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Chen Zhizhong said, “Two and half a year ago, his wife once had a hit-and-run case, but she got away from the charges. But I’ve sent some people to investigate it even though the charges against her have been dropped. Are you intending to…”
“Send them together.”
Tang Xiu said with a dry and cold tone.
It wasn’t that he was a cold person. But he was acutely aware of one thing: an anxious rabbit could and would bite. People who didn’t belong together wouldn’t get to live together, and they were married because they had something in common. Su Shangwen and Zhang Meiyun had the same morality and conduct. They were narrow-minded, with a sharp and unkind mouth. In the case that Chen Zhizhong was to send her to prison, then it meant that she wouldn’t be able to do anything crazy.
As for their children, Tang Xiu had long made up his mind. If they were able to turn a new leaf and make a fresh start, he would let them go. But if they were stubborn and refused to repent, then, he would also clean them up in the future.
Familial affection?!
For Tang Xiu, it was all a joke! Aside from his mother, it could be said that in his heart, family affection no longer existed whatsoever in this mortal world! The kindness as small as a water drop had to be recompensed with a gushing spring?! They did kindly treat the mother and child for once. And for that, he felt grateful. But if they dared to bring troubles to his mother, then, he would fully remove all of these threats.
“Master, do you have any other commands for me?”
Chen Zhizhong’s voice came again from the cell phone.
Tang Xiu said with a calm tone, “Send some people to conduct a surveillance on the Su Shangwen couple. I don’t want them to harass my mother again before they go to jail. In addition, if you have time these days, come to South Gate Town at night.”
The call ended.
Tang Xiu put back his cell phone into his pocket as the ruthless glint in his eyes gradually disappeared. And yet, he was still suppressing the wisp of flame inside his heart. Su Shangwen was none other but the one person he most loathed and hated after he returned back to Earth. And now, he finally learned through his own experience the meaning behind the sayings that close neighbors were much better than relatives so distant and afar.
Neighbors at the very least would smile, nod, and greet each other. But the ice-cold blood relatives would only create constant troubles for the family.
Within the vast and obscure dim light of the night, Tang Xiu didn’t rush to go back home.
He was contemplating, questioning his own conscience.
After returning back to Earth, he found himself coming across problems that tied his hands and bound his feet. He was fettered by family affection and kinship, as well as being constrained by laws and regulations. Had it been in the Immortal World, he wouldn’t hesitate to dispose and kill those who dared offend him. But in this world, there would always be various kinds of scruples in every case.

He was not a ruthless and merciless person, but to have troubles emerging one after another was also something he had never wished for. Thus, completely eliminating the source of the problems was the best choice in his view. And yet, these constraints actually chained him, causing him to be unable to act and move freely.
“Nevertheless, I’m still too weak.”
Tang Xiu secretly sighed inside.
For him, laws and regulations were enacted for those who were weak. He just had to transform himself and became stronger, either his cultivation strength or his wealth accumulation. For these two were the symbols of one’s status and position.
Half an hour later.
Tang Xiu returned home and found that the light in the living room was still lit. His mother was wearing a coat as she sat on the sofa with traces of dry tears still hung on her cheek.
“Mom, please go rest!”
Tang Xiu sighed slightly as he spoke softly to her.
Su Lingyun raised her head. She looked at Tang Xiu and asked nervously, “Xiu’er, you didn’t put him…”
Tang Xiu interrupted her and said earnestly, “Mom, I stopped a taxi and had the driver send him back. Moreover, I hope you can forget him later. Otherwise, not only will you be pained and sad, even I also won’t have a good end. Please don’t forget how he treated us before.”
Su Lingyun hesitated, “B-but, after all, he’s…”
Tang Xiu directly put out his trump argument and said with a deep tone, “Mom, I know that there’s still a chance for Su Shangwen to mix in and behave better even if his company doesn’t go out of business and he doesn’t go broke. But he hates us so much that he doesn’t want us to have easy times and feel better! Do you want to wait for the future when he’s richer and more powerful and then force you to transfer the ownership of the restaurant to him? Don’t tell me you want him to force me to drop out of school and go home? Or just like before, finding a group of thugs to smash our restaurant, beating and sending us to the hospital?”
Su Lingyun’s pupils contracted as the past events hit her heart. She was kind-hearted by nature. Yet, being forced and pressed would also make her extremely tough and unyielding. She gave a heavy nod and said, “Xiu’er, you’re right. You said he doesn’t want us to feel better and have easy times. if so, then we’ll give him the hard times. Mom won’t ask you what and how you handle this matter. But you must never break the laws in handling this!”
"Don’t worry about it, Mom!"
Tang Xiu nodded as he propped her up from the sofa and walked her to the bedroom.
The next morning…
Tang Xiu stayed at home until his mother left. And then quickly went out of the house to rush toward South Gate Town as he still had to give the tutoring and supplementary lessons for Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan, and his two other classmates. Moreover, the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people from Jingmen Island had also arrived and been waiting for him.
After he bought the Tianshan Snow Lotus yesterday, he had been thinking carefully, and he thought that he was not yet ready to concoct pills by himself. His cultivation level, after all, was limited, and refining best quality pills would consume huge mental and physical energy. Although Ji Chimei was still injured, however, she also knew alchemy, and it would also benefit her injuries, once it had been refined.
_“The most important thing to do after having the College Entrance Test is to find precious ores. I already have the Void Crack Stone. So long as I have the materials to refine an interspatial container, I should quickly refine it. Purchasing things carrying them with his own hands isn’t very convenient.”_
Tang Xiu took the Tianshan Snow Lotus when he returned to South Gate Town, and gave it to Ji Chimei who had arrived. After sending her away, he stood before the window of his bedroom and thought deeply.
Human’s desire, as always, truly was never-ending.
