it because of Vice President Liu?
Could it be that the President wanted to rectify and give Vice President Liu a lesson, but yet hadn’t found an opportunity to do that? Could it be that he took advantage of the issue to renovate Vice President Liu? If this was the case, then, wasn’t he the one who got implicated by Vice President Liu?
When Su Shangwen thought to this point, an apologizing expression began to emerge on his face as he said, “President Li, I have long heard your distinguished name. You are a highly respected Divine Doctor in our Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. Vice President Liu and I are only ordinary friends. If he has been a nuisance to you, you might as well take him on directly, but please leave me out of this.”

"Su Shangwen! You bastard!"
Even in his dream, Vice President Liu had never thought that Su Shangwen would even sell him this instant. Moreover, he just simply sold him, without any feeling whatsoever.
Su Shangwen angrily spoke, “Vice President Liu, a man has to be responsible for his own deeds. Since it’s a business between you and President Li, do you even have to pull others into your problems? We’re just ordinary people and we don’t want to be involved with your problems. My wife and I came here to visit my younger sister. And since we’ve seen her we’ll soon be leaving. So, I bid you farewell.”
"Su Shangwen ..."
Vice President Liu was madly furious as a burst of nefarious flame raged inside his mind. Even though he didn’t wish it consciously, he bolted forward toward Su Shangwen who had just turned around and was about to leave as his fists severely hit Su Shangwen’s head.
Venting his anger was the need he must sate!
The hatred and grievances in his heart must be vented out, and the target was neither the patient Su Lingyun, the nurse, the Inpatient Department, nor even President Li. But the treacherous bastard who just sold him out, Su Shangwen. His fists were as though the downpour raindrops that hit Su Shangwen. Even though the latter had fallen to the floor, he did not want to let him go as Su Shangwen who was being smashed, could only scream miserably.
The present scene in front stunned Zhang Meiyun. She never dreamt that the reinforcement her husband had invited would unexpectedly hit him instead. Even hitting him hard and ruthlessly. After she came back to her senses, she immediately rushed toward Vice President Liu and attempted to break him away from her husband.
Chen Tao quickly acted and instantly obstructed Zhang Meiyun from the side and forced her down to the floor.
Li Hongji was dumbfounded and tongue-tied as he looked at the present scene in front of him. He did not even expect it to happen whatsoever, that Vice President Liu would take the initiative to smash Su Shangwen. However, when he sobered up, he immediately felt that Vice President Liu was quite pitiful; for he anxiously ran over toward Su Shangwen, raising his head up to flatter him, as the latter turned his back to bite and gnaw him.
After sighing, Li Hongji motioned the security guards at the side as some of them quickly pulled up Vice President Liu from Su Shangwen.
Li Hongji waved and commanded him, “Take him to the emergency room and have him inspected. If there’s nothing wrong with his body, take him out of the hospital. Later on, do bear in mind to directly drive him away if he dares to come to our hospital again. You can directly give him a hard warning if he doesn’t comply.”
"Understood!" Chen Tao said loudly.
Accompanied by several hospital leaders, Li Hongji came to the VIP ward, and gave his condolences to Su Lingyun, only then did they leaving afterward. He also praised the Inpatient Department Director as well as the nurse. As for Vice President Liu, he decided that he would handle him and report him to the Health Bureau about the entire incident and then wait for the dismissal order from them.
Inside the VIP ward…
Su Lingyun’s face was as though she was dying. Although the President and the hospital higher-ups had expressed their concern and condolences for her, however, the grieved feeling inside her heart had yet to even dissipate.
Who was Su Shangwen? He was but her blood brother!
Previously, she only knew that he was quite shameless, but to be this shameless to this extent never crossed her mind. From the nurse who took care of her, she also knew about everything that had happened outside the ward. When Su Shangwen was even gnawing back to Vice President Liu, she could only feel a deep shame and humiliation brought by having such a blood brother.
“Xiu’er has seen everything thoroughly. Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun are not human beings. Since they didn’t even consider me as a family member, then strangers they will be in the future.”
At this moment, Su Lingyun finally was able to steel her heart and resolutely decide to sever all communication with Su Shangwen.
Some people who were hiding in the dark, Banshou and Dingzi, were able to clearly see everything that happened in the hospital. In fact, they had been staring from the beginning. However, since Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun didn’t make any move that would physically hurt Su Lingyun, the two of them didn’t come out.
