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Long Xueyao was struck dumb. With a dull expression, she looked at Tang Xiu’s calm face as shock, as though a storm, struck her heart. Never once in her dreams had she ever imagined that those twenty big men were Tang Xiu’s subordinates.
He… Who was he, really?
This made Long Xueyao’s curiosity toward Tang Xiu skyrocket to the highest degree. She was somewhat curious toward him ever since Long Zhengyu gave him the grandest villa in South Gate Town. Even though she had yet to meet and get along with him much, but her curiosity growed after each time she met him.
She really wanted to know the identity and everything about Tang Xiu.
“They are my men, so I’ll take them along with me. Anyways, I need to go back to my house and change clothes, so can I bring them now?” Said Tang Xiu.
“Uh, Oh… well, please!”
Long Xueyao sobered up from her daze and quickly replied.
After nodding to her, Tang Xiu walked to the front of those twenty big men and spoke seriously, “The person you’ve been looking for is me. Follow me!”
He directly went into the inside area of South Gate Town after having said that.
These twenty big men had already saw Tang Xiu’s picture. And at the moment, they also recognized him, so no one spoke nor whispered. They only silently walked in a line and followed behind Tang Xiu as they headed toward the inside of South Gate Town.
As they entered the villa, Tang Xiu looked at them and calmly said, “I’m Tang Xiu. I believe you already know me since some of you perhaps have seen me when I visited the Everlasting Feast Hall those two times. Anyways, starting from today, I’m your Boss. The only request I ask of you is: Promptly obey my orders above everything else. Can you do it?”
“Yes, understood, Boss!”
The twenty men shouted in unison.
Nodding in satisfaction, Tang Xiu continued, “I’ll welcome all of you with a welcoming dinner this evening. However, since you’ll stay in Star City for quite a long time, and as I also don’t have the time to manage all of you, you’ll be transferred to and work under my General Manager. She will be responsible to provide you all the basic necessities and your work arrangements. For which you will have to listen to her.”
The Long’s Dining Hall!
Tang Xiu made a call to book a private room, but the staffer told him there was no room left, so he had no choice but call Chen Zhizhong to help him book it.
From this, it was definite that people, as had always been, were divided into a low and high social caste.
But Tang Xiu didn’t care too much about it. He might be a nobody now, but later, he would be someone powerful. It’s said that the world sometimes behaves like a river that flows East for 30 years and then West for the next 30 [1]. The wheel of fortune rises and falls with the changes of time. Maybe in the future, they would regard and give him the privileges of a VIP when he had meals in the Long’s Dining Hall!
After Chen Zhizhong reserved the private room and told its number to him, Tang Xiu ordered those twenty big men to go there first as he wanted to have a shower and change his clothes. It was also because he needed to complete the health care products he had concocted yesterday, as well as take the formula. At the evening when he met Kang Xia, he would give these stuffs and the twenty big men to her.

Half an hour later…
When Tang Xiu left the South Gate Town’s gate, he could sense that some people were keeping an eye at him. He didn’t pay attention to them and directly took the taxi to head to the Long’s Dining Hall.; But after he entered the private room, Kang Xia greeted him with a strange expression.
Whilst looking at the twenty men who were sitting in front of a long table in postures as though stone statues, also looking at Kang Xia’s strange expression, Tang Xiu said with a light laugh, “Huh? What?! Those men are not to your satisfaction?”
With a forced smile, Kang Xia replied, “It’s not that I’m not content, but it’s because I’m way too satisfied! Boss, I’ve seen the world’s best security guards, and nearly all of them are retired members of special forces from all countries. Not only are they very well trained in military skills, but their individual combat capabilities are also outstanding. They will even brave the dangers to meet death with a straight back when they have to protect their clients. But, comparing them with these twenty men, those people seem to be quite subpar.”
Tang Xiu replied with an astonished tone, “Such big gap?”
Kang Xia said with a nod, “Absolutely. I’ve been observing them for a full twenty minutes. And they haven’t moved even slightly since they sat there. Even their eyes didn’t blink. If I didn’t see them walking into the room before, I would have thought that they were only stuffed dummies!”
Tang Xiu swept over the twenty men and then lightly smiled, “Everyone, tonight is the welcoming dinner reception for you. You can consider it as your free and leisure time, so you don’t need to be that restricted and maintain such discipline. I’ve seen a lot of brave and iron willed soldiers. They brave the battlefields with a such rigid and strict discipline and courageously kill their enemies. But they always open their mouth wide to eat and drink in their leisure and resting time, as well as having fun.”
The twenty big men’s eyes shone at the same time. They looked at each other and nodded repeatedly. After which, they got up together, faced Tang Xiu and cupped their fists over, saying, “Thanks a lot, Boss!”
Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Anyway, Yan’er is my apprentice. She really did a good job in training all of you. If in the future I see that you have unwavering loyalty and dedication to your duty, perhaps I’ll let you step on another path!”
Another path?
The twenty men’s body trembled crazily with a frantic and zealous expression on their faces. Gu Yan’er adopted them when they were six or seven years old and she personally trained them for these twenty or thirty years. It could be said that they were Gu Yan Er's trusted personnel. Similarly, they were also aware about Gu Yan’er’s identity.
Immortal cultivation! This path was a slow, solemn and lonely one.
