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Tang Xiu had his reasons for agreeing to visit Yuan Chuling’s home. One was to make Yuan Zhengxuan and Zhao Jing feel relieved. And the other was wanting to figure out and clarify the reason as to why they were faking their divorce. After all, Yuan Chuling was the one who had been having unwavering faith in him and he didn’t mind to push anything that could help him at home.
Yuan Chuling was perfectly aware of Tang Xiu’s character. He was actually prepared to be rejected. And what he said to Tang Xiu was actually a lie. He had grown up, and his father naturally wouldn’t whip him just because of this matter. But even so, he was very happy that he could accomplish the request from his parents.
Half an hour later…
The Mercedes-Benz had already entered Golden Emperor Villa area. This complex was also one of the high-class villa complexes. And even though it couldn’t be compared with South Gate Town, the people who lived here were all also wealthy and respectable people.
Inside the luxurious villa…
Yuan Zhengxuan was sitting in his study room whilst looking at the financial statement report. His expression, in particular, was quite solemn; as a middle-aged man in a suit stood in front of him.
“Boss, unidentified people have intruded our research lab for three times. Even the recent two intrusions were done in a row even though our security system is very tight, and we also have tried to intercept them for many times. Therefore, I think the more we delay it, the more problems will arise. And I’m also afraid that these people will use these loopholes and cause a huge loss for us. Would you please consider to move the core classified data in our current research lab to the new one earlier than planned?” A forced smile hung on the middle-aged man’s face as he spoke with a helpless expression.
Yuan Zhengxuan didn’t promptly answer him, and still carefully read the financial statement report. Then, he put it on the table in front of him. After staying silent for a moment, he said, “Since they are keeping an eye on us, then now is not a good time for us to move. Besides, we haven’t done our best in our actions since those people could get and take advantages of the loopholes once we make our moves. In this sense, you don’t understand the point that the slightest negligence is exactly the point we should take a very careful consideration for. Therefore, for now, just increase the security force.”
The middle-aged man said hesitatingly, “But, most of our trusted security personnel have already been assigned to the research lab. How would we reinforce more security force there?”
Yuan Zhengxuan said, “To begin with, we are a defense contractor company. And I’ve passed this problem to the military top brass. So, I believe they will help to solve this problem. If they didn’t make any moves at all, then I will spend a large sum of money to hire the best professional security personnel from the domestic private security companies.”

The middle-aged man asked with a confused expression, “We’ve spent some money to hire those security guards, but their loyalty is questionable. If those forces offer them a huge sum of money, I’m afraid that they can’t resist the temptation.”
Yuan Zhengxuan asked, “How about the progress with the investigation for the information I gave you? About the military’s secret task force that will soon be decommissioning some of their special force members. Is there any news about it now?”
The middle-aged man answered, “We have been in touch with the military HQ, and they have sent us the list of names for the batch of secret special forces’ soldiers who are about to retire. Our people also have contacted them, but…”
“But what?” Yuan Zhengxuan slanted his brows and asked.
The middle-aged man continued, “But, not long after that group of special force soldiers had been decommissioned, it was as if they were somewhat, repelling us. Furthermore, they also proposed to have a contest between our people and them, and the result was that our men weren’t even able to withstand a single blow. That time, I looked for the opportunity to find some information about them. They seem to be very respectful of their special force’s team leader with Wolf Head codename. Some of them have even indicated that if we can obtain this Wolf Head’s consent, they would agree to work for us.” [1]
“Wolf Head?”
Yuan Zhengxuan inquired further, “And? Have you investigated this Wolf Head codename?”
The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “The investigation is of no use. This man is simply doesn’t exist in this world. No file, no data, no information, everything is a blank. I’ve asked the military to help to investigate this man, but yet, there’s no result.”
Yuan Zhengxuan said, “If so, I’ll visit the military top brass to find the identity of this Wolf Head. For now, leave the list of names here, you can go back!”
The middle-aged man took out the list of names from his briefcase. After placing it on the table, he then turned around and walked out of the room.
