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A strong and muscular Siberian tiger suddenly came from the lush and dense forested mountain. In the wake of the tiger’s roar in the mountain forest, the burst waves of its voice spread in all directions. And the baneful creature that was about to enter the formation array suddenly turned around. With its extreme speed, it disappeared from Tang Xiu’s perception range in just a two or three seconds.
“Damn!” Tang Xiu cursed in a whisper, but he still kept lurking in the grove.
“What happened?” Miao Wentang whispered.
“I just noticed that baneful creature was about to approach the formation array I’ve deployed, but a Siberian tiger suddenly came, causing this baneful creature to be startled. This thing is very timid and extremely cautious. I can tell that it’s also highly intelligent.” Tang Xiu said.
“How come it’s able to do that? Does it mean that we’ve waited in vain today?” Miao Wentang said.
Tang Xiu said, “If it is you, when you have something extremely tempting in front of you, and then something suddenly scared you away, are you just going to give up?”
“Definitely not!” Miao Wentang shook his head.
“Since you won’t give up, I think that creature is also the same. Let’s just wait here! I believe that thing is suspicious of an ambush, and it will be back after it clearly figures out the situation.” Tang Xiu said.
Half an hour later.
The Siberian tiger that was rushing over, arrived near the bonfire. From time to time, it approached the fire as though wanting to see clearly whether the bonfire had any delicious things.
“It came back!”
A satisfied smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s face. That creature entered the scope of his perception again. He found that this mysterious creature was becoming more cautious, even its speed was much slower than before. That baneful creature only used a few minutes to traverse a two-hundred-meter distance before it appeared in the thick patch of grasses near the bonfire.
A faint blue ray of light glinted from its eyes. Through the opening slit amidst the grasses, it looked at the tiger by the bonfire. Its body immediately shrunk, and suddenly flashed in the next moment. It was as though a hunter that lurked in the dark and only moved when the time was right. Along with the backlash of its powerful bipedal legs, its vigorous body instantly flashed in towards the Siberian tiger. Its extreme speed was even ten times faster than Tang Xiu’s.
Within an instant, the baneful creature suddenly revealed four sharp claws from its hairy feet when it was about three or four meters away from the Siberian tiger. As it then fiercely slashed at the neck of the tiger.
The Siberian tiger’s fur was easily torn open by the ominous thing’s claws as blood dyed its hair in the next moment. The creature didn’t stop its action. After its strike succeeded, it slashed its sharp claws one after another, ripping the Siberian tiger’s body.
Traces of bloodstains continued appearing on the Siberian tiger’s body. Such acute, piercing pain caused the tiger to roar. Although its movement was also very swift and vigorous, however, it was much weaker compared to that baneful creature. It desperately tried to fight back and counterattack, but it could only touch the hair of that mysterious creature.

It’s time!
Tang Xiu, who was hiding amidst the trees, suddenly flashed forward. He instantly sent his Star Force to the piece of jade in his hand and quickly threw it to the core of the formation array.
In that instant, the entire formation array was activated.
Miao Wentang also quickly came out of the trees as he stood beside Tang Xiu. He looked at the two creatures fighting inside. But now, the mysterious creature was as though a fly that flew around the Siberian tiger. With a pleasantly surprised expression on his face, he quickly asked, “Brother Tang, you’ve already activated the formation array and trapped them inside?”
"Yes!" A smiling expression was outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth.
“Since they can’t escape, they will have to fight with each other inside. I can tell that that Siberian tiger will surely die. You can see that thing’s speed. Even if I joined hands with Brother Shao, we can only inflict minor wounds to that thing, while it’d give us heavy injuries. Brother Tang, don’t be deceived by its small build. Its strength could be said as horrifying. If it fully unleashes its strength, even if I and Brother Shao join our strength, we’ll still be no match for that thing.”
“So powerful?” Tang Xiu was secretly surprised.
Miao Wentang said, “Yes, it’s really that powerful. This mysterious creature is just playing on that Siberian tiger intentionally. It simply didn’t put forth much effort. So you know that if that thing fully unleashes its full strength, and that Siberian tiger can last for ten seconds, that means that tiger is already very powerful.”
For a time, Tang Xiu was silent. Then, he said, “You wait outside the array! I’ll go inside to help that Siberian tiger. If it could injure this baneful creature, it will be easier for us to deal with it.”
After having said that, he stepped into the array and hid in the core position. Then, he took dozens of Lightning Symbol drawn charms from his pocket.
As he waved two Lightning Symbol charms to the air, the yellow paper charm runes burst open and bombed the mysterious creature from above. Then, it turned into a line of lightning the size of a finger as it zapped toward the creature’s head.
"Zap! Zap! Zap!”
The lightning path split as it struck the baneful creature, causing its body to turn stiff. Its scurrying speed suddenly dropped. Its hair and skin were torn and charred and even blood stains appeared faintly on its body.
The Siberian tiger suddenly charged toward the baneful creature. Its sharp claws finally swept over the ominous creature’s body, leaving a few bleeding wounds on it.
Tang Xiu secretly sneered and unceasingly threw the Lightning Symbols in his hands. A lightning line condensed as though a condensing gust of wind as it continued its downpour and zapped the baneful creature’s body.
