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Upon hearing Andy’s praise, Huang Xu couldn’t help but cast a glance and curled his lips as he secretly whispered: _“Such a good sweetheart like you truly can make a man happy. I really don’t know how Tang Xiu could have such achievement. Not only he had such awesome abilities, even such a peerless beauty took the initiative to run into his embrace.”_
Shortly after discovering that Andy was accompanying Tang Xiu, Kang Xia came to the A1608 suite. She had met Long Zhengyu before, and even though she didn’t know Huang Xu and Fei Shan, she still plastered a smile on her face as she greeted everyone. Finally, she glanced at the smiling Andy and sat beside her.
“Hey, Boss! It’s really unfair, you know. I’m working hard dealing with the company and you’re actually having fun here?! How about you accompany me to attend the charity auction?” Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu with a beaming smile.
Tang Xiu shook his head.
Just when he was about to respond, he heard Long Zhengyu speak, “Is this charity auction the one arranged by Yang Weilan? Actually, I was also going to attend it, but since these two friends of mine came, I didn’t prepare myself to go there. Anyways, Fei Shan, Huang Xu, since the two of you have come, why don’t we go to this charity auction? Even though Star City’s auction can’t be compared to your Blue City’s, maybe you can still come across something that interest the both of you.”
Fei Shan and Huang Xu nodded with a smile.
Tang Xiu looked at these people as he finally let out a wry smile and said, “Such being the case, then I’ll also attend it to broaden my knowledge. To tell you the truth, I’ve never had the chance to attend any upper-class charity party before.”
Fei Shan stood up and said with a smile, “Actually, this kind of charity party has two main purposes. The first is the charity auction, which in fact, is supposed to gather donations. The second one is, quite a lot of big names in business society, as well as a lot of scions from major respected and renowned families, will be attending this level of charity party. In itself, the event is also used by the young masters and ladies to get to know each other and have closer exchanges, as it’s best to directly meet the people in the interest of whom they would set their eyes on marriages.”
Tang Xiu suddenly lost his interest upon hearing this. However, since he had already promised, it would be awkward to go back on his word.
“Anyways, you all have a meal first as I gotta change my clothes. Otherwise, people would blast me out of the party if they see me dressed up like this.” Fei Shan said with a laugh.
Ten minutes later…
After everyone had eaten, they waited until Fei Shan returned and then headed together to the hall on the eighteenth floor, where the charity party was being held. Since Kang Xia had the invitation, while a lot of people also knew Long Zhengyu’s status as the Long Family’s young master, nobody stopped their group as they entered the spacious and bright party hall.

The glowing, crystalline lamps illuminated everyone with its soft light as the party hall was already jam-packed with people. There were at least nearly a hundred people that had already arrived inside. Each and every one of the guests was well-dressed and had elegant looks. Even if an ordinary person wanted to imitate such elegance, they would find it very difficult to do so with natural looks.
As their group arrived, they attracted the attention of a lot of people; as they were also approached by a lot of people with beaming smiles whilst carrying a cup of red wine. Although Long Zhengyu was the Star City’s Long Family’s successor and also had quite a reputation in the business society, Kang Xia’s fame was far above his. However, Tang Xiu had told Kang Xia and the others to keep his identity a secret before they entered, so even though Kang Xia greeted all courteously, she didn’t disclose Tang Xiu’s identity.
Taking advantage of this, Tang Xiu, Fei Shan and Huang Xu went over toward the sofa at the side as the three of them then sat down.
“This is almost no different from the soap opera series on TV.”
Tang Xiu commented as he sat down.
Fei Shan and Huang Xu glanced at each other with looks of being at a loss whether to cry or laugh drawn on their faces. Only at this moment did they finally believe that this was Tang Xiu’s first time attending an upper-class charity party.
“Brother Tang, there are a lot of famous young ladies coming tonight. The organizers also invited a lot of actresses and female celebrities. Take a look at that side, that person is a small star who has performed in some TV series. Although she can’t be regarded as even a second-tier actress, however, it’s obvious that someone wants to hook her up, see?” Huang Xu was much very fond of females with sex appeal as his pair of greedy eyes also always cast their sight on the female's body inside the party hall.
Tang Xiu followed the direction pointed by his finger, but he didn’t recognize the pointed young star who was said to have performed in some TV series. He shook his head and said with a smile, “I’m still at school and have little interest with females’ charm. If you like them, why don’t you hook up some of them? But I politely advise you, though; never look for ones who have male companions, else you’ll be incurring their rage.”
“Brother Tang, I do like beauties, but it’s not like I always straightly hit on the girls the moment I see them, you know. The thing is, when we just met tonight, it was because your girlfriend is way too… too beautiful. I’ve seen innumerable femme fatale beauties, but I gotta admit that not even one of them is at the same level.” With a somewhat embarrassed expression, Huang Xu explained with a wry smile.
Tang Xiu only gave a smile and shook his head.
He had seen a lot of femme fatales before. Even the fairy maiden maidservants he had in his Immortal Palace had an appearance that was on par—or even more beautiful than Andy’s. The one he chose as a partner was mainly because he looked at the person’s cultivation level as well as her character.
Unfortunately, his judgment turned out to be gravely mistaken as he had never thought that the woman he chose betrayed him at the end!
This was precisely the reason as to why Tang Xiu didn’t want to involve himself with too many women. Had he ever had such a sexual drive, he would have just chosen to have sex with women with only mutual consent between him and the said women; albeit he didn’t want to be attached to emotional and sentimental feelings between them. Perhaps… he would find himself a fairly pleasing-to-the-eyes woman for him to marry in the future. But that would be in order to satisfy his mother’s wish of being a grandmother only.