At this time, Zhao Jing appeared from the door as she said with a bit of excitement on her face, “Honey, Little Ling just texted me. He said that their car has entered the villa complex. Let’s quickly greet them at the door!”
For a moment, Yuan Zhengxuan was surprised, and then immediately got up in a flash.
Tang Xiu. He was really curious about this classmate of his son. If he was just only the person who saved his wife, he wouldn’t have wanted to deign himself to greet him personally. However, recently, he was quite close with the Big Bosses of the Long Group and the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical, Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong. From them, he knew quite a lot of things about Tang Xiu. But even in his dreams, the fact that Tang Xiu was Chen Zhizhong’s master, was beyond his imagination. Up until now, he hadn’t clearly investigated as to why Chen Zhizhong worshipped Tang Xiu as his Master as well as what he wanted to learn from him.
Lying low and hiding his abilities, as well as shrouded in unfathomable mysteries!
This was Yuan Zhengxuan’s real appraisal toward Tang Xiu.
Outside, at the front courtyard…
The Mercedes-Benz stopped at the parking space. After the car doors were opened, Zhao Jing’s eyes turned bright with excitement, gratefulness, and... a trace of fear on her face. Even until now, she was unable to forget the scene when she witnessed Tang Xiu killed the kidnapper who was about to rape her. [2]
Even though Zhao Jing had seen Tang Xiu’s photo numerous times, but only after she saw Tang Xiu in the flesh did she finally confirm with 100% certainty that he was her savior.
Tang Xiu’s expression was very calm. And after seeing Yuan Zhengxuan and Zhao Jing, he let Yuan Chuling grab his arm to drag him over to them.
“Dad, Mom, I’ve succeeded in inviting Tang Xiu. So, my mission has been accomplished!” Yuan Chuling reported with a laugh.
Ever since Tang Xiu got off from the car, Zhao Jing’s vision hadn’t even moved from him. Only after her son spoke did she finally bowed and spoke with a grateful expression, “Tang Xiu, thank you.”
Tang Xiu replied with a pale smile, “Please don’t be too polite. Besides, it should be me who should be thanking you.”
“Thanking me?”
For a moment, Zhao Jing stared blankly. Her expression remained puzzled even though she tried to figure it out.
As a wise person, Yuan Zhengxuan could understand the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s words in an instant. He pulled Zhao Jing and said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, that case, after all, was quite big. Since you were keeping it under the radar, we thought that you didn’t want anyone to find out about your involvement. Even if we also wanted to repay our gratitude to our savior, we also felt that we mustn’t make this issue public. This was what we felt we should do.”
Tang Xiu slightly nodded and said, “Let’s just forget it, this matter is already in the past, after all! I’d like to say thank you for the invitation, and I’m really sorry for disturbing your time today.”
Zhao Jing was also a smart woman. However, she was too excited and couldn’t catch the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s words before. Only after she heard the response from her husband did she immediately realize it and said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, we feel honored to have you visit us at our home. How come you say you’re disturbing us? Anyway, let’s go inside quickly. I have personally cooked some dishes and prepared them on the table. So let’s chat while having a meal!”
Yuan Zhengxuan also said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, let’s have a chat inside.”
Tang Xiu complied, and then followed the family of three into the villa. Soon after, while having a chat with Yuan Chuling’s parents, they arrived at the dining room.
Yuan Zhengxuan took a bottle of wine and opened it as he spoke with a smile, “Tang Xiu, normally I don’t drink, but I actually love collecting wines. And this bottle of wine is one of my valuable collections for more than twenty years. It was fermented from hundreds of flowers and the taste is excellent. You try the taste yourself and tell me.”
Tang Xiu recalled the best wine he enjoyed in the Everlasting Feast Hall when he became an honorable guest there. Then, he said with a pale smile, “Since Uncle Yuan loves to collect wine, I will send you two bottles of good wine some other day.”
Yuan Chuling replied with a smile, “As far as I know, Chen Zhizhong has collected a lot of excellent wines. If you can bring me two bottles of them, it would really…”
He abruptly stopped speaking and paused.