After repeatedly being zapped by lightning for several times, the baneful creature was finally suffocated. It laid prone on the ground without moving. However, Tang Xiu still didn’t cease attacking and continued using the Lightning Symbol charms again and again. He only stopped after there were only ten Lightning Symbol charms left in his hand.
Outside the array.
Miao Wentang’s mouth twitched upon seeing this scene. His eyes were full with an inconceivable expression. He did heard a tactic called “Rogue Strategy”, but it was his first time seeing it applied today. And what Tang Xiu had just used was this very Rogue Strategy!
For such a fierce and ominous creature end up broken in Tang Xiu’s hand, he felt quite some pity toward the mysterious creature.
“Brother Miao, your cultivation is quite high, so get into the array and check that baneful creature- whether it's really dead.” Tang Xiu was even more careful and discreet than this baneful creature. He decided to let Miao Wentang check on it before he removed the array.
Miao Wentang was also extremely careful. After he entered the formation array, he immediately felt that he was not inside the forest and instead, it was as though he was inside a corrugated energy wall. Coming inside was very easy, but it would be difficult to go out.
He came over with a measured pace, with hands still holding a sharp dagger. As he came near the bloody body of the creature, he could smell the charred flesh and blood exuding from the mysterious creature’s body. Without a moment’s hesitation, he pierced its body with the dagger in his hand.
“It’s no longer moving?”
Miao Wentang raised his brows. He reached out his hand to touch the baneful creature’s body, and then loudly spoke, “It’s been hit badly. It should be dead already!”
Tang Xiu nodded and prepared to remove the array. As he suddenly looked at the last remaining lightning zapping the Siberian tiger, his complexion suddenly moved and immediately gave up his idea to remove the array. Then, he came out from the core of the array and came over beside Miao Wentang. Just when he was about to touch the mysterious creature, suddenly, the baneful creature’s eyes opened, as its sharp claws instantly slashed toward Miao Wentang’s wrist while its body instantly dashed toward the outside.
Miao Wentang covered his wrist and called out in in shock, “It hasn’t died? Damn, this thing is as tenacious as a cockroach!”
Tang Xiu was also secretly startled. However, he had seen a lot of fierce beasts with tenacious life in the Immortal World. Thus, he didn’t lose his calm upon seeing this. He quickly retreated to the core of the array and released five Lightning Symbol charms at once, and directed the lightning zap to strike at the baneful creature’s body.
The mysterious creature was hit and laid on the ground. It was still alive, but its pair of blue eyes now turned dim. As if it knew who was attacking itself, the creature faced Tang Xiu whilst enduring the baptism of lightning as it knelt down toward Tang Xiu and nodded repeatedly.
Tang Xiu slanted his brows and shouted with a deep tone, “You want to submit to me?”
The baneful creature nodded faster.
Tang Xiu didn’t speak for a while. Along with the end of the lightning charges, he pondered for a moment and slowly said, “Since you’re able to understand human the language and want to submit to me, I’ll spare your life. But we must sign a contract. I believe you have practiced a cultivation technique and have your own inner core, right?”
The menacing creature struggled to stand up. Although its body was still shivering, it still opened its mouth and released out a glass sphere the size of a bead. The sphere then floated in front of it.
Tang Xiu’s vision moved, looking at the inner core of the baneful creature. He conjured the Lightning Symbol near it. After he was only two meters away from the creature, he released his Star Force to his left hand and made a dozen seals with his fingers aided by the lightning on top of the creature’s inner core.
The baneful creature howled. Its body trembled violently for a while before it gradually calmed down. With its faint and dim blue eyes, it looked at Tang Xiu with awe and fear, for it could clearly feel that there was a sort of magical link between itself and Tang Xiu.
“Take back your inner core and swallow it!”
Only now did Tang Xiu felt completely relaxed and calmly spoke.
The mysterious creature opened its mouth to swallow it. It quickly realized that inside its inner core, there were many dark red inscriptions. The pattern was as though a time bomb. If Tang Xiu willed it, he could make its inner core explode with only a thought and kill it.
With a shocked expression, Miao Wentang watched the scene between Tang Xiu and the baneful creature. His lips twisted a few times as he exclaimed, “B-Brother Tang, what did you do to that thing? It’s, it’s…”
Tang Xiu tranquilli said, “I have a kind of secret art to subdue spirit beasts. Since this creature is willing to submit to me, I accepted it. Rest assured, it won’t dare hurt me. Because, as long as I will it, its inner core will explode and it will have a very miserable death.”
“Ah, this magical and mysterious?!” Miao Wentang asked out of shock.
“Yes, it’s that real!” Tang Xiu nodded and said.
Miao Wentang’s mouth was opened wide. As he finally decided inside, he asked with a face full of hope, “Brother Tang, this secret art to subdue spirit beast of yours, can you teach me? You can rest assured that I won’t take it cheaply. If anything, you can tell me any requests, I’ll be sure to find every possible way to meet it.”
Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and then slowly asked, “Are you very rich?”
Miao Wentang nodded heavily and said, “I can say that I have quite a bit of wealth.”
Tang Xiu said, “One billion. I’ll sell it to you. If you can’t provide the amount, you can find someone else to share the price. If Shao Mingzhen wants to learn it too, the two of you can join hands and contribute to buy it.”

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