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The ten instructors from the Rising Dragon School were all fierce and powerful fighters. Either it was combat skills, actual combats, or experience to fight in teamwork, they all had them. With three people filling the upper and lower parts, their fists and kicks were crisscrossing, meeting the strongman head-on.
“Suicidal clowns!”
The strong man knew no fear. He didn’t even have the intention to avoid the clash and fiercely met the person in front with his fist head-on and sent him flying. After which, his body instantly dashed to the right and punched out as his fist and elbows struck at another man and sent him flying as well.
While sitting on the chair, Tang Xiu turned and looked at Kang Xia as he asked with a smile, “What do you think? Is their strength good enough?”
Kang Xia raised four fingers next to her face and said, “He has the chance to kill them four times. I can see clearly that there’s a sharp tool peeking out a bit between his fingers. But the instant it was about to hit his opponent, he changed the trajectory of his attack.”
With an astonished expression, Tang Xiu asked, “You can see it so clearly?”
Kang Xia replied with a proud smile, “My eyesight is 2.5 times sharper than an ordinary person’s. But his speed is very fast and he has already surpassed the limit of an average person. If it were not because of the moonlight reflection, I wouldn’t have been able to see it.”
Puzzled, Tang Xiu continued, “Is your eyes’ ability inborn, or did you develop it later on?”
“It’s innate!” Said Kang Xia.
Tang Xiu nodded even though he was thinking about another similar thing in his mind. When he was in the Immortal World, he had met a genius in eye cultivation techniques. His eyesight was ten times stronger than ordinary people’s, and he turned into an outstanding and famous Heavenly Eyes Great Emperor within a short 1800 years.
In that case, Kang Xia’s eyes were highly likely to be similar with the Heavenly Eyes Great Emperor’s. That meant she was actually able to cultivate a special eyes cultivation technique and fostered her ability.
As the two of them were chatting, the strong man had knocked all of the Rising Dragon’s instructors down. Even though he didn’t want to kill these people, his moves and strikes were extremely ruthless. Those ten instructors had either their legs or arms broken as screams molded into one in this kungfu training field.
Tang Xiu looked at Jiang Feng, whose complexion flushed red, and lightly said, “Well, the young ones have played their parts. Old man, shouldn’t you act now? I heard that you’re very strong. Wanna play with one of my people?”
Jiang Feng took a step forward and said with a sneer, “I have entered the Grandmaster Realm of martial arts for ten years. If you think your men can beat me, then bring it on!”
Tang Xiu looked at Zhong Tiekui and said indifferently, “Accompany him to practice. This old chap might have yet to teach his disciples much, but I heard that he’s just and moral. Give him some mercy.”

Zhong Tiekui replied as he walked to the open space in front.
Jiang Feng narrowed his eyes. He might be old, but not only had his strength not regressed, but instead, his kungfu had reached the pinnacle after decades of hard training.
Yang Xianyu, who was standing nearby, had already seen that Tang Xiu’s men were powerful, so he was well aware that his old friend could be losing today. In his hesitation, he spoke to remind him, “Be careful, even I cannot see the depth of your opponent.”
Jiang Feng sneered, “Bah, just look at his age. He’s mostly only forty-years-old or so. Even if he began practicing kungfu inside his mother’s womb, I don’t believe that he already reached the Grandmaster Realm. It will be easy to pack him up.”
A forced smile was revealed on Yang Xianyu’s face as he replied, “Even so, you better not to fall and capsized, otherwise, your name and reputation will be destroyed in a flash.”
Jiang Feng suddenly turned cautious and discreet upon hearing this.
Tang Xiu looked at Yang Xianyu and asked with an insipid expression, “Are you from this Rising Dragon School? If not, you’d better keep your mouth shut.”
Yang Xianyu turned to see Tang Xiu as he shook his head and said with a sigh, “Aii, young ones nowadays really don’t know how to respect the elderly and care for the young. That aside, I hope your man does have some ability, else you’ll lose today.”
At the side, Zhu Tianqiang who was being propped up by some people, suddenly shouted, “Master, the most powerful person is not the one in front of you. It’s him! The one who’s sitting there! We, five brothers, weren’t able to hold out by even ten seconds and got knocked out by him completely.”
A disbelieving expression appeared on Jiang Feng and Yang Xianyu’s faces as shocked looks could be seen in their eyes. In this moment, they knew it was definitely impossible for Zhu Tianqiang to lie to them. But, achieving the feat of knocking down Zhu Tianqiang along with his four fellow disciples within ten seconds was not something they could do. To what kind of terrifying degree could his strength be?
Tang Xiu said with some ridicule, “Aii, please, don’t be afraid. I’m very weak. Just look at my age. Even if I began training since I was still my mother’s womb, there’s no way I can have such an illustrious achievement.”
Jiang Feng’s expression instantly turned into a red-pig liver color.
He knew perfectly well that the other slap his face with his own words.
Tang Xiu looked at Jiang Feng and said, “The two of you need not dilly dally, please hurry to have your fight. I still have to go back home and help tutoring my classmates for extra lessons and school stuff. So I got no time to delay further.”
Helping and tutoring his classmates for schoolwork?
For a moment, Jiang Feng stared blankly. Everyone in the Rising Dragon School were all dumbfounded. They looked at Tang Xiu with a hard-to-believe expression. It was simply unimaginable, for such a young man to have a powerful group of men. Much less be a student.
However, Jiang Feng was, after all, someone who had braved the stormy sea of life for years. He looked toward Zhong Tiekui, cupping his fist over at him and spoke, “I’m much older than you, and I also have reached the Grandmaster Realm. So I’ll give you three chances to strike first. If you cannot beat me within these three strikes, you’ll never have the chance to win me.”