Ten minutes later…
When Tang Xiu felt bored and wanted to leave early, Andy came over while carrying a dessert and sat next to him. Her pair of bright and smart eyes looked at him as she said affectionately, “Boss, take this dessert, it’s the best one I chose for you.”
Nodding, Tang Xiu picked it up and ate it. Then, he said, “How come you aren’t accompanying Kang Xia, and instead running here?”
“Well, I often attend this kind of party, and it kinda makes me bored. Those men are way too avaricious! They’re always looking at me with those greedy eyes of theirs. Honestly, it’s truly annoying. Besides, I’m your sweetheart, Boss. No matter what, I won’t have them look at me like that.” Andy replied.
“Cough… cough…”
Fei Shan, who just drank his second red wine cup, choked upon hearing this. His face flushed red as he looked at Tang Xiu and Andy with an inconceivable expression.
As for Huang Xu, he secretly rolled his eyes. It reminded him of the things that had happened between him, Andy and Tang Xiu before. With a bit of a worshipping expression reflected in his eyes, he said, “Brother Tang, you’re simply the reincarnation of the Saint of Love. If this femme fatale Lolita is willing to throw herself in my embrace, I won’t even mind having my lifespan shortened for three years, truly.”
“Hahaha, no no, Andy was just joking. You don’t need to take it seriously.” Tang Xiu said with a laugh.
“Brother Tang, you really don’t know that you’re blessed and really lucky, right? Just get lost and take her to bed already, will you? Don’t get me all stimulated and aroused here.” Huang Xu replied with a depressed expression.
Tang Xiu didn’t reply and looked at somewhere else.
With a puzzled expression, Fei Shan looked at Tang Xiu and Andy as his sight then turned toward Huang Xu and asked with a confused expression, “Ugh… I don’t get it. What situation is this in the end?”
Huang Xu said with a forced smile, “What do you think it could be? Andy, this femme fatale, was crying and shouted that she wanted to be Brother Tang’s lover. While he- he just shut her out. Perhaps, the only person in this world who would refuse such good thing is but the one and only Brother Tang.”
Fei Shan looked at Tang Xiu with a look of disbelief as an expression of respect was cast on his face when he exclaimed, “Wow! Brother Tang, you can still keep your composure even with this temptation? You’re truly an upright gentleman. I might not be in the same rank as you, but I really worship you! Oh Deity, please accept my knowtow!”
Tang Xiu involuntarily laughed. He suddenly realized that being with Huang Xu and Fei Shan turned out to be quite refreshing. The more familiar he became with them, the more he was able to enjoy this kind of relaxed and fun feeling.
“Miss, may I invite you to a drink?”
A voice abruptly came from the few people around as a young man in a white suite and well-done hairdo came to stand before Andy with a face full of a confident smile as he spoke.
Andy just glanced at him and replied indifferently, “I don’t drink, thank you.”
Tang Xiu glanced at the crystal cup in her hand as his mouth severely twitched twice when he saw the cup was filled with a dark blood-red wine.
What would the lying through one’s teeth look like? This was it! And in particular, the way she refused the man, was truly one of a kind on its own.
Even in his wildest dream, the young man surely never expected that Andy would even use such an excuse to refuse him. A look of humiliation and and anger was immediately revealed on his face as he said, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re Kang Xia’s personal servant, aren’t you? If you were Kang Xia, I might actually think to win your friendship. But you! You’re just her subordinate and you’re even so arrogant? Who gave you the confidence? Do you believe that I can make Chief Kang kick you out of the Magnificent Tang Corporation with only a word?”
With an expression as though looking at an idiot, Andy looked at the young man and intentionally directed her mumble toward Tang Xiu, “Trust me, I don’t believe it even a bit! Why don’t you try it?”
The young man was infuriated. He quickly waved to an attendant and whispered a few words to him. The attendant nodded and walked toward Kang Xia. After spending some effort to release herself from the crowd, Kang Xia came over to the group with a surprised expression.
"What happened?"
The young man quickly said, “Chief Kang, do you remember me? I’m the Vice General Manager of the Meisya Cosmetics. We’ve met about the deal with our companies for the upcoming sales of your cosmetic products to the market. We also had a dinner before.”
“Yes, I remember you. You’re Chief Wu.” Kang Xia nodded and said.
A glint of surprise emitted out of Wu Changqing’s eyes, as if to be remembered by Kang Xia was a great honor for him. Then, he glanced at Andy and said, “Chief Kang, I’ve helped you with your request before. And now, could you do me a favor?”
Kang Xia’s brows slanted and inquired, “And what’s the favor?”
Whilst pointing at Andy, Wu Changqing spoke with a proud expression, “Can you dismiss her? This staff of yours can’t even understand the importance of the matter. So I think keeping her will only be courting a disaster. If only because of her the sales of your company would be affected later, the gains you’d have wouldn’t equal to the losses.”
Kang Xia’s face turned cold and said dimly, “Are you threatening me?”
“No, no. Chief Kang misunderstood. I just asked for your help.” Wu Changqing quickly replied.
“You’re way too busy, it seems. I can’t help you with this. In fact, even if I fire her it won’t change anything. Besides, she’s also a shareholder in the Magnificent Tang Corporation. Moreover, I have to tell you this, the Magnificent Tang Corporation has just made a decision that our company is about to be listed in the cosmetic market and we will no longer use the Meisya Cosmetic Group’s channel. Tell my message to your General Manager when you go back.”

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