They were men who had been tempered into hard iron ones. Gu Yan’er had trained them with extremely harsh and cold training since their childhood, as well as had spent a great price for them. She made them dive through chaotic, foreign war zones overseas, where they had to fight and survive there. Gu Yan’er even sent them to stay on a vast isolated island, hunting and killing fierce and powerful ferocious beasts. It could be said that they were brought up and grew with hands covered with blood, with killings and slaughters that had long been instilled and carved into their bones.
They didn’t fear death. Neither were they afraid of being lonely or meet tragic ends. What they needed was stimulation, passion and fervor as they would use their blood to cast their future paths.
The Immortal Path!
Their lifespan would increase and it would open a new chapter to their life and world. They even hoped that one day, they would be able to fly just like Gu Yan’er, free and unfettered.
“Thank you, Boss!”
The twenty big men pushed the table and chairs as they knelt down with one knee and cupped their fists over and shouted with strong and deafening voices. Even the experienced Kang Xia was shocked and absent minded as she saw this. These twenty men appeared not as security guards, but strong iron blooded private soldiers that had been trained by Tang Xiu.
“What’s the matter? Arrange the food and wine, will you?”
Tang Xiu looked at Kang Xia, who was dazed and lost in thought as he spoke with a smile.
Kang Xia was as though being abruptly awakened from a dream, and promptly replied, “Uh… well, good. It turned out peacefully… Ah, no. I’ve already arranged that. I’ve ordered the best food and wine the Long’s Dining Hall has. It should be served soon.”
Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Everyone, sit now! Don’t restrain yourself for today and relax well. Also, have a good meal and drink, since after today, you’ll have busy days ahead.”
After the full two hours…
Tang Xiu and Kang Xia accompanied the twenty big men to eat and drink happily and extravagantly. He could see that the forty bottles of spirits had been emptied, but they only had red faces and nobody was drunk. He was secretly satisfied. These men could drink and stomach it, good men indeed.
When they were about to leave the Long’s Dining Hall, Kang Xia came back with an unsightly expression after she paid the bill. As Tang Xiu asked her, only then was he told that the meals cost two million yuan. The Magnificent Tang Corporation was precisely short on money at present, and even though Kang Xia had seen much more money than that, she was still pained spending it.
Near the front door of the Long’s Dining Hall…
Zhu Tianqiang, with four of his brothers, had been quietly watching the guests who were passing in and out of the Long’s Dining Hall. Around them were dozens of bullies and criminal thugs with weapons hidden. His fiancée and his future brother-in-law were beaten; it was an extreme slap in his face, without a doubt. He was so filled with rage that he wouldn’t forgive the culprit.
“Senior Brother, that punk has gone in for about two hours. Even if they only ate their meals slowly, they will finish it soon. Our brothers are all here already, so we can immediately act once he comes out. Since he dares to hit the Masters’ future sister-in-law, he really wants to live a crooked life, it seems.” A monkey-faced middle-aged man spoke whilst stroking his chin.
Zhu Tianqiang coldly said, “We must catch him. But not in front of this Long’s Dining Hall’s front gate. There’s a lot of people streaming nearby, and it will certainly cause panic once we gang up on him here; even the cops will be on us. Follow him for now and wait until that little punk is in a place with few people. We’ll fuck him up then!”
The monkey-like middle-aged man nodded and said, “OK, we’ll do as Senior Brother says. If today I don’t make that punk a waste, I won’t be able to sleep when I go back.”
At this time…
Tang Xiu and Kang Xia came out of the Long’s Dining Hall’s gate side by side.
“Are you not going with them?”
With an astonished expression, Tang Xiu looked at Kang Xia. Those twenty big men had already gone to the basement parking lot, while Kang Xia was actually following him out.
Kang Xia replied with a smile, “Since you, the Boss, isn’t going, how could I have the guts to leave?”
Pondering for a second, Tang Xiu then lightly said, “Ah, something you wanna ask me? Well, ask then! I’ll answer.”
Whilst raising her thumb up, Kang Xia exclaimed in admiration and said, “You’re really the Boss! You can even read my mind. Anyway, I wanna ask you one thing. Where did you get those twenty security guards from? They couldn’t be mercenary soldiers, right? It’s just that I accidentally found gunshot wounds on Zhong Tiekui’s arm while we had the meal. He also got stab wound marks.”
Zhong Tiekui! He’s the captain of the twenty men. The most robust and muscular, as well as being quite the drinker.
Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Their origins are not something I know about, neither do I knew them before. But my most trusted person is the one who trained them, so I can trust these men. Since they will follow you later, not only must you treat them well, but you must also regard them as your most trusted people. Trust me, they are very strong. Let alone security guards, even if you want them to be hitmen, they will be much stronger than a lot of assassins.”
With an astonished expression, Kang Xia said, “You mean… they have seen people’s blood?”
“Not only have they seen blood, but they literally have climbed out a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses. I can be sure that they at least have killed more than a dozen of people. Well, do remember to put everything I’ve told you inside your heart and don’t speak about it with anyone.” Said Tang Xiu.
"They…" Kang Xia was, after all, a fully serious and upright businesswoman. She suddenly grew frightened by Tang Xiu’s words.
Tang Xiu said, “Kang Xia, care not for their past. Just remember, they are security guards now; you can even regard them as your trusted personnel.”
* * *
[1] It’s an ancient Chinese saying. Thirty years East of the river and thirty years West of it. The saying means that “the pendulum swings both ways”. It literally means the world sometimes behaves like a river that flows east for 30 years and then west for the next 30.

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