Zhong Tiekui replied with a sneer, “No need. The Boss wants to see a good play, so you better give your best shot. Otherwise, even though the Boss told me to start off leniently, I will make you a eunuch and unable to get laid.”
Jiang Feng flew into a rage. His thought to give three strikes start to Zhong Tiekui instantly evaporated. With extremely calm footsteps, he stood still as though a pine and bent his body just like a bow - showcasing a posture of a lion that was about to prey on a rabbit - and went all out. Along with the tread of the tip of his toe on the ground, his body dashed toward Zhong Tiekui. His palms turned into fists and bombarded Zhong Tiekui for dozens of times in an instant.
“Bang, bang…!”
Fighting for Zhong Tiekui was as though eating a plain meal. Meeting head-on with Jiang Feng’s fists, both of his arms waved constantly from time to time, even his speed was faster than Jiang Feng’s. With strange footwork, he moved and dodged Jiang Feng’s fists bombardment. His body was as though it had no bones as it twisted and swayed from side to side. In an instant, Jiang Feng’s head suddenly appeared under the lower right side of Zhong Tiekui, while the latter’s fist hit him with a punch to his armpit.
Jiang Feng’s right arm got dislocated in an instant as his body also staggered back for four or five steps.
Zhong Tiekui didn’t chase him, and instead, swayed to his side toward his neck. Along with the force of this body, a loud sound sounded as he sent a hook toward Jiang Feng.
_'What strength! He’s much stronger and faster than me. His fighting experience is also very deep. This man is definitely a ruthless one and has killed people before. What’s the background of these people? From where they came from and what identity does that young man have?'_
Jiang Feng couldn’t help but think about it whilst enduring and suppressing the pain in his right arm. Then, he quickly swapped the position of his right arm with the left one. After that, he gently moved and spoke with a sinking tone, “You’re very strong indeed. A kind of expert I have yet to see in all my years. Then, I’ll go all out. I hope you can keep up with me.”
"You talk too much!"
Zhong Tiekui sneered as he dashed toward Jiang Feng. His speed and strength suddenly surged in an instant, as in a blink of an eye, his foot kicked Jiang Feng’s arms that were in a defensive posture. Following that, his lightning kick flipped up and kicked Jiang Feng’s cheek.
The kick didn’t break Jiang Feng's cheek bone, but his eyes turned black and almost lost consciousness for two seconds in an instant. However, in a fight between experts, let alone two seconds, even half a second was enough to decide the outcome of the battle. A seasoned fighter as he was, Zhong Tiekui naturally knew to seize such an opportunity and quickly sent out dozens of bombardments within a breath. There were no useless and fancy movements as each and every hit solidly smashed Jiang Feng’s chest.
Again… and again.
Dozens of hits repeatedly hit Jiang Feng’s body as his body was pushed forcefully for about ten meters backwards, along with a mouthful of blood that bursted out from his mouth. Jiang Feng struggled a few times to no avail as he then crawled on the ground.
As for Zhong Tiekui, he didn’t even glance at Jiang Feng as he came before Tang Xiu, cupping his fists over and said, “Boss, the task has been accomplished!”
Tang Xiu nodded with a smile whilst motioning him to head to the side. Then, his sight turned to Jiang Feng as he spoke with an indifferent expression, “You lost. So, I won in kicking your martial school, didn’t I? According to the custom of martial arts society, what should you do now?”
Propped up by several instructors, Jiang Feng looked like he aged ten years in an instant. With an expression as though dying embers, he said, “I’ll take down my Rising Dragon Martial School’s plaque and give it to you, your excellency. I indeed am admitted that my kung fu and techniques are much inferior to him, so it’s my loss. Much less that I’m also aware that if it weren’t for him giving me mercy, I’m afraid that I would have already been killed.”
Tang Xiu waved and said, “I’m not interested in your school’s plaque. The only real purpose I have is to let my enemies pay the price. Not only Zhu Tianqiang and his other four fellow disciples sought revenge on me, but he also brought along dozens of thugs. So I think he’s a rotten apple. I want you to order him to call his woman, and we’ll call an end to this issue.”
Jiang Feng turned toward Zhu Tianqiang.
The latter quickly said, “No, today is no good! Deqin is leaving for the capital today since she has to secure some important business deals there. Wait for her to come back from the capital, and then I’ll personally take her to apologize.”
For a moment, Tang Xiu was silent. But when he was about to respond, Kang Xia suddenly spoke, “Since your woman can’t come, let’s change the method. A lot of our time has been wasted because of you. Our time is just like gold - very precious. So, you can compensate for the loss of our spirit, with some liquid...”
Jiang Feng and Yang Xianyu were stunned for a moment. The two men looked at each other with a clear expression on their faces. At this moment, they thought that the reason as to why Tang Xiu challenged them was not to take the school’s plaque, but to make money.
"How much?"
With a helpless expression, Zhu Tianqiang asked.
Without even batting an eye, Kang Xia replied, “One hundred million.”
“You what? It’s daylight robbery!”
Zhu Tianqiang was suddenly shocked as he immediately bursted out of anger upon hearing it. Although 100 million yuan wasn’t that much for him and he also was barely able to provide such an amount, but still, he would have to tighten his belt and live quite meagerly later.
A charming smile was revealed on Kang Xia’s face as she looked at Zhu Tianqiang and said, “Haven’t you heard the saying that a woman’s heart is even more poisonous than a hornets’ tail needles? You know what? My Boss is way too kind-hearted, so he didn’t want anyone’s death. But as for me, my Boss has told me that he won’t interfere with my matter once I solve it. So what now? You think that your life and the other four of your brothers’ are not even worth a hundred million?”

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