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Without him realizing, Scarblade Qiang took back two steps. He looked at Tang Xiu restlessly as he gripped the hilt of his knife. He knew the combat strength of his other brothers, and they were not easy stubbles to deal with. They were seasoned fighters and had rich fighting experience.
However, within just seven or eight breaths, the young man in front of him was able to knock them down! He just realized that he kicked a solid boulder this time. If the card in his hand was good enough, he could solve this young man. But if it didn’t work, he would fall into a damned bad luck.
After a moment of silence, Scarblade Qiang pulled out a gun from his waist. Taking off the safety lock, he pointed the dark muzzle at Tang Xiu as he shouted with a stern voice, “Kid, you think with your kungfu you can clean up all of us? You can try attacking me, but can you be faster than my bullets?”
Still with a tranquil expression, Tang Xiu said indifferently, “I give you three seconds to put down your gun! What I dislike the most is being threatened. But what I hate more is having a gun pointed at me! Those who pointed guns at me before are either dead or gravely injured.”
Scarblade Qiang’s heart shivered. He didn’t realize that he had lowered his muzzle down by now. He had been roaming around this road for not only one or two days. He had encountered a lot of ruthless people and hardships all this time. But only at this moment facing Tang Xiu did he find himself with this kind of terrified feeling. He might be holding a gun, but in this instant, he believed Tang Xiu’s words.
To begin with, someone with such a frightening combat strength shouldn’t be exaggerating their words, he thought.
"You… Who the hell are you?"
Tang Xiu dully replied, “Who I am is not for you to know. You only need to know that I will educate you on the behalf of your parents today. So you can mend your own life and have a fresh start in the future.”
For a moment, Scarblade Qiang was silent, as he then raised the muzzle at Tang Xiu once again and replied with a sinking tone, “Kid, I’m not scared of you! I’ll never believe that you can be faster than my gun. Neither do I believe that your flesh is able to escape bullets. I give you my words, if you can best me, I’ll have you teach me. And I promise that I won’t do anything illegal later. But if you lose, you’ll be gravely injured, so you can’t blame me.”
Tang Xiu snorted coldly as he gave a crooked finger at him and said, “Try then. Shoot me!”
The woman driver who was always hiding in the taxi had seen the entire scene of how Tang Xiu overthrew the dozens of big men. She never dreamed that the amiable and sociable Tang Xiu would have such a terrifying ability. She even believed that this time, they would be safe and sound. However, she actually didn’t expect that Scarblade Qiang would even bring out a pistol.
She could clearly hear the conversation between Tang Xiu and Scarblade Qiang. She was afraid, as well as restless. Tang Xiu was way too arrogant, as he was still unruly and didn’t know the good and bad even though he was aimed with a gun.

The common says, forbear for when the breeze was still and the waves are quiet, as then paces back a step to open the brighter future of the vast world!
The worst thing that could happen to them today, was but only losing their money. But still, it was better than losing their life!
She pushed the door open and strode over. Then, she looked at Scarblade Qiang and spoke with a nervous expression, “Big Brother, my younger brother isn’t sensible and thoughtful. Please be more kind and thoughtful. I’ll give you all of our money, but I ask you to let us go.”
Scarblade Qiang squinted his eyes as he snorted coldly and said, “Hmph, he’s your little brother eh? Aren’t you the taxi driver, and he’s only your passenger? Do you really wanna stand up for him?”
The woman driver replied with a forced smile, “No, I’m not standing up for him. I just don’t want to make things bigger than this. We both have hard lives. It’s hard for all of us to seek a livelihood. As long as we can get ourselves some money, having fewer accidents are far better than having more. Moreover, if you kill him, won’t it be the same as inflicting a homicide case upon yourselves? Oftentimes people say that we must be able to stand on the riverside without getting our shoes wet. If such a case were to be exposed one day, you’d have to pay it with your life!”
Her words paused. As she looked at the cold and detached expression on Tang Xiu’s face, she forcefully pulled his sleeve, squeezing out a smiling face, she spoke again, “Big Brother, what you said just now wasn’t mistaken. He’s indeed only my passenger. But I believe you also have seen his ability, haven’t you? And with such a terrifying kungfu, is there any chance an average person could ever achieve it? You can shoot him now, and you might even be able to kill him. But I think you forgot one thing. As extremely powerful as he is, have you ever thought what kind of family and background he has? Do you know for what reason he came to this place?”
Scarblade Qiang was startled. Tang Xiu’s terrifying ability indeed shocked him. He didn’t think much about it before, but after the driver reminded him, he woke up in an instant.
That’s right! This young man’s appearance was but only about twenty years old!
And a young man with such a terrifying kungfu must have much more powerful figures behind him. In the case that he really provoked the powerful character who he must never annoy, he probably would meet his end without a burial place. Even more so, he would court a disaster upon his own family!
Upon thinking up to this point, Scarblade Qiang slowly put his gun down as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Fine! I admit that I don’t want to get into more troubles. I can tell this Little Brother is also not ordinary. Let’s call everything to an end today! You give me a few thousand yuan. Consider it as the medical expenses for my brothers, and we’ll keep this matter closed. Later on, you’ll walk on the highway of yours, while I’ll be walking on my single-plank bridge, and we won’t mix with each other just like the river water don’t mix with the well one.”
