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The young man was called Huang Xu, the eldest son of the renowned Huang Family from the provincial capital of Blue Town. He was also famous as the hedonist young master of the rich family. This was his first time coming to Star City to visit his old friend as well as seeing someone of a great talent that came to light recently.
And upon hearing Andy cursing at him, a look of disbelief was cast on his face as he pointed to his nose and asked, “What did you say what I am? A hoodlum? How am I a hoodlum? You yourself shouted at this young fellow, wanting to be his lover. This in itself is unbecoming to say already. I did say that I’ll let you be my lover, and you say that I’m a hoodlum? If I were a hoodlum, then what would he be?”
After having said that, his hand pointed at Tang Xiu with a heart full of depressing feelings.
Andy turned her head to look at Tang Xiu. Her eyes were flashing as though small stars as she spoke without batting an eye and didn’t even try to gloss over her words, “He’s my Boss, of whom I’m about to target as my lover. I don’t give a damn who you are, but I can be sure that you’re not in any way around one hundredth of my Boss… Ah no, you’re not even one thousandth of him!”
The visitors in the surrounding who stopped and were ready to watch the fun couldn’t help laughing the instant they heard Andy’s words.
Huang Xu’s expression was somewhat embarrassed, but he still straightened up his chest and said, “Pretty girl, you’ve got to have your eyes opened wide. This Big Brother simply isn’t as simple as you thought, judging by the fact that I can enter to this Long’s Dining Hall only. I’m not afraid of telling you this. Go to provincial capital Blue City and ask about my name there. You’ll find that there is no one there who doesn’t know about me! If you follow me, you’ll absolutely become very popular. Even after you sleep, when you awake you can count the number of money until your hands are cramped. How about it? Isn’t that good enough?”
With a contemptuous expression, Andy looked at Huang Xu and ridiculed him, “Want to show off how much dirty money you have there? Who the hell do you think you are? A country leader? The richest man in the entire world or something? Eh, you said the entire people in Blue City know you, don’t tell me that you’re a sweet-looking transgender, do you?”
It was sour and harsh!
Andy’s words were as though a knife that pierced through Huang Xu’s heart. Even his face instantly turned crimson. Never in his wildest dream had he ever thought that a delicate and lovely angelic-looking girl would unexpectedly say such sour, harsh and mean words.
Tang Xiu who stood at the side, gently patted Andy’s shoulder as he looked at Huang Xu and said, “If you don’t want to invite troubles and disaster upon you, you should immediately leave, as we ourselves also have something to do. In case you want to find someone to accompany you and have some fun, I might have an idea to help you.”

Huang Xiu might be a playboy. But he wasn’t stupid enough to the point that he thought Tang Xiu was someone that was easy to bully. After all, as someone who was able to come to this Long’s Dining Hall, this meant that he was not a casual person who was easy to be trifled with. In particular, this was Star City and not his Blue City. As people say, the strong dragon could be kept in check by local snakes. And if by chance the identity of the young man in front of him was not ordinary, he also would probably suffer a heavy loss.
However, as far as he was concerned, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him.
With this in mind, Huang Xu very cautiously looked at Tang Xiu as he asked, “Your excellency, care to share who you are? As you have quite a big tone in you!”
Tang Xiu lightly said, “You don’t need to know who I am, but if today’s matter is resolved, then you and I are just passersby only, and no longer have any issues whatsoever.”
Huang Xu pricked his brows as he asked with a deepened tone, “Then, tell me this idea of yours!”
“Say if your hormone is excessively abundant, just don’t harass others’ girls as you wish. Take a look by yourself around you, find yourself nearby beauty parlors or pedicure salons. The price is cheaper and even you’ll be served better by the ‘senior old hands’ there.” Tang Xiu said.
Huang Xu was stunned.
He stared at Tang Xiu with a look of disbelief as he almost couldn’t hold his urge to punch him. Who was he to begin with? Serving his needs with those in beauty parlors or pedicure salons at the roadside?