Tang Xiu’s heart had gone through countless mental and psychological tribulations. He practically had reached the point of having it tempered into a steel. But even so, he somewhat still cherished the memory of having those treasures he had in the Immortal World.
Two days had just passed by in a flash…
The College Entrance Test that came slowly, now was at the footsteps, at last.
At Star City First High School’s gate…
Tang Xiu arrived in a taxi. He saw that all of his classmates had arrived, as the teacher-in-charge—Han Qingwu was counting the students present.
“Tang Xiu, you finally came.”
Han Qingwu finally felt relieved upon seeing Tang Xiu.
“I’m sorry, there was a bit of a traffic jam on the way, so I came late.” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.
Han Qingwu snapped, “Bah, then why didn’t you come earlier?! Anyways, our turn to enter the school will come soon. But you mustn’t be nervous when you enter the exam room. Give everything you got and strive to get outstanding results!”
"Don’t worry, will do!" Tang Xiu nodded.
The Class 10 students lined up to enter the school gate. After having gone through the inspection of their ID and admission cards, they went inside and then separated to look for each one’s exam rooms.
“Eldest Brother, I’m in the 36th Exam Room. What’s yours?” Whilst holding his stationery bag, Yuan Chuling walked closer to Tang Xiu and asked.
"18." Tang Xiu said.
A bit of regret was revealed on Yuan Chuling’s face as he said, “Duh, it’s a pity that we’re not in the same exam room. Else, I would have more confidence to pass this College Entrance Test and be admitted to one of the best universities in the country.”
Tang Xiu snapped despite being in a good mood, “You know that the College Entrance Test is different from our previous tests! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to cheat this time. So you better toss out those crooked thoughts of yours and do the tests with your own ability!”
He was secretly happy. Because he just thought that even though it would be inconvenient for others to cheat, but for him, it was very easy. So long as he released his Spiritual Sense, he could “see” the other examinees’ test papers and answers in the classrooms.
If the answers were very few, comparing the answer and copying it wouldn’t have much effect. But if he got hundreds of answers, and coupled with his own knowledge, Tang Xiu felt that if he couldn’t get any good results out of it, then it would mean that his ability was but only making him a fool.
The exam papers had all been sent down and distributed.
Tang Xiu skimmed through all the questions from the beginning to the end. Then, he took the pen and wrote the answers at a very fast speed. About half an hour later, he had already finished answering all the questions in the exam paper. This was the first time he didn’t hold back. Ten years of bitter and hardship life study, only to win the top marks in the exam. And this very College Entrance Test was but only to inspect and verify the results of more than ten years’ studying.
Tang Xiu checked his answers again. It was, all in all, just the boring time. Making use of his Spiritual Sense, he began to “peep” on the answers from the other examinees. After looking, he was at a loss whether to cry or laugh. The rate of the correct and accurate answers from the examinees around him was surprisingly low. There was even a guy who was only able to write obscure answers for the most basic essay questions.
“Time is up! Hand over your exam papers!” The proctor said.
The test for this morning was for Language and Literature. Mathematics would follow in the afternoon. While the other tests would continue in the next day for this two-day long exam. The examinees and their guardian passed the days with concern and anxiety.
Tang Xiu faced the test very smoothly. And in particular, he was in a very good mood. It was because he, at last, didn’t have to waste time in the classroom anymore. With two months of the holiday also in front of his eyes, everything gave him a freedom feeling, as though a bird flying in the sky.
After going back to school, Tang Xiu, with his Class 10 classmates, took a picture together as he immediately left in a flash. He only had a few friends at school. Even amongst his classmates, he only had a handful of people he had a good relationship with, such as Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan, and a few others.
“Eldest Brother, I’m under a command decree from my Dad. He said that no matter what and how I must take you to visit our home by all means necessary. So, can you go with me now?” While passing through the school gate, Yuan Chuling who was walking along with Tang Xiu asked him with a beaming smile on his face.
Tang Xiu swept over at the Mercedes-Benz that was parked on the roadside outside the school with a driver who standing near its door. After being silent for a moment, he said, “Have you decided to which university you’re going to?”
“Yep. Already thought and made up my mind about it. I’ll go to Shanghai.“ Yuan Chuling nodded.
Tang Xiu was quite surprised and said, “Eh? Didn’t your Dad want you to go to Beijing? What did you run up to Shanghai for?”
“It’s because I don’t think my nature is suited to study in the capital. The public security is way too strict and way too many silk pants playboys there. If I were to study in Beijing, maybe one day I would mix with those playboys, and fuck up there. I never speak about it! I might be a strong dragon who’s able to keep the lowly snakes under pressure in Star City, but I’ll be nothing but a fart in Beijing. Going to the capital and suffer there? Hell no!” Yuan Chuling spoke seriously.
Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing involuntarily as he then said, “Hahaha, I never thought you could be this thoughtful and full of consideration. Anyways, going to Shanghai is fine as well. The city, after all, is the financial center and one of the most prosperous cities in the country. If you study well, you’ll be able to run and snap as you want to, maybe you can even start your career there.”
Yuan Chuling said with a smile, “Aii, Eldest Brother. Let’s cut the crap and don’t play dumb again, will you? In the end, are you going with me or not? Gimme a quick and straight reply so I can prepare myself in advance. But I gotta tell you one thing, my old man definitely will whip me out if I don’t bring you with me.”
“Okay, I’ll go!”
Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.
He was acutely aware of the intention behind Yuan Zhengxuan’s invitation to visit him. It had been a month since the kidnapping case, and the police didn’t visit him again. This meant that Yuan Zhengxuan and Zhao Jing kept their mouth shut about his involvement with the case. He also knew that some people would keep thinking and remembered the graciousness they owed from others, even if they didn’t say it.

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