They also witnessed everything that happened next. After everything was settled, Banshou quickly dialed Tang Xiu’s number and told him everything.
At South Gate Town…
Tang Xiu was still giving the remedial tutoring to Yuan Chuling and the other three. After receiving the call, he was silent for a long time. He had long known that the Su Shangwen couple was but a walking calamity. He had yet to act ruthlessly against them, for he took his mother’s feeling into account. But now, again and again, they dared to provoke them, and he finally no longer was able to tolerate it anymore.
Tonight, Tang Xiu made two calls. One was for Chen Zhizhong, and the other one was for Long Zhengyu. His intention was obvious. Not only did he want the Shangwen Real Estate to file bankruptcy, but he must also prevent Su Shangwen from having any chance in turning over in all eternity. And the best means for that was to make him spent the rest of his life behind bars.
Before dawn…
Yuan Chuling and the other three students had gone to sleep. Alone, he went to the warehouse and then locked the door from the inside. Then, he began to experiment on the composition formula for the healthcare products.
Since it was intended for commercial sales, Tang Xiu had no choice but to be especially careful. He didn’t dare to even make the slightest mistake. After having several experiments repeatedly, and unceasingly trying combinations of the compounds for 15 times, he finally succeeded in creating and adjusting the proper ingredient composition and the configuration for the healthcare products based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The efficacy of the medicine was one-tenth of the one he had given to Long Zhenglin, but the amount of the liquid was increased by dozens of times compared to it.
For a moment, he made a calculation. 20 bottles of these health care products were equal to the one bottle Long Zhenglin had taken.
And the way to accumulate wealth was exactly a steady flow of accumulation and minute by minute amassing.
A radiance flashed from Tang Xiu’s eyes as a faint smile was sketched on his mouth. He could tell that once this health care product hit the market, it would create a big outbreak once it had been recognized by a small number of people. Its sales would explode and would be even better than the other two cosmetic products.
Tang Xiu wrote the proportion of the medicinal herbs and ingredients on paper and then put the successfully experimented products into the bottles in advance. Then, he opened the warehouse’s door and went back to the villa.
Time passed by and the next day evening arrived in the blink of an eye...
Tang Xiu had just returned from school and went back to South Gate Town. But the scene in front of him made him frown. More than 20 big men in black suits stood in an orderly row next to the gate, facing 30 security guards of the South Gate Town who stood in front of them. The scene was as though it was a critical situation where enemies were having a confrontation.
The South Gate Town’s Property Manager—Long Xueyao—was frowning, looking distressed as she looked at those 20 grim looking, big men. At present, she really wanted to call the police, but she had no justified reason to do that. These people had an extremely high discipline and they neither entered the villa area nor were they causing any troubles.
Even their leader said that they came here to wait for their Boss.
Long Xueyao was really curious. What kind of powerful person or sacred being could become the Boss of these men?
All of the security guards in this real estate complex were retired soldiers. They were highly capable and had high accomplishments in military aspects. Either discipline or combat strength, finding ordinary people who were able to contend with them was very difficult. However, they were simply not at the level that could be compared to these men.
Suddenly, Long Xueyao’s eyes turned bright as she saw Tang Xiu came. The troubles inside her heart were cast away as she said with a beaming smile, “Mr. Tang, how have you been? You’ve come back!”
Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Mmm, I was just coming back from vacation given by the school.”
Was he on vacation from school?
Until just now, Long Xueyao still did not know that Tang Xiu was still a student. Upon hearing his reply, she was secretly astonished. However, she buried her astonishment deep within her heart. Then, she turned around and looked at the scene nearby. With a forced and wry smile, she explained, “Mr. Tang, I’m really sorry. I really don’t know where these 20 men came from. They say that they’re waiting for their Boss. But you don’t need to worry, our villa area’s security guards are here so the won’t disturb the order in the villa area.”
Looking at the straightened up, standing postures of those 20 robust men, Tang Xiu felt that they were just like big men statues. He was quite satisfied since he could see that these men were the said elite Gu Xiaoxue sent him from the Everlasting Feast Hall. He took back his vision and then looked at Long Xueyao as he spoke with a tranquil expression, “I know, they will never disturb the order in the villa area since their Boss, is me.”

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