Tang Xiu coldly shouted, “Lift your gun up!”
Scarblade Qiang frowned and instantly aimed the muzzle at Tang Xiu.
A shadow flashed through. Instantly, Scarblade Qiang’s right wrist was twisted and broke. Following that, his gun appeared in Tang Xiu’s hand as the latter’s foot flew and fiercely kicked his face, directly smashing him to the ground.
“Solving everything just like what you wanted? I tell you. It’s a big NO! You should be glad that you didn’t take your shot at me just now. Else, it wouldn’t be as simple as having your hands broken by me. You can count yourselves lucky that it won’t take more than a few hours for a bunch of scums like you to be fed to the wild beasts in this mountain.”
As shocked as she was, the woman driver was flabbergasted and tongue-tied as she saw that the situation had been reversed 180 degrees. It made her brain stop working for quite a while as she could only watch with a silly expression when Tang Xiu pulled Scarblade Qiang with blood overflowing from his mouth from the ground.
At this moment…
Scarblade Qiang was full of chilling ice inside as his body turned cold. He forgot to feel the acute pain in his wrist and even forgot the burning pain in his face.
It was fast, way too fast!
He could only feel a blossoming scene in front of him. His wrist twisted and broken, the pistol exchanged hands, and he couldn’t see clearly as for how did Tang Xiu’s foot kick him, causing him to directly smash to the ground.
At this moment, he came to a sudden realization that even if he were to use his gun and pull the trigger, perhaps, he still wouldn’t be able to harm this young man, even his fate would be extremely miserable.
Tang Xiu slowly squatted as he patted Scarblade Qiang’s face, saying, “Remember what I just said. Unless you make a fresh start in life, I won’t mind erasing all of you earlier and prevent you harming other people in the future.”
Scarblade Qiang’s lips twisted a few times. With a look as though dying embers, he said, “I admit, I lost to you. The line that we should stand on the riverside without getting our shoes wet, is indeed very true. Then, we won’t operate on this road again later.”
Tang Xiu pulled him and slapped him in the face as he snorted coldly and said, “You won’t be waylaying in this road only, but everywhere, ever again! The Heaven’s Law is revolving, and karma will have its due retribution of justice. Ones certainly must repay all the evil deeds they have done in their life. The retribution might not fall upon you, but you must give your descendants justice and do good deeds for them.”
“I promise!”
Scarblade Qiang’s reply was this simple.
Tang Xiu nodded. He got up and kicked him as he said, “Tell your brothers to get up. Don’t just lie down on the ground and pretend to die. Make them stand in a line, get rid of those stones in front of the car, and move those vans away!”
Scarblade Qiang struggled, trying to get up from the ground. As he saw dozens of his brothers curling up on the ground, he didn’t dare to delay and shouted, “All of you, get up! Do as this Little Brother ordered!”
The dozen big men looked at Tang Xiu with trepidation and dread. After getting up, they removed the stones and the vans. Tang Xiu stretched out his hand toward Scarblade Qiang and said lightly, “Now, take out all of your money and give it to me! I was in a hurry when I went out this time, so I didn’t bring much cash. Since you’ve lost to me, consider it as your tribute!”
“Take out the money!”
Scarblade Qiang’s voice was full of bitterness, as he shouted with a low voice and a sullen expression.
Shortly after…
A thick stack of one-hundred-yuan paper money, as well as a small amount of folded ones, changed hands to Tang Xiu. Estimating it with his eyes, Tang Xiu found that these big men really had a lot of cash, as the added amount was up to ten to twenty thousand yuan.
“Now, get lost! Don’t make me see you again!” Tang Xiu waved and said.
Scarblade Qiang and the dozen of his brothers were long wishing to anxiously run away. The instant they heard Tang Xiu’s words, they couldn’t help but curse inside, _“Who the hell with the right mind wants to come across such an evil star like you again?!!”_
They left very quickly!
They came like the wind, and disappeared just like it.
As Tang Xiu looked at the woman driver, he lightly said, “So, can we go now?”
The woman driver was as though being woken up from a dream as her body trembled and quickly said, “Ah, we’ll leave. We’ll go, immediately!”
Tang Xiu let out a faint smile. As he got into the car, he handed two stacks of money to her and lightly said, “Consider this money as my fare.”
The woman driver hastily said, “No, no. This is way too much. This should be one or two thousand yuan! If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been robbed clean by them today. How could I still want your money?”
“Just take it as my gift for you. Anyways, I didn’t expect you would be so upright and stick by me. You even dared to help and stand up for me even though that man was holding a gun. We can be considered as having gone through a situation where a friend in need is a friend indeed, no?” Tang Xiu said.
The woman driver herself was also a straightforward person. She just hesitated for a moment upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words before she received the stack of the two-thousand-yuan. With a grateful expression, she said, “You know, Little Brother, coming across powerful people with good hearts such as you, is extremely unlikely to happen nowadays. If you visit Cangbei City again in the future, gimme a call if you need a cab. But this Big Sis won’t accept your money.”
Tang Xiu didn’t pretend as he nodded and complied with a smile.

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