Tang Xiu’s expression moved. Whilst letting out a smile that was yet unlike a smile, he said, “It seems that Uncle Yuan is very concerned about me. You even know that Chen Zhizhong is my apprentice.”
The moment Yuan Zhengxuan spoke candidly, he secretly regretted it inside. But after hearing Tang Xiu’s response and didn’t find any profound meaning behind his words, he let out a forced smile. “Tang Xiu, you are my son’s classmate as well as the person who rescued my wife. That made me want to know more about you. It’s just that I didn’t expect that the results of the investigation about you were very hard to believe. But I can tell that you’re not an ordinary youth, so you should be able to understand my thoughts. And hopefully, you don’t feel offended by it.”
“I understand!” Tang Xiu nodded.
Yuan Chuling said, “Dad, there’s no way someone who I regard as my Eldest Brother can be ordinary! I might as well tell you that not only is Tang Xiu very good in academics, he’s also an awesome and powerful martial arts expert. Ah, right, I gotta tell you this also, he has just started his own business. And comparing me to him, I’m just lame!”
Yuan Zhengxuan and Zhao Jing glanced at each other with astonished expressions on their faces.
“Tang Xiu, haven’t you just attended the College Entrance Test? What line of business are you setting up? I didn’t know that you unexpectedly have started your own business. Anyhow, you can tell this Uncle Yuan if I can help you with anything.” Yuan Zhengxuan asked.
“Thanks for the concern and the kind offer, Uncle Yuan. It’s just only a small business, I don’t need to bother you for the time being. But if one day in the future I need your assistance, I won’t hesitate to speak about it to you, though.” Tang Xiu said.
Yuan Zhengxuan said with a smile, “So be it then. I give you my word that if you need anything that requires my assistance in the future, speak freely to me. As long as it’s within my power, you can count on my words that I will give a hand, absolutely.”
“Hey Dad, don’t look down on my Eldest Brother! He’s much more amazing than you think! Even the famous Kang Xia…” Yuan Chuling said.
“Hey, Yuan Chuling!”
Tang Xiu used his hand to touch and shout at him with a low voice.
Yuan Zhengxuan looked at his son and then shifted his vision toward Tang Xiu before he asked with a puzzled expression, “Kang Xia? Are you referring to Kang Xia, the business genius, who has just set up the Magnificent Tang Corporation in Star City?”
Yuan Chuling cast a glance toward Tang Xiu. Upon seeing that his face turned quite unpleasant to look at, he cried out petulantly, “Eh? Eldest Brother, is there a need to conceal it from my parents?”
Tang Xiu couldn’t help but sigh inside. He looked at Yuan Zhengxuan and said, “Actually, I’m the owner of the said Magnificent Tang Corporation. However, I’m rarely there. I leave the management and issues in the company to Kang Xia to take care.”
Yuan Zhengxuan suddenly got up as a shocked expression burst out on his face.
Who in the business world didn’t know Kang Xia? She was a business genius who had once caused a worldwide sensation. Since she left the Wall Street of the World Finance Center and returned back to China, everything she had done had proved that she truly deserved her reputation. And this very same business genius also had refused numerous offers and invitations from major companies, breaking the hearts of lots of ultra-rich and powerful people as a result. She came to Star City, set up a corporation, but turned out to work for Tang Xiu?
This… how could this be possible?
Zhao Jing’s face was also fully covered with a disbelieving expression.
She had an advertising company and had an office in the same building as the Magnificent Tang Corporation. She knew some information about this company, but it was beyond her imagination that Tang Xiu owned this Magnificent Tang Corporation. Much less thought that Kang Xia turned out to work for him.
* * *
1\. There was no word for codename in the raws. I added the word to this Wolf Head character since each and every member of special force unit usually has their own unique codename.
2\. The word in the raws was offend, but I chose to use rape since it was the true scene in Zhao Jing’s kidnapping event (Chapter 60)

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