If even he ever wanted a woman, with only a flick of his finger, a group of belles would rush to him, asking to be his ‘pets’. Did this fellow have no eyes? Or was there something wrong with his head? Did he even use his head to think before he spoke?
Tang Xiu no longer paid any attention to Huang Xu again as he took Andy to walk down the corridor toward the box where Long Zhengyu was in. Huang Xu was but only a passerby to him, and speaking a few words to him was already a lordly treatment he could give.
Inside A1608 suite…
Long Zhengyu was hugging a young and beautiful girl as he chatted with another young man who wore a florid sleeveless cloth, big pants and flip-flop sandal beside him. There were also several beautiful girls inside the room as some of them were playing and laughing, some others were holding microphones to sing, while some others acted as though young maids who were unceasingly mixing and blending foreign wines.
And these dozen pairs of eyes then immediately cast their sight on Tang Xiu the moment he opened the door.
“Ah, it’s very lively here!”
Whilst leading Andy through the door, Tang Xiu looked at Long Zhengyu who was getting up and said with a smile.
Long Zhengyu waved to the singing girl while smiling, motioning her to stop. After the room quieted down, only then he spoke with a smile, “Some friends from Blue City came to visit today, so I invited them to drink some wine and have some fun. It’s just that I didn’t expect that you would come, and unexpectedly with a beauty also! Tsk, tsk… this little angel of yours is truly a beauty. No wonder she can enter your eyes!”
“Bah, no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel!”
Tang Xiu snappily cursed.
Long Zhengyu laughed loudly as he turned toward the lazy sitting young man and said, “Fei Shan, he’s Tang Xiu, the one I’ve told you about. Tang Xiu, this is Fei Shan, the second son of Fei Family from Blue City. A wild and unyielding person, but even more so, a very lazy chap. But nevertheless, his nature is kinda go-in-between, though; and worthy to be a long and close friend.”
If it wasn’t called as cold, Tang Xiu didn’t have much interest toward Long Zhengyu’s friend at all. However, he slightly nodded at him since he took Long Zhengyu’s face into account.
Fei Shan himself didn’t show any arrogance as he even laughed with an easy-going attitude, saying, “How do you do, Tang Xiu? I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. This time the purpose of us visiting Star City, firstly is to see this famous Young Master Long and secondly, we also wanted him to introduce us to a well-known reputed person, which is you.”
“Huh? Is there something the matter with me?” Tang Xiu asked.
Fei Shan was quite dumbfounded with Tang Xiu’s question. Whilst wryly smiling inside, he replied, “It’s nothing important. Anyways, it’s still alright if I were to introduce myself to you, isn’t it? “
Upon seeing this, Long Zhengyu quickly followed with a smile, “Yo, yo people, it’s alright. It’s me who told them about you, so they came here and wanted to know you better. And Tang Xiu, if you ever visit and have something to do in Blue City later, you may contact him. This fellow is kinda a local boss in Blue City; he can do quite a lot of things over there.”
Personal contacts?
Tang Xiu could tell the meaning and purpose behind Long Zhengyu’s reminder. Then, he faced Fei Shan as he nodded and said, “Anyways, there’s something I’d like to talk with Long Zhengyu today. So we’ll have our chat afterward.”
“No problem!” Fei Shan said with a smile.
At this moment, the door was pushed open again as Huang Xu, with an embarrassed expression, entered the room dejectedly. But when he saw that Tang Xiu and Andy were inside the room, he stared blankly for a moment before an angry expression then was instantly drawn on his face. He glared angrily at Tang Xiu and shouted, “Hey punk! You did walk quickly. But I’ve never thought that you’ll unexpectedly appear here. Don’t think that I can’t teach you a lesson even if I’m in Star City!”
Tang Xiu glanced at Huang Xu before he turned over toward Long Zhengyu and asked, “You know him?”
Long Zhengyu quickly said, “Tang Xiu, is there any misunderstanding here? He’s also my friend. Huang Xu, a young master from the renowned Huang Family in Blue City.”
Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Long Zhengyu, I have always believed that similar things will group up together as similar people will also fit together. I used to think that this line has its own truth. But it seems that today, I was wrong. This guy is not a good thing; and you’re actually befriending him? Anyways, let’s just forget it. Enjoy your fun time, I’ll leave first!”
“No, don’t leave!”
With a forced smile, Long Zhengyu stopped Tang Xiu as he glared fiercely at Huang Xu and shouted angrily, “What the hell is happening with you? You wanted me to introduce you to Tang Xiu, and yet, you actually have your eyes and still failed to recognize Mt. Tai? Tang Xiu has never provoked trouble on his own initiative, and this character of his, I know perfectly well. So it should be you that should have done something untoward to provoke Brother Tang and made him unhappy, shouldn’t you?”
As surprised as he was, Huang Xu’s eyes turned saucer and asked, “He’s Tang Xiu?”
Long Zhengyu angrily replied, “Of course he is! Haven’t I told you before that Brother Tang will come tonight?”
An embarrassed expression was revealed on Huang Xu’s face as he recalled all the things that had happened between him and Tang Xiu. Forcing himself to smile all over his face, he said, “Brother Tang, it’s my bad for being rude to you before. It’s just I didn’t know that you were Tang Xiu. I’ve heard so much about your deeds from Long Zhengyu, and in fact, I really admire you from the bottom of my heart. I failed to recognize a familiar person, thus led to the dispute. It’s kinda the same with the fact that we can’t recognize all the family members we have, isn’t it? Haha…”
In the end, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but sigh. Huang Xu’s character, that very easily invited troubles and disaster, was something he had never liked. After all, had it been in the Immortal World, such person would have already been smashed into a pulp for hundreds of times. However, since he was Long Zhengyu’s friend as well as the fact that he also wanted to ask some help from Long Zhengyu, he also didn’t want to get to the heart of the matter and let it go.
“Let’s just forget it and consider that the things that happened before didn’t happen. But you should pay attention to this point; it’s best to inquire about the others’ details before you do something to provoke them. Otherwise, it would be very easy to have troubles upon you.”
Tang Xiu critics caused Huang Xu’s mood to turn slightly bad, but he still nodded his head nonetheless.
With a smiling face, Long Zhengyu then pulled Tang Xiu to sit down on the sofa as he also ordered the girls to get out of the room at the same time. Only then did he continue asking, “So, Brother Tang, you said that you need something from me before, what’s up?”
“Firstly, please get some food since Andy is quite starving.” Tang Xiu said.
Long Zhengyu pressed the bell button and an attendant arrived shortly after. After he ordered Tang Xiu’s request and selected special dishes the Long’s Dining Hall had, then, he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Yup, everything’s done. So, can you tell me now about the matter?”
“I’ve asked someone to invite some steward instructors from abroad, and they should arrive at Star City by tomorrow. So I was thinking to prepare accommodation for them in South Gate Town. That’s your place, after all, so I want to ask for your help if there’s anyone who is willing to lease their villa for rent. Also, I’ll be using the villa for a few months.”
With a strange expression, Long Zhengyu looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Huh? Buddy, you’re not doing this intentionally, are you? Did you figure out that I just bought a villa in South Gate Town?”
“Did you? In South Gate Town?” Tang Xiu asked back with a confused expression.
Long Zhengyu said with an intentionally forced smile, “I did! I preserved one lot for my own use, not the one I’ve given to you, though. By chance, a friend of mine who already bought a villa in South Gate Town was preparing to immigrate abroad, so he wanted to sell it. Likewise, I was about to spend some money and renovate that place!”
Tang Xiu laughed heartily as he looked at the depressed expression on Long Zhengyu’s face. Then, he said with a smile, “If so, rent the villa to me for a couple of months, and I’ll give it back to you after those foreign steward instructors leave.”
Long Zhengyu shook his head as he said with a sigh, “Aii… you’re simply like my ill-fated match you know. But, you can have it, as I haven’t had the place renovated yet. If you want to use it, I’ll ask my female cousin to send the key to your house this evening.”
"Your female cousin?" Tang Xiu asked with a confused expression.

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